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BLUE or BLANK LOTS in Neighborhood

Hi, this sucks.

I have been scouring Mod The Sims 3 forums all morning. I downloaded Delphy's dashboard tool which seems like a fantastic solution to this problem. ( You can find it here: )
I ran it and it found a few corrupt files and Sims 2 packages, some of which were disabled and some of which were fixed, which was great. However, even before downloading my giant haul of custom content I was experiencing the blue squares of death in my neighborhood. Empty lots show up fine, some very simply residential lots show up, none of my parks are showing up and some community lots like town square are completely blue or missing entirely. This is in Sunset Valley.
Houses that I have built, (like the one I've spent nearly 50 hours creating) are missing entirely. There's no icon or anything whenever I hover over the lot and they are unclickable. Occasionally after exiting CAS or build/buy ode on another lot will the blank lots appear as blue squares.

I know many others have experienced this issue after installing World Adventures. I have no expansion packs installed though and I can't seem to find a solution to my issue. I would love to discuss this with other people who are having the same issue, as I am not terribly computer savvy and see if we can't come up with a solution together seeing as EA seems to have neglected this issue entirely. >.>
I am hesitant to upgrade to the newest patch for obvious reasons and am currently running version with no expansion packs.


  • lowenbajowenlowenbajowen Posts: 61
    edited May 2011
    After scouring the interwebs for quite some time, I have found many useful threads in regards to this problem and thought I would go ahead and post links to them.

    Apparently if you are experiencing the blue or missing lot without any expansion packs installed, like me, its very possible that it is being caused by some corrupt or bad custom content downloads.

    I managed to find an older version of my house that I was working on (3 days ago) by going into my Saves folder and renaming the Sunset Valley.sims3.bad file "Sunset Valley.sims3" and renaming the original sims3 file Sunset Valley.sims3.backup. While I am still experiencing blue lots in my town 3 days ago, the lot I have been working on for so long this week was able to be saved to my library. While it is not my most recent saved version of the lot that was saved to the library, I at least have it in its state 3 days ago to work forth from if I have completely lost my neighborhood.

    Now I am going to go through with Delphy's Dashboard and Custard programs and sift through as much custom content as I can and try rebooting my game afterwards. I just thought this post may be helpful to other players who are still experiencing the blue lot issue and need further reading on it. If any one else has any other solutions to this please feel free to post them here as I am still unable to fix the blue lots on my game. :(
  • LittleVLittleV Posts: 8,565 Member
    edited May 2011
    I had that problem a long time ago in one of my neighborhoods. Yes, it's caused by corrupt CC and Delphy's Dashboard tool is one of the best ways to prevent it from happening again. However unfortunately once a neighborhood is affected, it is permanent and there is no bringing it back, sorry.
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