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Homeless Author Challenge?

Dakota1377Dakota1377 Posts: 29 Member
I found a challenge I would love to try. There is one thing about this challenge. It had a dead link. Does anyone know anything about this challenge?

I've been thinking I might try making this challenge. Any advice would be greatly received
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  • Landj0ghurtLandj0ghurt Posts: 8 New Member
    Love the idea, you should just be careful it isn't too similar with the rags to riches challenge. Maybe have some goal be included with building a library or something in that direction...
  • Dakota1377Dakota1377 Posts: 29 Member
    Thank you for that helpful tip. I have done the rags to riches challenge a few times, which is mega fun. I will not make my challenge like the rags to riches challenge. I want to make my writers challenge a unique one. It will be memorable and unlike any I have tried.
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