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Tinypic & Photobucket the same???

When I go to and try to join or register, it says it's photobucket, are they the same? What's the best client to use for resizing your pics for the forum? Thanks in advance :)


  • Evergreen226Evergreen226 Posts: 15,600 Member
    edited September 2010
    I prefer TinyPic because it's faster for me. It really doesn't matter.
  • hippiedippie927hippiedippie927 Posts: 5,053 Member
    edited September 2010

    You should have asked this in the thread you already had! :?

    Why don't you just resize them yourself? Add "width=640" before
    the final /img tag. :wink:
  • cassieososassiecassieososassie Posts: 313 Member
    edited September 2010
    Ok thanks guys, I figured it out. :)
  • zorba2357zorba2357 Posts: 6,103 Member
    edited September 2010
    Different sites, but owned by the same company (I think). I have a photobucket account , but it always kind-of annoys me! Tiny pic is much easier to use and you don't even have to register or sign in.

    IF it's sims screenshot uploaded through the Launcher you Can post it to these boards straight from your studio IF you know exactly how to do it , and don't have to use photobucket or tiny pic for that.
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