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Your favorite and least favorite things about Discover University?



  • DanmanNefariusDanmanNefarius Posts: 947 Member
    edited April 2020
    candystorm wrote: »
    I was so excited about this pack, I loved it in Sims 3. But the Sims 4 version just takes SO long to actually get the degree. I put one of my Sims through University and it took so long that it puts me off from putting any other Sims through it. He also kept missing classes for some reason even though he was stood right outside the building.

    I ended up having to use a mod to reset him back to the start of young adulthood after he graduated.

    I do miss seeing them in lectures like Sims 3.

    really? that's why i actually like it more! it is way more authentic to rl TS 3 it was way too extremely easy to get a perfect degree imo.
    in this game it is way more challenging to actually get that A+ degree which is cool imo, makes it more of an accomplishement to score that A+ degree. it takes some effort but the rewards are better too (bigger pay raise and higher starting position compared to B or C degrees)… and a mod to reset age? there is a 1500 sat point potion right there to reset age and if you have RoM there is also a potion you can brew which also resets age.

    i do agree on the lecture part tho... ts 4 uni is just rabbit hole stuff..
  • lindaatjuhlindaatjuh Posts: 52 Member
    My favourite: the dorms

    My least favourite: the lack of bunkbeds and the fact that it takes your sim forever to walk/bike to class when you live on campus
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 4,325 Member
    candystorm wrote: »
    I was so excited about this pack, I loved it in Sims 3. But the Sims 4 version just takes SO long to actually get the degree. I put one of my Sims through University and it took so long that it puts me off from putting any other Sims through it. He also kept missing classes for some reason even though he was stood right outside the building.

    I ended up having to use a mod to reset him back to the start of young adulthood after he graduated.

    I do miss seeing them in lectures like Sims 3.

    So weird, I always felt like Sims 3 degrees took forever because you had to keep coming home after a semester. I just wanted to stay at college and finish in one shot.
  • DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,871 Member
    My favorite is the wall shower and my not like is that I can't put a (new game) young adult sim into a dorm when I pick the starting lot. So I haven't played the university experience because after buying a computer the dorms are full.
  • DeeTsimsDeeTsims Posts: 176 Member
    Overall enjoy DU. The new city is lovely, being able to attend on/off campus & from a different city is nice. Introduction of roommates & bikes, not limited to attending uni; new careers, many good things.

    What I don’t like is rotational play & having multiple students attending university is disappointing; but made it work by making sure to re-enroll the other households at the beginning of each semester. The graduation ceremony, the rabbit hole part is ok, but it would’ve been nice to also have an actual party with graduates & choice of attendees.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,059 Member
    I really enjoy this pack, I think it is one of the better ones.

    - the 'open' University as in the world is open to all sims and not exclusive for students. Non-students are allowed in the Britechester world. The option to study from any home lot in any world allows a lot of flexibility
    - two universities with different vibes
    - bikes (still a shame children were left)
    - servo
    - the world : I like the look of the world, the different atmosphere of the neighbourhoods and the swimmable lakes

    least favourite:
    - no meter to check grades
    - no stoves in dorms : from my personal background this is a very odd design choice.
    - the time it takes to graduate is to long compared to a sims life span .
    - the fact that sims fail when you switch to another household
  • SimRomanovySimRomanovy Posts: 85 Member
    I love how when I did 4 papers at once it was almost impossible to manage my sims needs, homework and class schedule. It was madness and felt realistic - the temptation to cheat is real. Also I think the dorms should have their own kitchens. I know I can download or edit them but it just felt like it should be there. I'm currently reliant on people bringing over food (which is weird bc there always seems to be new meals arriving but idk who is bringing them).

    Also despite having is own room my sim loves to do his homework in someone else's room while they sleep. What a weirdo.

    What I don't like is how if you live solo your house gets cleared out when you move to study even when you say to keep the stuff.
  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 5,622 Member
    Super nitpicky detail, the sort of thing I notice and it bugs me without affecting actual gameplay. Graduation robes. What's with the plain white undershirt? I mean, I guess one cannot expect those Foxbury gear-heads to know better, but at Britechester we have things like tradition, and standards. Yes, there really is a dress code for what may be worn with academic dress, and it's called "sub-fusc". And it's a thing you can get fined by the Dean for doing wrong.
  • pjericksimpjericksim Posts: 89 Member
    edited April 12
    About DU?

    The Secret Society? Once you learn to use the sprites, they're cool for a focus boost. You can get a 4-hour focus boost at the statue by making a offering for academic success, and you can get a 12-hour boost (random: Energy, Flirty or Focus) at the Order of Enchantment alter by "Checking in with the sprites", And at Senior Level, you can summon sprites to give you a selected additional boost. They're all stackable. But if you push your luck, and ask for too much, the sprites turn and torment you for 4 hours.

    Be sure to "Go to class early" with High needs and check in with the sprites while you wait for class to begin for that 4 hour focus boost. While in class, set your character to Take Notes.

