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Why do new objects have 12 swatches or less?

SthenastiaSthenastia Posts: 653 Member
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I've noticed that for some time now, new items always have 12 swatches or less. Sometimes it becomes a nuisance because nice textures have wasted potential. Why is 12 the limit in the game? Perfect example is a new KIT which if sull of nice objects, but there is no colour variety. Especially for walls. Beds are also underwhelming. Why is there no more options? Green + gold is very trendy these days.


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    crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,711 Member
    My main gripe with this set is that all the textiles manage to look dirty. It also looks like they were undecided on which shades of cream and grey to offer and added three of each. Green and gold would have been nice, light blue and gold also would have been nice. Silver sheets with dark metal base would have been nice too, maybe even some bold jewel colours like pink ruby and turquoise and rose gold metal base. It would also have been nice if they used the satin texture they used on the standalone pillow for the bedsheets. They are meant to be luxurious but they look dirty and faded. And what's up with the extra set of pillows in a different colour from the rest of the bedsheets?
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    Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,584 Member
    I read a comment from the simmer they collaborated with somewhere. There was indeed a maximum amount of swatches allowed. Unfortunately I can't find the comment anymore.
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    The_MercuriaThe_Mercuria Posts: 163 Member

    This set was created by Xureila in collaboration with Maxis. All DLC has limitations depending on the pack. Kits, being bite sized, have strict limitations. I'm surprised we got as many objects as we did.

    I like the kit. The meshes are well done, the artwork is great, and I do like the beds. I definitely would have liked more colours but I bet we see some Maxis match and recolors soon. I'm a fan of heavily saturated colours so this kit left me wanting more swatches but other than that, it's pretty great.
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