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I am very disapointed in EA. After the push back from February 20 i thought maybe they were going to add things an fix some bugs. But after playing the game for the first time i am very upset and angry. Let's see there is about half the objects in the sims 3 then in the sims 2. So far i might go back to the sims 2 because the less things in houses. :twisted: :x


  • brwnsugamama1brwnsugamama1 Posts: 10
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    Im with u, im considering putting TS2 back on. I own every TS1 and TS2 game there is and this is an absolute disappoinment. It has nothing to do with it being a base game, thats bull. TS2 base was awesome..
  • SumthinGd08SumthinGd08 Posts: 52
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    I also agree, however i really enjoy the concept of having to explore what is around but the bugs are so annoying!
  • thetxsvxnthetxsvxn Posts: 108 Member
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    Actually I remember TS2 base game. Yes, it was awesome in terms of being such an upgrade to TS1 but I remember being disappointed by the limited number of objects. You should install TS2 back on your computer and play JUST TS2 without any expansions for a little while to remind yourself of everything it didn't have that TS3 does and compare notes. Install the expansion packs one at a time and play for a few hours to remind yourself of what you got with each one. it's an eye opener :)
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