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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    September 20th Comments:

    It definitely is a honeymoon to remember for D.J. and Paige. :smile:

    Those family photos are great. Something for Adam to remember for a long time. Too bad the first merfolk Mira met weren't all that friendly. Probably cause they didn't know her. I'm sure if they talked to her, they would have been friendlier. Thankfully, her next time in the water, she was greeted better by a mermaid. She looks like one from the trailer for the pack. I have to laugh at Gael's bluntness of how he feels. Adam needs to deal with Pearce. Too bad he couldn't have before. His sister tried to help by transporting him up to her ship, but maybe he could have fought off Pearce along with his new vampire friends. But Adam needs the drama in his life. :joy:

    I like Leanne's new dark form look. First she finds out Cale bit her and changed her into a vampire. Then she finds out he was the one that got her pregnant. Dang. She's being appreciative of him being honest with her, but deep down I bet she's a little t'd off. :lol:
    I want to try this again as you inspired me with your "Lucifer Morningstar". Been awhile since I watched Lucifer on tv. I think I found the version you used. But I found another one.
    Have contacted the creator of that Sim about letting me download him. I want to see if I can also find a Chloe Decker or maybe make one close to her image. Then in CAS create a Teenaged Sim from the two. Do a story with those three with some brief texts and the newly created Sim from the two as the main character focus, but mostly images and let the reader/viewer form their own story from it.

    Glad Cale is rich. :wink: It kind of fits him. I probably could have gotten D.J. like that, but because I am playing as if each Sim day and real day is the same, it makes it a tad harder. I won't be doing that for 2023. With Agnes, you can't get rid of her so easily. It happened in one of previous games. She died somehow, but the game glitched and recreated her so she could run her shop. She is meant to. There's a gravestone in that game save with her name on it when rolled over. And she's running her shop. Hopefully that doesn't happen with you if she has an unforeseen death (like sunlight). But I can't wait to see how you redo her dark form. This is going to be classic. Also, good to see you can get a good laugh at your own work. You've got a good sense of humor when writing. I like it a lot. And it's fun when you can reread your own and enjoy it afterwards. That was a cool picture of the lake. One would never think it belongs to Forgotten Hollow.

    I've teased Anton as a toddler and child. But no teasers with him as a teenager yet. I think he turned out great. I think he's not a bad hottie. :joy:

    September 21st Comments:

    D.J. and Sonata look like a cute couple. I love that "puppy love" they received. I can see all the drama D.J. is going to encounter in his life just by his in-laws. :joy:

    Jonathan's parents seem like nice Sims. And was fun to see Mira playing with Pax.

    Ooo...I like that daily image. Will revisit for my September 22 comments for it when you post your story to go with it.
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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents

    July 17: Bats!

    Side Note:
    No storytelling for this daily image. October will be my Forgotten Hollow month, so D.J. gets a first glimpse at bats out in the jungle. :joy: Of course, I didn't plan it. But it was perfect timing for close to the end of my July month. Again, I am skipping my August + September so I can catch up.
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    July 8
    Hi welcome to yet another installment of "Aaron does absolutely nothing plot-relevant in 20 screenshots or less" :joy:
    Okay I admit it I'm trying to waste time (but keep posting) before Hunter arrives on the scene, mostly because I still haven't played his reunion with Aaron ( :grimace: ) and don't know how I want it to go. I usually plan for big story moments like this (where the story dictates the screenshots*) but I've been majorly procrastinating on this one :sweat_smile:
    *So obviously without the story planned out I can't take the screenshots, you know? I know, it's dumb LOL but it's just how my brain works :D
    This is super exciting and gripping content, I know LOL

    Aaron went fishing which is obviously very exciting

    And oh, would you look at that :smiley:

    He was hungry so had to chow down on one of the sturgeon he'd just caught

    Then he went digging to find cool stuff (although apparently he didn't find anything because if he had, I would have taken a screenshot of the notification :joy: )

    He spliced one of the plants at the Moonwood Collective hangout and chatted with the other members while he was there.

    That was enough to get one of the goals for his aspiration ticked off :)
    (also yes he's not even an official member of the pack yet... haha...)

    Looking confident and handsome at the woodworking bench! :love:

    Also hi Ricky <3 (don't ask me why he's so tense lol)

    Having finished his sculpture or whatever the heck it was (it's been so long I don't remember what he made LOL), he went scavenging again, found nothing again... (also man, bending over like that looks like it would REALLY hurt his back, and legs...)

    Naturally, it was time for another rampage

    I don't think I'll ever get tired of taking transformation screenshots...

    I decided to try have him regain control... (he just went swimming in the lake which is why he's naked lol)

    The first time, he failed...

    ...But the second time was a success!

    Because he was at the lake, I sent him fishing again

    Well that was fast :D

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    If Cale and CJ still have the 'Friend of Moonwood Collective' trait, they should be able to still hang out at the tree, werewolf or not (I think) :smiley:
    Aaron's not an actual member of the pack yet though lol (he is in game, but I don't know how many updates it'll be before it's official on here haha)

    Mmm... see, about Hunter coming to get him... I STILL don't know how that's all going to go down and I've had over two months to come up with a plan but... NOPE :joy:
    Bummer you had such a bad experience in Uni, I'm so glad you've graduated now and hopefully things will eventually get better for you. *Hugs*

    Sep 17: Ugh I really hate how the game generates dark forms (lol probably said that exact same thing when Cale became a vampire in my game). Really not looking forward to what it does when Aaron becomes a vampire in my game :joy: I think it's ridiculous that it changes every single outfit too. Like, WHY???
    Like 90% of my vampires don't even have dark forms anyway. Aaron will probably get one though, and I think I might just let him stay in it for most of his unlife as a vampire.
    However... your makeover of Lilah's dark form! Wow! :love:
    I'm very fond of those purple eyes for vampires myself, and they're perfect for her!
    Saying the same about those blue eyes for Adam on Day 19 too :tongue: And Leanne!
    Aaron's definitely going to have the blue eyes for his dark form ;)

