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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 6,602 Member
    @Karababy52 , aww, thank you for nice clarification, <3
    @DaniRose2143 , thank you , very sweet :) About Karababy her penthouse is awesome! I never would have patience to create something like that from scratch. (the one with lightning hit in that other picthread )
    Aww.. poor Simon and her parentage :D gladly its only her mom's side :P His dad is a doctor. Wishing fast recovery from your cold :)
    Great job with that house :)
    And last , but not least , congrats Summer for first episode :)
    @mightysprite , thank you , very kind of you :)

    Continuing Simon a bit
    Things went better...
    ... But he was glad they left.

    There were no stalls outside, veggie or foodstall. what is weird as there are both usually always when my sim visits here.
    Tho living and visiting are different things. Lets get few receipes from other places then!
    "Nobody told me its hot!!!"

    Next place.. ah gym1 Finally something he was familiar with in this city.
    "Must be the place local politicans speak... ugh..."

    (Reminds me, I need one )


    Back to home district, still no veggie stall. I dont let him buy veggies there, but spices yes.
    Karaoke contest just started.
    No way to get even close to top, based on points. Better go home.

    "Weird city.. cats wear hats?"

    *insert heavy music here*



    Now maybe sleeping ?

    No. Bummer! I thought I have no vampires yet in this save and as I have mods for nuking random townies, I was not worried about generated ones. I totally forgot my avatar sim is in this same save xd She is teen , why I think I just did not count her in :D
    Good night, poor Simon. If there comes mouse out of that hole now , I promise to scream so loud it goes back :D

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..

    My Story:Villa Catarina
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,660 Member
    Mara finally gets a date with Cassandra. And a productive "business" outing at the bar.


    Aliens Stole My Alien Parents, Act Two Day 5
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,330 Member
    There's another new episode of Under The Tartosan Sun. Matteo's sister Allegra arrives in Tartosa to spend a couple of days with her brother. I hope she didn't forget anything...

    Under The Tartosan Sun: Allegra
  • RoseyaSimi4RoseyaSimi4 Posts: 103 Member
    Some day ago this week a I started a world in Glimmerbrook with my sim. I just turned off for the night and already forgetting her name, but with Willow MixCramo being a spellcaster. Gave her a mini tiny house. I shared the house today, both of the starting look and the only other renovation so far, too.

    I wasn't planning on it I decided she was a kid of the L.Faba and the practical sage. By not making them in the family tree to play on drama like an Miss Maple episode. Shes romancing him to get back at him. I can't imagine the story they do to cast her away to be a stranger. No hard feelings on them with how time went fast and sort of smooth.
    I also tried to use the spellcaster guy that almost looks like a werewolf to mess around. Not completely, just to tug some nerves. He's about to go back to his fiancee.

    Today I used him to mess around with my sim, now gave birth. Also messing with Faba under word by my sim to. The guy completely made up with his fiancee, his sis to be the ring bearer, mother flower gal, Morgyn officiant, someone got asked to be sim of honor. So, he's going back the marriage way.

    I jumped Faba in the family possibly early before the wedding, but she was pregnant. My sims was to offer her to care for the baby for her while she didn't know her playing as her daughter, but she told her story to her new boyfriend while Faba was still visiting. He was just walking by toward the portal.

    Felt early to take in Faba, because spite the renovation and the enormous savings that I added with her moving in. My sim had 10ish thousand so simoleons, had the guy bring 5 thousand. There is not enough rooms, but it's growing nicely and I want to do it moderately. She took the room anyway that the guy was using, but he's to sleep on the couch, but by nice time and day he's to have another date and marry. My sims in her room, and the nursery for the babies.

    I had to cheat Faba in where my sim didn't have the move in option. With my goals she'll need to renovate again, and soonish, but feels nice to let that time when I need to than build right away.

