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What Are Your Plans for Growing Together?


  • MVWdeZTMVWdeZT Posts: 3,253 Member
    edited February 17
    A few years ago I participated in a challenge on Carl's and Pam's Forum, A Townie Baby Boomer. I saved a few families from that challenge and forgot about them. But now, I think they'll be perfect to explore infants and Growing Together with. I've already moved in the Pancakes with their babies, and evicted the old ones. I still have to add the Fengs and the Roswells.
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,103 Member
    My plans are to create a new game (again, lol) and learning the new pack features with literally baby steps on a dummy family before switching to my legacies and introduced them there slowly time after time. But my legacies saves will get the new things from the bb-catalogue as soon as possible. This strategy helped me a lot in the past, to get to know the gameplay mistakes before they could break my fun in the legacies.
  • rogue_55rogue_55 Posts: 8 New Member
    I haven't pre ordered Growing Together yet because I still haven't switched from Origin. I definitely want to get it though. I already have a couple ready to have a baby. I'm so excited. Now I just have to wait a little longer.
  • ccarrig_95ccarrig_95 Posts: 525 Member
    I plan to do my simself and try out the alphabet legacy/get to 26 generations.
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  • DuskregnDuskregn Posts: 40 Member
    I don't really get attached to my sims, so usually with new packs i'll grab a randomised townie that could be cute with some better styling, make them a family to try out the new CAS assets, build with the new build/buy stuff on all the lots in the new world, check out the new gameplay features, and then i get bored
  • Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 1,852 Member
    I think I've slightly altered my plans. Right now I'm still working on getting some of my original fave couples through their engagements and weddings. But I think when I actually get the pack, I'm going to switch over to the Pancakes for a while. It's always fun to torment them, and I suspect juggling babies, infants, and toddlers will be torture, at least in the beginning. They currently just have one toddler; I played them briefly to update their house, had them Try for Baby, and then forgot about it and moved on to other things. So they had a daughter and named her Savannah all on their own, which is a cute name, and she actually turned out pretty adorable. I can see her maybe growing up to be an activist with an artsy vibe.

    I'm also thinking that while I haven't actively played a trans character yet (though a couple of my updated townies are arguably non-binary), I might delve into that gameplay by having one of the Pancakes kids turn out to be trans eventually. I think the dynamics would be interesting in that household. I totally see Bob as being a completely laidback dad who is just like, "what? I love my kids, why would I even care one way or the other about that?"... whereas I could see Eliza being that mom who starts off critical/skeptical, and then does a complete 180, because if someone else criticizes, harasses, or god forbid, hurts one of her kids, she will absolutely flip into full mama-bear fiercely protective mode.
  • bookish_sammybookish_sammy Posts: 223 Member
    I put my legacy family on hold and haven't really played the game in about a year. I've been waiting for a pack that would offer more family interactions. I was getting annoyed that the grandparents couldn't do much. The families felt like strangers once the kids got married and moved out. I'm hoping this expansion will give me exactly what I was looking for, but I am remaining cautiously optimistic.
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,734 Member
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    Its even more exciting to make plans because I'm really looking forward to this new expansion pack.

    First, I need to take a look at the world and then decide which houses I'm going to build and which of these two families and their relatives will live in the new world.

    The main couple I plan to focus on is Raven and Brett. Right now they are dating. Raven finally graduated from college and Brett will have his ceremony on Saturday. My plan is for them to move to the new world. They will have two boys and a girl (a child, toddler, and infant) once they are married and ready to start their family. Initially, I'll have them enjoy and explore the world as a newly married couple before they start their family.
    Brett shaved his beard in this photo.

    This is Raven's family. My plan is to age up Raven's parents to elders. Her mom is Corine and her dad's name is Paul. The next photo is Raven's brother, Tomas, and his wife, Kit. Tomas and Kit will also have three children consisting of a child, toddler and infant. I'd also like to add another sibling for Raven and they will have kids as well. Have to build my play dates.