    Sep 18:
    "It looks like you're a masher grabbing for my, for my...melons."
    "And now you're staring at them."
    HAHAHA I laughed far too hard at this exchange :joy:
    The yellow eyes Adam started out with did look cool but the blue eyes do suit him much better! But then, I am also fond of the yellow eyes ;) I just love all the vampire eye options, the team did a great job.
    Don't blame you for using that same beard! I downloaded it for my game and have started putting it on absolutely everybody o.O Well, not everybody... But lots of my guys look really good with that beard :D

    Sep 19: Beautiful! <3

    Sep 20: Aww, kinda bittersweet that Lilah's leaving and knows deep down that Cale isn't in love with her, but it's very understandable on his part that he doesn't.
    Hi Leanne! Ooh, now Cale confesses to being the father of her kid... Wonder when Cale will get to meet said kid, if he ever does!
    Congrats for completing Vampire Family!

    Sep 21: Oh goodness Joel's game-generated dark form is atrocious too :joy:
    The *record scratch* killed me :joy: Heard it in my head and everything LOL
    And naturally he had to have the purple eyes too, he looks awesome!

    Sep 17: Oh wow, as soon as Allyson mentioned occults I just knew one of Adam's new family members would be a werewolf... And UGH of course Irene created children in a lab! Good on Allyson for rescuing them!
    Adam hugging Gael is so sweet, poor kid's probably never had human contact at all in his short life...
    Ah, I'm guessing from the mention that Gael's going to be a teen in a couple of weeks that Adam will be in Moonwood Mill next month! Exciting! (But also potentially very bad if Gael attacks Adam like when CJ bit Cale in Karababy's story...)
    AWWW look at Pax in that last shot, such a pudgy little cutie!

    Sep 18: Lovely series of shots. Especially love Mira and the dolphin! And the one of her playing with Pax in the kiddie pool hehe.

    Sep 19: Yay, Morgyn's back!
    I let his comment slide; not even daring to ask if fairies were a real thing or not.
    Excellent, Adam knows about Moonwood Mill now! Good idea to go there to help Gael when he becomes a teen. Apart from the bit where he or some other werewolf inevitably bites Adam, right? Right? :joy: Just kidding, obviously I don't know your plans but it sure seems like Gael being erratic would lead to him doing something like that...

    Sep 20: What a fun beach day!
    Ooh, love the pirate ship being in the water!
    Pool Gael getting lectured :joy:
    The look on his face told me this was punishment enough.
    Also the family photos are great.
    Oh yay, Mira met Nalani! I love Nalani, she's so gorgeous <3
    Hi Andy!
    Oh no, Daniella! What happened to her?
    Hmm, well if vampires are after Adam then maybe being in Moonwood Mill is the best course of action after all...
    Oh good grief Gael, I know you're a werewolf and Andy's a vampire but don't be rude!

    Sep 21: Nice to meet Jonathan's parents now!
    It's so heartwarming to see Mira playing with Pax <3

    Day 17: Love that daily pic of Oona! She looks confident!
    Nice to meet Oona's club members, and great pics of them all playing chess together :)
    Poor Sakura falling off her broom :D:D
    Josh and Sandra's daughter is so pretty!

    DJ's Romantic Detour: LOL the conversation between DJ and Malcolm is amazing :joy:

    Jun 26: Ah Morgan, looking as gorgeous as ever in that daily pic! :love:
    Cool that she's able to decipher the engravings and can dump all this lore on Dylan later on :D
    And of course Dylan offers to teach her self-defense, love that they imagined Paolo's face on the punching bag :joy:

    Jun 27: The daily pic is absolutely exquisite, those colours and the sun's position and everything... yes. It's so perfect.
    Dylan has always been in great shape Morgan, did you only just notice? ;):joy:
    OH, all those workouts, of course... :tongue:
    And yay, she finally told him! <3 I'm really curious to know what they'll name the baby! And what the baby will look like :smiley:
    That last picture with them sleeping together is so sweet :bawling:

    Skipping August and September to start October in October is a pretty good idea. I've been playing an alternate version of my OMOWOY save with an aged-up Aaron (to adult, nothing drastic lol) and his family in Sulani which is my October world, and I feel like I want to skip August and September too because I just really want to play there haha. I probably would if it weren't for the fact that Forgotten Hollow is important to my overarching story, and San Myshuno is important for the transition to FH in the first place... Although if I do get rid of the overarching story then none of that would matter really... I still need to think about things haha. But it would feel so weird for Aaron to just never be a vampire if I did decide to skip FH, so... I'll figure it out :D
    I'm excited to see what you have in store for DJ and his interactions with my boys next month! :smiley:

    Jul 16/17: DJ's face in the daily pic :joy: Poor dude didn't sign up for this when he came to Sulani, did he? :D Meanwhile Emmett's just there like :)
    And same for the bats, great foreshadowing of Forgotten Hollow there ;)
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    @afai1261 , could you upload Aaron again, as teen version is so different, and im not thinking cc list either is accurate anymore :) or just tell what hair, beard, scars he now has :)

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    September 22nd: Wedding Day!

    Today's Accomplishment:
    City Native
    - Kiss someone at Romance Festival

    The morning of the wedding was spent setting up the venue on a sandbar across from the waterfall. I've got to say, having a bunch of spellcaster's help with the setup made the job a breeze. It felt like I blinked and everything was suddenly there set up and ready to go! I love magic.

    Before the guests arrived, I got out my tripod and took some photos of the Bride and Groom.


    I might be biased, but they do make a lovely couple.