    Throughout today was jumpy with sims wanting to be best friends, even Morgyn, but my sims not even at that level of friendship. That was my day.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 6,602 Member
    @DaniRose2143 , looks like couple of more travel cases would of been needed o:)

    Sam Wilkes & Erin Irish
    I was only going to do the setup ready (simple living trait, so buying groceries, planting , feeding chikens) but oh well..
    this happened right after I unpaused.
    thats their cat, Harriet, sleeping at not so good time..
    Auto proposal... she said "No" :(
    Sorry Sam, even I think you are moving too fast there.
    It was early morning , the pub would be open soon.
    Delivery stuff came..
    Made Sam to cook to help him forget how awkward situation was..
    Harriet was more like bored . She has used to see cars, trains from apartment window. Like where is all the action?
    Outside. Foxes were alright, but what is really scary....
    ....is Echo, the Rooster!
    Rooster himself seemed to be a bit bored about Harriet :D
    That chick was way too yellow to not to be scary!

    All okay again, from this side of the gate
    Plus she will be first to know if someone visits.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..

    My Story:Villa Catarina
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,969 Member
    Auction day arrived for the Bheeda's their estate agent and auctioneer Max Bundt (who i downloaded from the gallery) starts the auction off:

    Friends and family gather round to watch a bidding war between five potential buyers:

    Eventually five people became two people bidding in an all-out war right to the end. The final price at the end of the auction was 279,000 simoleans. The guide price was 122,10 simoleans.

    Friends and family gathered inside celebrating a successful auction:

    Moving day arrived and the Bheeda's and Dan, Sienna and Frankie all took a moment of reflection before they stepped out of their house in Newcrest since 1980 for one last time and headed on to Copperdale:
  • DaniRose2143DaniRose2143 Posts: 8,330 Member
    @Ellupelluellu I did a quick search to find some luggage decor items. After reading your reply I wish I had thought of that. Maybe a couple of makeup cases too.🤣 I wanted to give Allegra a nice crossbody bag or an over the shoulder one, but there's not many out there. The ones I did find give sims the 'shiny metal' effect as soon as you reenter live mode.😞
    Harriet is so pretty! She is the most gorgeous sim pet I think I've ever seen!❤️ Poor Simon, being turned into a juice box on legs. By the way, your lucky, Geeta and Raj only played loud music. In my most recent save set in San My they always disturbed everybody with the loud romance. That was really creepy considering I never saw anyone but Geeta and Raj go into that apartment.😱 I just kept telling myself, I didn't their romantic partner enter. Less disturbing that way, even if it's a lie.
  • _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    Woo! I had a little bit of being unable to access this thread either, but it seems to be okay now! Let's see if I can actually post. The below is a copy-paste of what I wrote before the thread broke for me:

    It was effectively the first time ever that Aimee had no one to tell her what she can and cannot do, and she enjoyed that a lot... but it was also a little overwhelming. So to sort things out in her head, she decided it didn't matter that there were no clouds to watch and settled down out on her backyard anyway.

    And taking a break to just stop and think did do wonders. She was always a creative person with many ideas buzzing around in her head... but now she needed to find one that would bring her some money. Well... she did know just the thing for that.

    Painting wasn't exactly her favorite creative exploit, but she'd heard it made for the best career so she would... try.

    Later that day, a neighbour stopped by to greet her.

    The way he kept staring...

    ...was entirely too funny to Aimee and so even though she was not exactly impressed...

    ...she could not help but flirt with him a little anyway.

    That was silly, but it gave her a bit of an idea for her next painting.
    A mask, because goody-two-shoes like Johnny Zest should definitely not learn too much about the likes of her.

    By the time she was done it was getting a little late, but Aimee didn't feel like staying in tonight!
    And so she went to the Solar Flare, trying to see how much money she could make in tips singing.

    Honestly, they mostly paid her in hopes she would stop... but that worked, too. Feeling like she could afford it now, Aimee drifted towards the bar, the promise of her favorite drink and the mixologist who... seemed certainly more interesting than her visitor earlier.

