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Name 1 THING that BOTHERS you about SIMS 3.


  • bbspongebobfanbbspongebobfan Posts: 18
    edited August 2009
    Lack of Hairstyles. Other than that, awesome game!!!
  • puppyduck123puppyduck123 Posts: 11
    edited August 2009
    When you try to make your sim do something like shower,go on the computer or just anything it will usually go up to the objects and stand there.AND DO NOTHING! :evil:
  • dajghoti25dajghoti25 Posts: 28
    edited August 2009
    When you try to make your sim do something like shower,go on the computer or just anything it will usually go up to the objects and stand there.AND DO NOTHING! :evil:

    That is annoying. I wish we as the gamer could target and strike them with lightening bolt for their disobedience. Maybe they will move a little faster after a little prodding. :twisted:
  • simfaeriesimfaerie Posts: 5
    edited August 2009
    Why are there no cinematics???

    That was my favorite thing about ts2.

    I really had hoped to make better videos with ts3.

    but I just can't.

    Its pathetic.

    I don't like the limited amount of Hairstyles. We NEED variety.

    We need better options for custom content. Because Honestly, Right now, ANYBODY could do ANYTHING that's been posted.

    Its ridiculous how little options we have. We should be able to create meshes. I NEED those.. For videos... and just because usually simmers make a lot of better meshes than EA. (I guess they're too busy to give us good clothes.) Why can't we have Meshes?? would it really be that bad EA??

    I really think I liked Sims 2 better. (but seeing as how I spent around $90 [including shipping] on my collectors edition I will not quit playing it haha :shock: I just wish...)

    I think.... The faces ALL look the same. Pretty much. No matter how hard I try I can't make sims that look like me. I try all the time. And I do realize that you can further edit things in CAS but that just isn't doing it for me.

    NO OPTIONS UGH!!! :!:
  • ToblieToblie Posts: 3,095 Member
    edited August 2009
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ music when you max a skill. Bler! :x :hunf: :thumbdown:
  • cyberkittycyberkitty Posts: 7
    edited August 2009
    you can't build a new custom neighborhood.
  • NytegloriNyteglori Posts: 15
    edited August 2009
    for me - no memory. You use to be able to look back at all the important events in your life like your first kiss, when you made a friend etc. I really miss that.

    Second is the ability to lock doors so that only a certain sim can go through or the myne doors.
  • candycane101candycane101 Posts: 23
    edited August 2009
    The firefighters need to get there more quickly because by time they got there my room had already burnt down!! Then on top of that the sims are stupid and stand right by the fire!!!
  • chrischrisssschrischrissss Posts: 79
    edited August 2009
    everything breaks so easy! my dishwasher is always breaking.

    and sleeping takes waaaayyyyy to long.
  • JamelithJamelith Posts: 51
    edited August 2009

    Pick up the baby...
    Now go here...

    DON'T PUT THE BABY DOWN! Oh you freakin' numbskull!
    Let's try this again!

    PICK up the BABY...
    GO HERE....

  • weeunweeun Posts: 9
    edited August 2009
    When I try to make my sim change outfits (whether just by clicking on them or using a dresser), they will stand there for at least one game hour staring at something. Most of my sims could have nothing except the change of clothing in the action queue but they'll stand in one spot and talk to themself. It gets really quite annoying when I FINALLY manage to get another sim to visit my household.

    lack of memories is really annoying.

    The choice of hairstyles is ABISMAL. The only straight female hairstyles are either reeeeeeeeally long, really short or are half tied up. There is no inbetween option! Practically every male I make in the game has got one of three hairstyles which I can actually tolerate. It'd be nice if we could have Body Shop and stuff so that we may actually get a decent choice of hairstyles because I refuse to go onto the store and pay real money for a hairstyle which SHOULD HAVE BEEN included with the game.

    The carpool insisting on turning up and sitting outside my sims house for an hour, even when they've already left in their own car.

    The showers & stuff taking an insane amount of time! If my sim starts work at 9, I need to get them up at 4am-ish to stand a chance in ❤️❤️❤️❤️ of being able to max out their motives in time, and even then its a struggle. My sim has NO TIME WHATSOEVER to do anything other than get ready to go to work, actually work or sleep. The only time they do get spare has to be used to build skills, do homework (kids & teens at least) or trying to complete an opportunity.

    The traits don't really seem to make much of a difference in the game, apart from a Neat sim will usually make the bed as soon as they get up and also get 250 reward points for doing so. The reactions & whatnot don't seem to differ much, if at all, regardless of what traits someone has.

    Large scale gardening takes way too long & it's hard to know where your sim has stopped because they move all over the place when tending a garden.