    Not long after that, the guests started teleporting in, (another benefit of inviting mostly spellcasters) and soon everyone was chatting and catching up.


    Carol had invited the Charm family, as she considered them to be family, as well as Sofia, Rohan, and their son Gage.


    Of course Morgyn was the guest of honor and brought the regrets of the other two Sages who were unable to make it.

    The kids gravitated together and started building a sandcastle, and I hoped desperately Gael would be on his best behavior and perhaps make a friend. At least Pax and Gage seemed to hit it off.


    As mid-afternoon rolled around, everyone took a seat and the wedding ceremony began!


    I admit I shed a few tears seeing my little girl looking so grown up, and when they exchanged rings and said their vows I was both excited for them as well as sad.


    Gone were the days when it was just the three of us off having an adventure, and I was going to miss it. But it was time for her to go on a new adventure with Jonathan, and who knows what kind of adventures they might find.

    As they sealed their vows with a kiss, the fireworks we'd set up began to go off behind us, causing everyone to stand up and cheer.


    With the guests distracted by the display, I snuck over to the buffet and magic'd up some food and chocolate for the fountain.


    Carol followed me over, and I congratulated her on her marriage.


    "Those were some beautiful vows," I said giving her a hug. "You made me tear up."

    "Thanks dad," she said squeezing me tightly, "I love you."


    "I love you too," I said pulling back and smiling at her glowing face, "and I'm so proud of the young woman you've become." I stuck out my hand and grinned, "And also let me be the first to address you by your new name, Mrs Carol Oakley."


    She laughed and shook my hand before we were caught in a surge of guests coming over to congratulate Carol and Jonathan.

    Eventually we got everyone to sit down and eat, and it was interesting to see who ended up sitting with who.


    Poor Rohan ended up all alone.


    The toddlers grabbed some food and waddled off to enjoy it near the wedding arch.


    As everyone finished their meals, Carol and Jonathan got up and announced they were going to cut the cake.


    They even fed each other a bite of the first piece.


    So sweet.


    The sun was now getting pretty low on the horizon, so it was officially time to party!


    I jumped on the DJ booth and started playing some music, and soon everyone was on the dance floor gettin' down!


    It was a sight to behold.


    Unfortunatly Gael got into a fight with Gemma's son Xzavier, and Kaori had to pull him aside and give him a talking too.


    It was probably just too much stimulation for a kid who'd had so little exposure to people.


    The party rocked on until about 10pm, when people started saying their goodbyes.


    But not before getting in some selfies!


    Our own kids were starting to look pretty sleepy, so we wrapped up the night with a quick bonfire before teleporting them home to bed.


    Just as Kaori and I were about to turn in for the night, I saw a notification on my phone telling me the Romance Festival in San Myshuno was in progress until 1am. Dang it! I wanted to go there with Kaori! I asked her if she was up to a little fun before bed, and she smiled coyly and asked what I had in mind.

    I don't think she was expecting a trip to another world, but she was game.


    We arrived and shared a glass of tea together before going over to a wedding arch to share a kiss.


    It was truly a beautiful ending to such a wonderful day.
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    @RememberJoy , just have to say I love that first wedding pic <3

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @RememberJoy , just have to say I love that first wedding pic <3

    Thanks! It was a lot of work to get them all to sit down long enough to get a few screenshots, but it was worth it!
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    Sonata looks a lot like her Mom! And not just because of the hair. Very pretty! Aww, how sweet, she adores him! Oh hey, Hi Brooks! I see he lost his yellow gloves in your game. hehe Wow, so many good looking guys in that shot; Jasper, DJ, Malcom, Nik Jr. and Cale! Oh and I think that's Josiah talking to Cale.

    And there's Melody and Veera, and Greg too! Uh oh, that means somebody had to die if he's there. He doesn't look too happy to be there and DJ looks like he's either scared or perhaps a bit in awe. Ah yes, Malcom! He'll help you understand all about the Connors, your future family. Malcom is such a character, I love that Dude! YOUR Malcom only though, he's come a long way since being a premade, way better than he was in my opinion. <3

    HAHA I got a good laugh out of the knives and butts comment. :D Oh yes, listen to him DJ, Veera loves to give long speeches when she wins at the Gala. You have a Tom Hanks Sim in your save? Oh yeah, I'm sure he does need a drink...or four. hehe

    Oh dear, your update for Cale looks like it'll be interesting. I'm a bit surprised Cale hasn't noticed Veera is in her undies, but he's busy cheering for Melody. Yep, Cale has a thing for the Connors women. LOL

    Whoa! Yeah, Paige is HUGE for just the second trimester! I used to think they would have twins when they get that big, but it's not always true. Crossing my fingers she does have twins though, that would be very cool! :)

    Yes, I imagine she's more than a bit leery of Cale at the moment, despite how he 'says' it wasn't his idea. How does she know he's telling the truth? She doesn't. Hopefully she'll start to feel a bit more comfortable and safe around him the longer they live together.

    Wow, that's a good rendition of Lucifer you found, he looks very close to the original. I've never actually watched the show, yet. All I know about it is short clips I've watched online and from doing some research about him for quotes and info about the Azrael Blade. Ellu is the Lucifer expert. If you have any questions about him or the show, she's the one you should ask. I like your idea about doing a mini story with him and other characters from the show.

    I'm sure if the original has lost her special status by changing to a vampire the game will generate a new Agnes. I saw in a LP by others how they've had duplicates of her, sometimes more than one or more, Agatha too. I hope that doesn't happen either. If it does, I'll just copy her from another save, remove the other duplicates and she should take over her duties again. I plan to remove her vampire status when this month is over.

    I hope she doesn't die from sunlight before I can do anything.

