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Best Kit of 2022?

BK747BK747 Posts: 174 Member
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While I think most simmers would prefer the return of stuff packs, it seems kits are the new norm and here to stay with 8 releases this year. As we look back on the year, which kit is the best of the class of 2022 in your opinion?
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Best Kit of 2022? 94 votes

Carnaval Streetwear (February)
TTNsimmer 1 vote
Decor to the Max (March)
g01denswangreydonnelelunicyKathykinsgarapoesSiggDiggitAaleynGrimlyFiendishLiebeslottchenHeathertibb 10 votes
Little Campers (May)
EvvieSimmerPlayerSinger2010elanorbretonncisGibbs02haneulsimgirl1010loubylouloucatloverplayerMillyMillyMillyashcrash19emereEnkiSchmidtmusteniSheepilingEricasFreePlayZiafarBlueR0secomicsforlifeGrumpyGlowfishBehappy1st 39 votes
Moonlight Chic (May)
rjssimDaniRose2143Evilyn_1007logionplumboy23 5 votes
First Fits (September)
auroraael14HayleeSimsRememberJoyUniqueKhaos 4 votes
Desert Luxe (September)
bshag4lvSavorySageNinoosimSimplyJenSati101Mizzila1297lovlybStarfreeddd994Lixy_170GhostDragon1351 11 votes
Everyday Clutter (November)
SelinaKylesannaliese39AlanSimsRedShoe7CattyBetsyjoRN1414Atreya33Duskregncody6268NushkaMeowchaFrappeTempest329AlienTusksskip 14 votes
Pastel Pop (November)
JadeleineBoergeAarg61alanmichael1DarkLady2788PinkHairGuitarpammiechickID-ChristiansilentcyborgSharoniaJustinB113 10 votes


  • BK747BK747 Posts: 174 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    To me, Little Campers is the clear winner... The aesthetic is great, and it at least provides the illusion of new gameplay. Desert Luxe is great too, but I feel like with its free release it is almost like more of a base game update than a kit. I haven't bought it yet, but Everyday Clutter looks like it would be a great addition as well.
  • bshag4lvbshag4lv Posts: 9,374 Member
    Desert Luxe (September)
    I play sims in desert locales and imho, Desert Luxe was great because it was gifted, but also I love the stuff in it. I know it probably didn't take a lot to make this kit, but the items fit in perfectly with the desert landscape.
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  • EnkiSchmidtEnkiSchmidt Posts: 5,341 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    BK747 wrote: »
    To me, Little Campers is the clear winner... The aesthetic is great, and it at least provides the illusion of new gameplay.
    I agree, those recolors indeed feel as if they were new objects. When furnishing a child's room I think of the activity tables and the car shaped activity table from LC as two different objects.

    My runner up is Carnival Streetwear. I tend to combine the pieces with other colorful clothes, and they have become a staple for vacation trips for my sims.
  • greydonngreydonn Posts: 717 Member
    Decor to the Max (March)
    Decor to the Max is used all over the place in my builds, so I had to pick it. Objectively it's probably not *the best* kit but to me it's pretty stellar. :)
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  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,669 Member
    edited January 2023
    Everyday Clutter (November)
    So much cute stuff that fits into a small footprint. I really want more like this. There are other kits that are fun and cute, but Everyday clutter is my fave.
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  • ncisGibbs02ncisGibbs02 Posts: 2,019 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    Little Campers for me. I love this kit and use it all the time. Most of my Sim kids sleep outside now, it’s always sunny! 🌞😂
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  • catloverplayercatloverplayer Posts: 93,393 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    Little Campers by far.
  • SelinaKylesSelinaKyles Posts: 4,337 Member
    Everyday Clutter (November)
    Carnaval came out last year!? Felt like 2021 😳
    Clutter kit is my favorite hands down
  • GordyGordy Posts: 3,019 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    I use Decor to the Max more, but Little Campers has the froggy chair.
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  • RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,138 Member
    First Fits (September)
    It's a tie between Little Campers and First Fits, so I chose First Fits as it needed some love. Love that we're starting to get more things for kids, and I hope someday we get a kit for toddlers too.
  • ashcrash19ashcrash19 Posts: 4,407 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    1. Little Campers
    2. Pastel Pop
    3. Everyday Clutter
    4. Moonlight Chic
    5. Decor to the Max

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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,950 Member
    edited January 2023
    hmm hard to choose as I actually didn't buy any of these i only have desert one for now since it was given free

    therefore my thoughts on each kit:

    Carnaval Streetwear
    I think I would love to have this kit to dress some of my sulani sims and mermaids,

    maybe Calientes and also probably some punk sims might use those fishnets

    also heart glasses are vibe yes I do rather like this kit it seems rather useful

    only thing I was frustrated about was some of the clothes being full body outfits when the top and bottom would have been more versatile separately

    and I was rather confused with the kit theme being carnival but it was clubbing wear so i think my initial reaction was just insert confusion

    Decor to the Max
    Conflicted with this kit
    I love wallpapers, rugs, flooring, fireplace, wall molding pieces and the mirror soo much

    but rest of it I am not too sure I have use for it :/ well I guess I would find out if I got the kit wouldn't I :lol:

    Little Campers
    here again I love so many items
    but then I catch myself wondering, did it have to be kit? don't we already have many packs with similar theme that could have had these items like say outdoor retreat or movie hangout stuff or backyard stuff I find myself confused though I will probably eventually fall into the trap and buy this because the items are so cute and I would love to have them

