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Blue and White Lines

I have a problem. Now, I'm no PC genius, but I can manage pretty well. I have an ASUS EAH4870 video card on my Vista PC, and it comes with the ASUS SmartDoctor for overclocking. Loading the textures in Sims 3 was a little on the laggy side, so I tweaked the settings by a very small margin, as I have done for other games. I played the game for about an hour and a half or so. Then it happened.
My computer just shut off. Confused, I turn it back on. The screen is overtaken by blue lines! It still remains legible, however, until where the log in screen should be. Just a black screen with some thick blue dots.
I restarted several times and a few times the lines were white. But the log in screen remained the same. Black with blue dots. That is, if it even got there. Sometimes it would just show a blue screen with white writing and restart itself.
I started up in safe mode, and made it into the desktop. There were only faint blue lines that were visible. I used a system restore
and restored to the 2nd. No help whatsoever. What do I do? I just got the video card for the game, but since I overclocked am I even eligible for a replacement?


  • AstromiciAstromici Posts: 114 New Member
    edited June 2009
    Check your monitor's connections to the computer.
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