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Denali's Horse Farm (50 foals challenge)


  • cosmiccathorsecosmiccathorse Posts: 1,268 New Member
    edited June 2012
    @ Comiccathorse: Now I can be mean and try your patience ;) No don't worry in the next update he'll make his appearance

    Noooooo! :lol: I guess Apache or my Bandito. We shall see! :D I'm almost tempted to do my own 50 foal challenge, BUT I couldn't not use cheats, like for money and stuff, i'm just addicted to having the best stuff. Hate the repo man! I actually kill him when he comes round with Master controller :twisted:
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
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    Nessa turned out to be a happy foal, the day after her birth she jumped and run around the yard.

    That evening Skye celebrated Faith’s birthday. It was just with the two of them.

    Faith immediately took to horses, the next day Skye found her bottle feeding Nessa and brushing Falcon. Skye saw and got all warm and fuzzy inside, and hoped this meant Faith could someday take over the Farm. After Faith was done brushing Falcon the lady from ‘the home for old horses’ came to pick up Falcon.
    Skye hugged her horse goodbye, and gave her mare a carrot for the last time with tears in her eyes.
    ‘We’ll take good care of her, don’t you worry.’ The lady that picked up Falcon assured Skye.
    ‘I know you will and I’ll come and visit soon.’ Skye said wiping the tears from her eyes.
    ‘Mommy, it’s okay. Falcon will be happy and we will go visit soon.’ Faith promised her mom.
    With that Skye and Faith waved goodbye to Falcon.

    That afternoon Skye got a phone call from the Hanson Family.
    ‘Skye Denali? This is Jacob Hanson.’ Jacob started the conversation, ‘I heard from my friend James that you are good at training horses and you are looking for stallions you can use for breeding? Are you still looking?’
    ‘Hello, yes this is Skye. Yes you heard correctly, I currently have some space left for another horse, what can I do for you?’ Skye replied.
    ‘Well, I was wondering if you could train my stallion Double Duece? He needs a bit of it and of course in return you can use him for breeding with Falcon.’ Jacob told her.
    ‘That would be awesome, but I’m not using Falcon anymore.’ Skye explained. ‘She was getting to old and she was just picked up to spend her old day at a home for old horses. I’m now using one of Falcon’s foals for breeding. She’s my 8th foal and her father is Magpie from the Equestrian Center. Arrow is a good mare who just gave birth to her first foal. I hope you’re still interested?’ Skye asked after she explained the situation to Jacob.
    ‘I guess it couldn’t hurt, I’ve heard good things about you. I’ll give it a try, and if I’m satisfied, maybe we can do business again after.’ Jacob promised her. ‘I’ll bring him over right away if that’s good with you.’
    ‘No problem I’m at home, just drop him off whenever you like.’ Skye said, after she said goodbye to Jacob she hung up and started doing her chores.

    That afternoon Skye continued training Payson and took care of her other horses. Early in the afternoon Jacob Hanson came to deliver Double Duece at her doorstep.

    (Double Duece is a stallion made by Natalie72, I hope you don’t mind me using him. Thanks so much! You can find Doube Duece here:


    Skye immediately put Arrow and Double Duece together, and the got along very soon. So after a few days Skye bred Arrow and Double Duece. This didn’t go as planned, the vet told her several times that Arrow wasn’t pregnant. After 6 attempts Arrow was finally pregnant with foal#2(12).

    Somewhere in those day of breeding Arrow with Double Duece, Nessa grew up. Even as an adult she still had her pretty white ears.

    It was time for Payson to go to his new owners, they were so happy to finally have him at their home they thanked Skye and told her that if she ever needed someone to buy another horse she could call them. Skye went home with $9502,- for Payson.

