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THINGS we want to see in 2023!!


  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    edited April 2023
    Nomad Aspiration bonus trait (Travel aspirations)

    The opposite of "Home Turf" (Location aspirations), the sim enjoy to move from neighborhood to another one.

    Clan-oriented trait (Social traits)

    "Friends as family" : this sim is able to build deep relationships with the nearest friends, no romance possible because they are "family".
    Clan-oriented trait is the opposite of Family-oriented trait, the family is less important than the clan.

    Influencer trait (Social traits)

    This sim want to become a legend and give their name to a drink.
    Reputation is an obsession, everybody should know their name for bad or good reasons.
    This sim is good at the activities with social network.
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  • RieferballRieferball Posts: 36 Member
    I was just noticing there's a Sims Medieval thread still alive, so since we're asking, I want gameplay more similar to the Quests framework. It wouldn't be that hard and here's why - they've already built so much up around Aspirations, that they're practically Quests. AND they've already got rewards for when you complete an aspiration. The part they're missing is the part that makes it challenging - limited time, or limited "points" to spend, that make it not a guarantee to always win. Right now you can always eventually finish an Aspiration. It's just a thing to do, it's not much of a challenge. Also the other thing about Quests was the story. They really had great storylines, and you could make choices in the story, too. Kind of like Strangerville, I guess, except that was only one story. Sims Medieval had I don't know how many, more than 50 for sure. And then the expansion pack had even more.

    I love The Sims but I have to say, I get bored of the gameplay easily. With Sims Medieval I never did, there are still quests I've never done and "secret" things I'd never finished, like building that mechanical falcon or the skeletal parrot. I bet if it hadn't been so limited in Build Mode, it would have been a huge hit. Or if they'd marketed it as "Sims Quests" or something instead of Sims Medieval, which led people to believe it would be a normal Sims game in a medieval setting.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents. I'm new here, so hi everyone!
  • RieferballRieferball Posts: 36 Member
    Oh, and also, maybe they could resize the 2x2 coffee tables so they're not so massive. They just feel way too big for me so I never use them. I know some content creators have made smaller versions, but I don't want to get into using cc (because I'll never stop!) so I'm stuck with the original ones. And I know you can make them bigger and smaller with the [ ] keys, but it doesn't work on tables because it shrinks in all dimensions, meaning the surface of the table is lower, and when Sims put food or drinks on it, they end up floating. Maybe I'll just do that anyway and live with the floating objects.
  • MichelleWMichelleW Posts: 665 Member
    I really want them to do another sim sessions. I missed the last one as I was out of town
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    edited April 2023
    I like Ashnikko and Bad Bunny.

    Maxis could add a new basegame world for music festival with stages in each neighborhood.

    I would add Music Festival event to let the player decide when Sim Session will happen instead of letting the game set it.

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  • ArarineArarine Posts: 245 Member
    edited April 2023
    • Toaster
    • Pool tables
    • Spiral stairs
    • More Playground stuff
    • Round pools
    • Pool slider
    • Pool items like float/ride/Pool valleys
    • Pool cleaning and Pool cleaner
    • Drum set
    • Wind musical Instruments
    • Xylophone for baby
    • Hammock
    • Bench press
    • Pull up bar
    • Exercise bike
    • Dumbbells
    • Escalator
    • Elevator that work like in sims free play, not "bring you to ground for Penthouse" one we have now. It is hella useless in another lot.
    • Karate
    • Ballet
    • Archery
    • Rubik's cube
    • Pet could plead owner life to grim
    • Chess/card with Death
    • Bow Boat
    • Futon
    • Ceil painting
    • Better size up/down
    • Functional sewing machine
    • Pack refresh
    Wish more Recipe/harvestable/woodwork/craftableWish live in businessWish more interactive between sims and activityWish a lot of refresh and Better resize pleaseWish for another colour upgrade swatchWish for pool sliderFix the bug please
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    edited April 2023
  • afoxstailafoxstail Posts: 29 Member
    Now that Get Together is out and has interactions for NPCs to ask to move in, to stay over, etc. I'd love to see something base game or pack-compatible like in Seasons having NPCs inviting you to join them for Winterfest, in base game inviting you to visit their home if they have one, etc.
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 38 Member
    edited April 2023
    Options to disable automatic sim characteristica preference and preference notifications
  • LMC6255LMC6255 Posts: 939 Member
    edited May 2023
    My wish list is as follows:

    For Expansion Pack:

    I would love an expansion pack that has an urban vibe, more tall buildings, the ability to have several households in those buildings.. Please consider reintroducing elevators, my poor sims are tiered of walking several flights of stairs!!!😒 Office buildings where sims can actually go to work is another build type I have wanted since "Get to Work".😊👍

    If this urban area could have cross play features with the Dine Out GP that would also be great! (Since Dine out has a few bugs it would be awesome if those were fixed!) If this expansion pack also had cross play features with Spa Day that would be wonderful 👍

