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Glitch with Restaurants and Food in general?

I just tried to take a couple to a restaurant on a date. The food took forever to come in and the chef seemingly glitched mid cook. Their arms went out straight and then they started cooking the dish all over. Then when I sent the same sim to the food festival, I tried to have them take food from the buffet or food stand and they wouldn't take it. Their arms went out straight and nothing. This only happens on community lots, but not in the ski neighbourhood.
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  • pjericksimpjericksim Posts: 89 Member

    You may have more going on than what I'm going to address, but let me start by saying, restaurants can be problematic.

    I had downloaded Chez Lama, and when I place it, I discovered that I placed it backwards so that you had to walk around the back to enter the main entrance. I eventually had to re-build and call it "Casa de Lama."

    In the rebuild, I opened up pathways, so wait-staff can get to and from the kitchen without bottlenecks. I learned that the placement of objects connected to the cooking and serving process had to be re-evaluated: the trash can was outside and around the building, so any time the waiter bussed the table, he'd get lost in the backyard.

    Also... I discovered I had to eliminate the activity objects that aren't directly associated with food service/preparation. The NPC sims otherwise will become distracted during your meal and go play darts, for example.

    Also, if you've just placed a new restaurant (without [Open for Business] ownership control of the staffing), I think that the sims assigned to the lot have to develop / train in the skill set associated with food service before they become proficient.

    Look. that's just my take on it. I could be completely wrong.

    Have fun.
  • manicobsessivemanicobsessive Posts: 1,056 Member
    pjericksim wrote: »
    Also, if you've just placed a new restaurant (without [Open for Business] ownership control of the staffing), I think that the sims assigned to the lot have to develop / train in the skill set associated with food service before they become proficient.

    @pjericksim I never thought of this. If you cheated their skills with MCC would that work?

  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 27,171 Member
    I read on these threads once that when your Sims first arrive at a restaurant, to Shift-click on the Chef out on the sidewalk with your Sim and select Debug. This does seem to help in getting the food faster, at least. Now, if my Sims would only sit at the table while eating …
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  • Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 1,852 Member
    In addition to all of the above, I remember someone suggesting years ago that when you arrive at the restaurant, immediately go to the host and request a table. Do not compliment your date, do not stop at the bar, do not run to the bathroom: get your table first and then you do anything else you need to do after you have taken your seat and ordered.

    Purely anecdotal, but it does seem to have helped in my game a lot.
  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 755 Member
    Yeah restaurants have been broken since the pack released. I have carl's mod to fix restaurants and it helps alot, but I know that's not an option for everyone. Definitely shift or right click and use the 'reset object' option on the chef because it's a big bug that the chefs won't move when they spawn on the lot. if there's a table you want, also click on that table. Theres an option that lets you choose that table, otherwise when other parties spawn, it will auto assign the tables to them and you won't be allowed to ask for that specific table.
  • cammeray552cammeray552 Posts: 25 Member
    Luckily I never encountered such bugs with restaurants when my household is not controlling it
  • elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,420 Member
    The only bug I encounter is the chefs stood outside. I use the cheat resetsim to get them moving in.

    But I always make sure my restaurants are laid out spaciously and if you have 2 chef stations and 2 waiters it speeds things up.
  • MrManyIdeasMrManyIdeas Posts: 153 Member
    I have some restaurants (non of my sims do own a restaurant, they are controlled by NPC's). Yes, food take for ever to come, sadly enough. I did download the Dine Out reloaded from Carl. It worked good but with the mod in I did get the problem that my played sims could not greet anyone on the street or even talk to them (Yes I told Carl but he is hard to get in contact with). I have a restaurant with a single chef and he do throw a routing failure every two minutes for no obvious reason. Oh, maybe he just loves to argue... :|
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