    Thanks for the compliment about writing comedy. <3 I love writing comedy, but don't do it very often. The faces Cale made when training Adam just killed me! I had to write something silly for them, they were just begging for it. hehe

    Excited to see Anton! The fact you think he's a hottie, makes me even more curious. hehe

    Did those bats bite him? That would've been a very cool segue into FH, he gets changed by bats in the jungle! I don't think anyone has written a transition happening in that way. I'm guessing he'll be fine though. :)

    Aaron looks so done with it all in your daily post pic! Poor guy... :(

    I so understand where you're coming from with the need to write an important part of your Sim's character, but not knowing how to handle it. One of the perils of writing on the fly without a clear plot progression written in advance. Happens to me almost every month. o.O I'm sure you'll figure it out though. Good luck! :) By the way, I'm curious, has Hunter actually shown up there? Perhaps at the bar? Occults are drawn to that bar for some reason. I think it might be coded into that bar or something that it's more attractive to occults.

    Congrats to Aaron for completing that aspiration milestone! I don't remember if I ever gave that one to Cale, I'm sure he'd probably have no problems completing it. Thanks again for the tip werewolves can eat raw fish. I never would've known if you hadn't shown Aaron doing it the first time. :) Ohhh yeahhh to paraphrase Cale, Aaron does look very confident and handsome! And so does Ricky! Rawr! He's in my save, but haven't seen him anywhere yet. Hopefully soon!

    The same as you never getting tired of taking rampage screenshots, I never tire of seeing them! Such a cool animation! I'm glad the Devs did that for them. I wonder if they felt bad about not doing anything for Mermaids transitioning and decided to try to make up for it with the werewolves? Hmmm... Tsk, Aaron is so lucky! Cale had to wait until a full moon to catch a Luna fish. He couldn't do it otherwise.

    Oh yes, Cale and CJ are still friends of the Moonwood Collective. Good to know they might still be able to hangout like that by the tree. Definitely have to try it!

    *Hugs again* <3

    It is ridiculous, I don't get it! I usually just go in and remove the game generated dark form without even looking at the other categories so I had no idea all of them are changed when they turn. A lot of my vamps don't have much of a dark form either. Usually just something tiny so I know they're in dark mode, for instance a crack on their face, maybe glowing eyes and that's about it. Lately though I've been going full out making dark modes for them. It's fun!

    I agree, there is a lot of great vamp eye options. It's just such a fantastic beard! I would've put it on Joel too, but I thought maybe I've been using it too much. I can't help it, it's my favorite! It seems to look great on all guys, you're right! I'd use it on all mine if I thought I could get away with it. hehe

    It's sad yes, but Cale's not looking for love right now, just companionship or 'friends with benefits' kind of relationship. I'm sure at some point one of his ladies will coax an ember to start glowing in his heart that will develop into a flame and then a 5 alarm fire. But not right away. He's still hurting from losing Sandy, even if he doesn't show it, it's always there, right under the surface.

    Oh I'm positive he'll meet his Son with Leanne. Perhaps when she goes back home, Leanne will introduce them, or maybe he'll come to FH. We shall see...

    hehe I heard that record scratch in my head as soon as I saw Joel's dark mode look, so of course I had to put it in the update. hehe That colorful mermaid eyeshadow with the yellow eyes looks kind of cool, especially with his red hair, but nope, that's just not Joel's style. He kind of looks like the Joker eh? hehe
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    Thank you all for comments, I try to write back tomorrow , finally free day to me <3
    Part Cale

    Case Cale was different, as I got him already as vampire :) I just put him with Joel and Jon and couple other vampire ya, offspring of last yeasr challenge and such. Cale wasted no time , went right to Nelly Masters, Karababy52's last years sim, Essa's daughter with Nik, also a vampire. flirt with her, they even shared first kiss (part of mod it to be autonomuous).

    When I was at nightclub with D.J , Cale sure forgot that he had a new girlfriend.
    after getting no reaction from Melody..
    he just had to start drooling about Veera for next sim hour or two!!!!
    Eventually asking selfie and getting it . Sorry D.J , that must hurt :( (sims and clipping, uh)

    Back home in San Myshuno, he did remember his girlfriend. Better do just that , Cale.
    Free will on.. I know that face animation....
    Oh yep, checking the sheets, arent we?

    What was that??!!!
    LMAO , haha , best timing ever :D
    Essa, you really came to check on your daughter already?? :D

    Well, here she is:

    After fast spin to regular wear, Nelly left to see if her mom was still in the hall, Cale went to watch tv. ( can clearly see the Nelly has her moms eyes, but rest of the face is from Nik)
    Cale tried to watch the movie... what he could from chatting of the ladies.
    But soon the secret agent ovie got all 3 hooked.

    And.... :wink:

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @afai1261 , could you upload Aaron again, as teen version is so different, and im not thinking cc list either is accurate anymore :) or just tell what hair, beard, scars he now has :)

    Of course I can! He'll still be a werewolf and have a bunch of skills though if that's okay for your game? I also need to update my game and all that before I can upload him, but when I do I'll let you know! :)

    This first CC list is what I call "essential" - it's a list of his skin details and stuff that doesn't change from month to month, so it's still accurate (reposted from my first post):
    If anyone has downloaded Aaron and doesn't mind using a bit of CC to make him look like how he does in my updates, here is a list of his CC and which swatches to use:
    - kismetsims eyebags part two

    - kismetsims lip masks

    - kismetsims nose masks

    - simreaper top surgery scars part 2

    He does have Luumia's body hair v4, but if anyone has v5 then that would work too. I just use v4 for Aaron in particular because it's softer and lighter :)

    - dangerouslyfreejellyfish Whisper eyes sectoral heterochromia

    - kijiko eyelashes - I think the current version of him uses the skin detail version of these lashes however so if you don't already have those, get them :)

    For his July look (how he looks right now as a werewolf) you'll also need (if you don't already have them): And all that should be automatically applied when you download him :3
    - The scars are from the werewolves pack itself so all good there :)
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    I've just uploaded the latest version of Aaron as a werewolf and with all his CC to the gallery. Feel free to change him back to a human sim if you so desire, and be sure to grab all the CC first before you download him so it's all automatically there :3
    Looking forward to seeing what happens to him in your save! :smiley:
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    September - Day 22: "Anyone who thinks fallen leaves are dead has never watched them dancing on a windy day..."


