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Club Elevator please

Ok my sim was out with his group. I did not see how late it was and went into a club (The Brightmore). My sim entered the elevator and when down. As he got to the club it was closing time.....all the npc's ran for the elevator but it never came down. Now I have my sim and 8 other npc's are stuck in the club......and my sims group (about 6 sims) is stuck on the other floor waiting to come down.

I cant click on any of them.
I cant reset them.
They have all been stuck there for 3 sim days.
Niether can I teleport my sim out.
They are all hungry and peeing themselves
When the club re-opens at 4pm....they are still stuck, an more npc's are showing up and trying to get in, but eventually end up leaving as the cant get past my group.

I tried moving the elevator with moveobjects, but there is a ncp stuck in it. When I grab the elevator and move it, i can see the npc, but i cant delete the eleveator, because its says it is in use by the sim that is stuck in it.

Please help....I have had my game on pause for the last 2 hours!
If I quit and reload, I will loose nearly 4 hours of game play


  • simsamplesimsample Posts: 987 Member
    edited November 2010
    What happens when you try to reset them? You could try resetting all sims by 'resetsim *'.
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  • van1llabeeen87van1llabeeen87 Posts: 964 New Member
    edited November 2010
    stick the offending elevator somewhere behind or on the side of the building and install a new elevator. after a couple sim days the npc will come out of the elevator on it's own and you can delete the bad elevator. i have had to do this twice.
  • pixelrpixelr Posts: 23
    edited November 2010
    Same thing happened to us at the Aquarius club. Out sim waited until the club reopened the next night and was able to get out of the situation.
  • JaanaDruidJaanaDruid Posts: 1,116 New Member
    edited November 2010
    moving your sims out and then back into the neighborhood from town view also works
  • Rud3Rud3 Posts: 699
    edited November 2010
    occured with me also,i just restarted the game,thank god i was not to far into my game.

    only occured once tho.
  • brian96brian96 Posts: 830 New Member
    edited November 2010
    This happened at Brightmore I believe.

    I was on a date with Lola Belle and she got stuck between floors :P

    I went into edit town and deleted the club and put it back down and everyone was safe on the curb of the lot.
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