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PACK IDEAS 💡 -WildLife -Zoo -Scuba Dive -Marine Life -Build Packs ( To make waterfalls, bridges and hiking trails) -Secret World Pack (Puts secret worlds in all world not including already existing worlds) -Singer & Dancer Pack (Get famous from singing or dancing & be able to be in both bands & music groups as well as dance groups, having dance studios and choir rooms in the schools, talent shows like so you think you can dance & american idol because famous choreographers etc.) -Religion Pack (Introduce Religion since you have black Magic I should be able to have God, decorations for different religions, religious traits, clothing, and spiritual abilities) -Landscaping Packs (More Trees, Bushes, Flowers, Outdoor bugs like lady bugs, caterpillars the good bugs only for me personally I don’t care to have spiders in my game unless as a pet) -UPDATES FOR EVERY EXISTING PACK (ALL THINGS MISSING FROM OLD EXISTING PACKS) ummm period. -NightLife was the ish -Musical Instruments (ukulele, bass, drums, bango, bongo drums, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, mics that have the command to sing, different types of singing commands,Choir, choir teachers, singing lesson (physical not just a command) a place you can go to and learn how to sing with other sims) -Cars & Travel (The ability to take a road trip as a family baby seats included animals included) -Amusment Park Pack- I mad I even have to say this , but its 2022 I should be able to make a fully functional Disney Amusement Park as a creator…


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