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The only thing I would ask for in this Sims 4 game is that you REMOVE THE EMOTION SYSTEM AND BRING BACK SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THE SIMS TWO personality and wish system...the sims 2 had it perfect and this company weedled it out and use the excuse that the systems nowadays wont supoort it...considering its 2021 and the systems are better then they were 20 years ago. I paid all this money for all these packs and have not gotten a thing out of the emotion system and game play in the sims 4 series...Im sorry but a company that has such disregard for their consumers and the history of a much loved game deserves to go keep tricking people with these releases of useless packs that people play for a bit then get bored of them pretty darn quick cause of the sims themselevs...there is NO CHALLENEGE to this game and the sims are boring...youve centered this game for kids..nothing in the sims 4 has meaning...two flirts and your practically married thats how easy this game is


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