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How is your simming lately?


  • QueenSaraphineQueenSaraphine Posts: 301 Member
    edited October 2022
    I have started over so many times with new saves and never kept one sim or one family going for longer than a few months. Gonna try and change that and try to play rotationally instead. Haven't played with the paranormal pack yet only used some bb objects from it and have had it since release, think it's time to build a haunted house and incorporate it with my story.

    My only issue is that whenever I get really in to the game and my own story, something trivial like a phone call from a rando or anything other immersion breaking happens which then plumbs me off and I lose interest in playing the game.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 7,251 Member
    Going well I've never been a lost interest boomerang when I'm done I'm done,sims still hasn't made it to that point, though I tend to play in shorter bursts unless I have something big planned. Work has been really kicking my backside so it's been put in a game rotation. I have my favorite saves set aside and generally only make a new one to test a lot of new cc or if a larger update comes out. Keeping it nice and chill for quick building or decorating too keeps it going.
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  • lunaodditylunaoddity Posts: 632 Member
    edited October 2022
    Haven't updated my game since March so I'm doing just fine. Unfortunately with the upcoming baby patch I'll have to get ready to update by next year. Logic dictates I should wait for extra fixes after the baby update. But I've done my waiting! 8 years of it, in TS4! :D
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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,373 Member
    edited November 2022
    SimplyJen wrote: »
    CK213 wrote: »
    Thanks everyone.
    I think I will wait for them to fix wants and fears.
    I have a VR headset that's been sitting in its box unused for months. I guess I will mess around with getting it setup and try some VR games.

    Nice! Enjoy your VR headset. Beat Saber looks super fun even if it is kinda old at this point

    :) I am scared to play such active games as that because I might smack something, like my big screen TV.
    My computer is in the bedroom without much space for a play area. I intend to use it more for simulations where I can remain seated.

    I gave Star Wars Rogue Squadron a try yesterday.
    I spent too much time adjusting controls to actually enjoy it. Everything was backwards from what I consider intuitive.
    Up was down and down was up. What I normally use for the Yaw axis was set to Roll axis. :p

    I am not that impressed with the HP Reverb G2 headset. I felt like I was looking at the game through a pair of binoculars.
    I've felt it was too early for VR years ago. I think I might have jumped in a couple of years too early even now, but I was hearing good things about the HP Reverb G2.

    There was a spacer insert for glasses in the headset.
    Once I removed that, the field of view was better.
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  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,957 Member
    I don't play Sims 4 these days due to its unplayableness and its constant updates. I play Sims 3 sometimes, but not all the time - although I do get in the game to take screenshots for my current TS3 story (Adora the Warrior Maiden).
  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,349 Member
    edited October 2022
    rudolpha wrote: »
    I mush on. Still have many goals but have too many saves to ever finish them all. I take breaks at times but hate the idea that a new "sims 5" or whatever will necessitate replacing all my sims 4 games.

    You've got years to play your saves! TS5 (or whatever it will be called) won't be releasing any time soon, so don't be fretting over that. I mean it will eventually be released and new content for TS4 will eventually stop, but that's a long way away.

    Plus, even once it's released, you won't be forced to replace TS4, you can keep enjoying it for as long as your PC lets you.

    I've actually not been playing lately, almost finished setting up a world save with a nice variety of various community lots and residences in all of the worlds and I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out. It's looking as close to how I want them with the limitations of world creation.

    I've also been reading a LOT of challenges and taking notes about the ones I thought sounded like something I'd actually play, like certain aspects of them, not the actual challenge itself. (But more like the tasks, goals, household creation, backstory ideas, etc).

    See, I am not a legacy player, I'm not a rotational player, I'm not a generations player. I'm a re-startitis type player. Create a sim(s), start playing, get bored, move on to something else ... get an idea, then rinse and repeat.

    So, I decided to incorporate all of the little things I liked about some of the challenges and create my own thing .... don't know what to call it, because it won't be a challenge, but will give me things to either work towards, force me to visit other worlds, try out gameplay aspects with packs I never, ever play with and hopefully just get more and more inspiration as I play and my households/stories branch off.

    But for sure, there will be no RULES and/or TIME LIMITS on any of it.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,606 Member
    Simming essentially confined to when am burnt out after a grueling workday. Even though I play offline and stopped getting packs & updates ages ago, it is just not engaging. Spare time mostly goes to schoolwork and pre-computer activities like reading.
  • MarkooshMarkoosh Posts: 108 Member
    I'm lately trying to do the achievements, I haven't done many.
    Just to make this game feel a bit like any other regular game with an end goal lol
  • Lady_BalloraLady_Ballora Posts: 665 Member
    I play Sims 4 for maybe an hour,then I stop and go on to other games such as Minecraft and Stardew Valley, I tried playing Evil Nun on my PC,but it's not powerful enough to run the game,so I'll probably have to install Evil Nun on my smartphone.
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  • ignominiusrexignominiusrex Posts: 2,680 Member
    Been rotating between sims2 and sims3 mostly, lately, on a pc I keep entirely offline until and unless I hear the ea app is playing nicely with sims3.
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,582 Member
    I'm having fun building again. :p
  • CAPTAIN_NXR7CAPTAIN_NXR7 Posts: 4,157 Member
    edited November 2022
    These days I spend no more than 2 or 3 hours a week in CAS or tinkering at builds which I find very enjoyable.
    I haven’t been able to invest in a lot of story play lately - it takes me all day - and I can’t afford this right now due to a busy schedule. With me it’s either all or nothing when it comes to Sims live mode.