    Too bad he was so busy. Still, there were lots of people to chat with... including a lady that kept giving Aimee the side-eye. It didn't bother her too much, though, because the lady looked plumming shady herself.

    Overall, that was one good first day. Thank you for the warm welcome, Oasis Springs!
  • Landj0ghurtLandj0ghurt Posts: 8 New Member
    My eldest vampire son turned teenager. He's happily learning everything from his two mother's on how to be a vampire. He tried persuing a romantic involvement with his childhood best friend, but unfortunately for him, she isn't romantically interested in guys. He took it pretty well and they continue to be good friends. He then went out on some dates with his other childhood best friend. She at first tried to play hard to get but eventually after taking things slower they became a thing.

    Meanwhile his mother realised she wants her children to be able to choose whether or not they want to be vampires. She is now collecting the ingredients needed for the ultimate healing potion.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,660 Member
    Enjoying those story beginnings, @Ellupelluellu and @_Gina :)
    The cat's perspective on the new home is too funny. I love how she stands guard.
    Aimee is wasting no time meeting two eligible, creative fellows who might be good for her!

    In Mara's world, tonight is gonna be a good night.

    Aliens Stole My Alien Parents, Act Two Day 6

  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,202 Member
    Laser pointers, food and cuddles
    Princess Roddy got out his laser pointer. He pointed it on the ground and Eachann chased it around the room:
    Eachann decided to go into Shelly's room. Shelly saw him and carefully picked him up. 'Hello Eachann!' Shelly said, smiling:
    She gave the kitten a loving smooch:
    Shelly put the kitten back on the ground. Princess Roddy came in. Eachann started meowing. 'I hear you, my adorable floofball!' the princess responded. He picked up the kitten and brought him into his bedroom. Eachann then ate:
    Later, Princess Roddy watched as his companion used the scratching post of his cat condo. Shine knocked on the door. 'Come in, mummy!' Princess Roddy said. Shine came in. She gave her firstborn a great, big, loving and warm hug:
    'Hello, sweetie!' Shine said, looking fondly at Princess Roddy:
    'Hello mummy!' Princess Roddy replied, cheerfully:
    Shine smiled sweetly, batted her eyelashes and made a very great, big kissy face at the princess, which made him giggle:
    Then she gave him a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheek:
    Princess Roddy giggled. Later, Shine and Shelly gave him a great, big, loving and warm cuddle:
    They then sat either side of Princess Roddy and gave him a very great, big, loving smooch on his cheeks. Princess Roddy started laughing like a tickle me Elmo toy! The trio then chatted to each other.
    Watching TV and more!
    Sophia was watching the World Culture channel on TV. Princess Roddy and Hamish joined her:
    The program they were watching involved a host who always seemed to set things ablaze...even a bakery:
    Later, Princess Roddy decided to play the piano:
    Then he and Eachann went upstairs. Princess Roddy changed into his feminine sleepwear outfit, and promptly fell asleep on his sofa:
    Sophia went upstairs into her bedroom. She changed into one of her sleepwear outfits and took her glasses off. Then Sophia fell asleep:
    Hamish was already fast asleep:
    Princess Roddy and his kitten entered the dream world, where he played hide and seek with the guests.
    Playtime for Eachann!
    A few sim hours later, Princess Roddy woke up. After changing into his feminine cold weather outfit, he played with Eachann:
    Then the princess carefully picked up his kitten and gently kissed him:
    Then Princess Roddy chatted with him:
    Eachann started meowing. 'Let's take you to your toilet!' the princess said. He carried the kitten over to his litter tray. Eachann wasted no time in relieving himself:
    After that was done, Princess Roddy took him downstairs into the kitchen. Shine made Cubed Carcass Francetti for Eachann, which he enjoyed!
    When he had finished eating, Eachann purred. 'Looks like it's a hit!' Shine said, smiling. Princess Roddy picked Eachann up and cuddled him. Then he took the kitten back upstairs into his bedroom where he gave him a brush, which Eachann found relaxing. Eachann fell fast asleep on the princess's lap whilst he knitted.
    Weeding and watering the indoor plants
    Screenshot only section!
    Visiting the Tacketts.
    Eachann felt restless and Princess Roddy noticed this. So he carefully put the kitten in his special bag and went over to the Tacketts in Newcrest. The princess knocked on the door and Graham Tackett answered. 'Hello Princess Roddy! Good to see you!' he said. 'Good to see you too!' Princess Roddy replied, smiling. 'Who's this besides you?' Graham asked. 'This little one is called Eachann, and he's a British Longhair Mix!' Princess Roddy said, cheerfully:
    Eachann looked around curiously. Bonnie, the Tackett family cat, came over and checked out the strange kitten that was in her territory. Charlie the Cavapoo also came over to see what was going on. Then he adopted the 'I want to play with you!' stance. Bonnie looked at her canine friend and facepawed. Eachann was not happy and arched his back, hissing. 'Charlie, Eachann's saying no.' Graham said sternly. Charlie got the message and went upstairs, where Marissa Tackett was. Later, Eachann decided to explore the neighbourhood, all whilst Princess Roddy kept an eye on him. The kitten looked at a few dormant plants:
    Then he and the princess went back inside. Kacie Tackett introduced herself to Eachann:
    Charlie and Bonnie went upstairs into the room where Eachann was:
    Princess Roddy watched as Bonnie allowed Eachann to play with her tail. Charlie felt left out. 'Awww, don't worry, we can still play together!' Kacie said, petting Charlie:
    Marissa came over and said hello to Eachann:
    Later, Eachann used a scratching post:
    And then he fell asleep. 'Time to get this little one back home.' Princess Roddy said to Marissa. 'Have a safe trip back.' Marissa replied. The princess smiled and carefully put the sleeping kitten into his special bag. Then he went back home to Dianthus Hall. Eachann was soon in his pet bed, fast asleep.
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
  • _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    Eeep, thank you, @mightysprite! :D Haha, you're right... Aimee is definitely not wasting any time at all. (Notice I never mentioned any of her traits, though, and don't get your hopes up. ;D)