    Cale tried to politely invite Agnes over to his house so he could train her, but she kept hanging up on him and finally just ignored/blocked his calls. He didn't want to do it, but he used his ability to command her to visit. When she arrived, Agnes walked in the door and immediately started the transformation process.

    Uh...oh boy, this deserves a really lonnnnng record scratch! o.O She looks like a guy! What the heck game?

    Here's a few of her other game generated dark mode outfits, all bad in my opinion. I think the scariest looking of the bunch is the first one, everyday wear. I think it's the menacing glowing teal colored eyes staring at me or something. I'm sure Agnes wouldn't be caught undead in any of these. Especially the revealing swimwear and hot weather outfit. I was very surprised to see that NPC Angler hat. It's not an option to choose in normal CAS. I was tempted to keep it somehow just so I'd have access to it in this save. But I didn't...

    Here's her dark mode after I gave her a makeover. Some Simmers don't like that hairstyle and believe it belongs to Judith Ward. I like it though and thought it would work for Agnes. She has the same skin tone and black hair, cracked cheek and spooky blue eyes in homage to her 'normal' color. I kept her iconic red lipstick and pearls for most outfits just for fun. New eyebrows and eye make-up complete the look. Oh, and other than becoming a vampire, the biggest change for Agnes is that she is now a YA!

    Here's a few of her dark mode outfits; everyday, formal/party (same), swim wear, hot and cold weather outfits. It's a mix of different eras. Some probably too old for even her, but meh. My favorite is her cold weather outfit.

    Here's a close-up look at her normal young adult look now. I changed her hair/eyebrow color, gave her more subtle blush and eyeliner. That's it! Well, except I took away all her 'extra' aging assets she had by default, gave her the Ooh Smooth skin overlay, straightened her back, lifted her breasts and gave her bottom lip an ever so slight fuller look.

    I wanted to give her CC eyelashes, but there was a graphical error on her face with them because of her hair/hat. For some reason when she has a different hairstyle, the graphical glitch isn't there. As a result, she only has eyelashes in her dark mode look.

    While Leanne kept herself busy reading vampire encyclopedias in the living room, Cale asked Agnes to join him in the kitchen.

    "Why did you command me to come over here? I can take care of myself. I don't need a man telling me what I should or shouldn't do."
    "Would you have come over if I hadn't? I don't think so since you kept hanging up on me."

    "NO, yes...oh, I don't know. Maybe. Eventually. But, why is it necessary? I can learn whatever I need to know from books. I don't want some man telling me what to do. I have a mind of my own!"
    "I know, but it's my duty as your Maker to teach you. By the way, you know you're a young girl again, right? A very pretty one too."

    "What did you just say?"
    "I said you were a very pretty young girl now. What's wrong with that? It's the truth."

    "How DARE you!? What gives you the right to ogle me to notice if I'm pretty or not?"

    "You're daydreaming about me right now, aren't you? Probably picturing me naked. Did you learn nothing the other day? Perhaps I need to get out my purse again."
    "There's no need for that Agnes."

    "I'll admit I do enjoy the ladies, I can't help it. I appreciate beauty when I see it. But there's only one I've ever daydreamed about. My wife. She was my first and only true love, my best friend, my soulmate. I miss her so much."

    "You've lost your loves too, so I know you can understand what it's like to miss them. Anyway, I meant no disrespect saying you were pretty. But if it bothers you that much, I will try to keep my thoughts to myself."

    "Well okay then, just so we understand each other. I forgive you. And I do know. I've missed both my husbands and think about them every day. I was so looking forward to joining them again one day. What an old fool I've been to hold on to that hope for all these years. It doesn't matter now."

    "Why haven't you tried to resurrect them?"

    "Resurrect? That's not possible. Once you're dead, you're dead. I see their ghosts sometimes, but it's not the same."

    "But it is possible Agnes. Have you ever heard of ambrosia?"

    "Ambrosia, no, I don't recall ever hearing about it, what is it?"

    "It's a rare dish you can prepare using special ingredients. You'd have to be an extremely skilled cook too. But once you are, get an Angelfish, a Potion of Youth and a Death flower to make it. Get the ghosts of your husbands, or any ghost, to eat it and they'll come back to life."

    "Extraordinary. Is this common knowledge? Does everyone know about this magical dish?"
    "Oh yeah, it's pretty well known. I can't do it myself since my Sandy was wiped from existence. Her urn and her soul are gone so she isn't a ghost. She's...nothing now."

    Agnes let loose with a string of very unladylike expletives, shocking Cale.
    "Why didn't anyone *BEEP*ing tell me about this? *Beep* *Beep* * BEEEEEEEEEP*

    "Uh... maybe because all you do is yell at everyone?"

    "You're so busy being angry, you can't hear anything but your own voice yelling and scare people away with that big *beep* purse. Nobody wants to get whacked by that thing."
    "Oh dear..."

    "Maybe you should try being nicer to people. You might be surprised at what they'll share with you and what you'll learn about them...and yourself. Everyone has a story if you'll only listen. Something they say might change your life."

