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Game Packs ranking

After doing the EP ranking I thought it would be fun to do GP ranking :)
  1. Jungle Adventure
  2. Strangerville
  3. Vampires
  4. Spa Day
  5. Outdoor Retreat
  6. Dine Out
  7. Parenthood
  8. Realm of Magic
  9. Werewolves
  10. My Wedding Stories
  11. Dream Home Decorator
  12. Journey to Batuu

I don't own Dream Home Decorator or Journey to Batuu that's why they are at the bottom of my ranking. I've been trying to enjoy werewolves, but I don't know. I also really like spellcasters, but Realm of Magic was a disappointment. I love Outdoor Retreat tents, but the pack needs a refresh.


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    mustenimusteni Posts: 5,417 Member
    edited January 10
    1. Werewolves 10/10
    2. Vampires 10/10
    3. Dine Out 9/10
    4. Jungle Adventure 8/10
    5. Parenthood 8/10
    6. Strangerville 7/10
    7. Spa Day 7/10
    8. Realm of Magic 7/10
    9. My Wedding Stories 6/10
    10. Outdoor Retreat 6/10
    11. Dream Home Decorator 5/10
    12. Journey to Batuu -*/10
    *Don't own
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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,360 Member
    2. Spa Day
    3. Dine Out
    4. Realm of Magic
    5. My Wedding Stories
    6. Outdoor Retreat
    7. Jungle Adventure
    8. Dream Home Decorator
    9. Strangerville
    10. Journey To Batuu
    11. Vampires
    12. Werewolves
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    Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,532 Member
    Just like the EP I put them into categories. Ranking within a category is such a close call, it may vary depending on my mood

    Must haves
    1. Realm of Magic
    2. Werewolves
    3. Jungle adventures
    4. Spa Day (merely for yoga and soak baths)
    Useful/fun to play
    5. Strangerville
    6. Dine out
    7. Parenthood
    8. Journey to Batuu
    9. Outdoor retreat
    10. Vampires
    Nice items but too little and buggy gameplay
    11. Dream Home Decorator
    12. My wedding stories
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    SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,745 Member
    1. Dine Out - great for building community lots with activities. Restaurants can have so many different themes.
    2. Strangerville - coolest pack around!
    3. My Wedding Stories - love the world.
    4. Jungle Adventure
    5. Vampires
    6. Werewolves
    7. Outdoor Retreat
    8. Spa Day
    9. Realm of Magic
    10. Parenthood - I hate the advice pop ups...
    don't own:
    Dream Home Decorator
    Journey to Batuu
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    mikamakimonmikamakimon Posts: 470 Member
    Starting with #1:

    Jungle Adventure
    Outdoor Retreat
    Realm of Magic
    Dine Out
    Spa Day
    Dream Home Decorator - new, haven't fully explored yet

    I don't own Werewolves, Wedding Stories or Batuu so no ranking for these yet.
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    mrs_starkeymrs_starkey Posts: 187 Member
    edited January 10
    1. Dine Out -> Restaurants are by far my most used lot type in the game. They are so versatile. You can have a classic Restaurant with so many different cultures and themes, but also I almost always make those big beautiful generic lots from the gallery into a Restaurant. So my Sims can visit any place, explore and at the end of the day they can eat there.
    When a new World comes the first thing I do is add 1-3 different Restaurants.

    2. Spa Day Like Restaurants, I add at least one Spa lot in every new world that fits the theme and vibe of the world. The animations are so realistic. Overall there are SO MANY new animations in this gamepack: Different massages, many yoga positions and fails, steam room animations. And thats what I love about it!
    Oh, and the floor and wall tiles are my no. 1 tiles for every bathroom and kitchen I create!

    3. Outdoor Retreat -> love the world for vacation, and those wood benches, the fireplace and the wooden outdoorlamps I use in almost every park.

