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High School Years Positive Thoughts Thread



  • JustinB113JustinB113 Posts: 623 Member
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    I have played through school one time and I am sure there are things I missed but I have a idea of how it is now. I would say my impressions are more positive than negative but I would suggest wait for a sale unless money is not a big deal.

    But the good things:

    - you ‘feel’ like your sim is a student and can study to pass the exams or get detentions.
    - there’s some really good clothes in the pack
    - the little fairground area you go to after prom is nice
    - I only did the football but the after school activities seem cool, there’s a sports day with the cheerleaders and footballers.
    - Prom isn’t anything super special but you can make it so if you’re creative

    You will get the most out of this pack if you play families. Also if you plan to renovate the school and redesign the townies that spawn/have some way to get your own sims in the school, then you’ll get much more out of it.

    Personally my school didn’t spawn any interesting sims and I found the default school looked a bit drab and I never went upstairs to music and art. But if you want you can really change the school and make it look nice. The more you’re going to play it the more it’s worth basically 😁
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 24,384 Member
    A Positive, I suppose: I just added another family to my save. I decided to age up the only Teen before they even got inside their lot. Presto! That fast he was deemed a Valedictorian from Copperdale School! Had I only known this before …
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  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,197 Member
    I so love the neon light decors, the Advance Modern Computer, Desk & Cool Lighted Chair. They all so come in handy for my Futuristic Game Save builds. B)
  • CK213CK213 Posts: 20,223 Member
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    I haven't played HSY in a while now, but I came across a video that makes me want to play again.
    It reminds me of Sim fail states, but perhaps not as painful, for sims. There are also future HSYs sprinkled in there.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 24,384 Member
    Another positive thought: Early graduates can still go to prom. But be careful. If you have a young couple, they might get miffed at each other for not giving/getting an invitation to said Prom. However, there is NO WAY to invite a Sim to the prom, once they are no longer students there. Smooth apologies seems to remedy this negative mood.
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  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,610 Member
    Things can get boring real fast when they happen too often or are too easy. The R_u_b_i_x cube feature remained a mystery to me until today.

    Saturday rolled around and I decided to have a party since it had been awhile. My teen, Denton, who has the party animal trait actually just pulled out the cube when I asked him to do a party trick. I'm not sure if there are other ways to discover this; yet, I do like that it took awhile and it is completely random.

    Another random gameplay feature I'm still waiting on (well, maybe several more) is being asked to sneak out of the house. I'm still enjoying this pack because, like any other pack I purchase, I incorporate its features into my overall family gameplay.
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  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 2,236 Member
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    @Hearts4u cute pic! Just wondering what are your girls doing in this pic? Are they dancing? Asking because they both are looking up towards the ceiling and I was wondering what is up there LOL

    The girl in the dress has her arms raised and fisted hands like she's bee-bopping to some tunes, but the other girl looks more like she's just standing there.
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,610 Member
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    @Chicklet453681 ....I paused the game to make sure I did not miss the cube action. I didn't expect him to pull out the cube but thank goodness I was watching. The two girls on the left were chatting with each other. Denton's girlfriend is on the right wearing the dress while dancing up a storm.

    Neither of them was looking up at the ceiling. The one chatting was nodding her head in agreement and the other was bee-bopping her head as she danced--lol.
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  • JustinB113JustinB113 Posts: 623 Member
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    I’ve been thinking some more and having played this with a few sims I’m going to say I do like this pack a lot.

    However it’s really a ‘you get out what you put in’ pack. If you live in the world, make a really cool teen room, spruce up the school, do the teen aspirations, take part in the after school stuff, do the thrifting, hang out with other teens at the pier etc then it actually is immersive. It’s also a nice little side thing if you’re just passing through and playing with aging on - it makes the teen stage more unique.

    It’s just a shame the school itself is not interesting. I think there is more they could have done and with a few tweaks they could have made it an amazing pack and not just a good/okay one but I would rather have this pack than not have it. There is hours of play here for sure.
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,046 Member
    I haven't played the gameplay so far, the first thing I did was download a mod to prevent non-teens on hang on mobilephone constantly, and I'm not so keen about the theme, however I want to leave here, that I'm so happy about about the bb-catalogue, there are so many things in there which I had missed so much during the last years. I'm grateful that they are now in the game.
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,610 Member
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    One of the ways I've improved my High School experience lately is by finding another build that fits the experience I want. When I first watched the video for this high school build on YouTube, I knew this was the high school I wanted but I didn't feel like having to remodel the interior and remove all the moveobjects cheats that they used after having recently remodeling the interior of the EA build in game. The individual's Youtube channel is Schnuck and their Origin ID is schnuck01. Their build is two-story; yet, I find for gameplay and functionality that everything needs to be on the first floor.

    Here is a picture of the exterior and matching auditorium in the background which they did a nice job on. Some changes I made to the exterior was that I got rid of the bicycles out front and changed the railing on the exterior of the building.
    This is the new layout with everything being on the first floor. It took a lot of time and testing because I had to click each object to get rid of the moveobjects cheat for the build. Then I went to high school daily, watched the Sims, and then made more changes each time. The original builder used a nice color scheme.

    You can compare their interior with the changes I made to it. Photo of my changes from a different angle.

