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omg A stuff Pack is more expensive than the Base game wth.

I was just shopping around online and at JBHIFI, DSE and other places im sure, The base game actually will cost less than the the new stuff pack 'Outdoor stuff' which Im assuming to ber NZ$40-$50 where at these places the base game costs $39.00.

Also FLS and HELS or ('full farts' lol) costs the same as the base game NZ$39.00

NZ$39.00 = USD$29.00
NZ$50.00 = USD$38.00

so dont complain that the games are to expensive lol :lol: :evil:


  • Garnet_AlexandriaGarnet_Alexandria Posts: 1,197 Member
    edited January 2011
    The game has been out for a year and a half or so, so it's price has dropped (some).

    This is what I've noticed for U.S. MSRP prices.

    The base game is currently $39.99 MSRP and was $49.99 at launch.

    Most EPs come out at $39.99 and go down to $29.99 after a while.

    The SPs come out at $19.99 and basically stay there.

    These are usual MSRPs, not counting any small further discounts from place to place, or sales, which would of course make them lower than the above prices (for example, the base game could had been had for as little as $19.99, or maybe it was even $14.99, during the holiday season at some places).
  • MissChatterboxMissChatterbox Posts: 4,277 New Member
    edited January 2011
    Yep those places have a permanent reduction on the games.

    But its amazing that the base game went down to below the price of a new stuff pack or to the same price of an old SP.
  • blewis823blewis823 Posts: 9,046 Member
    edited January 2011
    I think you are getting jacked, just checked and the price is $19.99 USD @ EB Games and Amazon.

    Do EA charge more? Or are they charging shipping?
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  • mofursmofurs Posts: 87 New Member
    edited January 2011
    I remember when Stuff Packs were $19.95 and expansion were $29.95 or less. Seems like it's getting jacked up by $10 every few years.... What I do is wait. After a release instead of rushing out to buy the latest games, expansions, and stuff packs, I wait 4-6 months and pick it up for a lot less. Does that make me "Frugal"? LoL fancy that! :D
  • blewis823blewis823 Posts: 9,046 Member
    edited January 2011
    Did that with Ambitions. Picked up a copy for $21.50 at Amazon, during the holidays. Sometimes, I can't wait.
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  • blunote00blunote00 Posts: 18,478 Member
    edited January 2011
    When I was reading EA's annual reports online it mentioned the foreign exchange rate was more than what was predicted and they've lost money there. Could be why it's so high. :?
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  • Halle_MHalle_M Posts: 6,539 Member
    edited January 2011
    Stuff packs are $19.00 at Target.

    EDIT: Oops, I meant, $19.99.

    EDIT AGAIN: The stuff packs will be cheaper after they've been in the store for two years, too. So just wait if you don't like the price. :wink:
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