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What lot challenges would you like in the game ?

NikkihNikkih Posts: 1,758 Member
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I would like burglars and vampires to break in again lol
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    Flikka_FlikkaFlikka_Flikka Posts: 452 Member
    Not a challenge, but I'd like to see an Elder Hangout lot trait.
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    The_MercuriaThe_Mercuria Posts: 163 Member

    I'd like to see pesky animals like skunks and raccoons.
    But I want exotic pets like bearded dragons, tarantulas, lizards, parrots, cockatoos, etc. And I want to paint them! But I don't want them to be a household member. If we couldn't paint them, then at least include enough swatches to represent. Tarantulas come in many, many patterns and colours (oranges, purples, blues, greens, you get the picture)

    If they were pets like the hamsters - not household members - we could still pick them up, feed them, treat them like a loved animal. But Maxis would have to do research on the husbandry of each Family->Genus->species so that the habitats/foods don't make hobbyists/keepers angry. We're pretty serious about proper husbandry. I do think this would be a cool game pack! I'd buy it in a NY minute.
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    HavenRoseHavenRose Posts: 326 Member
    Lot value multipliers would be cool. It could increase or decrease the value of your lot. It takes a lot of decorations to make a rundown fixer upper, and that cost doesn't reflect the quality of the house; the lot challenge could decrease its value by half. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we don't have a ton of really high value items to make a mansion ridiculously expensive without filling it up with random clutter. A lot challenge could make everything on that lot 3x the price.
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    AncientMuseAncientMuse Posts: 1,082 Member
    Oooo I love the idea of more lot challenges. :smiley:

    Here's some that might be make our sims' lives a bit more... challenging:

    Impoverished - harder to find a job, harder to keep a job, harder to earn money
    Filthy Rich - burglars and kleptos love this place, more scam/prank phone calls, additional surplus taxes
    Deadly - easier to die by accident on this lot, grim reaper's favourite hangout spot
    Wild Animals - all animals (pets or otherwise) tend to be more aggressive/untamed, harder to train
    Wild Offspring - babies/toddlers/children/teens tend to be more unruly, harder to learn new things
    Barren Desert - always very hot/arid, gardening is really hard (difficult to grow anything and needs to be constantly watered)
    Polar Vortex - always cold, snowstorms/blizzards love it here, gardens have to be indoors only, pools have to be thermal
    Foggy - always covered in an eerie foggy mist, attracts all sorts of supernatural beings

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