    I like what they did with both classrooms; made some minor changes to this by adding and removing some build items. This is class room 2.

    And, this is class room 1. The majority of the students are Denton's friends and his best friend, August, is in class room 2 (sitting in the middle seat of the front row).

    Made the hallways wider for better Sim movement. Had to add a lot more lighting throughout the build because I don't like dark looking areas.

    Finally figured out how to fulfill the Clean the whiteboard Want which has to be done after school ends.

    Something about the whole making your promposal sign is a nice feature to have in game. Here is Denton making his promposal sign to present to Blaire, his new crush. Decided to switch up some relationships because I wanted his future girlfriend to attend high school with him.

    I was worried she'd say no because they just started building their friendship. Yet, she said yes. They are on the road to a blossoming new relationship.
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  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,610 Member
    When you don't have enough courage to do your prom invite face to face, slip a note inside their locker.
    Teen Weenie Roast Party was so much fun just sitting back watching all my teens hangout and interact with each other.
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  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 1,610 Member
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    This is how I plan to keep busy as I await the new and improved infants. Enjoying high school years for as long as I can because I know I'll be pre-occupied once the infants release.

    Since I have a new auditorium build in the game, I decided to change the interior color scheme and interior to match what I had in the other build. I really like these colors.
    I moved the radio to the other side as you can see in the first picture. This way when the Sims gather near the stage nothing is in their way.

    The two chaperones (the principal and my teacher) are typically now sitting in these chairs watching the students.

    Before this prom, I went around to two different households and had them invite their dates to the prom. Then I went back to Denton's household to see if they showed up with their dates at prom which they did.

    Angie is hoping to take the crown for prom royalty tonight.

    Sadly, Angie did not take home the crown. But, she still had a great time. Denton and Angie went to the prom as friends but that didn't stop him from going to the flower shop to pick out the perfect rose for his date. Angie is slowing coming around.
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  • MayaRose1138MayaRose1138 Posts: 1,625 Member
    I used the More Classmates mod in my legacy as there’s quite a few cousins now that I wanted my sims to go to school with. So far, that’s working well, and I was able to add a second lunch counter to ease congestion. I think I started with 4-8 students in each of the four classes although with teens aging up, this varies. Prom worked really well for my sims, and I loved the photos :) I noticed that the grades for the exams depend on whether you get gold, silver or bronze for the daily tasks, no matter how much the sims actually studied for the exam beforehand. Career day was a little boring but my sims great-grandmother - on the last day of her sim life - manned one of the stalls and told the teens all about her career as a secret agent (that was her actual career when I was playing her) 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    So I’ve just got to test graduation and see whether I can get the youngest twins aged up on the day and still be able to attend graduation. And to see whether it works at all!
  • JestTruJestTru Posts: 1,741 Member
    It looks like an interesting pack and I definitely want to play it. I wish they would've put it on sale but I guess it's too soon for that. Till then I'll enjoy this thread and looking at pics.
  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,848 Member
    @MayaRose1138 That's adorable about the great-grandmother. Creative way to seek out time with her descendants. I hope they will treasure the memory :)
  • HopeyStarrHopeyStarr Posts: 1,166 Member
    After a few months of playing, though not continuously, I'm still really enjoying this pack. I love seeing sims from other households at school or school events. Taking different sims to prom has also felt like a fresh experience each time. And I've yet to fully explore the world of Copperdale as most of the sims I've gone to school with are from different worlds and tend to go straight home after class. Or their stories haven't taken me to a certain location yet.

    Mods have definitely enhanced my play of this pack greatly. To the point where I think I'd be posting in the negative thread without them. Then again without the pack there wouldn't be those specific mods. Of course I have my complaints on it with or without mods, but overall I really like the pack. If features from a pack get me taking a bijillion screenshots, then it's a success in my books.

    Some of the mods I use for HSY:
    -Club Gatherings at High School (simsbygia)
    -Form Groups in High School (MissyHissy)
    -Social Bunny Overhaul (marlynsims)
    -Calendar Tweaks: Exam & Prom (littlemssam)
    -Dynamic Teen Life (adeepindigo)
    -Small High School Years Tweaks (adeepindigo)
    -School Tweaks (ChippedSim)
    -Check Today's Events: Sneak Out Initiator (ilkavelle)
    -More High School Students (ksuihuh)
    -Choose Classmate (Rex)
    -Curfew Tweaks (Zero) ~ this mod more so relates to Parenthood but it gives parents an autonomous reaction to teens who break curfew
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  • JustinB113JustinB113 Posts: 623 Member
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    I have had it for a while now too and while my sims left school already I quite miss it after a few months playing a different pack. I also realised I actually didn’t do the teen aspirations or any of the trendi stuff or explore coppervale as much as I could have and haven’t snuck out of a window either (although one did sneak off to a college party once!). I’m actually thinking of temporarily trying to cheat them back in school just to do a bit more before I finally age them up.

    The vibes of this pack are really nice and as I play sims who are having an extremely long teen lifestage I don’t regret buying it just for the overall enhancements to teens. It is also one of if not the best screenshot pack I think. I’m looking forward to having them going back to the school for one last term if I can re-enroll them!
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