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Sunset Valley (Second Edition) - FINAL version available now!

LynxAQLynxAQ Posts: 222 Member
edited September 2014 in The Sims 3 General Discussion
Myself, like alot of Simmers absolutely love playing Sunset Valley, but I, like many, became somewhat concerned about the lack of space in Sunset Valley as expansion after expansion is being released. So I undertook a two month long project to rebuild Sunset Valley from scratch using the Sunset Valley Lite base found with CAW.

After releasing the first version of Sunset Valley (Second Edition), I took on board a lot of feedback and suggestions and managed to incorporate most of them into the latest version of Sunset Valley (Second Edition).

Please note: If you have an older version of this world, it is recommended you uninstall the older version before installing the new version. You will lose any saved games you have with the older version. I suggest you save any families/lots etc. you want to keep to the bin before removing the old version.

What you will find in this version?

1) All lots are properly aligned to roads. As some might know, the original Sunset Valley had several lots that were badly placed such as the Art Gallery and Military Base to name a few. This has been fixed.

2) More lots in general for Simmers to build in. We shouldn't have to worry about space for a while. There are also several large lots for simmers wanting to play a legacy lot.

3) A properly built town, every tree, plant, rock etc. that is found in the original is found in the second edition plus more! (Unless it was intentionally changed due to town structural changes.)

4) An opened up Summer Hill area!

5) An opened up Pinochle Point, no longer wasting tons of space! There is also an extra school (Riverview School) in this area.

6) The Wolff's are no longer alone at the end of Sunset Valley!

7) The town is populated by all your beloved Sunset Valley residents, plus some guest appearances from a few Riverview and Twinbrook residents! (Please note that relationships between Sims in different households in the original game do not exist.)

8) Some lots have been reshuffled slightly, but all the original Sunset Valley lots are still there plus some favourites from the other towns from the Sims 3 expansions!

9) Spawners are all different from the original Sunset Valley. (Any same spawn locations is merely coincidence.) This is due to the fact I could not find any info on spawner placement locations.

10) Download is from the exchange and MediaFire. (Only exchange is available for Seasons and Final version.)

11) Nice new beach poolside dance club and beach coffee lounge! The Grind was also redocorated and used and there is also a custom Fusion Lounge.

12) The Ambitions buildings have all been placed into the town. The Studio that comes with Night Life has also been placed. Showtime performance lots (except the big performance park) have also been placed. Two seasons festival grounds has been placed in place of the city centre park and one is found in the new harbour area.

13) There is no Custom Content in this world. There is a few store items in this world, however this is NOT a problem, as the game is designed to replace any store items with base game equivalents should you not own the store item.

14) There are plenty of Community Lots and Residential Lots for all your building desires. An empty community lot has been placed especially for the Generations EP park or for any other lot you desire!

15) An area has been opened up that towers above the Sunset Valley citizens. This area is equipped with a Horse Ranch, Equestrian Centre and Dog Park along with a few residential lots.

16) All new opened up area for the new Seasons version only. This area includes a nice secluded hill top residential plot of 64x64. Perfect for the legacy player who is just starting off or simply for the sim that wants peace and quiet! It also contains empty community lots specially sized for the Pet Shop, Sweet Treats Swimming Pool and Town Life Laundry Mat. (None of the three have been placed due to them requiring stuff packs or being a special edition bonus.)

17) A new harbour area has been opened up at the back of Sunset Valley for the Final Version only, with plenty of new lots and houseboat lots, ports and a resort. Four dive zones have also been introduced into Sunset Valley.

19) A second resort has also been added to Sunset Valley and the island is now been opened to the rich; both for the Final Version only!

20) The new area opened in the Seasons version has been further expanded in the Final version with ports and houseboat lots.

Please note that this town DOES require all expansions installed.(Some players have managed to get it to work without some expansions. Should you choose to do this, I can not be held responsible for any possible problems this action might cause.) I have made a vigilant effort to not use stuff packs when building this world.

Please note that the Final Version has made Sunset Valley into an island as this was the only viable way of adding houseboats and diving areas into the town. A screenshot of a family on their houseboat enjoying the waters around Sunset Valley!

I hope everybody enjoys this remake! I had a lot of fun as well as hair tearing moments making it.