    4. Jungle Adventure -> The jungle world and the sounds of nature are absolutely stunning!!! I really enjoyed the adventures through the jungle and exploring the temples!! The new dance is lovely, the music is great and the furniture is high quality and rustic. Love this pack!

    5. Parenthood -> great for my family Gameplay

    6. Werewolves -> LOVE the B/B!!! I'm not a supernatural player, but the wolves are so cute, that I just had to turn my favourite Sim for a short period of time into a wolfie. This Pack (and a specific gallery build) inspired me to tell a very exciting and unusual story!

    7. My Wedding Stories -> LOVE the world and the new dance!! It's so elegant and dreamy. And the new romantic song is one of my favourites in the Sims radio. And I might be the only person in the world who enjoyes the micromanaging part of the wedding. XD I pretty much micromanage everything else in my game so this was right up my alley. But the bugs make it difficult, so I'm happy for mod fixes.

    8. Dream Home Decorator -> I'm not interested in the gameplay, but I adore the B/B, although I'm not too happy about the color palette. I REALLY miss my dark brown wood swatch that I mostly use. So thats a big minus.

    9. Strangerville -> Usually I don't like playing storys that the game tells me, but this one was very cool and dramatic. I got very invested in the plot. The motherplant and the music freaked me out and I was SOOO excited along with my Sims. XD And the B/B is awesome in this pack.

    10. Realm of Magic -> Not interested in the gameplay and B/B, but I like the cute little neighborhood in the woods.

    11. Vampires -> Not interested in the gameplay, got it for the B/B mostly for the wall scratches ect.

    12. Journey to Batuu -> I still haven't played the story, but want to do it at the right time. :) I like the world and the B/B. Very disappointing that we can't build there or stay for a while on a lot.

    Overall I'm very happy with the Gamepacks we got so far.
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    ChampandGirlieChampandGirlie Posts: 2,482 Member
    I like to play flexibly so a numeric ranking is more of an approximation than a strict ranking but ok, sure, I play with different themes and with few regrets.

    1. Parenthood with Growing Together - This does make families a lot more interesting and replayable. Families form the basis of a lot of my playstyle with a rotational legacy but then I change things up with fun activities.
    2. Dine Out and Spa Day - I use both of these a lot for regular gameplay all the time. I've read a review that some players don't need a playable spa but this pack added a lot to my game. My sims like to bliss out and I like the detail in the yoga. I even appreciated the refresh with painting nails. I have numerous restaurants and several spas, I could see adding more. Dine Out has occasionally required bug fixes but I have it working now with Get Famous.
    3. Jungle Adventure - I love the travel packs and this one is really fun. I ranked some packs I use more often slightly above it but I'm glad to have it. I've been to the region that it's about and it feels authentic. Very fun.
    4. Strangerville - This was a hit for me and I have continued using the world a lot because I love the atmosphere. I like that they let you decide what to do with the world afterwards. I kept it as "normal" but it is a quirky small town that I play with.
    5. Dream Home Decorator - I do like this pack, I use the CAS/BB a lot and I have a few competing decorators in my game. I've made some quirky interior design with this pack. I had never seen so much cosmolux before, lol, but now one of my houses is a swinging 60's mansion. Fun to play.
    6. My Wedding Stories - Tartosa is a setting I really wanted in my game. I've just lightly used this pack so far but I've been getting the hang of it and I do understand it. I will keep using it and Tartosa is definitely a place I'll enjoy with Sims.
    7. Vampires - I only have a few vampires but this is a great pack. I appreciate the Victorian decor that I use elsewhere. I do have the vampires in my game but I restrict them to just a few. They are very detailed and it's a great pack for occult play.
    8. Outdoor Retreat - I do actually use this camping site especially for family-friendly trips or for sims who just want time outdoors in the woods. I've played with most of the features in it and I enjoy it. It would be great if they would add swimming in this world.
    9. Realm of Magic - I'm not an occult player.
    10. Journey to Batuu - It's not entirely my style of play but I have played with it and probably will again at some point. I'm glad that it exists for people who really want that playstyle.
    11. Werewolves - I have not played with this one and it is not really my style. The world does interest me but the theme and the CAS/BB aren't really my thing. I do appreciate that we have the option to restrict werewolf play to just Moonwood Mill. It's possible that I'll play this a bit at some point.

