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The Sims 4 - Gallery Profanity Filter Feedback

EA_CadeEA_Cade Posts: 7,559 EA Community Manager
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As part of EA’s Positive Play Charter, The Sims 4 Gallery is switching from a profanity word list, which was very rigid and prone to becoming outdated over time as language evolves, to a more context-aware system that can be updated frequently without the need for game updates. This allows us to customize the experience to The Sims 4 allowing you the freedom to express yourself on your Gallery uploads.

While we have high expectations for this new technology on The Sims 4 Gallery to catch most violations, there may be cases that slip through the cracks or are detected and flagged when they shouldn’t be.

This is an invite to all Simmers to help improve accuracy, and make the Gallery a welcoming place for all, by providing your feedback via The Sims 4 Gallery Profanity Filter Feedback Survey.

The ability to report content in the Gallery to EA will remain and that process is unchanged. So while we appreciate your feedback here, please continue to play safe and report content when needed.
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    The_MercuriaThe_Mercuria Posts: 163 Member

    Apparently the words trans, transgender, (t)(r)(a)(n)(s) and the like are forbidden on the gallery.
    I could not upload my Sim until I completely invalidated her existence, much like society does today. I'm furious!
    I'll save my money until inclusion is true on this platform.🤬🤬🤬
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