Latest Final Version Download Link:

Extra Treat!
All the Simlish Sims 2 Music available from the post I made found here: http://forum.thesims3.com/jforum/posts/list/0/682959.page#10917275

The problem with the launcher has been fixed (Patch 1.46) and the worlds should install properly again. I will leave the work around at the bottom of the page in case it ever happens again.

Should you find any problems, please send a personal message to this forum account with accurate description of the problem. I am definately wanting to fix any and all problems if possible. The Final Version does not mean I will not fix any unforeseen problems; only that I do not intend to make another major iteration of this map.

Original Version Exchange/MediaFire Download Links:

Generations Ready Version Exchange/MediaFire Download Links:

Pets Version Download Links:
MediaFire Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?53dydv0izinj8iv
Exchange Download Link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=4866997

Seasons Version Download Link:
Exchange Download Link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=6825571

Please Read!

This is a big world (especially the Seasons and Final Version), and therefore requires a decent PC setup for it to run smoothly. Slower computers may encounter crashes and/or stuttering. If you are running windows XP or any 32 bit OS you will more than likely have problems with this world due to the the limit of all your running operations being limited to a shared 4gb of RAM on a 32 bit OS.

For those who know me better or have read other posts of mine, you will know I dislike the supernatural element of this game. I make worlds primarily for me to play, and then share. There are no supernatural lots on this world, however, there is plenty of space in this world to add them yourself.

I have kept all stuff pack content out of the world despite wanting to place several Town Life lots. But I managed to control myself!

World Installation Work Around

1) Install the world in the launcher as normal.
2) Go into your DCBackup folder in the Sims 3 folder created by the game in your documents. (THIS IS NOT YOUR INSTALL DIRECTORY OF SIMS 3)
3) Sort the documents in this folder by date so the latest document is at the top. The top document should be around 106198 KB in size. This is the world you need. It will be labelled something like 0x2a456a65e7dff4a248424b7933491e15.package. (This is not the exact name, just an example.)
4) Rename this file to Sunset Valley (Seasons 2nd Edition).world (Your PC will ask you are you sure you want to change the file type. Say yes.)
5) Now cut this file out and place it in your install directory of sims 3 in the following folder - *Where ever you installed Sims 3\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds\ (You should see the original sunset valley here as well.)
6) The world will now show up in game and be playable but still will not show up in the launcher. To uninstall, merely delete the world file in the above directory.
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  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,945 Member
    edited June 2011
    This looks great! :thumbup:
    Quick Question: Does it replace the original Sunset valley? Sorry if that sounds like a stupid question :oops:
  • LynxAQLynxAQ Posts: 222 Member
    edited June 2011
    No it doesn't. It will show up in your town list as Sunset Valley (Second Edition). No question is stupid imo. :)
  • NezImaniNezImani Posts: 1,016 Member
    edited June 2011
    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for.

    Thanks LynxAQ!
  • cherid87120cherid87120 Posts: 2,823 Member
    edited June 2011
    Wow, this looks awesome. Can't wait to download this after work tonight! :D
  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,945 Member
    edited June 2011
    Thank you so much! I shall start downloading now :thumbup:
  • Vampyfan2Vampyfan2 Posts: 517 Member
    edited June 2011
    GREAT job! I've been trying to find space in my current sunset valley for clubs and hangouts and so on, thanks again!
    Watch my live streams and follow me on twitch!

  • IrishSimsloverIrishSimslover Posts: 715 Member
    edited June 2011
    this does look awesome but I only tend to download it from the exchange..

    I've had the issue where it kept asking you to log in. Have you checked "keep me logged in?" It might help to log into the sim site then jump back into your launcher to try again.
  • purpleto280purpleto280 Posts: 949 Member
    edited June 2011
    Thank you I am glad someone out there thinks on the same lines as I do, if I could ever get create a world working on my computer I might try my hand at map making...Thank you SOOOO MUCH!
  • scrapper42scrapper42 Posts: 1,881 Member
    edited June 2011
    Wow and a huge thank you!!

    I have been wanting a town to download that would have lots and things lined up right. I am about to go download it now. It will be the first time I have downloaded a town so I hope it all works. I can't wait to see it and I have not really played much with Generations so this will be a great way to try out the town.
  • LogansmommaLogansmomma Posts: 76
    edited June 2011
    Yay!!! Bookmarking and downloading when I get home from work!!!!
  • CrazyPlumbob915CrazyPlumbob915 Posts: 4,035 Member
    edited June 2011
  • x_Saffronx_Saffron Posts: 624 New Member
    edited June 2011
    Does it included clubs and lounges lots? If yes, could you tell me which types are included, and if they are still skyscrappers (gosh, I hope not).
  • DesiraiDesirai Posts: 1,058 Member
    edited June 2011
    Thank you!! I didn't know a lite version came with caw? Explain please, where do I find it?