    The romantic relationships. Is it really necessary to make our sims spend the TINY amount of free time they get, trying to impress the opposite (or same) gender, just for it to not work out? It took me 2 in-game weeks for one of my sims to impress his BEST FRIEND enough for her to like him.

    Speeding up time is annoying because it never really reaches a speed which can make staring at a screen of sleeping virtual people remotely tolerable.

    I'm done I think.
  • FUNKIFUNKI Posts: 103
    edited August 2009
    it takes so long to get the sims up to the top of their career that by the time they've fimally reached their life goal, theyr already old!!
  • CoffeeChick0CoffeeChick0 Posts: 2,294 New Member
    edited August 2009
    I like the new game but the one thing that sticks in my mind as the most annoying is the relationship issues. I HATE that the relatives don’t register as knowing each other after a certain period of time. Mostly like in 1 short sim day.

    It’s annoying to me that the father goes to visit the kids in their own homes only to find his relationship level is so low that he’s back to introductions and get to know stages. Or that he can’t pick up the grandkid(s).

    Family members should retain a certain amount of relationship levels 24/7 unless a fight has ensued.
  • lowenbajowenlowenbajowen Posts: 61
    edited August 2009
    (aside from the fact that it's glitchy as ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and since downloading the new patch i can't play it AT ALL)
    You can't delete lots, place new lots, and edit lot size. I thought FOR SURE you'd be able to edit lot size and place new lots, even edit the lots shape and have lots in the shape of an L or a circle or SOMETHING.
    That bothers me ALOT.
    And that you can't edit roads or anything or move around all the major buildings. Or design your own special buildings (like design a new city hall and replace the old one with it.)
    If they changed all those things, it would be 100000000000000000 times better. :)
  • ticketybooticketyboo Posts: 23
    edited August 2009
    Does The Store count?
  • EcclesEccles Posts: 155 New Member
    edited August 2009
    Honestly, there are too many to mention, and many of them a. have been mentioned and b. are 'fixable' (or at least made somewhat tolerable) by hacks.

    But the one gripe I have (for which there is no hack I know of) is this: if I have a house design of 20x30 units, and I put it on a 40x40 lot, why is it that the only placement option I have is to rotate it around the very center of the lot? Surely I should be able to shift it along the ground as well (so the driveway actually meets the road, for example), right?

    Apparently not...
  • bluegreenebluegreene Posts: 4
    edited August 2009
    No memories!
    It feels like my sims are leading almost pointless lives, like nothing has any meaning to them.
    Definatly think this and other aspects of the game were a big step backward from TS2.

    Also the fact my sims look great in CAS, yet terrible in game? I know it's not just a graphics issue on my computer, the cartoonish look seems prevalent in others games i've seen! In CAS their hair is shiny, you can see eyelashes and other details, but in game these vanish. It feels like all the previews showing amazingly detailed looking sims lied, my sims in TS2 looked miles better. hmm
  • hannahdurohannahduro Posts: 7
    edited August 2009
    the fact you cant see what sims are doing when they are at work, in town, or in shops etc
  • iraceliracel Posts: 59
    edited August 2009
    there are not alot of body and clothers choices.And you cant see them in the store.
  • CinnamonbiteCinnamonbite Posts: 10
    edited August 2009
    Bexi wrote:
    Genetic really bad compared to the sims 2...

    You mean they finally fixed that? I had a pregnant human girl who couldn't give birth (game would crash) because the father was an alien. I had to stop playing them. But shortly after, the whole game would crash constantly anyway so I stopped playing completely. I had fixed it once by deleting all the saved files and reinstalling but I didn't want to lose everything again so I gave up in disgust.
  • ilovegodilovegod Posts: 9 New Member
    edited August 2009
    i have know prombles but i have two city rainbow and sunset valley i would like more. :D
  • JessieMayJessieMay Posts: 37
    edited August 2009
    That you can only play with one family at a time in each town, so then if you use the same town its as if your playing the same story again
  • LaurenSynclairLaurenSynclair Posts: 103
    edited August 2009
    I love the game. and i just learn to live with the faults, but the one that really annoys me is the speed, like everybody is saying, when the whole family is asleep, it is so boring. what do you do when they are all asleep? :)
  • StarSarahStarSarah Posts: 931 Member
    edited August 2009
    How slow it is. It takes 4 hours for me to make an Autumn Salad!
  • BoredguyBoredguy Posts: 842 New Member
    edited August 2009
    When a TV or computer goes on in my view the game crashes
    :?: :?: :?: :?: :?:

    same here... im gonna stop playing ts3 until they make new patches. :(
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