    I realize that my list is not everyone else's list. Honestly, I enjoy just about all of what I have. I don't mind that they make occult content at all, I'm just a very occasional player with that stuff whereas I play a lot with a more realistic but not boring style. A lot of the list is almost tied for me.
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    AlanSimsAlanSims Posts: 720 Member
    edited January 11
    1. Parenthood
    2. Strangerville
    3. Jungle Adventure
    4. Dine Out
    5. Spa Day
    6. Werewolves
    7. Realm of Magic
    8. Vampires
    9. Dream Home Decorator
    10. Wedding Stories (Just the world itself is worth it)
    11. Outdoor Retreat
    12. Batuu
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    RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,143 Member
    Must Haves:
    1. Vampires - Love this occult and play with them all the time.
    2. Spa Day - The wellness skill is one of my favorites and almost all of my sims end up doing it.
    3. Jungle Adventure - I never get tired of exploring this world and the archeology skill is also one of my favorites.
    4. Realm of Magic - While not perfect, I also love this occult and use them all the time.

    Like to Have:
    5. StrangerVille - I don't play with it often, but I love the story and the world.
    6. Outdoor Retreat - Mostly for the camping gear, but I also love the world.
    7. Parenthood - This one has fallen a bit in my rankings, but I still like it.
    8. Dine Out - I mostly just like building restaurants, but it's fun to play with them once in awhile.
    9. Werewolves - Well done, but just not my cup of tea.
    10. Dream Home Decorator - I mostly just use it for the furniture.

    Could Play Without:
    11. Wedding Stories - Just got this one, still need to explore.
    12. Batuu - Too separate from everything else, doesn't integrate well with other packs.
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    EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 5,375 Member
    Favorites tier:

    1. Werewolves
    2. Strangerville

    Mid tier:

    The ranking within this tier is subject to ups and downs.

    3. Dine out (ironically after saying "Meh, I won't need this ever" for several years)
    4. Jungle Adventure
    5. Realm of Magic
    6. Journey to Batuu
    7. Spa Day
    8. Outdoor Retreat
    9. Vampires (they were the first occults to get added and were done great, but I don't enjoy the theme)

    Only interested in the BB or world - tier:

    10. My wedding stories
    11. Parenthood
    12. Dream Home Decorator
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    SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 9,165 Member
    edited January 10
    Heck Yeah:
    I don't feel like this needs explanation I literally would not be playing anymore without this pack
    Spa Day
    I just like how meanwhile being very simple this pack adds so much and you can just hop into it wherever whenever
    I love Strangetown and Strangerville is pretty good replacement I only wish there was more of this pack
    still excited to play through this pack the one issue though is that i play autonomy off so the rampage thing doesn't work I wish they would have made it so sims rampage even with autonomy off cause idk what to do with them just standing around :sweat_smile:
    Jungle Adventure
    love it but I wish world was not vacation only and I kind of wish there was something indoorsy to do for sims that would rather not explore dangerous jungle
    Realm of Magic
    I was really excited about this but unfortunately it just lacks depth in so many areas that I find it hard to really get into + i guess not being able to use magic if kid or other occult also makes me use it less
    just kind of exists in the background so i tend to forget about it but useful
    Dine Out
    I like having restaurants and would be sad to not have them but trying to manage one is annoying because I can't hire sims I want and I can't have my own sims as chef so thats pushing it down here
    My Wedding Stories
    this pack just has bad feng shui
    I can sense the spirits of bygone bugs and glitches around every corner of Tartosa and its always thunderstorm when I visit Tartosa, always.

