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What is the worst Sims 4 pack?


  • Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 860 Member
    My First Pet
    I would’ve voted Batuu but my First Pet stuff truly is just…something else. It would’ve made a nice kit if kits existed then, and if it didn’t require Cats & Dogs EP to use.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,995 Member
    My Wedding Stories
    Wedding Stories as it was released in a thoroughly broken state and if the reports I've read here are accurate, is still not properly fixed. My first Pet would be next as it is DLC for DLC, a deliberate cash grab.
  • AlienTusksAlienTusks Posts: 194 Member
    I haven't played any of the packs listed, so I'm not going to vote. But I do own about 45 percent of the packs,expansion,kits and what not. The worst thing was modern menswear which is a kit. The clothing which is what it's focused on is terrible. Pants with built in skirts. And this is men. It doesn't have any redeeming factors. Kits in general should mostly be avoided IMO. I've heard from different sources that Journey to Batu or whatever it's called was terrible. Paranormal stuff is actually quite good, it's only a small pack and cheap, but offers good stuff and new gameplay with the ghosts and stuff, it's almost like getting a more expensive game pack but for less money. Lots of the content that is made for sims 4 like expansion and stuff are great ideas and look good on paper but are executed somewhat poorly, maybe there's a lack of passion and interest by maxis, but too much stuff not only cost too much money but is bugged in several different ways. Actually, I lied I do have my pet stuff, and it is lacking in several ways. one is that the hamsters/rodents are bugged and don't need feeding for me anyway, and there not enough clothing for pets. Many of the headwear/hats, are terrible and who would use them. But also, my wedding stories just doesn't sound like a fun pack for me. maybe its target audience was women Idk.
  • CarmineCarmine Posts: 84 Member
    My Wedding Stories
    I chose MWS because it released literally unfinished and is still a hot mess to this day - a shame since I like the world and build/buy. MFP is just kinda there (though its existence is scummy, I agree). I'm meh on Strangerville, and it and JTB at least has an audience who appreciates it. DO is buggy, but I do like it when it functions, which is like 50% of the time, lol. That 50% of the time is more than MWS, and MWS has pretty shallow gameplay.
  • Erja888Erja888 Posts: 4,838 Member
    Journey to Batuu
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  • pandie00pandie00 Posts: 590 Member
    Strangerville because of the quest based content. I need to have mods to stop the infection spread and stop the mother plant thing quest to show up. Did not choose journey to batuu because I did not bought it and dont have the intention of buying...
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  • GhostDragon1351GhostDragon1351 Posts: 23 Member
    Dine Out
    Dine out to me is so old and boring! The items are not that good and I heard that when you own a restaurant it lags a lot.
  • ChadSims2ChadSims2 Posts: 5,090 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    As someone who hates Star Wars this is a simple poll Journey to Batuu is the worst it's truly crazy how they go out of their way to exclude many people with so many packs
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  • auroraael14auroraael14 Posts: 988 Member
    edited January 2023
    Journey to Batuu
    1. Journey to Battu - I don't own it and never will. I have no idea if it's the worst per say it's just not my cup of tea.

    As for the rest of the packs I love Dine Out! My sims go out to eat on anniversaries, special occasions, and date nights.
    I love the world of Strangerville and use it a lot. Not only is the world beautiful but it comes with nice CAS assets and build/buy.
    My wedding stories may be a little buggy but I love throwing weddings and lately it seems to have worked better. It also comes with a gorgeous world and a lot of really nice items.
    My first pets - I like a handful of items from this pack and although it should have come with Cats & Dogs the pack isn't that bad.

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  • manicobsessivemanicobsessive Posts: 1,110 Member
    It's funny, I love Dine Out, My First Pet and (now it's fixed) My Wedding Stories. I've never played Strangerville or Batuu as I have no interest in either of them. I always say if I don't have any urge to buy a Sims pack whatsoever, it must be pretty bad, so one of them lol.
  • NushkaNushka Posts: 380 Member
    edited January 2023
    Journey to Batuu
    Journey to Batuu, the missions are repetitive, there's no integration with other packs or even BG, while some objects are cool (curved bar, some rugged chairs and sabbac table) most of the BB is oversized and looks out of place outside Batuu. I don't need several Star Wars weapon's crates cluttering my BB catalogue!
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  • FreddyFox1234FreddyFox1234 Posts: 504 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    I voted Journey to Batuu because it's the only pack I have no intention of ever getting. I don't yet have Strangerville from this list, and some other packs not listed, but I probably will get them in time. I haven't been disappointed by any pack I've bought (even My First Pet Stuff) because each one adds something more to my game. The only bugs I experience are pretty minor and don't affect my gameplay.
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 422 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    Journey to Batuu shouldnt exist
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  • joRN1414joRN1414 Posts: 1,669 Member
    edited January 2023
    My Wedding Stories
    I have barely used anything from MWS. My First Pet is a close second. So much that could have been released with C&D. I was pleasantly surprised by JtB though. I'm not a fan of Star Wars (or Star Trek for that matter) so I waited a long time to buy it. Then played with it for 3 days straight. It was interesting.
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  • zap608zap608 Posts: 82 Member
    Dogs & Cats, every pet is dirty, neurotic and sick. This pack is a total waste of money.
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  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 5,095 Member
    edited February 2023
    Journey to Batuu