    This urban center would introduce theme parks! The theme parks would have a working roller coaster (like the one in the Sims 3) A carousel, bumper cars would be nice! A water based boat ride (like the gondola ride from the Sims 3) A cotton candy, popcorn and a snow cone machine (like in the Sims 3 would be great) please make it cross pack compatible with High School Years, so the Farris wheel and ice cream stand is usable! It would be also great if it was cross pack compatible with Growing Together, that way there could be a water park within the theme park, with access to the splash pad, and whale fountain.. That would make a theme park that is a truly immersive experience! 😊❤️

    For CAS items it would be great if we had weekend wear for a theme park.. More items for male sims are needed! An expansion like this would make CAS kits like Carnival Street Wear more usable! It would be great if carnivals were added game play!

    For build/buy items it would be great if we could have more windows and doors with a modern vibe, more curtains and blinds are desperately needed, and furniture that would go with a resort or hotel.. We could use more counters, cabinets, small kitchen appliances, coffee tables, and bathroom cabinets, plus more wall art please!!😊💕

    For game play: Carnivals, and a larger explorable areas for sims to meet and ride the different attractions, plus it would be great if the food stand could be part of the game play.. I would also love (more venues for sims to explore with less loading screens) all these features would make this expansion and the game a more immersive experience!❤️😊
    This would make for an expansion, that can easily to go along with Growing Together, High School Years, Get To Work and Journey to Batuu!!👍❤️😊

    For Game Pack:

    A hotel, resort or bed and breakfast pack that has various styles of rooms (economical to super luxurious) and community areas (dining halls, hotel galleries, activity areas) that can be used in game (no rabbit holes), it would be wonderful if more than one floor were available for game play and to be able to have several household at the hotel to play in game!

    It would be ideal if this resort had many of the features that resorts in the Sims 3 had, like buffet tables, a fire walk, pool side bars, and even a spot where sims can see a live performance and there can be cross pack play with Get Together, so sims can have a café in the hotel! 😊

    For buy/build items: hotel mini fridge, wine rack, luggage carriers, hotel desk, hotel phones, and other items that would make for a realistic hotel environment! A Window washing station would also be a great addition!

    CAS: Uniforms for hotel employees, such as front desk, pool attendants, hotel maids, bar tenders and other hotel staff.

    As a special feature This would this would be a great time to bring back the vibrating heart bed in all it's glory!!❤️

    This would also be an excellent opportunity to reintroduce elevators to the game!!😊👍

    This pack could have it's own world or have features that could be compatible with both vacation worlds like Selvadorada and home worlds like Windenburg, Sulani, Mt. Komorebi, Tartosa, Oasis Spring, Brichester (sometimes university students need a place for their guests) and San Myshuno!! A pack like this would be an opportunity to bring back and introduce new game play for which the Sims are famous for!😊

    For Stuff Pack:

    I know it has been a while since there have been any stuff packs, however, that doesn't mean they can't be reintroduced.. For Stuff packs, I would like the following:

    A: A kitchen appliance stuff pack that has many items that were not included in Cool Kitchen Stuff, even though I appreciate the ice cream maker and I love some the other appliances that have been introduced into the game like the popcorn maker, the hot pot, and the counter top oven that was included with Dream Home Decorator (that was an awesome pack!!!❤️❤️❤️) I guess you can tell I am a builder, LOL..

    In that kitchen appliance stuff pack I would love to see the following appliances (that all appliances have game play features, they are not just decorations):
    1. Toaster
    2. Blender
    3. Electric can opener
    4. Small cup cake machine (the one already included is simply not practical)
    5. Built in wall Oven (These are more child friendly)
    6. A beverage brewing system Coffee Maker (These existed in the Sims 3)
    7. Wall Microwaves
    8. Juice Blender(I want my sims healthy)
    9. Rice Maker
    10. Crock Pot

    With a kitchen like that even the most demanding sims would be very happy!!👍❤️

    B: I would love to see a stuff pack devoted to tennis! This a sport that never gets any mention in the Sims, yet a beloved sport all over the world!

    For a tennis stuff pack I would love the following:
    1. Set of Tennis Rackets (for both adults and children)
    2. Tennis balls
    3. Tennis court
    4. Bleachers
    5. Lighting for the Tennis court
    6. Fencing

    • Tennis outfits for men, women and children
    • Tennis shoes for men, women and children
    • Tennis visors for men, women and children

    Most importantly!!! Some really good Tennis game play!! That includes tennis lessons and tennis matches, if possible please include competitions that would be amazing!!

    For Kits:

    I would love more stuff for my kitchen counter and coffee table..