    Moonlight Chic
    hmm, actually no. It's not really my style tbh and I feel like we already have other similar items to ones I kind of like in this kit

    can't remember if we have those incredibly ts2 pants tho that could be the one and only reason i regret not having this.. well unless they are there somewhere its been a while since I was to CAS

    First Fits
    similar feelings not really my style so meh like sure would probably use it if it existed in my game but i feel like does it really need to be separate kit couldn't it just be part of random pack like parenthood or whatnot would i really miss it if it didn't exist idk probably not

    Desert Luxe
    actually now that i have it I do find myself using the items quite a bit but tbh can't say it would have been on my buy list

    my biggest annoyance now is the very limited swatches for the items especially those curtains I use about billion times already I just wish there was so much more color options

    also idk if this needed to be kit again it feels more like base game update to me with those oasis springs references and all

    Everyday Clutter
    another one of those id probably use it if i had it but I don't particularily need kits

    sure it would be fun to use sometimes but I'm really not into seeing clutter irl either so :sweat_smile:

    Pastel Pop
    although its probably not what they intended for this kit I am completely obsessed with thought of creating cowprint alien lair with this kit so my judgement fails me I also love the wallpapers there is never too many wallpapers

    that said... as reasonable adult *cough* do I actually need to buy this or should I simply not
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  • LiebeslottchenLiebeslottchen Posts: 69 Member
    Decor to the Max (March)
    Decor to the Max. I do a lot of period/historical playing and this Set is a dream for decorating vintage styled houses.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 2,208 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    Little Campers, simply because it's kids stuff for a change. First Fits is also good for the same reason. I own Desert Luxe, but only because it was free, and probably wouldn't have bought it if not for that.

    I'm not a big fan of kits in general, but if they ever released a modern menswear kit with actual modern menswear (instead of, you know, grandpa pullovers with holes and dresses made to fit male frames), that one would probably become my favourite.
  • AlienTusksAlienTusks Posts: 194 Member
    Everyday Clutter (November)
    The Clutter Kit is the best for me, more stuff packs would be great.... but if they are going more for the kits now...I hope they make some that are just hairstyles, or just clothes and are of good quality. Maybe instead of 8 items in a kit have 12.
  • Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,422 Member
    edited January 2023
    Everyday Clutter (November)
    For me it is a tie between everyday clutter and little campers.

    Every day clutter is great because it can add a few little details to feel as if a house is really lived in. I also like that a lot objects fit on small slots. Especially being able to put a radio on a small shelf without cheats like MOO is useful. The mirror that can be placed on surfaces while still being functional is amazing. As far as I know this is the first time a BB kit offers a possibility of placing objects that is not found in the base game or any other pack.

    Little campers is great because it has a lot of functional objects, more than other kits. Other BB kits seem to be more about decoration than usable items. It is also great to get items like swings and don't wake the llama/yeti which were previously only available through EP for a small price. It is useful for people who don't have those packs (yet).

    Decor to the max and pastel pop and first fits also have nice items.

    It was nice to get desert lux for free. I have used the windows a few times but I don't think I would have bought it. The kits I mentioned previously are more interesting to me.

    While some of the kits are OK, I still hope to see stuff packs return one day. I really miss them.
  • GhostDragon1351GhostDragon1351 Posts: 23 Member
    Desert Luxe (September)
    I love Desert Luxe because when they gifted it I was doing a challenge in StrangerVille so it fit the aesthetic perfectly!
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 7,123 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    Best Kits in 2022 in order:
    1. Little Campers
    2. Desert Luxe
    3. Decor to the Max
    4. Pastel Pop
    5. Moonlight Chic
  • rjssimrjssim Posts: 1,337 Member
    Moonlight Chic (May)
    Moonlight Chic! I liked some of the items in it, so I got it. It's the only one I have so far.
  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 988 Member
    edited January 2023
    First Fits (September)
    This was hard because I love little campers and my first fits kit. They are pretty close to tied for my favorites. Pastel pop and everyday clutter come at a close second. I use both of those all the time.
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  • manicobsessivemanicobsessive Posts: 1,110 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    Little Campers is the only kit that has ever sparked any interest for me, and I haven't even bought that yet!
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 422 Member
    Decor to the Max (March)
    I really like the style of Decor to the Max and use it in every house.
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  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 860 Member
    Little Campers (May)
    Little Campers is the only kit I feel is actually worth the price of 5 USD. I have some other build kits, but that kit was very creative and added some cute new designs for functional items that we have.
  • JustinB113JustinB113 Posts: 1,050 Member
    edited January 2023
    Pastel Pop (November)
    I think 1. Pastel Pop for the carpets and the heart mirror and the postcard board and the wall paintings but mostly the carpets. 2. Everyday Clutter for the mugs and the keys and the post it notes. 3. Moonlight Chic for a few things.

    I don’t have decor or little campers so I can’t judge those. And I don’t have child sim so haven’t really used first fits enough to judge. Don’t love Carnival or Desert Luxe.
  • silentcyborgsilentcyborg Posts: 210 Member
    Pastel Pop (November)
    I swore I'd never buy a kit, but I couldn't resist the decor and pastel pop kits. I actually wish more kits were more niche like the pastel pop, while still covering most rooms in the house; I think pulmbella did pretty amazing and put a lot of thought into it. I was surprised I liked it more than the decor kit, but because I do lots of historical/retro builds it ended up being super helpful. The curvy candles are amazing for Bauhaus style too.
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