    I was so looking forward to this pack and I love using parts of it but I am still too traumatized to recommend it or really explore the pack as whole
    Dream Home Decorator
    I use stuff in this pack tons but the thing is it really feels more like stuff pack
    + career is so very buggy
    Outdoor Retreat
    Nothing particularily wrong with it some useful items and gameplay but I just feel like with all the other packs we have this pack does not offer enough new fun things to explore and is kind of useless

    also the world being vacation only, having no open water... feels kinda sad

    it just could have been so much better if it wasn't literally the first gp released
    Journey to Batuu
    As person who is clueless about Star Wars the gameplay is just way too confusing even if some stuff is cool I just wish it didn't have to be such heavily branded pack

    also I don't like the limitations with Batuu
    like that you can't bring infants to Batuu,
    what about Baby Yoda??? leave Baby Yoda home?!?!?!? How dare you.
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    EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 7,284 Member
    Jungle Adventure
    Dine Out

    Realm of Magic
    Journey to Batuu
    My Wedding Stories

    Spa Day
    Outdoor Retreat
    Dream Home Decorator
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    EternalSunshineEternalSunshine Posts: 340 Member
    1. Realm of Magic - The pack isn't perfect, but witches/spellcasters have always been my favorite to play.
    2. Jungle Adventure - I would probably put JA at #1 if Sims could live in Selvadorada.
    3. Strangerville
    4. Vampires
    5. Spa Day
    6. Outdoor Retreat
    7. Parenthood - Family gameplay is a bit of an afterthought for me.
    8. Dine Out - It can be buggy & I wish your Sim could take on other roles ex. Chef, etc.
    9. Dream Home Decorator - I picked this up on sale b/c it does have nice B/B, but it's buggy & IMHO it should have more gameplay elements for a GP.

    Haven't played yet:
    * Werewolves

    I don't own:
    * My Wedding Stories
    * Journey to Batuu
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    GordyGordy Posts: 3,063 Member
    1. Vampires
    2. Realm of Magic
    3. Dine Out
    4. Jungle Adventure
    5. Werewolves
    6. Spa Day
    7. Parenthood
    8. Strangerville
    9. My Wedding Nightmares
    10. Outdoor Retreat
    12. Dream Home Decorator
    90. Journey to Batuu

    The top 5 are also some of my favorite Sims 4 packs, period. Spa Day isn't, but I still like it a lot after the refresh. Everything else is meh to terrible.
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    Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 900 Member
    Here is my list, I have them all, except My Wedding Stories so I won't rank that in the list.
    1.) Vampires
    2.) Werewolves
    3.) Realm of Magic
    I am an occult fan, so I tend to rate these packs higher, regardless of actual gameplay.
    5.)Jungle Adventure
    7.)Star Wars: Journey to Batuu. Still hate that this is a theme park pack, and overall just a cash grab, but it went up higher after being used to create Sims based on a book series I liked that took place in ancient times, which were the robes.
    8.)Spa Day. Not going to lie, I just bought it for the Elsa looking hairstyle.
    9.) Dream Home Decorator.
    10.) Outdoor Retreat. Kind of really not much to do, but I like the camping stuff, and plan to do a off the grid, or rags to riches with a Sim someday.
    11.)Dine Out. It came with a set I bought, haven't actually played it, because it seems to always be buggy with other players.
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    GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 2,212 Member
    Here comes my entirely subjective ranking of the GPs. I'm emphasising this here (and a few more times down the line) because if I were to rank these packs objectively (assigning more priority to things like novelty, uniqueness, bugs, and overall playability), the list would look a little different. But I decided to focus on my personal preferences and how much I need each pack for my gameplay.

    12. Star Wars: Journey to Batuu
    Don't own, don't need. I've never even seen the Star Wars movies.

    11. Dream Home Decorator
    I hate building, will never touch the active career. Not much else to touch either, no world, skills or traits, just furniture.