    Now that Arrow was pregnant Skye could start training Double Duece, he was easy to train and loved it at the farm. Skye felt sad that she had to bring the stallion back and stalled as long as she could. But at an early morning she couldn’t keep him any longer. Skye got woken up that morning by Faith, the little girl was always the first to wake and spend time with the horses before she went to school, and today she came to wake up her mom.
    ‘Mom! Mom! MOM!!’ She yelled while shaking her mothers arm.
    ‘Wh…. What? What’s up sweety?’ Skye asked half asleep.
    ‘Mom you have to see this! Look out your window! Come on look out side!’ Faith urged her mother.
    Skye dragged herself out of bed and looked outside, she had to blink a couple of times before she believed what she saw. A gorgeous black stallion stood in her front yard.
    ‘Mom come on let’s check it ou!’ Faith urged her mother.
    ‘Ok let’s go check it out.’ Skye said to her daughter and both of them ran down the stairs to look at the stallion in the front yard.
    ‘Mom look there is a note on his saddle.’ Faith said grabbing the little piece of paper and handing it to her mom. ‘Read it out loud!’
    ‘Ok I will you hold the stallion while I read this.’ Skye told her daughter. ‘Dear Skye, I’ve heard about your need for stallions and this guy needs some good training. I ask you to take care of him, please make sure he’s trained within 4 weeks from now. Make sure you bred him as well, because 4 weeks from now I will come to take my stallion home. Make sure you do your job right, and maybe I’ll send more of my stallions if I’m happy with the results.
    His name is Kay by the way, and like I said, take good care of him and maybe I’ll reveal myself some day.
    Thank you and kind regards,
    Anonymous.’ Skye finished reading the note to her daughter.
    ‘Mom what does it mean?’ Faith asked her mom.
    ‘It means we have another horse to train, and we have a time limit on top of that. Well I guess we’ll get Kay settled in and start doing our chores for today.’ Skye explained while ruffling her daughter’s hair, while taking Kay’s reins and leading him to the stables.

    Having Kay at the stables meant that Skye had no choice to bring Double Duece back to his owners. So after Faith took the school bus, Skye saddled Double Duece to ride him to his owners. They were very happy to see their stallion back, handed Skye $5777,- and told her they would maybe need her again some day.

    Back home Skye decided to start training Nessa. Nessa would be the next horse to be sold and Skye hoped training her wouldn’t take forever.
    That afternoon Arrow gave birth to her 2nd foal, it was another filly that resembled her father greatly. Skye named her Double Flower.

    In the mean time Arrow and Kay were getting to know each other, and didn’t seem to have much problems with it.

    While letting Arrow and Kay hang out together Skye continued training Nessa, a couple of days after Double Flower was born Nessa was fully trained. Skye decided to try her luck and entered Nessa in a Jumping Competition, she won and right after the competition a man approached Skye, he told her he was willing to pay Skye $10163,- for her mare and Skye couldn’t decline this offer. So she made the deal and went home without a horse. Schermafbeelding2012-06-25om160703.png



    When she got home Skye bred Kay and Arrow and decided to give Maxian a call. She hadn’t seen him for a while now and really wanted to spend some time with him. Luckily Maxian thought exactly the same about it and rushed over to spend the remainder of the evening with Skye.
    Skye secretly planned to ask Maxian to marry her, so after they spend some time looking at the stars, Skye took a deep breath and decided to just get it over with.
    ‘Maxian, I um… I wanted to ask you something.’ Skye started, ‘We’ve known each other for some time now and I really want to spend the rest of my live with you, so I want to ask you if you want to marry me?’ Skye asked Maxian while she sat on one knee.
    ‘Yes!’ Maxian yelled right away with out giving it second thought. ‘I love you and I’d love to marry you and spend the rest of our lives together.’
    Maxian and Skye kissed each other and decided to marry as soon as possible, their choice fell on next Sunday afternoon.

    The next day the vet visited the farm to take a look at all the horses and told Skye Arrow seemed to be pregnant with her 3rd foal. Skye was looking forward to another foal and immediately started looking for another stallion to breed with Arrow. Skye hadn’t had many stallion offers lately so she wanted to look for stallions at the local animal shelter. She found a good-looking Gelderland stallion and decided to adopt him. She named him Diamond, and the lady at the shelter promised to deliver him later that day.

