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Stuck in Full Moon

I am having a bit of a problem with the sims 3 supernatural. In one of my saves it seems to be stuck in full moon mode all the time. My werewolf sim is stuck as a werewolf and cannot transform back, and zombies keep popping up on my lawn and eating my plants... during the day. It has gone on for three days now, night and day.

It started doing this before I switched computers, and when I copied my save to my new computer, the problem was still there. Just to clarify, my moon cycle setting is NOT on Full Moon all the time, it is on an 8 day cycle.

This is actually getting pretty annoying, I can't transform my werewolf sim back to a human, I can't leave my house because I have to use the peashooters to stop the zombies from decimating my garden, and I kinda don't want my sim to get married as a werewolf in a floor length gown (funny as that mental image is).

Has anyone had a similar problem? Does anyone know how to fix it?


  • kaashmirrkaashmirr Posts: 5
    edited September 2012
    I am having the exact same problem. I had to turn my werewolf into a human..... -_- BUT the zombies are still annoying me, and I think it is making it so my now human Sim CANNOT get pregnant. They even both have "fertility treatment" and I hear the chime after they "try for baby" just nothing happens afterwards... It is very annoying! PLEASE let me know if you find a solution!
  • JayelinCrystalJayelinCrystal Posts: 6 New Member
    edited September 2012
    This has happened to me twice now. It's because you exited the game during a full moon. It's a bug in the game they haven't worked out. Just take screen shots of zombies coming up during the day in the wrong phase and any other visible issues and report it to tech support. That brings it to the attention of the developers and they go into the game code, fix it, and then put out a patch. There's usually a patch for the bigger issues in games about a week or two after the release.

    My advice for now, DON'T EXIT THE GAME DURING A FULL MOON. Wait until the game has progressed beyond that point, then leave. Or just turn off full moons on your unaffected saves until the patch comes out.

    For the unchanging werewolf: testingcheatsenabled true, then CTRL + Click on the "instincts" moodlet. Once that is gone, you'll be able to change back into a human. The zombies will still be there for a bit, but at least you can get married! For your garden, you might want to use the new plant pots. I'm pretty sure they came SE, so you should be able to just go to collections, Supernatural, then scroll down. Place the pots in your house and put your plants inside. Your trees will still suffer because the game won't allow you to plant them in the pots, but at least most of your garden will be safe.
  • silfrvargsilfrvarg Posts: 78 New Member
    edited September 2012
    Thankyou for the reply! I will have to be careful about quitting during the full moon in the future I guess.
    I will probably cheat to remove the debuff, marry her to her fiance then save the family to the bin so I can move them to a fresh save.
  • htairchix3htairchix3 Posts: 875 Member
    edited September 2012
    It happen to me also. I turned off the full moon, put on a 10 day cycle and just regular moon, started a new game, and everything has been fine. No zombies at all. I am now enjoying my town. Because your werewolves can change at will you do not need a full moon. So I'm happy i got everything under control. I was going insane there for a min. Hope this helps!
  • Creaky2005Creaky2005 Posts: 1,974 New Member
    edited September 2012
    Moving to a fresh save is what i had to do because saving during a full moon breaks the game.
  • extraordinarlyextraordinarly Posts: 23
    edited September 2012
    I am having the exact opposite problem as you all! When I go to click the transformation button on my werewolf sim, he won't change at all! The little action starts to show up in the upper left hand corner queue but it blinks away. During full moons, he again won't change and the game won't let me do anything with him! Is there a setting or mod in my game that I should get rid of? Please help me :((
  • CuddlyBunCuddlyBun Posts: 6,514 New Member
    edited September 2012
    Besides making an entirely new game, the only fix I know is mod based. If you aren't against it I'd get Twallan's Overwatch.
  • extraordinarlyextraordinarly Posts: 23
    edited September 2012
    Thank you very much for the advice, I'm willing to do anything.
  • TessyTessy Posts: 1 New Member
    I have a tip,zombies kept eating my plant's so I used the move objects on cheat and I moved the zombies and I sold them and they were gone just like that
  • igazorigazor Posts: 19,330 Member
    edited December 2018
    Tessy wrote: »
    I have a tip,zombies kept eating my plant's so I used the move objects on cheat and I moved the zombies and I sold them and they were gone just like that
    This is for TS3? I'm afraid that's not a very sound recommendation for others to follow. Using MoveObjects and testingcheats shift-clicks or other means to shift around or delete actual sims of any kind leads to total game corruption after a while. Deleting actual sims only deletes their bodies, while their data remains in the game and it will break when they are called upon to do something else. Full moon zombies in TS3 are regular sims, often but not necessarily homeless NPCs, who are afflicted with a disease-like condition brought about by the full moon and are meant to revert to their regular selves when the sun comes up. They aren't meant to be totally expendable.
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  • EA_LannaEA_Lanna Posts: 3,863 EA Community Manager
    Appreciate you sharing your tip @tessy. Igazor is correct here and I'd add that the issue these members were having back in 2012 doesn't appear to be the same as what you are discussing ^^ If you'd like to create a thread on it once you've unlocked the permissions to do so, please do. I'll close this here as this thread has been necro'd. :)
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