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For Rent: What Are Your Plans?


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    filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,694 Member
    In my personal save file I already have a bunch of unofficial multi household lots, things like trailer parks, townhomes, etc. so I'm basically going to convert all those into official multi household lots and explore the pack from there.
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
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    Lixy_170 wrote: »
    @AncientMuse Thanks for sharing the plans of your worlds, the wonderful ideas and everyone also for the inspiration! 😍👍

    Back in 2020 I built a Contemporary Neighbourhood! (pics) I'm thinking to build a Modern one and also planning to make different apartments and other buildings inspired by Southeast Asian architecture of course.


    3 houses with a common laundry, patio, pool, grill, etc.

    That is awesome!
    I am going to have to give that a try. It could be a way to get a bit of a living neighborhood.
    It depends on how active the other tenants are and what they do.
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    MarteziaKingMarteziaKing Posts: 277 Member
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    As of right now, I don't have any plans for this pack since I'm not even gonna use its main feature because I'm not interested in living/owning the new residential rental lot type. I might build a residential rental lot out of pure boredom but that's about it. I pre-ordered it mainly because of hopscotch, marbles, and the new fungus death. 🤷‍♀️
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    HavenRoseHavenRose Posts: 326 Member
    I have so many ideas right now for multi-family housing! My hope is that we can squeeze enough sims on a lot that I can delete the keep sims in world mod and have actual real neighbors instead.

    -Trailer parks in Oasis Springs and Strangerville
    -Apartments in Del Sol Valley and Newcrest
    -Little cottages in Glimmerbrook for all the spellcasters
    -Boarding house in Forgotten Hollow for all the vampires - they don't need their own kitchens
    -Tartosa will be getting a little village type place with the tall townhouses
    -Retirement home, with the "staff" being the landlords (I've loved the idea of this, but playing all my elders in one giant household was never interesting to me)
    -Sulani mermaids are getting a commune
    -Not sure where yet, but I want at least one building with an "apartment" that is basically an unplayed sim living in the walls
    -if the mechanics work right for this, I want to build an apartment in San Myshuno that uses some of the common space as a shared office space. Potentially combining clubs and moving in coworkers and neighbors would allow it to feel like my sim lives above the office
    -Playable ranch hand in Chestnut Ridge, if these apartments let us have horses - the landlord can live in the house and own the horses, while the ranch hand just hang out and tend it
    -Student housing is going to get way more micromanaged. I had a save where I had a sim I decided was the "dean" at the university, and everyone who was admitted to school had to be friends. Depending on the mechanics, this could work well with a landlord situation.
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    ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 4,429 Member
    I spent all day building this duplex as I'm super excited for the upcoming pack! I've been wanting to build apartments/duplexes etc for years and the idea of owning one is so cool! I deliberately only furnished one side so that others can make the other side their own (if they have a family with kids etc).

    Gallery link:

    Close up view of the courtyard area:
    Lot view of the duplex:
    Runa and Freya in the courtyard:
    Kitchen for the furnished side of the duplex:
    First floor furnished aerial view:
    Second floor furnished aerial view:
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    YunaYuna Posts: 231 Member
    edited November 2023
    I'm gonna create a village, if its possible to have separate unit houses. One in probably every small world with only 5 lots, because this way I can make it more lively. Some big lots will get a village too, because I don't like to have too many big luxury homes and I often feel like the very big lots are kinda wasted on 1 rich family or a normal house in general..

    Gonna make a resort vacation place too in Sulani, also some Bed&Breakfast in other worlds. Motels/Hotels until they decide to add that one Expansion Pack too. Retirement Homes and Psychiatry Homes will also be created. Duplex, I also already have so it's nice that its finally a real thing. Rowhouses... or maybe simple rented bedrooms in a house.. so many possibilities.
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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,555 Member
    edited November 2023
    @HavenRose thanks for all the great ideas. 😄

    @ashcrash19 what a cute duplex. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    @Yuna great ideas.
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    TTNsimmerTTNsimmer Posts: 684 Member
    I want to create a small neighboorhood with multiple houses in one lot. I did the same thing in TS2 (but I didnt have apartment life) and I had a lot of fun. I also plan to create characters based on different neighbor stereotypes like nozy, cringe etc.
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    LadyKynLadyKyn Posts: 3,599 Member
    Definitely will be putting some of those apartment lots I had downloaded long ago to use. The one from the trailer Luxury Party I always held onto in hopes it'd one day be an actual apartments.

    Might have my sim run or stay in a run down motel lot with other tenants.

    I always like seedy hole in the wall places for sims to live in.
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    aaronrulzaaronrulz Posts: 4,109 Member
    with the new pack....I may build a modern apartment on the 40x30 lot in Magnolia Promenade and have my sim live in that world. I've never had a sim live in that world before. And i'll make the other three lots modern cafe, restaurant, and bar
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    greydonngreydonn Posts: 721 Member
    I love that idea!
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    Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,438 Member
    That's a great idea! I've never had any residential lots in Magnolia Promenade either.
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    mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 6,211 Member
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    I wish there would be some way to overhaul the San Myshuno apartment buildings into this system!
    I mean, it probably isn't possible because the common areas are neighborhood terrain, not on lots...

