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How do you add ini files to CAW

So I am almost done my world and am stuck trying to add Bridgeport ini files for weather and water colors but cannot figure it out. I have S3pe and the files, can anyone explain how to add to my world?


  • auntielyndsauntielynds Posts: 3,071 Member
    edited June 2012
    Basically it's the same as adding the resource file for designating a world a city. You will just import your ini files instead of the city resource file. Designating a World a City

    Just remember with the ini files, they get dumped back out of the .world file if you reopen the world in caw, and save it, after you've imported the new ini files. So, import them right before you're ready to export the world.
  • vampireXheartvampireXheart Posts: 444
    edited June 2012
    Are you able to add the files to an already exported world? or only to one still in CAW?
  • waverley77waverley77 Posts: 88 Member
    edited October 2013
    BUMP :D
  • waverley77waverley77 Posts: 88 Member
    edited October 2013
    auntielynds, how do you 'properly' add the INI files into the world? I know to to import custom INI files into a world..I just don't understand what you mean by 'properly'. I can see what you mean by the INI files get dumped, when you reopen the world in CAW, but how do you do it properly?
    Thank you if you can help. :D
  • StellaTorontoStellaToronto Posts: 2,123 Member
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    Hi waverley77.
    I don't know what "properly" means?
    If it works, then it's done properly :wink:
    This link explains how to add INI files to a world.
    You can use s3pe to add files to world just before exporting from CAW or an installed world in your user/Sims 3/Installed worlds folder.
    Open world, import files, save :)

    Edit: Added link
  • aaronrogers8i3aaronrogers8i3 Posts: 555 Member
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    vampireXheart you can add color ramps to worlds already installed by going to to the documents\electronic arts\the sims 3\installed worlds folder and opening the world file with s3pe then importing your color ramps and ini files. it's actually how I tested my color ramps :lol:

    Store and expansion worlds already have color ramps except for riverview, hidden springs and barnacle bay so if you want to edit these worlds be careful.

    Expansion worlds are located in the gamedata\shared\nonpackaged folder of the installation route.

  • domonyikgabordomonyikgabor Posts: 1 New Member
    hy there!

    I don't know what's the correct topic for my "problem", so I write it here.
    I know that color ramps will be removed after saving a world in CAW.

    I always imported the correct files with simPE before I edit my world, but some days ago
    CAW does not remove the color ramps and the .inis. ever since I didn't import any files to my world.
    I don't know what I did, but my color ramps and .inis are remained!
    I think it's a good thing, but I can't import other color ramps to testing.

    I used Moonlight Falls water, sky and cloud colors, weather colors are the Sims University's.
    the .ini files are from Roaring Heights.

    EIG doesn't show my color ramps, there're the base colors (such as in Sunset Valley).

    someone has any ideas what happened?
    if we can figure it out, it will be a breakthrough!

    sorry about my English, I'm Hungarian.
    thanks in advance!
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