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So I have a question. I have been playing sims for years now and I want to know is it possible to play the sims without using EA or Origin as a platform to play on? I'd like to be able to play offline without having to sign in to any platforms or having to wait to play because of patches and updates. Because after I bought sims 4 I realized I can't play unless sims gameplay platforms are functioning properly. So it's like I bought the game and never left the store. And I cant seem to play it on my own. I always need a gaming platform to play it on. I'd like to play on my own without using any of EA's platforms. Is that possible? Actually the games I had already bought online I went and bought the actual disc and yet I still need EA platform to play it on. It wasn't always like this and I would like to go back to playing my game without EA or any of its affiliates trying to control my game. Can someone help me with this?


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