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Couldn't you at least make a sticky so we know you're doing something to fix this failure of a game?



  • MaxyMonkey233MaxyMonkey233 Posts: 41 New Member
    edited June 2009
    i agree, there is somthing wrong with this, game. :(

    It locks down my PC When i go home, and i have to use TM to stop it, Is anybody expeirencing Lockdown?

    I think its my VC its Nvidia GEFORCE GO 7400..

    i paid 74 Euro on this thing!? Jesus! i thought Maxis made it!! :oops:
  • vivalashakeitvivalashakeit Posts: 109
    edited June 2009
    They REALLY need to fix the game ASAP and release a patch. I'm not having crashing issues, I'm just having the stupid speed issue where my game's fast forward buttons do little to speed time up, if anything at all. And then there's the minor glitches where my Sim will walk through trees or rocks...

    EA, don't wait to make a patch to fix EVERYTHING. Release a patch for the major issues/glitches and then release a patch to fix the minor stuff so you can get the big bugs outta the way quicker.

    You better listen to us or you'll have a mob of thousands of angry simmers outside your office next week... and we'll bring the pitchforks. :twisted:
  • lovemycutcolovemycutco Posts: 28
    edited June 2009
    I agree that it would be great if we could even get a quick line from Ea...might go something like..."Hey we may not know how to make a game but we can use the forum and see that a lot of people are having problems...we will pay someone else to work on making a patch seeing as how we are incapable of making something that functions". I wish everyone that's game is working would stop telling everyone else to calm down, it's not EA's fault, give them some time, etc. EA hasn't even made a statement admitting that screwed up let alone telling any of us "please give us some time we are making a patch". I still haven't got a reply from Ea tech support and I sent an email Tuesday at like 4pm...seriously?
  • Lckygrl1975Lckygrl1975 Posts: 1,582 Member
    edited June 2009
    I agree with everyone who's game are not working. My game is working fine but how EA can leave people who are have problems in the dark is not fair
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