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Hi. A few years ago, I purchased Sims4, without ever having played Sims4 before. I was always a sims gamer. When I suggested Sims 4 have open world concept, it was my intention to use it for strategy during gameplay, in particular when it came to relationship dynamics between the AI. I mentioned that I liked whenever my sim would come home and see that their neighbors were still up, playing guitar in their front yard, or watching TV in their living room. It was cool because I could accomplish whims before the end of the night. Or you could see other sims while shopping at the supermarket and travel freely to the pool to socialize. Also, to add entertainment, as sometimes you might see a sim with other AI and assume a story was behind it. Soon after I posted my comment, I got feedback as if it was meant like a real life scenario; meaning: I myself was a snoop or look in neighbors yards in actual life. I will never trust commenting here for that reason. Sims, to me, are AI.


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