    This is Brett's family. His dad's name is Thomas and his mother's name is Jenna. His brother, Ryland is a red head like their mom and Ryland's girlfriend is Kinley. Once Ryland and Kinley are married, they will also have three children. Because I want to see if anything new has been improved for elders, I'll be aging up Brett's parents as well.

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  • pvrescue1pvrescue1 Posts: 45 Member
    Duck and cover. If the pack/patch is dangerously broken, vitriol and drama will definitely ensue, especially on social media!
  • leo3487leo3487 Posts: 4,058 Member
    jpajari wrote: »
    If you’re planning to purchase TS4 Expansion Pack “Growing Together,” what are you doing to prepare your game?

    Do you have any storylines you want to play out?

    As Growing Together and Parenthood are both about family:
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  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 7,781 Member
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    Bob & Eliza will have a Difficult relationship if it's available to them, or Distant if not. This matches their bio which questions if they were ever happy.

    The Goth's will have Close or some kind of lovey dovey dynamics based on The Addams Family who they are based on.

    Geoffrey Landgraab will have a contentious relationship with Malcolm due to their conflicting Good/Evil traits, but this might develop naturally if traits are involved in Social Compatibility scores. He might also be Distant from his wife as my theory is he's deep undercover spying on her organised crime ring for the sim government.

    I'll reconnect Johnny to the Landgraabs as the elder son and give him a Jokesters relationship with his dad (Johnny's a Goofball/Comedian and teen Geoffrey Likes Mischief, so it makes sense). His relationship with Nancy/Malcolm will be strained due to being disowned (Nancy controls the money) and personality clash with his brother.

    The Mt. Komorebi tea will get hotter.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,485 Member
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    CK213 wrote: »
    1) Wait and make sure game play features actually work before I buy. :p

    2) Continue playing my sims. I have been playing a very slow-paced save that had been waiting for Toddlers, University, and High School Years.
    My group of sims (24 of them) have grown past toddlers and are now in High School and University. Three have graduated. Three more, and I will begin rotation in careers and paring up sims into relationships.

    3)Then Growing Together will begin. :)


    Nope, that's not quite right.
    Number three and number two are one in the same. :)
    I hope teens are part of Growing Together because a lot of mine with be growing together as the go through high school and university.

    I haven't played these sims since July.
    I hope there are no major bugs so I can catch up with them.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,938 Member
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    I still have my main family, but I thought of a fun sim to mess around with.
    Her my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and she long ebony black hair (that's how she got her name) with red tips that reaches her shoulders and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me she looks like Cornelia Goth. She's not related to Vlad Straud but she wishes she was because he's a major hottie. She's a vampire but her teeth are straight and white. She has pale white skin. She's also a witch, and she went to a magic school called Newts in Windenberg, where she was a teen (she's now 20). She's a goth (in case you couldn't tell) and she wears mostly black. She love custom content and she gets all her clothes from Patreon. Today she's wearing a black corset-like top and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. She's wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow.

    The goal is to make her have bad compatibility and get into fights with as many sims as possible. If she manages to have kids, she'll make them horrible monsters with abysmal character values, and they'll be used as bully characters.
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  • ElisdreamElisdream Posts: 295 Member
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    Hi! 👶👶👶
    This is an old family so I'm excited because the new baby would actually have non - fabricated, actual real grandparents and aunts and uncles with real stories, depth and memories behind them to bond with, from both, maternal and paternal side. 👪 ♥ Both heirs are still so young, so I'm here for all the chaos coming with their first born!

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  • amydunneamydunne Posts: 25 Member
    I'm either going to continue playing my 13th gen family OR switch over to playing as myself since I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and the new world is based on SF. I went so far as to create my childhood home, complete with my family's chihuahua who passed four years ago.

    Oh! And I want to give each lot the "Quake Zone" trait since that is accurate to real life here in California lol.
  • brizgalbrizgal Posts: 134 Member
    I have been working on a new multi-generational family... Original Adult couple have 6 children and are pregnant again - Young Adult Son now living with pregnant fiancee across the road from his parents; YA Daughter is living with her husband near her parents and she is about to give birth; YA Son is living on campus at University; twin male teenagers living at home; male child living at home. Original couple have a very family-oriented home and have regular Sunday BBQs with all the family. Mum loves baking and Dad loves to BBQ. Son-in-law loves bartending. YA daughter usually brings some gourmet salad.