    "You're right. I've been so busy being bitter about losing my loves, so jealous of those that do have someone to love, I didn't stop to think about anyone else, but myself. I've been so selfish."
    "It's never too late to turn over a new leaf Agnes. This is your chance."
    "I don't know if I can, it's a part of who I am now. But I want to try. And I need to make that Ambrosia, immediately!"
    "What about your training?"
    "I'll be fine, I've got plenty of time now to learn what I need to know. I can read."
    "Alright, but call me if you need anything okay? You can use your cell if you want to, but it's not really necessary. Just call out my name and I'll zip right over."
    "Thank you Cale. I best be going now. I have a lot of work ahead of me and my shop to run."
    "Goodbye Agnes, I have a feeling you're going to be just fine. And good luck with the ambrosia too."

    Agnes got up from her chair and actually smiled a little at Cale. She reached out and shook his hand, then gave his shoulder a pat before turning to walk away.

    (Oh Robert, Erik, I can't wait to hold you both again. Soon my loves, soon...)
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    *Updated my September 22nd post above! I'll get started on comments next. Hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,940 Member
    Oh man, look at them! What a gorgeous looking couple! I love the sunset in the distance too, so beautiful! <3

    Cale autonomously went straight to Nelly? That's incredible! Oh pray tell what Mod do you have that makes it so Sims will share a first kiss autonomously? I'd love to try it in my game. :)

    Cale's always been a sucker for the Connors women. Can't blame him, they're beautiful! But yes, he shouldn't have such a wandering eye when he has a girlfriend already. hehe Eh, he's a guy, it's free to look, right? ;) Hi Dane!

    And there's Josiah looking all pouty faced. Aww... anyway, well I can see why he was ogling her, she's in her undies! hehe Veera! She sure loves attention, eh? So sweet she agreed to a selfie with him. They're good friends in my game. Especially when they were fellow celebrities. :)

    Whoa! Look at that kiss! Go Cale! Wow, LOVE their apartment, it's all purple and pink! So is Nelly, I mean her outfits. hehe Love the color purple, it's my favorite! I don't think that's a big revelation though, I've said it enough times. :) Fantastic job on styling her and renovating their home.

    GAH! Autonomous woohoo too? I need that mod! hehe Uh oh, there's Mom! Hi Essa, you look fabulous too dear! Purple suits her and so does that hairstyle. I had no idea you'd restyled Essa too, what a lovely surprise!

    hehe Uh, I don't think you want to 'see' Nelly at the moment Essa. o.O She's a bit, uh, busy. ;)

    Oh yeah, there's no missing those teal blue eyes. She's so pretty. Yep, I can see her gorgeous hunky Dad, Nik, in her, definitely!

    hehe Don't you just love all the faces Sims make while watching movies? I know I do.

    Yay! Baby on board! Woo Hoo! So exciting! Can't wait to see what their baby(ies) looks like now. Congrats Cale and Nelly! <3 What a fantastic update! Thank you so much for sharing, you made my night! *Hugs* <3
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    afai1261 wrote: »
    I've just uploaded the latest version of Aaron as a werewolf and with all his CC to the gallery. Feel free to change him back to a human sim if you so desire, and be sure to grab all the CC first before you download him so it's all automatically there :3
    Looking forward to seeing what happens to him in your save! :smiley:
    Great! thanks, took him and cc :) I will keep his gender pref, just like everyone elses, but I have my own werewolf dude in mind , or do you wish/want it to be Hunter in my game too?
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
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    edited September 2022
    Awesome! Would be fun to see a universe where Aaron isn't with Hunter, so I don't mind who he ends up with in your game :3
    |origin id: afai1261| she/her |
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    September 22nd Comments:

    (September 21st daily image revisited)
    The game really did make Joel's dark form a bit colorful. I like how you kept the facial appearance of it. Did you keep the clothing, too? lol
    I was a big fan of the Lucifer series when it first came out. Watched the first couple seasons as the shows aired. It was still a good show afterwards, but life ya know. Couldn't watch the episodes as they aired. Still need to see the final season.

    Hopefully there are no Agnes duplicates for you. I've read the same thing about Agatha as well. She'll also duplicate if something happens where she can't do her stuff she is meant to in the game. Still looking forward to seeing Agnes' dark form. :joy:

    I think you'll like Anton's teenage look. He'll be a big part of my October story arc. D.J. did not get bitten unfortunately in the jungle. He had his plasma bat bait I gave him before the journey. :lol: He looks surprised now. "Just wait D.J.!" :joy:
    Is that just story telling or did Agnes really not appreciate Cale calling her to hang out? :joy: "No free will for you Agnes! Get your tooshie over here!" Okay, the dark form the game made cracked me up a lot. Especially the outfits. You did awesome on the new look update. And her younger self. Now she knows a way to possible bring her two hubbies back. But how will she love both at the same time in physical form? lol ... They're gonna end up getting jealous of each other. Guess Agnes can cross that bridge if that happens.

    Aaron over there keeping himself busy to distract himself. Ricky arrives probably wanting to use the woodworking table, but Aaron has it first. :lol: Good to see he is learning to control his rampaging.
    I can't wait for D.J. to meet Aaron and Hunter in vamp form as well. Yup, I already had Hunter turn Aaron. I did edit their dark form look a bit. Nothing drastic.

    Such a nice wedding. I thought it was funny that Adam shook his daughter's hand rather than hug her. :lol:

    Wow, Cale's apartment in San Myshuno is beautiful. Did you set that up? Nooboo on its way for Cale and Nelly!
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    Im still not yet writing proper comments, I truly apologize, I try soon. <3 I do read and awesome all !