    10. Outdoor Retreat
    Interesting concept, boring execution. Before I started using a mod to make Granite Falls a residential world, I kept forgetting it even exists. Herbalism skill much more trouble than it's worth.

    09. Dine Out
    Just restaurants, nothing else. And they don't even work right. Should have been part of the Get To Work EP.

    08. My Wedding Stories
    Personally not interested in weddings. Only using it for the world, CAS and BB. The world is in fact the only reason this ranks higher than the previous GPs.

    07. Parenthood
    Objectively one of the best packs with stuff for the entire family and objects for the entire house. Subjectively, I don't play with traditional families all too often.

    06. Werewolves
    As an occult player, I thought I was going to love this pack. But werewolves are way too high-maintenance and difficult to integrate, making it a very isolated experience.

    05. StrangerVille
    Great world and atmosphere, but loses some of its charm after completing the story. Probably wouldn't be this high on my list if I didn't have this irrational love for American deserts (that I've never been to and wouldn't enjoy in real life because I can't stand heat).

    04. Spa Day
    Easy to integrate into sims' homes and everyday lives without them having to actively seek it out, unlike weddings and owning restaurants. Most of my households have at least one member who uses some aspect of this pack, and the CAS and BB items are among my favourites.

    03. Jungle Adventure
    I love Tomb Raider, and this is basically the pack for it. Also love that the temple isn't always the same, and that archaeology can become a stay-at-home career once your level is high enough.

    02. Vampires
    The first GP to introduce a residential world. Also comes with a new occult and various ways to play it, three aspirations, and two skills. Arguably one of the biggest and most elaborate GPs yet.

    01. Realm of Magic
    Objectively not a great pack with all the missed opportunities. But I want witches above all else, this pack gives me witches, so it will never be dethroned.
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    SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 7,020 Member
    edited January 12
    1. Parenthood one of my most used packs for both gameplay and children/teen objects.

    2. Outdoor retreat I use so much stuff in this pack for community builds ( lots other than residential ). I Like the collection of insects ( some of my child sims collect them ). and the herbalism skill.too. The world is pretty too and simulates real camping type experiences, but our sims should be able to swim there.

    3. Jungle Adventure would rate #1 if my sims could live there. The world is so different than the others.

    4. Spa day ( ranks higher because they added nails, and extra stuff ) especially like being able to make money doing nails, etc.

    5. Realm of Magic very pretty ornate furniture, and well, who doesn’t love witches? Really miss not having a witches hat without the spider, and more witch like clothing ( would love to see a witch/ vampire kit ( want a vampire cape as well as a witches hat ).

    6. Dream home Decorator I love the snap together furniture, and playing a decorater is more fun than I thought it would be.

    7. Wedding stories top notch wedding dresses, arches, cakes, flowers etc. and I love Tartosa.

    8. Strangerville love the amount of lots for a game pack. Sure wish being in the Military could have been an active career with more military ( boot camp like ) things to do with a military type lot and perhaps dorm.

    9. Dine out would be one of my favorite packs if it weren’t’ so buggy, and my cooks could work as a cook in their own restaurants. I was really anticipating this pack. Please refresh it.

    10. Werewolves

    11. Vampires

    12. Journey to Batu if we could live there, or even rent lots, and make other lot type of lots there it would rank higher I like the apocalyptic clothing and would use the furniture more if we could make lots in Batu. Dissapointed the aliens there were only costumes,
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,098 Member
    edited January 11
    1. Werewolves
    2. Werewolves
    3. Werewolves
    4. Werewolves
    5. Werewolves
    6. Werewolves
    7. Werewolves
    8. Werewolves


    Okay here's a list that includes some other packs too. I like all the packs I bought, so this is once again in order of how angry would I be if they got removed from my game

    1. Werewolves
    2. Realm of Magic
    3. Vampires
    4. Dine Out <- People complain about bugs in this one but many of the bugs seem to have been fixed before I bought the pack in 2020, and the more annoying recent bugs have been fixed in recent patches. Most remaining issues are due to realistic gameplay challenges such as needing to balance the number of tables with the number of chefs/waiters so that service isn't too slow. I use restaurants all the time.
    5. My Wedding Stories
    6. Outdoor Retreat
    7. Dream Home Decorator <- I do like it, I just don't use it very often, and I feel bad for people who have been suffering the bug where you can't complete gigs, since that's the main point of the pack! even though I haven't experienced that bug so far myself.