    For my kitchen counter I would like the following:
    1. Coffee Mug and cup holder (a coffee mug tree)
    2. K-Cups for the beverage brewing system coffee maker
    3. Food boxes (cereal, cake mixes, crackers, chips, etc)
    4. Cans (vegetable, soups, beans, and other foods)
    5. Saran wrap box, aluminum foil box, and other kitchen staples.
    6. Macaroni jar
    7. Dish washing liquid
    8. Sponges
    9. A storage or pantry were to store kitchen items.
    10. Other cups in different style
    11. sugar bowl, cream container
      [*] coffee stirrers

      For My Coffee Table

      • More flower arrangements
      • Picture frames with pictures besides fruit
      • Large decorative display books
      • Playing cards

      These are items I have wanted to see in the Sims 4 for a long time! 😊👍
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  • ImpulsiveRaptorImpulsiveRaptor Posts: 16 Member
    I didn't think about elevators. We do need some good elevator options outside of what we currently have.
  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 3,586 Member
    edited May 2023
    Read this as shots in lmbo song
    Cars cars cars cars cars cars everybody!!!
    You get a vechile, you get a vechile everyone gets a vechile!!!
    It's been over 8 plum years where the plum is the vechiles!!! So hopefully when Sims 5 is made y'all learn from y'all mistakes y'all made in Sims 4 because this is utterly ridiculous for over 8 years and still no vechiles like...really??? (ALSO PLAYTEST [b]Y'ALLSTUFF[/b] BEFORE RELEASING IT!!!)
    Vacation Location with hotels and resorts
    Highschool classroom gameplay and a rabbithole football game like in DU.
    Sick Sims go to the hospital
    Sixam gets a makeover with lots to visit.
    More food options in Dine out,
    Strollers for the toddlers and infants also have them go out with parents all as npc.
    Summer camp
    Hair stylist
    Tattoo artist
    Also separate Simoleons accounts from household opened by player if they choose too.
    Post edited by Briana2425 on
  • SuceressSuceress Posts: 1,679 Member
    I'd love elevators. Also more kitchen appliances. I had a whole thread on it but I think it is too old to post to now. Air fryers, toasters, toaster ovens, rice cookers, kettles, pressure cookers, crockpots, griddles, anti-griddles, blenders, food processors, mortar and pestle, and all sorts of stuff.

    I'd love to see actual separate apartments (multiple ones) in buildings and room/basement rentals in houses. Duplex/multi-family houses. An apartment building itself could be like its own neighborhood section. Hotels could be similar. I spent several months in a hotel that was also an apartment complex (I believe it is now fully converted to apartments). It had a swimming pool on one of the floors and a restaurant on the main floor. There were docks out back and fishing boats that would take residents out. Fish that were caught could be brought back to the restaurant and cooked. This was on an island.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    edited May 2023
    These arts need a gameplay :

    1st art, Architecture career
    6th art, Performing arts : Dance and Circus as professional careers
    8th art, Media arts : Radio and TV as careers and more interactions with them as hobbies (Real TV, Quizz, radio station games at beach/festival, ...)
    9th art, Comics as hobby and career

  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    CAS : Wig, fake eyelashes and fake beard

    I mean the ability to use dyed hair and fake facial hair with 1 outfit.
    Fake beard as a disguise for everybody (female and child)

  • 熊猫酱奈熊猫酱奈 Posts: 7 New Member
    I want to add an underwater world to Sulani Island, and I hope that more hidden locations can be added, such as caves that can be entered in waterfalls, more exploration tasks, etc.
  • brooekebrooeke Posts: 1 New Member
    hey guys i would love to live out my wildest dreams and become a race car driver can we please get ea to add an f1 or racing dlc thanks guys :smile:
  • RandomTokenCodeRandomTokenCode Posts: 175 Member
    What with the horse pack? I am finger-crossed.
    Fairies? friends with unicorns
    Smiths?Pottery, Glass, Iron, Textile
    Food Processing? Milling, Drying, Oil pressing
    Hotel? with a horse riding area
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    edited May 2023
    Roof for curved wall

    Maxis could provide a quarter circle roof to cover these rooms


  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    edited May 2023
    Self-discovery additional traits for teens

    I would appreciate if 2 traits could be added to the teen sims.
  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,044 Member
    edited May 2023
    Bed mode for sofa

    The ability to set a sofa for the night in order to let the NPC guests sleep, in particular when there is not enough space for sleeping bags.

  • DreamMachineDreamMachine Posts: 3 New Member
    Maybe no more dumb visitors?!

    It's really annoying to see when a guest visiting my family, and his first thing to do is go straightaway to upstairs and turns on one of my laptops and spends hours playing with it, while my houshold watching the TV in another room or eating in the kitchen. Literally there is no interaction between my sims and the quest unless I instruct them to finaly communicate with each other..
    The npcs in the game still doesn't have enough autonomy, and therefore the interaction between the them still not enough realistic.. But it should be noted as well the primary priority of the needs should be rather the communication in the most cases instead of the entertainment.
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