    When Skye got home she got a little surprise, a strange lady was waiting for her with a horse trailer attached to her car. Sky approached her extending her hand to shake.
    ‘Hello there, I’m Skye Denali, how can I help you?’ She said wile shaking the other woman’s and.
    ‘Hi my name is Comica Jones, and I heard you’re good at training horses.’ Comica started to explain why she came to Skye’s farm. ‘I have a little foal here but don’t have time myself to train him and wait for him to grow up. I was wondering if you were willing to? I’ll pay you for it and you can of course use him for breeding. What do you say?’
    ‘Ehm, yeah I guess I can make some space for him. I’m a bit busy right now but I think I can manage one more foal.’ Skye said with a smile and a wink.
    ‘Awesome, then I off load him and leave him with you. His name is Apache and he’s a cutey. Sometimes he’s a little oversensitive, but he’s agile and really fast.’ After this she started to unload Apache, handed him over to Skye and left. While she stepped in her car, she said to Skye: ‘Thanks again! Let me know when he’s ready to go home!’ Comica started the car and drove off.

    ‘Well hi little one,’ Skye said while stroking Apache’s neck. ‘You’ll feel right at home, I promise.’ She let Apache around the farm and let him go after that, so he could explore on his own.
    At that moment the shelter brought Diamond over, so Skye went to take him over. He seemed to feel right at home and soon Skye left him on his own.

    Apache was wandering around the farm, when he seemed to have found a playmate. Skye snapped pictures of it, laughing at the little foal and his attempts to play with his new buddy. His buddy was a raccoon that visited the farm. Apache first sniffed at him, as to say; hello who are you?
    And then he started to play, jumping up and down around the raccoon. The raccoon enjoyed it and played along for a little while. Skye laughed, and after taking a few more photo’s she went to saddle Kay, so she could train him.

    (Apache is created by Cosmiccathorse! Thanks again for letting me use him, he's lovely and sorry you had to wait so long for his part in my story. You can find Apache here:
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  • DuckypantsDuckypants Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited June 2012
    Omg that last shot is adorable with him and the racoon! Is Kay one of your creations? He is gorgeous!
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited June 2012
    @Duckypants: I thought it was adorable too, didn't expect the raccoon too play along :). I created Kay myself, I can upload him if you like :) but I can reveal his son looks a lot like him ;). He'll be in my next update. But like I said I can upload Kay :) for those who'd like it!
  • rambleramble Posts: 70
    edited June 2012
    Those paint horses are just too cute :-o
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited July 2012
    Totally forgot to mention that Apache is Cosmiccathorse's creation! I edited it in my story ;) But again you can find Apache in her studio:
  • cosmiccathorsecosmiccathorse Posts: 1,268 New Member
    edited July 2012
    YAY Apache! :D
  • DuckypantsDuckypants Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited July 2012
    I would use him, if you were to upload him. (Kay, I mean.)
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited July 2012
    Duckypants wrote:
    I would use him, if you were to upload him. (Kay, I mean.)

    I will upload him for you, as soon as I get a chance to play again. Bit busy these couple of days. But I'll let you know when I uploaded him :D
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited July 2012
    For those who want to use him here is Kay.

    I promise to continue my game as soon as I can, but it'll probably take another week. Sorry, but I will continue :D
  • DuckypantsDuckypants Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited July 2012
    I've got Coolidge in my story. No foal yet, but his will be next.
  • DuckypantsDuckypants Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited July 2012
    Coolidge's foal was born. See my thread for pics and info
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited August 2012
    Wow I love the foal! I'll use him in my story. Want to let everyone know I haven't forgotten my story but I've been really busy these summer weeks. I'll be back later promised!!
  • DuckypantsDuckypants Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited August 2012
    its ok. Real life has been keeping me busy too. And I kinda have writer's block, lol
  • madhu_vatimadhu_vati Posts: 406 Member
    edited August 2012
    That's ok, I was gone practically the whole summer :oops: :lol:. Good luck with your restart, you have some very nice foals so far. I look forward to your next update, whenever that may be :D .
    Rainbowcy: story home, forum thread
    Completed 50 foals challenge: Prairie and Desi
  • PoloristicPoloristic Posts: 61
    edited August 2012
    i love your story its really good cant wait fof the next part to comeout :)
  • cosmiccathorsecosmiccathorse Posts: 1,268 New Member
    edited August 2012
    Poloristic wrote:
    i love your story its really good cant wait fof the next part to comeout :)
    Same here I love it
  • NaathRLNaathRL Posts: 3
    edited September 2012
    I LOVE your story! I can't for more and just so you know I downloaded Prescott and Apache! they are so cute and Im so using it for my own ranch and for breeding purposes!(:

    Keep up with such an awesome story ;)
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited September 2012
    NaathRL wrote:
    I LOVE your story! I can't for more and just so you know I downloaded Prescott and Apache! they are so cute and Im so using it for my own ranch and for breeding purposes!(:

    Keep up with such an awesome story ;)

    NaathRL, love that you love my story! Just so you know Apache isn't one of my horses I borrowed him from cosmiccathorse, but I think she won't mind if you use him, just say it's her horse not mine ^^.
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited September 2012

    Apache spent some time that afternoon playing and fooling around. After he was done it was time for Skye to take care of him. Bottle feeding him and brushing him.