    I decided to move all other sims to San Myshuno. renovations take time, as are a bit challenging too, most of all for couple of them, I need to be creative, lol
    Been renovating apartments all day, now I need a break, tomorrow I will post rest 3. Plus San Myshuno update for D.J and Sonata.
    After that back to Oona.
    LOL I wonder from where I do find Oona after all this time spent at San Myshuno :p

    Here some replies regarding your sims in my game

    @Karababy52 ,
    re: mod I use..for auto woohoo hehe sorry, it will be part the one you said you are not gonna use :( MCCC (woohoo - module) . but , good news, you can ONLY have the woohoo part of the mod, no actual MCCC needed. With that you can have auto try for baby too, or set risky % to what ever you like. It is small mod.

    or I can help with settings of the main mod, we can leave out the parts you disslike so much (story progression) , and the other day you complined your game makes too much random elders, we can set up so your random townies are only adults, as there are communityroles what only uses adults or elders. (ya would be nicer, and possible, but game will force spawn elders then to those roles what YA cannot have.)

    oh,auto kiss... is one mod from bienchen, it does something else but also allows auto-first kiss, , I try hunt down that one :P

    Thank you for your comments, Im happy you liked the update, hey, their kids will be 75% your sims, in my game :D I did know you love purple, why its as purple as can :P pink fits with it and is often the other color in purple swatches.

    RE:your update+ lashes, hehe I like new Agnes xd About lashes , these are my favorite if used with glasses or facial what dont fit well with 3d by kijiko

    Those are under eyeliners. Pralinesims have others too.

    @LegacySims2017 ,
    thank you , I was bit worried you did not liked that D.J was part of such a complicated family and a vampire :)

    Yes I did renovate Cale's apartment, and decided that all challenge sims will be living in San Myshuno. It is a bit time consuming, but fun :P

    I only renovate, my rule id that I cannot delete walls, what is good as im not a builder, all rooms would be boring squares :D

    @afai1261 ,
    thanks for the comment about Malcolm and D.J's conversation, I put a lot of thought to it :P I have perfect plan for Aaron on my mind, cant wait to do it :P

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    September 23rd: A day with Gael

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Beach Life
    - Explore cave
    - Find Treasure

    The day after the wedding Gael was still feeling irritable, so I decided a brother outing might be just the thing he needed.


    I brought him over to the cave and asked if he was game to do some exploring, but he seemed a bit uncertain so I went in first to show him it was safe.


    He cautiously followed me in and I told him that the last time I'd been here I'd found an old coin. That seemed to interest him, so together we went searching for some treasure. Unfortunatly despite our best efforts the only treasure we emerged with was an interesting looking rock.


    Gael seemed a little disappointed, so I told him I knew of another place where treasure could be found.


    "There's an old shipwreck out in the bay that's just loaded with treasure," I said, bending over to whisper conspiratorially. "They've even placed a buoy over it so divers can find it more easily, but it can be dangerous. There's a fierce shark that prowls the waters out there, I had the ill fortune of meeting it the last time I was out there, but if you promise to do as I say I'll take you out there to see if we can find some treasure!"


    Gaels eyes lit up at the prospect of adventure, and together we made our way out to the buoy.

    I knew Kaori would have words to say if she knew I was bringing Gael out here, but seeing his eyes light up like that warmed my heart and a little danger would make the adventure that much sweeter for the kid. Plus I'd be on guard for any shark fins this time.


    Once we reached the buoy, I changed in to my diving gear and told Gael if he saw a fin to slap the water and I'm be up in a moment.


    I dove down to the wreck below and began searching for anything interesting. It didn't take too long.


    With a splash, I emerged from the water holding up the treasure in triumph.


    Gale cheered, and for the first time since we'd met, I saw real joy and happiness in his eyes. Yeah, this had been worth it.

    The sun was beginning to set, so we swam back to shore and made our way home for the night, feeling a closer bond from our time together.


    Now to explain all of this to Kaori.

    So for the wedding I'd moved Nalani into the house while I moved everyone else to the wedding venue, and then moved her out when I moved them back in, but for some reason she never left and must have autonomously started using the telescope I had outside despite the thunderstorm that was raging all night.

    The camera suddenly panned over to her and I realized I was about to see my first death by meteorite, so of course I started taking screenshots. Since I'm planning on having Mira and Nalani become good friends, I had Kaori resurrect her right away.

    I didn't end up adding the events of her death and resurrection to my story as they didn't really fit the direction I was going, but it was so funny I had to share it as an extra.

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    September - Day 23: "Whatever you are, be a good one..."


    Cale was running low on plasma fruit, so went around the neighborhood to see if any of the trees there were ready to harvest. Thankfully, he found three that were ready.

    He hadn't been working out very much lately and felt a little soft, so Cale traveled to one of his old haunts, the gym in Newcrest. Unfortunately, he'd neglected to take any of the fruit he'd just harvested or plasma packs with him. Thankfully one of his good friends was there, Acacia. She readily agreed to let him have a drink from her.

    Cale had only wanted just a sip to tide him over to get him home, but the taste of Acacia...was like the finest wine, ambrosia. He couldn't resist drinking more and more and...

    "GAHHH! That hurts like *BEEP*!"

    "That's ENOUGH Cale!"

    "I'm so sorry Acacia. Please forgive me, I didn't want to hurt you. It's just that you're so-"
    (You can't tell her that, she'll think you're only her friend because she tastes sooo freakin' delicious I-just-want-to-bite-her creamy-white-neck-and-f-)
    (Whoa! Down boy!)
    "-sweet and I must've been more hungry than I realized. Thank you for being so understanding."

    Acacia insisted she was fine and of course forgave him. The two friends had a chat for a little while, promising to get together soon just before Cale left.

    Because it was time for another marathon hibernating session to complete the Good Vampire aspiration. He will sleep for 14 days to avoid drinking from Sims.

    Sweet dreams dear!

    Leanne was hibernating too. Mostly because it would take a lot of time to play her while Cale slept. I could've temporarily had her move out, but no need for that since she's a vampire too!

    They started hibernating the first Friday of Winter in a 14 day season.