    Mara, on the other hand, is definitely doing very well! (And I admire your ability to dress up an alien all pretty.)
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,939 Member
    I actually haven’t played for a couple of days, but I’ll get back to it tomorrow!

    Love the update as usual @ChuChuExpress ! Eachann is clearly a much-loved kitten.
  • _Gina_Gina Posts: 253 Member
    It has been several days since Aimee moved to Oasis Springs. She mostly focused on her painting and made a habit of going to Solar Flare to sing in the evenings. When she felt like she could afford it, she also bought a few things for her backyard, gathered what all the desert would give in the Spring months and planted a little garden.
    And even though she is getting better at the things she practices, flower arranging is her favorite so far.

    During this time, though, Aimee has been thinking deeply. There was a thing that she wanted to do... a place she wanted to go. She wanted to visit her father's homeland of Selvadorada. It would be fine, she assured herself. She did not have to mention her name... she could even use her mother's, if she had to.
    The vacation was a dream. She fell in love with the simple, but cheerful and beautiful style of the local houses...

    ...got to know some locals...

    ,,,and their food, which was a little strong for her the first time, but she got used to it quickly enough...

    ...and their hospitality, since they were much more generous with their tips than what she came to expect even from the rich citizens of Oasis Springs.

    Most importantly, though... she heard the stories she came for. The memory of her father was still fresh in the minds of these people and they would spin the tales to her between warning her of the dangers of the jungle. And it was then and there that she realized one thing... criminal or not, her father was a man loyal to the single person who had ever shown him any kindness at all. And his were deeds that may be reviled, but they would be remembered... it was then the idea entered her mind. Her father's name would live on. And if she did not have what it took to pick up his legacy... then perhaps a son of hers would. She bought a relic there, a flower cut from fine stone, to remind herself of these thoughts and feelings every day.

