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Why is the Sims Program Getting So Big ?

I'm having a lot of trouble with Sims now because it needs something like 23 gigabytes to upgrade, and won't let me play without upgrading. Why does it need so much space?


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    TammorsTammors Posts: 360 Member
    I just did that yesterday, and had to spend a few hours on my computer deleting programs and defragging, just to play the game. Now it wants me to do that all over again today!
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    BabykittyjadeBabykittyjade Posts: 4,976 Member
    I'm just guessing you probably need more hard drive space? The Sims has a lot of packs. I brought an ssd drive and added it to my computer for more space. I didn't have enough for all the screenshots and custom stuff I have.
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    mollie1998mollie1998 Posts: 446 Member
    hey i know why because i think theyre adding everything i want to the sims 4
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    Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 8,149 Member
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    This is something that concerns me too. I took the game off my PC for a few months and it was amazing how much space was created. I started missing it and put it back, then I had to take other games off when I wanted to install Crusader Kings III because it couldn't cope, and I had to put a lot of stuff on an extra hard drive. I would love the new pack and I'm interested in a few of the others I don't have as well but I'm not sure how much more my PC can handle as it has recently begun to run slowly as it's a few years old now.
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    pvrescue1pvrescue1 Posts: 84 Member
    More content needs more space.
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    julienrob2004julienrob2004 Posts: 4,179 Member
    Do you also have a lot of custom content , eg clothes and objects , they soon build up the total as well
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    MagdaleenaMagdaleena Posts: 974 Member
    edited July 2023
    Content = computer space. Sorry to say.

    When I installed the whole game with all of my packs onto this new laptop I'll use for traveling, it took up 50gb. Out of 128gb. That's almost 40% of this laptop's space.
    So, I specifically made a point not to install any custom content on this one. It would be too much. My main game with all of my mods and stuff is on my much more advanced desktop PC at home anyway.

    But yeah, it's becoming kind of a chunky game, due to all the content being added. At least it still runs fine?

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    FreddyFox1234FreddyFox1234 Posts: 597 Member
    I ran out of space on my Mac hard drive a couple of years ago so got an external SSD and moved the game plus packs onto that. I don’t have any cc, and the only mod I have is MCCC, so the rest of the content (saved games etc) takes up very little space on my Mac. Saved games themselves don’t use much space at all. It really is the base game+packs (and of course any cc and screenshots) that take up all the room.
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    Ersa_MiddletonErsa_Middleton Posts: 697 Member
    edited July 2023
    I might go back to being Mr. Storage and buy an army of external SSDs(or HDDS). Before the advent of SSD, I had like 5 HDDs because I never wanted to run out of space on the primary drive ever again. I also cared a lot about how many drive bays a tower has.
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