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Island Living: What do the island spirits get up to in your game?

WhatCobblersWhatCobblers Posts: 2,756 Member
Have found when playing island living that one of my Mua Pel' am households seems to experience very large clusters of island spirit activity.
At least eleven spirits appeared in Kio and Samphy's home the other day!
These large gatherings have happened quite a lot.
I find this surprising, as their neighbour, Ikkanu, lives on a bigger lot, so one would have thought he would get more of them. But in his house, they only seem to appear in groups of two-four at the most.

I just wondered out of curiosity, what is the largest amount of island spirits other players have ever had in their games?
Also, do they appear in odd or funny places?

In Samphy and Kio's house, they love to dance on the worktops and sometimes the table as well. In Ikkanu's house, the spirits seem to love dancing either in or around his toilet. Two invaded his privacy whilst he was trying to have a bath the other day, and there is one that keeps appearing in his bed, sometimes whilst he's sleeping in it. 9C8OSx0.png

What are other peoples' island spirit experiences?


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