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Friend Request Approval Improvements

It would be super great to have perhaps a check-box system in the friends management. So instead of approving one friend at a time, there could be perhaps more than 5 on a page with check boxes and a select all options to speed up adding friends?

Also a daily or perhaps weekly digest option for friend notifications would be great. I've had a shed load of emails over the past couple of days from you guys with request notifications. It's nice so many people want to make friends, but it would be ace if it could be done without so much inbox clogging ;)

Otherwise keep up the good work - it's coming along great :)


  • judhudsonjudhudson Posts: 336 New Member
    edited May 2009
    That would be a splendid idea, Kate :)

    I also *think* the friends list needs more work to it...Everytime I press accept, it always accepts the last person on my list instead of the person I want to actually accept. Anyone else having this problem?
  • LightSideLightSide Posts: 1,264
    edited May 2009
    Hey Kate.
    Nice to see you here. :D

    Missed you.
    Your suggestion is wonderful. :wink:

    I have over 140 friend request at the moment.
    Won't it take me an hour to add everyone? LOL. :P

    I also heard there is a limit for having friends!
    Do you know whats that limit? :roll:

    Well, hope limits get canceled.
    ~Luv LiGhT~ 8)
  • ParsimoniouskateParsimoniouskate Posts: 54
    edited May 2009
    Hey Lightside - good to see you here!
    Gosh well I didn't know anything about a limit - I hope too that there isn't one or it gets removed!

    Jud, I noticed that bug too a couple of days ago, but it seemed to be working properly yesterday in firefox. It could be a browser issue like they haven't fixed it for all browsers, or yours has remembered the previous settings? Browsers are pesky that way ;)

    Incidentally Maxis - I have notification of replies enabled for this post but haven't received any notifications. I don't know if that's a problem at this end or mine (I checked my spam and filters and there didn't appear to be any reason why they would have gotten eaten by my mail client!).
  • judhudsonjudhudson Posts: 336 New Member
    edited May 2009
    It has indeed been a browser issue after all - now it's working correctly :D
  • SimGuruDreaSimGuruDrea Posts: 60
    edited May 2009
    Thanks for the feedback Kate. It's good to see you on here :)
  • ParsimoniouskateParsimoniouskate Posts: 54
    edited June 2009
    Good to be here Drea :D

    It certainly does need something. Aside from the time it takes, I've noticed that whenever approving friends, I quite often get to the last page, the page numbers at the top disappear and in my mindless clicking I accidentally block whoever was at the top of that last page. I then have to go and unblock them, no problem, but of course the friend request has gone along with the link to the person's profile. Making it difficult to send a request to them to fix the problem!

    Obviously I should pay more attention, but when approving several pages at a time or similar, it's hard not to zone out!
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