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Are you looking for excitement, well then this is for you! 1. Go to 4 different Country's: Australia, Egypt, Ireland and India! 2. Experience Cultures such as: In Australia, Aboriginal Dancing/Music and fishing with Aboriginal Food such as Kangaroo to go along as well as look at Uluru at a distance. In Egypt see the Pyramids and see the Desert as well as Nile river. In Ireland Go to pubs, explore Castles, drink Irish Coffee, eat Potato and Find a Rare Four leaf clover. In India, Go to Markets be prepared to bargain though, Eat Curry and many Indian foods learn Indian Dances and more! 3. Learn to dance to many new kinds of Music! 4. Eat a range of new Foods and when you return home make them for family or friends! So, Come to the Destination of your choice and have the Time of your life! Give thoughts as usual and ideas. Thanks!


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