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Whatever happened to Maxis and Will Wright?

I've noticed that the game is full of EA logos, and not a single thing relating to Maxis. Even the classic Sims dollhouse has been renamed. I'm curious to know which developer made this game. :?:


  • judhudsonjudhudson Posts: 336 New Member
    edited June 2009
    The Sims 3 was designed by the Sims Division, now part of the EA Play Label. Maxis split off from Redwood Shores, California and moved their studios to Emeryville, CA. There, they work with Spore. Wherever Will Wright goes, he takes the Maxis name with him.

    Will recently left Maxis and gave control to Lucy Bradshaw. He is now focused full time with his Stupid Fun Club project. :D
  • sharidanmcsharidanmc Posts: 234
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    that doesn sound very good
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