    I did get to play a few older RPGs last week because I don’t need to be creative with those. I find it much easier to stop following an existing story that requires me to shoot a heap of monsters -unfortunately it’s fun- than to quit a game in which I can build my own world with stories and characters. In an ideal world I would be given a lifetime solely dedicated to life simulation… 🤔

  • Lulu29Lulu29 Posts: 171 Member
    I'm still enjoying my game, and Simming as much as time allows. That said, I do have a fair few mods that take away some of the current aggravations (I'm looking at you, wants and fears).

    Would you mind saying which mods that you're using to get rid of these please? I'm having the same problems, and have been trying to solve the issue without mods for ages.
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,373 Member
    I can't stay away from my sims too long.
    I've turned my attention to prep-work for my Hogwarts/Harry Potter world now.
    Sourcing sims and lots from the gallery, placing them, getting professors and support staff the necessary skillls, etc.
  • keekee53keekee53 Posts: 4,314 Member
    Been on a break due to frustration. Everything I enjoy in the game seems to be broken for me at the moment.
    • I cannot throw parties because guest sims will not eat food. I heard it was due to cc beds but I have removed them and I am still having the problem.
    • Interior designers will not get sent home after showing off the changes to the sim house.
    • Chickens have been a bit buggy where the hatch eggs spoil.

    I have not heard anything about any of these bugs being looked into.
  • StreicherStreicher Posts: 30 Member
    I'm mostly a builder but every now and then I play but find myself getting bored pretty quickly. All the random townies irritate me as well as the wants and fears which I can't seem to switch off. Recently, I played an old challenge Murkland a bit and it inspirede to create my own apocalypse challenge. I've been busy recreating all the lots and households and finalising the details and then I'll playtest it. This has kept me busy and I'm very excited to give it a go
  • lousha_lovelousha_love Posts: 40 Member
    I'm struggling with immersion breaking glitches and animations that causes me to lose interest in my story-line... and then... I create new saves over and over again😂
  • CChoarder1494CChoarder1494 Posts: 9 New Member
    just returned from a 6 month burnout by binging
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,606 Member
    Lately, when time permits, have been experimenting with TS 3 and playing TS 2.
  • BohoFlowerBohoFlower Posts: 143 Member
    Honestly i've been on and off with it because they just aren't giving us what we need for the game to be exceptional and useful in SO many ways and because it's limiting our creative freedom i feel that's why so many other people and on and off with it too, there's more they can do with it that WE can do with it but it's just all the same color palettes and still limitations on how we can use the tools and where we can place objects, The Sims 2 had a lot more stuff than all the packs combined but it's not just about the stuff in it. If they removed those limitations and gave us the flexibility we'd be SO much more happier with it. If they make The Sims 5 i'm probably not going to buy even the base game when they'd still add limitations to what we can do.
  • s_stutlers_stutler Posts: 371 Member
    I finally updated from patch 1.89 to the current 1.93. (So I could take advantage of the Black Friday sale for High School Years, and be ready for the Infants delivery, early next year)

    With it, came a whole host of bugs and issues, which I had to download more Mods to address.

    I also had to update all my broken Mods. I have started to keep a typed and alphabetized listing of all my Script and Non-script Mods. It numbers in the 300's. XD

    With all my Mods, you would think I would be perfectly happy with my game right? Nope. I am a generational family style Simmer. I play with my Sims with aging off for 1 or more Sim years per life stage. I flesh out my entire calendar, with vacations, breaks, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, summers off school, parties... and recently lost that ability with High School Years, and am pretty upset about it. As High School Years, has made the High School "events" like Football rally, Cheer Rally, Career Day, and Prom.. FESTIVALS, and you cannot change, reschedule, cancel or remove them. They oftentimes are on inconvenient days and I want to change them, but cannot, such as Career Day being during Summer Vacation... And Prom being on New Years.

    As soon as I got the expansion, I worked for 3 days to fix all the bugs, broken mods, and general issues before playing, and since then, I've just been more and more annoyed. I restarted an old family in a new save file so I could play with them as Teens in high school, but I'm not sure how long I'll continue to play with that expansion. Tbh I regret buying it.
  • mollie1998mollie1998 Posts: 260 Member
    It’s great I’m getting a teenage girl named kipper a child girl name tiger a boy toddler named Arnold and a boy cat named jake
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,606 Member
    It took over a year, RL kind, but have finally gotten a toddler to max all toddler skills and be aged up to child. Even the cake thing worked fine. No time to rest, though. Mama had another baby girl a couple of days ago. So far, there are 4 daughters and papa-san still wants a son. This is not looking good.
  • naeshellenaeshelle Posts: 58 Member
    Still enjoying my game, but it's modded to the moon & back. Any time I encounter a new annoyance, I just install a mod to deal with it. My mod count (not including CC or modded items, just mods that alter gameplay) is up to over 100 by now & it takes me a couple of days to update my game when they roll new packs out, but playing is fun.
  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 4,606 Member
    That's an impressive number of mods. I've got MCCC and a couple of others. Seems like whenever I go mod hunting almost all of the ones I find are for poses, which I've no interest in. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
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