    Sunday was the day Skye and Maxian were getting married. It turned out to be a lovely day and it was made even better, with the birth of Arrow’s 3rd foal. Arrow gave birth to a little colt, who looks just like his dad. Skye named him Kal’El.


    Skye and Maxian got married that same Sunday evening. A lot of friends and family gathered to celebrate with them.
    Some guests thought the party was so good they stayed for 3 days… Die hards…


    The day after their wedding Skye and Maxian had to get back to work. They had decided to postpone the honey moon for a time when live wasn’t this busy. When Skye entered the stables she found a note. It said: ‘ Congratulations with your new foal. I knew you would do well. You’ve trained my horse and the foal is born all within the four weeks I gave you. Well done! Please bring Kay to the EC, I’ll make sure your money is there. I’m very pleased with the results and love the foal. Be prepared for another surprise horse soon….


    And so Skye saddled Kay for the last time to take him for a long ride before bringing him to the EC.
    When she arrived at the EC Jennifer was waiting for her.
    ‘You’ve come to bring back Kay.’ She greeted Skye.
    ‘Yes, do you know who his mystery owner is?’ Skye asked Jennifer.
    ‘No, I have no idea. But I got a note saying you were bringing Kay and I had to hand you this.’ She waved a small envelope around.
    ‘Ok then I guess we’ll play by this anonymous persons rules.’ Skye said, getting off of Kay and handing him to Jennifer.
    ‘Yes I don’t think we have a choice,’ Jennifer laughed while giving the envelope to Skye.
    ‘Thanks again and see you soon!’ Skye said while leaving the EC.
    On her way home Skye opened the envelope and saw that she received $4478,- for training Kay. Skye didn’t know who that mystery person was, but as long as he or she kept sending her these gorgeous stallions she didn’t mind and wouldn’t ask questions.

    When Skye got home she saw that Arrow and Diamond were getting to know each other. She kept looking at them for a while and decided they’d make a great couple.
    The rest of the day was spent taking care of Apache, while Maxian, who now lived on the farm, decided to help train the horses. He was trying to saddle Double Flower, who just grew up that day, but she doesn’t really want to cooperate.
    After a few tries Maxian succeeds and starts training her.
    In the mean time Skye finishes training Arrow and decided it was time to breed her with Diamond. This went exactly as planned and a few days later Arrow was confirmed pregnant with foal #4 (14).


    To make some room on the farm Skye decided to sell Diamond, She brought him to Jennifer at the EC who was really happy to have him.
    ‘Like every other time, I’ll give you a call when he’s sold!’ She promised Skye while waving goodbye.

    The next few weeks were all about foals growing up and horses being sold. Apache grew up into a beautiful paint stallion. And Jennifer called Skye to tell her Diamond was sold for $3100,-.
    Skye entered Double Flower in a race and she won and she was sold too. Skye sold her for $6265,-.


    On the night Double Flower was sold Kal’El grew up. He turned out to be a good looking stallion.

  • horse98tobbyhorse98tobby Posts: 18
    edited September 2012
    amazing story plz add more when possible
  • DuckypantsDuckypants Posts: 2,187 Member
    edited September 2012
    Nice to see you back :D Great update
  • cosmiccathorsecosmiccathorse Posts: 1,268 New Member
    edited September 2012
    Lovely story and gorgeous horses! :D
  • DusklightFaerieDusklightFaerie Posts: 847 New Member
    edited September 2012
    wow, you had guests stay for four days? I always have the opposite problem, they always leave before I get them to say I Do. lol
  • StessToCockpitStessToCockpit Posts: 178 New Member
    edited September 2012
    For those who want to use them, here are:

    Double Flower:

    Update will follow soon!
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