    (but maybe it could be part of a refresh?)

    (Evergreen Harbor apartments too??)

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    BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,976 Member
    edited November 2023
    There's so much I want to do in this game and so much I never got around to, I haven't gotten around to all of my previous plans and now it's time to start replanning😭😭
    I don't currently have any particular plans at the moment. Mainly I'm excited to explore the world with my sims, plot on apartment builds and plan out what and where I want to build. (Knowing me it will end up apocalyptic 😳)
    That alone will probably take weeks lol 😆
    Then I have to plot out what families I want to live together ❤ and once that's all settled I can proceed with the storyline. 😌
    ALL of my main households will probably be moving into an apartment. That's how much I love the multi family lot idea.
    Eventually I'd like to explore being a landlord! An evil or a good one is to be determined 😈
    Zombies, oh please oh please give us zombies!! :'(
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    lovemy4slovemy4s Posts: 153 Member
    edited November 2023
    I always try to recreate duplexes and apartment style using the roommates system so this is right up my alley. I have big plans.

    I am going to make a mechanically inclined sim who is at first a tenant in a run down trailer park. He’s going to work his way up until he owns the park and then move on to bigger and better things, like a fourplex. I like to struggle for money so not sure if I’ll just make him have a part time job while doing this to make it a real challenge. Then, the right girl will come along or be dropped in his apartment by The Watcher and they will work together; him by overseeing landlord duties and her hustling the tenants with her cooking in the community spots. Eventually they’ll start a family and maybe I’ll create a home with all their children and grandchildren live in selects units so we can still interact but I don’t have to control them.

    That’s my main story play but I totally want to do a skeevy slumlord who breaks into his tenants places and steals their stuff.
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    SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 14,829 Member
    I'm thinking it's time Malcolm Landgraab moves out and explores the world... Or I'll stay in Oasis Springs and play Johny Zest expanding his trailer park lot. I wanted to start building for the pack but I need more info before I do so.
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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    There's so much I want to do in this game and so much I never got around to, I haven't gotten around to all of my previous plans and now it's time to start replanning😭😭

    I know that feeling. :D
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    SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,795 Member
    I might try to add a couple rentable small houses connected to a farm, pretending farm workers rents there. I just need to sort out if the farmer will actually get help from them unless I play them. Perhaps by the use of clubs with gardening activity. Point of farm workers renting accommodation from Farmer - either at the farm or next lot, will sort of give the farmer more control and power of those employees :)
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    ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 4,429 Member
    Also thought of little caravans on a lot to have a true cute caravan/trailer lot like they tried to mimic in Strangerville. If we ever get an apocalypse/zombie pack I could also see creating bunkers...or even for a large witch coven etc. Ideas are endless! :mrgreen:
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    rudolpharudolpha Posts: 1,009 Member
    Want to move a couple of families to Tomarang. One large family will be split up and live in a duplex. Another family in Windenburg wants to move because they have a cat who is a bush fanatic and goes to the park near their home way too often. I can't make changes as it's not part of a lot.
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    UniqueKhaosUniqueKhaos Posts: 470 Member
    Adding mutifamily lots to all the worlds. I have so many that I want to use, especially in Willow Creek and Del Sol Valley. I’m trying not to move anyone in yet because I don’t want to have to redo it all when the pack releases. I created a landlord but I’ll only play her if/when necessary. I’ll probably create a few households and just add the world and lot name for where they belong.

    This save doesn’t have any premades so I’ll have to populate every single world myself. The single family homes are starting to get families placed though.
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    RamblineRoseRamblineRose Posts: 814 Member
    I am not the best at building, so I have been checking out the gallery looking for shells to download and put my own twist on them for my sims. I do plan on having townhomes in Mt. Komorebi. I love the idea of a trailer park in Strangerville and Oasis Springs. I have been thinking about playing the Landgraabs or maybe have Agnes Crumblebottom be a manager of an apartment complex.

    I am enjoying reading all the ideas for building and gameplay.
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    imhappyimhappy Posts: 1,989 Member
    I love everyone's ideas! I might steal some of them.

    I want Malcolm Landgraab to be an owner. I don't know how many families are allowed to an apartment. I'm assuming 8 slots? I'm hoping I can move 3 married couples:

    Akira Kibo & Candy Behr - they're Indian Jones like archielogists

    Travis Scott & Miko Ojo - she's an evil scientist and obsessed with aliens. She had an affair and baby with an alien. He's oblivious.

    Joacquin La Chien & Liberty Lee - they love cos play at Star Wars land and she is into being a DJ. Maybe I'll make her "cringe"

    Currently they all live in Oasis Springs, so I might put the apartment complex there? Oh, and they are all in a bowling league together
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    SimDork23SimDork23 Posts: 524 Member
    edited November 2023
    Well, I’ve always liked the idea of duplexes, & I’ve been wanting to play the interior decorator & video game streamer careers lately, so I’ve made an interior decorator sim & a video game streamer sim & they’re both going to live in a duplex with their pets! I don’t really care about owning property, although I might make one of them the owner once I see how it works & everything.

    I’m really excited! I really want to get started on the duplex but I know I should wait until we get more information on how they’re actually going to work, lol.
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