    I love Sunset Valley. it's laid out the best, IMO. The town center, the surrounding neighborhoods, but I do wish there were more lots to build on.

    So thanks for posting this!!
    What if I told you.. you don't have to have 98723987297 animated GIFs in your signatures!?!??
  • AmberM66AmberM66 Posts: 904
    edited June 2011
    Thanks SO much!! Downloading now :)
  • LynxAQLynxAQ Posts: 222 Member
    edited June 2011
    @x_Saffron I haven't used any skyscrapers (I personally dont like them.). The clubs used are The Grind (but it has been redecorated to fit in with the town.) and a beach poolside club that I made.

    @Desirai The Lite version is literally VERY lite. The only thing it has is the land sculptured and the roads built. Nothing else, no lots/trees etc.

    Remember if you don't like a lot - bulldoze it! I know one of my friends did to several lots :).
  • scrapper42scrapper42 Posts: 1,881 Member
    edited June 2011
    Is the download supposed to take a long time? I started it about 5 minutes ago and it is still adding it using the game launcher. The main download was quick but the part that the launcher is doing is taking a long time. I am just asking if this is normal or did I maybe do something wrong? I do have a fast gaming computer and most things I download are very fast.

    Never mind it is all installed. I just missed the popup window that told me it was complete because it was behind the main launcher. Silly me. Now I get to go look at it and play.

  • ApeDrapeApeDrape Posts: 6
    edited June 2011
    Thanks! I'm sure many hours will be ❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of my life by this. :wink:
  • MissyHissyMissyHissy Posts: 1,945 Member
    edited June 2011
    scrapper42 wrote:
    Is the download supposed to take a long time? I started it about 5 minutes ago and it is still adding it using the game launcher. The main download was quick but the part that the launcher is doing is taking a long time. I am just asking if this is normal or did I maybe do something wrong? I do have a fast gaming computer and most things I download are very fast.


    I'm pretty cure the launcher does take a while. When I downloaded Riverview and BB, it took a long time. :-)
  • SeamarieSeamarie Posts: 360
    edited June 2011
    Awesome!! Can't wait to try it out once I install Generations! :D:D
  • scrapper42scrapper42 Posts: 1,881 Member
    edited June 2011
    I do have a few questions about the world and I might update with more after I have played it for a while today.

    Do you have information listed about the town somewhere that tells us where some of the spawn points are if we have trouble finding something?

    Are there seeds, fish and other stuff from the other EP's like World Adventures that can be found in this Sunset Valley or any dig sites from WA so we can get some of the collectables to decorate with?
  • DesiraiDesirai Posts: 1,058 Member
    edited June 2011
    LynxAQ wrote:
    @Desirai The Lite version is literally VERY lite. The only thing it has is the land sculptured and the roads built. Nothing else, no lots/trees etc.

    Remember if you don't like a lot - bulldoze it! I know one of my friends did to several lots :).

    Where do I find it? How do I download it?
    What if I told you.. you don't have to have 98723987297 animated GIFs in your signatures!?!??
  • LynxAQLynxAQ Posts: 222 Member
    edited June 2011
    @Desirai Open up Sims 3 CAW - then go to File -> Open World. This should take you to the default location for Sims 3 worlds. If not, then the worlds are found at: "Your drive etc"/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 Create a World Tool/UserToolData/Worlds/

    There are 2, Sunset Valley Lite and Riverview Lite - both are nothing more than a skeleton frame to work from, and both come with the CAW tool.
  • SimJynxSimJynx Posts: 289 New Member
    edited June 2011
    You are a star!! One thing though, is the park area still as in the original with all the buildings still around it?
  • dnranadnrana Posts: 119 Member
    edited June 2011
    Great job! Well from the looks of it atleast. Can't wait to try it out. :mrgreen:
  • LynxAQLynxAQ Posts: 222 Member
    edited June 2011
    @SimJynx Yes, the park is still there with the town surrounding it. The only park that has been moved is the one that was up on Summer Hill Court area.
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