    I bought it on sale for the world and build/buy mode assets; my Sims have only had a pet twice. So I'm happy with the pack. But, the issue with every pet in the world being sick all the time is really bad. When I visit neighbors, their pets are always sick, hungry, and have pooped in the house. Most of the strays I see around the world are sick, and you can't take them to the vet. It needs to be fixed, set so that only your personal pets get sick. The vet clinic doesn't need all the dirty, sick animals walking around to work properly. It just "calls" animals to be patients while you are there, just like the hospital and police station and could let them go back to normal afterwards just like those do.

    Edited to add: And personal pets shouldn't be sick every other day, it should be rare.

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  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 15,218 Member
    edited February 2023
    My First Pet
    I use a lot Journey To Batuu, StrangerVille and Dine Out.
    My First Pet and My Wedding Stuff, I don't use them because these themes are not my priority right now.

    I'm not a fan of Pet theme so My First Pet is my least favorite.
  • ncisGibbs02ncisGibbs02 Posts: 2,019 Member
    edited February 2023
    My First Pet
    I don’t hate any of the packs. For me it’s about value and some are clearly lacking content or feel additions to existing packs.

    The worst pack for me is the My First Pet Stuff. Cats and Dogs could have been the first pack refresh. The stuff pack add-on even completes some of the furniture sets.

    Some ideas where I wonder how this pack might’ve worked;

    1. Holding off the outfits for pets and had this element in the stuff pack. Animal Dress-up Stuff Pack.

    2. Focusing solely on adding small pets, the gerbils/rats but plus rabbit hutches, bird cages, tortoises etc. Pets that can be picked up or birds that perch. Perhaps pet theme furniture so it’s a new range. The think the bird feeder should have been added to a pet theme than backyard.

    3. A pet shop you add to your world (s) where you can buy/adopt pets and buy treats etc.

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  • keene61keene61 Posts: 259 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    Journey to Batuu was the only pack (besides kits) that I have not purchased. I considered myself a completist until that was released. I enjoy tge vampires and spellcasters but that pack was just uninteresting to me. A touch too much fantasy maybe? Just not my kind of world.
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 11,966 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    Journey to Batuu would have been great for me but it was restrictive in what I could do in it and should have been more open. I prefer Strangerville to this.
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  • BlackGirl73BlackGirl73 Posts: 66 Member
    - City Living. I hate appartements and I hate the festival notification. And I really hate San Myshono.
    - Jungle Adventure. I don't like the vacation and adventure thing.
    - Dream Home Decorateur. Because of that stupid job.
  • RapidRabidRabbitRapidRabidRabbit Posts: 134 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    I hate My First Pet Stuff for what it represents, but objectively I feel like Journey to Batuu is the worst due to the simple fact that it’s boring and shallow. With the others, there’s interesting gameplay at least, but the same can’t be said for Batuu.

    Also, side note, even for all its bugs, I love Dine Out. I love having my sims go on dates at restaurants, or just grabbing brunch with friends, etc. I especially love looking at the other guests and seeing what they ordered or who they’re getting dinner with. It’s just cute to see like the Goth family out for a family dinner, or some random sims going on a date. There’s something about dining out that’s really satisfying, and I can’t quite explain it.
  • sleekoduck87sleekoduck87 Posts: 255 Member
    edited March 2023
    My Wedding Stories
    There's nothing wrong with My First Pet stuff, it's just an add-on that maybe should have been included with Cats and Dogs, is all.
    Wedding Stories and Dine Out, on the other hand, are broken, WS more so than the others. I just want to bulldoze all the lots and use it as a vacation destination. IDGA flip about the weddings at this point.
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  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 5,095 Member
    Journey to Batuu
    Wedding Stories and Dine Out, on the other hand, are broken, WS more so than the others. I just want to bulldoze all the lots and use it as a vacation destination. IDGA flip about the weddings at this point.

    That's what I did. I bought it on sale for the world and build/buy/CAS stuff. My Sims elope at home 99.9% of the time. I moved a couple of wedding destination lots into one of my commercial worlds and turned Tartosa completely residential.
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  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 2,901 Member
    I dislike 'Get Famous' because i do not like the 'social class' it separates w the celebrities, they dont engage with other sims, so id rather not have it ! Parparazzi also were a total nuisance to gameplay for me. Cats & dogs a close second... those two packs i did uninstall.
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