    Something that really "comes in handy" is a "Book of Life" bound to your Sim that he keeps in his inventory to boost his needs on a whim. Careful where you read it though 'cause sims can get careless and leave it unattended where it might get put away on a random book case.

    I discovered that going to OOE meetings is a whole lot more fun when you drop all the "Society" talk and go straight to mischievous interactions. It's like a Three Stooges episode. Makes me chuckle every time. And the sprites love it.

    If you read any the Sims 4 Guide books, they'll tell you that it's difficult to cook in a dorm. It's not "difficult," but it's not straight forward either. Prepare the dorm by visiting the lot in Build mode. You can't place a stove in a dorm, but you can place an appliance, like a microwave... but then not all appliances are microwaves. I placed the Baking Station in my dorm, and I have access to all the doughnuts & cookies on the menu. So, baking cookies for the Order of Enchantment wasn't a problem after all.

    Oh, and you can always keep a barbeque in your personal inventory that you can place in the world at any place / time. But don't leave it at your dorm on Friday when grades come out, or you'll be kicked out of that dorm and forced to live elsewhere; the barbeque will be confiscated and you can return to that dorm at the beginning of next semester.

    What else I did was to add an upgraded refrigerator and a full dining table. I don't know how it became possible, but the counters in the bathroom at Tidal Towers became selectable for "Cook With..." meaning that you're going to pair up with a dorm mate and make some food. I don't understand the restrictions (whether it's me or my selected cooking partner) but the highest-level food I can prepare on the bathroom counter is a Poke Bowl. But the food quality is excellent, and it also gives you a focus brain boost. So it must be the bathroom counter that's the secret. Oh, and the other trick is to Grab a portion and immediately put the platter in the refrigerator for left overs that last for days.

    I had played another sim at another residence, and I don't remember having this same issue, but in the Tidal Towers there were constantly roasted chickens, Lobster Thermador and omelets lying around waiting to be consumed and going to waste. In Tidal Towers my dorm mates by the end of my stay the whole lot of room-mates looked like Boltero sculptures.

    In a previous post someone wrote: "If you send a sim to Foxbury, do not have a bike in their personal inventory, with all the stairs the routing issues will be a total nightmare. Britechester is not an issue."

    My suggestion would be, to put the bicycle in your inventory for use off campus, but [especially if you live in one of the Foxbury penthouse dorms] build Wellness trait (using a yoga mat / meditation stool) to the point that you can teleport across campus when you have to.

  • SheriSim57SheriSim57 Posts: 6,739 Member
    DU was one of my least favorite packs. The world is small, and the lots are very little ( at least most of them are ), you can’t put a stove in any student housing, even the student residence ( I think you should be able to put one in the house ).

    It’s really hard to play rotationally with this pack, because you can’t leave them to their own devices, and school doesn’t freeze when you are not playing them.

    It is difficult to play you have to learn how to play it. I played the pleasants, they each went to a different school and I was trying to follow them both, not doable…I had to concentrate more on one. One sim got all B’s and the other got A* in 2 classes and flunked the third one….. I’m not really sure if I played them right, and this was without taking notes, as I didn’t know they could take notes when I played.

    I liked the bikes and some of the clothes, hairs, and build buy. There is at least one pond you can swim ( boat, or jet ski in. Possibly 2 ponds, I don’t remember.

    I do like that you can go to school from home, and any age group ( just about…. Even teens if they graduate early if you own high school years ) can go to college.

    I also like that you can attend lectures, I think anyone can do that at least teen and above.

    I haven’t played dorms yet but you can alter them if they are empty of people.

    I also like you can put a foot locker in your dorm to store small things in. Make sure you have made room in the dorm room you choose,

    If you get it, I suggest starting off with one sim in school, and only take 3 classes, if you want anytime at all to party. And, if you play rotational turn aging off and finish your schooling before leaving to another family.

    I like there are robots to make.
  • Katofhyrule12Katofhyrule12 Posts: 597 Member
    I am playing a child sim for the first time and she lives alone. Her food options are quite limited. I am still figuring out what she can and cannot order at the universities. It seems like a child can eat at the cafeterias most of the time, but not when there is a keg nearby. Children cannot use bars or even the coffee shop, so the food stall with the cinnamon rolls and other pastries is very useful to me.
  • Katofhyrule12Katofhyrule12 Posts: 597 Member
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    Oh, and also some of the dorm items are essential for the 2X2 micro homes. The dorm stuff is better than the tiny home stuff for the very smallest homes.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,810 Member
    Favorite: that can send non-enrolled sims there to attend lectures and teach skill classes, UBrite reminds me of my own school
    Least favorite: that have not really taken advantage of it by sending sims there even though irl am doing just that as well as work full time.
  • Katofhyrule12Katofhyrule12 Posts: 597 Member
    The university cafeterias serve holiday grand meals.
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