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simmers pleez reply!

i dont lik on the forums how it shows the #of things uve posted because it makes th ones with weaker #look bad. wat do u think of it?


  • mjwhittmjwhitt Posts: 11
    edited June 2009
    Just don't look at the numbers. They don't matter at all.
  • SeshanSeshan Posts: 26
    edited June 2009
    No, What makes you look bad are post with horrible spelling and grammar.
  • sweetkelseysweetkelsey Posts: 118
    edited June 2009
    Yeah... I don't judge ppl by their # of posts.
  • Mojokitty07Mojokitty07 Posts: 222 New Member
    edited June 2009
    It's just a number. I like to see how many I've made but other people don't care how many you make. If they do then that's their problem.
  • BizzairBizzair Posts: 12
    edited June 2009
    Topic = fail.

    Who cares? lol
  • awsome18awsome18 Posts: 265
    edited June 2009
    you guys are mean!! who said i care!cause i never said i did! i was just saying!
  • UronkaUronka Posts: 486
    edited June 2009
    Your all beating me! :cry: *stomps out in a huff!*
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