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How many children do your sims have?

I am normally pretty boring and have 2 kids, but I am exploring the game further. I currently have 1 toddler, 1 infant and a baby on the way. Enjoying the family play.


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    SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,153 Member
    ;) Usually 1 to 4 children.
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    nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,947 Member
    Just one kid, and I'll probably leave it at that because the last family I played with had three, and it was really stressful :D

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    kerryemmiebethkerryemmiebeth Posts: 400 Member
    edited March 2023
    Ever since the first sims game I have always let my sims have as many children as they wanted. This got a bit crazy in TS2 when a family sim would roll the want for 10 kids! I carried on this trend until very recently because I always play using wants and whims but family play was beginning to get more and more involved with the introduction of subsequent packs...University, HSY etc. Now I am happy for my sims to have just one or two children although I will sometimes go to three. I still have the odd family with more but I think two children is my sweet spot now....especially now we have infants.
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    mcruddmcrudd Posts: 11,696 Member
    I usually do a pigeon pair, One boy and one girl. The first one the game decides the sex and then the second one I will manipulate it with carrots or strawberries ;) I guess its because I myself have two kids (young adults now) and it is a boy and girl LOL
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    simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 36,078 Member
    My sim family started with triplets that I aged up at different times. That way I was able to have one kid at each life stage and give them individual attention. They're now young adults and the first to age to young adult has two children. A teen and a child. My plan is to start the infant experience with the second daughter but wondering if I should try for a multiple birth.
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    lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 5,105 Member
    My Sims have always had lots of kids, and now that I can play with a really long lifespan I tend to space them out quite a bit. Makes it less chaotic.

    My Matriarch Sim (vampire) has had maybe 20 over the years, but her previous kids are usually adults or elders, or even dead, before she has another one. She surprised me by having triplets the last time and I ended up shipping two of them off to other households as soon as I picked my next heir.
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    SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,697 Member
    Anything between 0 and 5, I think. Not sure if anyone had 6 yet.

    I play on rotation, and every new year I throw a dice to decide who shall try for baby. I also have a fertility gene deciding who can try as Adult. If a couple is very career minded they might not try though, I'm letting a few of them have a word, too ;) Even if they try, there is no guarantee they will conceive, and if unlucky (or lucky, if they really shouldn't add more kids) they will get another go in about 2-3 years :)

    Sounds quite rigid, I guess, but it's quickly administrated, and there's never a rule without exceptions :)
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    SweetieWright_84SweetieWright_84 Posts: 4,130 Member
    For me, it really depends on my sim. I typically have them have at least 2 but some of my sims have more. On average, I would say my sims usually have 2-4.
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    elanorbretonelanorbreton Posts: 14,574 Member
    Currently playing an Orphanage:

    1 teen gal
    1 boy
    2 twin girls
    1 other girl
    1 toddler boy
    1 infant girl

    1 caretaker adult who hates kids :D
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    Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 8,117 Member
    edited March 2023
    It depends on the game, but 2 or 3 is usual. In the save I'm playing right now, my sim had 3 children as the second pregnancy resulted in twins. The eldest is now a young adult, however, and MCCC told me that his wife was pregnant with twins, 1 boy and 1 girl, but when the birth happened just now, it was a single female. MCCC has never got it wrong before.
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    RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,850 Member
    Depends on the family the short answer is, if I like them enough with a full house they will get a youth potion to have more when the older group moves out but if I want 1 or 2 I'll hold them to that.
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    Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 4,131 Member
    None....and they never will
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    WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 2,108 Member
    Generally 3 in my genetacies, unless I don't get a male, then I keep having kids til I do. Legacies usually only one, unless there are multiples.
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    afoxstailafoxstail Posts: 29 Member
    I usually end up playing with 6+ children. It's funny, I'm child-free personally but I love exploring fictional families, parenting, and generations. My current two games are wild. In one save, my Sim married Lilith Pleasant and they had 8 kids who have then gone on to have 9 or so grandchildren. In my other save, I'm playing my modified 100 Adopted Babies Challenge and I'm on child #9, about to adopt newborn #10.

    The infant update has made it a lot harder to handle many young kids though, even without Growing Together, so I'm definitely not ever getting the pack since it would kind of ruin my gameplay.
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    OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 5,000 Member
    Usually none though a few households have one. There is a household with twin toddler boys and another has girls - one just aged up to child and the other a new toddler.
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    FutureFuture Posts: 336 Member
    I usually only allow 1 boy and 1 girl max for each family. But I’m starting a new save and may play with aging on for the first time EVER so I might allow them to pop out a couple more munchkins.
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    blaq797blaq797 Posts: 145 Member
    So... Thyme Save 1; she has about 16 kids, latest is a child science baby from Vlad.

    Thyme Save 2 has had at least 8 kids, but I had messed up her savegame and had to use a binned version.

    I have a save with Blue haired family that is related to the grim reaper, 5 kids...

    Bobbi's save who has 3 kids moved off [Vlad's mini clone as the teen] and three triplets courtesy of science.

    The big one, the one I havent played in a week as I've been exploring other areas of the game. Yopson save, currently has fathered at least 114 kids. He's outlived 5 or so of them so far and has a few grandkids. Havent really played this much since GroTog currently, so yeah...
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    Ray_TraceRay_Trace Posts: 509 Member
    In my household of 55 Sims, just one child.


    Though in another save, I have 39 kids and like seven adults.

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    DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,762 Member
    Usually one pregnancy, however many kids that ends up being. I'm playing a rotational legacy-like save and I can only handle so many spares per generation.
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    FutureFuture Posts: 336 Member
    Daephene wrote: »
    Usually one pregnancy, however many kids that ends up being. I'm playing a rotational legacy-like save and I can only handle so many spares per generation.

    I like this idea! I play with aging off, only aging up and moving out Sims when I get tired of them.

    I like this “one pregnancy and that’s it” strategy. If they have 1 kid, twins, or triplets, it’s cool. I may try it.
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    JustinB113JustinB113 Posts: 1,050 Member
    When I first played sims I was going after all the trophies/achievements and so I had quite a lot of kids in families.

    But for sims I care about I had one family with 3 children and a couple with one. I usually play teen or young adult lifestage with aging off so it’s not usual for my sims to have kids.
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    SimplyJenSimplyJen Posts: 14,829 Member
    Currently playing some premades and they have 4 children. I'm cutting them off because it's getting too busy for my liking.

    1-2 is good enough for me.
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    thewolfsalemthewolfsalem Posts: 21 Member
    I've always been a huge family-oriented played, and big families are my favorite. I've had families have only one or two kids, but honestly 4-6 is my favorite lol.

    I'm pretty good at dealing with toddlers so I usually didn't get much problem, but now I'm having to learn again since we have Infants, I'm liking having a challenge again!
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    mustenimusteni Posts: 5,414 Member
    I play rotationally and my sims have 0-4 kids ...wait there is a household where the mother had one previous child and the father as well one, then they had one together and after that the dad got abducted and ended up with alien triplets. So basically they had 6 kids, but the three older kids no longer lived at home when the aliens were born.
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    Brd709Brd709 Posts: 2,110 Member
    My sim self has nine in total. Eight with his first wife Liberty (Lee) and one with his second wife, now divorced as well.
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