    And as soon as she came home, she set a little... space in her backyard. It was nothing much, but it was her way of honoring the man she could but guess what he would do, had he known of her existence.

  • ChuChuExpressChuChuExpress Posts: 3,202 Member
    Thank you!

    Hmmm, there's not many toddlers in my game...
    Sims 4 Family: Benjamin, Shine, Princess Roddy, Sophia and Hamish Furystrykar and Shelly Heart. Princess Roddy is my avatar, and he's a boy!
    Let those smiles spread!
  • Brd709Brd709 Posts: 1,969 Member
    The new owners of the old Bheeda house have begun to move their stuff in:
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,092 Member
    I had Rahul Chopra take a more serious interest in Dylan… First, Rahul wanted to be best friends… But, Dylan’s best friend was his twin brother, and the only thing Dylan ever said to Rahul was a cheerful introduction.

    Almost immediately after, while I had my twins playing music together, Dylan singing and Zeph playing the Guitar… Rahul wanted to go to prom with Dylan…

    So, Dylan is creeped out by Rahul and Rahul is hurt because Dylan said no to prom.

    Honestly, Dylan is incredibly friendly, upon introduction, he’s normally good friends with everyone…

    It’s just… that happened way too fast. Dylan is Bi, so he could be in a relationship with Rahul if he didn’t make it so awkward moving too fast.

    I’m hoping that Dylan gets a chance to meet Cecelia soon. I was hoping to pick up with the relationships my twins had before I started a new save.
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 3,092 Member
    Speaking of Promposals... This happened. It's not exactly how I expected to go about it, but...

    Sefina isn't there to attend class. She just showed up in the middle of class...

  • DragonAge_300905DragonAge_300905 Posts: 1,924 Member
    My sim's working in the civil tech career and her work from home was to check the community board. I laughed so hard when this happened. The look on A. Crumblebottom's face, like do I dare turn around to see what's behind me. LOL!
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 5,660 Member
    Mara and Cassandra's big day.


    Aliens Stole My Alien Parents, Act Two Day 7

  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,939 Member
    Finally did another chapter! That can be the problem with game-driven SimLit, coming up with stuff to write about. That was part of the sad thing about having to delete the original save when I did, as I did have some storylines in mind. Ah well. I'll hang on to them for the future.

    Chapter Twelve: Daily Life


    Also, I realise I didn't link to Chapter Eleven! This one's narrated by Erytheia :)

    Chapter Eleven: Spellcasting and Sulani

  • MemoryBugaboo143MemoryBugaboo143 Posts: 32 Member
    Well my sim Hugh cured himself of being a vampire then I got werebies and turned into a werewolf. After that he got married to a doctor, now he lives with his new wife and her young adult niece in an apartment, and expecting his first kid.
  • plumsiebobplumsiebob Posts: 37 Member
    Hi! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've started a new WordPress blog where I'm going to share different things, but mostly SimLit. I've already started a legacy, I'd be really happy for you to check it out! It's about a homeless woman who had luck struck thanks to her grandmother, and moved to the town of Glimmerbrook, a place that had been calling her heart for some time.


    River. Any pronouns are fine, but I mainly go by they/them. Neurodivergent, cat parent, tea addict. Occult and berry sim SimLit.

  • OceanbornAngel13OceanbornAngel13 Posts: 104 Member
    edited November 2022
    Well, I added Sephiroth to my game. He's broken up a marriage and now is playing hard to get with one of my female Sims. :(
    You know, I don't just play The Sims 4. ^_^
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 6,602 Member
    @DaniRose2143 , haha, I had that once with Geeta and Raj.. but funny enough MCCC had just had its marriage check, and when my sim Ted knocked the door, Dina Caliente opened :D

    @mightysprite thank you for your comments , congrats, late, but anyway to Cassie and Mara <3

    here is what happened in my game today..

    First, so much meowing!

    Then, got a snack:
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..

    My Story:Villa Catarina

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