    Will probably get at some point when I feel like making my game more complicated / have extra money / it's on sale:

    Will not get:
    Jungle Adventure <- can't support the glorification of stealing other cultures' artifacts for money (even with the option of the Simsonian, it's still complicated)
    Spa Day <- as a religious person it would bother me to have a commercialized spa pack be the only way prayer/meditation exists in my game, would rather not have any, or would rather have diverse forms of prayer and meditation available

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    SimburianSimburian Posts: 6,922 Member
    edited January 11
    Just have two favourites, Dine out and Spa Day. Places to go and socialise and with Spa day you can always add a bedroom/kitchen inside, or tent outside the Spa and live there for a long holiday.
    I've got all of the packs and too many to put in order!
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    InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 1,185 Member
    1.) Werewolves
    2.) Vampires
    3.) Realm of Magic

    Sure you're pretty fun.
    4.) Jungle Adventure
    5.) Dine Out
    6.) Strangerville

    I legit forget you're in my game.
    7.) Spa Day
    8.) Dream Home Decorator
    9.) My Wedding Stories
    10.) Parenthood
    11.) Outdoor Retreat

    12.) Journey to Batuu (Will never own btw)
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    ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 4,426 Member
    edited January 11
    1. Parenthood
    2. Realm of Magic
    3. Jungle Adventure
    4. Werewolves
    5. Vampires
    6. Dine Out
    7. Spa Day
    8. Wedding Stories
    9. Dream Home Decorator
    10. Outdoor Retreat
    11. Batuu
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    SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 524 Member
    edited January 11
    1. Dream Home Decorator (even thought the career doesn’t work for me, I use the furniture in every single build, & I love the CAS. :D)
    2. Parenthood
    3. Realm Of Magic
    4. Jungle Adventure
    5. My Wedding Stories
    6. Werewolves
    7. Spa Day
    8. Outdoor Retreat
    9. Dine Out
    10. Strangerville
    11. Vampires

    I don’t have Journey to Batuu yet.
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    PandoraTOPandoraTO Posts: 485 Member
    In order of usefulness or how much fun I get out of it:
    1. Parenthood
    2. Spa Day
    3. Dine Out
    4. Dream Home Decorator
    5. Outdoor Retreat
    6. Jungle Adventure

    The last two are at the bottom because of the vacation-only worlds. They'd move up if my sims could live in those worlds. Why won't they unlock the vacation worlds?? 😭

    Don't own for reasons:

    Vampires: Don't want it very much, but I'm not sure why since I enjoy vampire books/movies/TV shows. If I needed a GP for a bundle, I might cave. But I don't see myself actually playing as a vampire.

    Realm of Magic: Harry Potter was about the peak of my interest in things magical.

    Strangerville: The notion of "possession" turns me off. I wish they'd called it something else. Also, I don't want to be forced to play through the storyline, nor do I want a military theme in my game.

    Werewolves: Not interested, and I don't like how the werewolves look.

    My Wedding Stories: Buggy disaster, plus I don't play weddings much.

