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New Hair Wanted But Major Problem Getting It/Something Bad Happened and You Should Be Warned!

Ok so if you are like me sitting on the fense on this wondering if to get new hair for your sim or not, read this and take caution. Today I went to blogspot for the sims3 area. I believe the exact web address was when you go to that site you will see topics you can click on and so it is very difficult to navigate through for one thing. Another thing is that I personally have reservations about everyone I see online with the new hair because I am wondering how it has been affecting their updates for the game. I can not update my game as of yet because of third party stuff. Aparently I have to uninstahl my third party stuff and reinstahl the game. So naturally I am wondering if the new hair I am going to instahl will be third party too. Wishing someone out there would answer the unknown question about that too. Plus I don't have any other sim games on this computer so it is not like I am converting it over. Getting back to what bad thing happened. on this website, I apparently clicked on something to download a nice looking eye or facial feature. WRONG! don't do it! It opened up a very bad trojan infested and infected file filled with worms and adware of over 500 types. Luckily for my computer I had anti-hyjacking and anti-spyware stuff already ready for those types of bombs. But common some one should be warned about this kind of thing. I just want some darn hair. How hard is it to find? People are getting it.
Where are you all getting it? Are you finding trouble?


  • SimToth1212SimToth1212 Posts: 512 Member
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    There is a hair thread around here somewhere and the girl that runs the site tests them out and tell you any issues you might run into.

    Hang on... Here's the direct link to her page:

    Good luck! :thumbup:
  • Shalea686Shalea686 Posts: 103
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    I haven't had any trouble there and they keep it regularly updated on the newest hair finds. I have no idea which file you got a hold of there that would have done that to you. Most of the download links posted there come from sites I trust like Mod the Sims and Garden of Shadow.

    I have quite a few custom hair in my game and so far, knock on wood, no problem with any of them.
  • Trinity2oo5Trinity2oo5 Posts: 3,283 Member
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    Thanks for linking my blog, SimToth.


    I can totally understand your hesitation and frustration. I am not the author of any of the hairs on my blog, but I personally download and test EVERY SINGLE ONE on there from the link that I provide. I do urge people to read the comments (though I know at least half don't care what I have to say, I know that a good portion do pay attention). I do not post hairs that have had reports of viruses, and when I download them, they're scanned. When I unzip them, they're scanned. And at minimum once every day I run an ultra-deep scan for all the stuff everyone should worry about and have so far come up with nothing. Anything not made and released by EA is "third-party" content-- that being said, most of it is safe. I pay attention to the little things, like file size. It also depends on what content you're downloading, but a simple hair is MUCH less likely to give you a virus than some super-big mod. It is always smart to run your scans and protect your computer, but honestly, if you don't want to take the risk, than don't. Nobody is forcing you to. If you don't think it's worth it, don't. Trust me, while I sacrifice the possible health of my computer for all this testing, I do have a little part of me going, "Man I'm going to beat myself up if yadda yadda yadda happens because of a hair." Thankfully though, my inner-geek can rush to the rescue, and if anything damages the actual hardware, hooray warranty!
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  • ThatStaceyGirlThatStaceyGirl Posts: 65
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    I can not update my game as of yet because of third party stuff. Aparently I have to uninstahl my third party stuff and reinstahl the game. So naturally I am wondering if the new hair I am going to instahl will be third party too.

    Just pointing out that you only have to remove the custom content. There really should be no need to re install the game. It's a lot easier to delete some folders.
  • simjettsimjett Posts: 5,254 Member
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    Yes, it's best to get it from the creators link / host such as MTS or where ever. That Zshare is where the trouble lies.
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