    I am playing with aging off, and work my way through each section of the family. I want University son to be ready to graduate prior to the expansion release. I am planning to build the whole town in the various Newcrest neighbourhoods and probably won't be finished before the expansion release as I have to miss the next week in playing time. I will spend that time planning and drawing up the various buildings eg party central will be bowling alley in lower basement with movie theatre and video game arcade upper basement, restaurant and bar ground level, lounge and nightclub upper level with childrens' and toddlers' playground out the back garden area. I will utilise some of my pre-existing saves (eg my spa/gym, my fishing park and my community center). Entire world will end up very eco-friendly.

    This will potentially become my next main gameplay. Looking forward to a spate of babies, infants and toddlers... Many hours of fun gameplay ahead.
  • lovemy4slovemy4s Posts: 153 Member
    So I usually don’t stick with a sim for very long because I get bored easily but I just recently started playing with a teen who graduated high school early and went onto uni. I basically been having her work and save her money all through out school and college and she was able to move into a bare apartment as soon as she graduated Uni. She is a freelance writer and has been working hard furnishing her own house and is now dating (she’s a young adult now)a college administrator. I have invested so much time in her now, I’m thinking about having her settle down with the administrator and get married to set them up for the new game pack. The thing is is that she’s like 20 something days in of being a young adult and he’s 20ish days away of becoming an adult so there’s a small age gap there (playing long lifespan) so I’m not sure how that’ll affect how I want to go forth in gameplay. I’m really excited to see the new world today so I can game plan on what I want to do.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,485 Member

    I am going to set my main sims aside (that part's not new),
    and create a home of 8 sims with compatible/incompatible traits and likes.

    I am creating a household right now and will play them before I get the pack.
    I will spend the first day or two having them all get to know each other.
    The next phase is just letting them do whatever they want. The final phase will just be playing their wishes.
    After that, I will look at their relationship scores and sentiments and record them for each sim.

    Once I get Growing Together I will repeat this with the same sims, fresh from CAS.
    I will then compare the pre-pack and post-pack experiences.
  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 985 Member
    When the game is released I'll play my vanilla family. After mods and cc have been updated I'll go back to playing my legacy family. My legacy sims Travis and Jocelyn are expecting for the third time and their newborn twins will be aged up to infants and they have a toddler son. It's going to be a busy family. Jocelyn's younger sister Sophia is expecting her first child with her husband Connor. So im really excited to play with the new babies.
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  • WrenryWrenry Posts: 957 Member
    I'm going to start a new file and either play the Proud Parent or Parenting Predicaments Scenarios to get used to the pack's features.
  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 1,743 Member
    Honestly, I think I may save my favorite Sims and builds to my library and start a new save.

    I think this changes so much, I kinda want to start over.
  • Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 1,852 Member
    Well, I think my plan now is to spend a full 2 or3 weeks going through all 200+ Sims in my rotation to update their likes, dislikes, and social dynamics. :)
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 7,142 Member
    No plans really, but the new babies are so cute, I might age up some of my basinette babies. The city part of the neighbourhood will need some more city life attractions besides the cinema and library.
  • amydunneamydunne Posts: 25 Member
    > @Amapola76 said:
    > Well, I think my plan now is to spend a full 2 or3 weeks going through all 200+ Sims in my rotation to update their likes, dislikes, and social dynamics. :)

    Me too....I don't have nearly as many Sims in my main save but I've blocked off my calendar the following weekend to focus on essentially remaking everything and everyone.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 3,258 Member
    Honestly, I don't know. Usually I start a brand new save so I can explore everything on a clean slate but I have a family I I made for werewolves that I still love. I even abandoned by HSY testing save to play them again!

    I might just stick with them, even though there aren't any infants coming any time soon.
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