    Journey to Batuu: If I ever buy this, it's because I'm not OK. Someone please do a wellness check.
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    auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 988 Member
    edited January 12
    1. Parenthood 10/10 - My favorite gamepack. I love the different dynamics a parent and child can have. This paired with growing together is a must-have for my type of gameplay.
    2. Dine Out 9/10 - This is also a must-have. It adds a place for my sims to go and get a bite to eat.
    3. My Wedding Stories 9/10 - I use this pack pretty often. I know it's not high on most people's list but I get a lot of gameplay out of it.
    4. Strangerville 8/10 - Another one of my favorite packs. I love the world and use a lot of the items that came with this pack.
    5. Dream Home Decorator 7/10 - I utilize a lot of the items that came with this pack. I don;t use the career but the CAS and build/buy is a must.
    6. Spa Day 7/10 - I enjoy this pack. I like that they went back and added some features. It's not a must-have but I enjoy it.
    7. Outdoor Retreat 7/10 - Again, I like this pack and I'll send my sims here from time to time but again it's okay.
    8. Vampires 6/10 - I don't play with occults. They're just no my thing. I do however love the world and the items that came with the pack. It's a nice addition to the game it's just not something I need.
    9. Realm of Magic 4/10 - I play with the world and some of the build/buy.
    10. Werewolves 4/10 - The same goes for this pack. The world is nice.
    11. Jungle Adventure 2/10 - I don't use this pack all that often. It's not a bad pack by any means I just don't get a whole lot of use out of it.
    12. Journey to Batuu - I don't own this pack

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    LeucosiaXLeucosiaX Posts: 1,853 Member
    edited January 12
    #1 Dream Home Decorator
    - This is basically the game of the Sims- home renovation-with actual cute interactive gameplay
    - it makes building mode an experience, with gameplay you are assessed on.
    - I love any interactive career that visit the house of other sims.
    - The build buy is one of the best

    #2 Vampires
    -my favorite occult in the sims, Forgotten Hollow one of my favorite themed worlds
    -Create a sim is an A++++
    -One of the best build buy catalog

    #3 Dine Out

    -I used this all the time, I love building and playing in restaurants
    -one of the few packs which keeps me very busy in play mode
    -I feel like restaurants are really essential for a life simulation

    #4 Spa Day
    -I love the builds gameplay and build buy in this
    -makes gyms a world better
    -the amazing refresh with nail manicures and pedicure and begin your own yoga class

    # 5 Jungle Adventure
    I use this vacation world all the time despite never playing official gameplay
    I love the them of this world and building in it
    I appreciate the latin american resprentation

    #6 Realm of Magic
    -despite never really getting into the official linear gameplay, I love this occult
    - Three worlds make this a very valuable add on and I love the them and style
    - create a sim is really good and I like the build and buy

    #7 Strangerville
    - The world is big and rad and makes this a valuable add on
    - The houses and build buy in this game pack are among my favorite.
    - The beautiful victorian house- this houses I reallt actually like.
    - Despite I have never played the linear story gameplay of this pack, this story has a good theme

    #8 Outdoor Retreat
    -I really enjoy this pack and find I use this world regularly, even though I am nothing like an outdoorsy type irl
    -I know its an old pack, but feels empty and I feel the potential for so many things missing with it's potential
    -Not much gameplay

    #9 My Wedding Stories
    -Despite being one the most broke packs released, it one of the best worlds.
    -Tartosa is beautiful and generous with lots.
    -gameplay is right up my alley

    #10 Werewolves
    -Creat a Seim and build buy are great
    -Werewolves not like what we know from horror movies and literature.
    -Stay in werewolform breaks immersion for me
    - I have cas glitch which makes them look even more silly with accessories and shoes and hair I can't remove

    -The world is too small with the two huge community lot,\only 3 residential lots, leaving little room to create

    #11 Parenthood
    - not into family gameplay
    - Pop up always show up,m & what ever is chosen has equivalent in result.

    #12 Journey to Batuu
    -feels like a mobile game, not like the sims
    -not an actual vacation world
    -should have just made it Disney world
    -I don't know if my game is broken but I could not get through the game following the steps.
    -World looks amazing but you can't do anything with it
    - Star Wars is in a parallel universe that is like the future and prehistoric time, at the same time, really leaves a lot to the imagination and especially for building.
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