    One nice thing about having Leanne there was she can get up to pay the bills instead of Cale. Makes the time go faster without any breaks like that.

    First Monday of Spring Leanne got up for the last time to pay the bills. Only four more days!

    Times up! It's now the first Friday of Spring!

    Wake up sleepy head and...

    ...Congratulations Cale! He's now finished all three aspirations. Not sure yet which aspiration he'll do now until next month.

    Comments/replies coming up next! I hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    No, I didn't keep Joel's game generated dark mode outfits, I made him some new outfits.

    Ah, okay, you're way ahead of me then.

    I've seen that happen with Agnes and Agatha in YT LPs I've watched. Hopefully that won't happen. If it does, I'll just delete all of them, original and imposters, make a copy of the original from another save and put her in Cale's save. Hopefully she'll be able to take back her roles that way. :)

    Ah, can't wait to see him! Good job having the bat bait with you DJ! :) I always have my explorers purchase several of all the jungle remedies, just in case.

    It was just for story purposes, he called her to hang out and she was immediately there. I know! Gah! Those game generated outfits make me shake my head. hehe Thanks, I tried to make them realistic a bit to her character. Tried to keep her Agnes' 'normal' YA look as untouched as possible, just younger. ;)

    I have no idea how Agnes will handle that situation when the time comes. I don't think she's really thinking about that right now, just that she has a possible way to bring them back if she wants to. Hmm, might have to explore what would happen in a scenario like this with Agnes in another save or something, might be fun!


    Sounds like you've been very busy today, hopefully it was lots of fun too! I bet you'll find Oona somewhere near Jon. :)
    Ah, MCCC, I should've known. I might have to break down and try it after all. Yes, I knew about those features and how it has modules for different things. I've just never taken the time to try it yet.

    Biechen! I should've known. She has so, so many great Mods. I think I have more mods made by her than any other in my game. I'll look that one up, thanks! Okay, fair enough 75% my Sims. I think it's sweet of you to do that and actually play with them. You're right pink does go very well with purple and is often matched with it. It certainly looks great with the purple in that apartment and the outfits. Bravo! And Thank you! *Hugs*

    Glad you like Agnes, I do too! Poor old lady deserves some love in her life eh? Ooo, some lashes that can be used with glasses! Brilliant! Thank you so much for the link to this, you're so sweet to do that. I'll definitely be getting it! I'll check out Pralinesims too, I have several pieces of CC from that Modder, they do very high quality work in my opinion. Thanks again! <3
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    September 24th: Back to San Myshuno

    Today's Accomplishments:
    City Native
    - Finish a mural at the art center

    Beach Life - Complete
    - Doze off while relaxing in a lounge chair

    Today's weather forecast called for it to rain all day, and since Kaori wanted to go Winterfest shopping anyways, we all teleported to San Myshuno for the day.

    Once the shopping was done, we dropped by the Skill Center for a little bit of fun.


    Mira and I went downstairs to paint a mural together, and Kaori took the boys to go play in a couple rooms that had been set up for kids.


    Mira and I worked on the mural all morning, and by the time we finished it, we felt a lot closer in more than one way.


    Oh Yeah!


    It was now noon and time for lunch, but the only food stalls open in this neighborhood were for produce and hot drinks, so I suggested we check out the Spice District and perhaps drop in on my vamp friends to see how they were doing.

    When we arrived I knocked on my old door and was invited in by Eric who was the only one there.


    "Adam!" he greeted me, giving me a hug, "It's been too long!"

    He then gave me a concerned look and whispered so only I could hear.


    "But you're being hunted," he said, "and you shouldn't have come here. I'm sure this place is being watched."

    "Where are the others?" I asked in normal voice, wanting to change the subject so as not to scare the kids.

    Eric gave me an understanding look and responded in a more upbeat voice.

    "Everyone except Londyn and Dayna have left," he said, "and they're both at work right now. Now that Darius is no longer around to pay the bills, we've all had to step up."


    I nodded and Eric invited all of us to sit down.

    "So what brings you to my neck of the woods?" Eric asked once we were all seated.


    "Just some Winterfest shopping," Kaori piped up. "We were going to find some lunch and Adam suggested stopping by to say hi."

    "Where are my manners," Eric said, "you must be Kaori. Adam spoke of you often and It's good to finally meet you." He turned to Mira, "And you must be his daughter, Carol I believe?"

    Mira shook her head and looked down shyly and I jumped in and explained Mira was my younger sister who I'd just recently found out about. I also introduced Gael to him who fortunately was in a good mood and on his best behavior.


    Pax had nodded off on the couch, it being his usual nap time, and I asked Eric if we could put him down for his nap in one of the bedrooms while we went to find some lunch.

    Eric agreed and soon we were all crowded around a food stall ordering some curry.


    I think it may have been a little hot for the kids.


    As I ate I considered Eric's warning and kept a sharp lookout for anyone who seemed to be watching us, but as far as I could tell nobody was. We were probably pretty safe as long as it was daytime and the area was crowded enough.

    We finished up our food and I challenged everyone to some basketball.


    I was feeling the heat from the curry and I think I may have set the ball on fire by mistake.



    As the sun began to set, I rounded everyone up and together we teleported back to Sulani for the night.

    Mira asked to go out for a swim and Kaori put Pax to bed before sitting down and playing a game of chess with Gael.


    I sprawled out on a lounge chair and closed my eyes for a second, and the next thing I knew Kaori was shaking me awake and jokingly asking if I wanted to sleep there for the night.


    I laughed, stretched, and followed her upstairs to bed.
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    September - Day 24: "Mess with me and I turn the other cheek. Mess with my family and believe me darling, the gloves come off..."


    Finally, L. Faba had found him.

    Lance Lamont. It hadn't been easy since she could not cast a location spell to find anyone she hadn't met. She'd had to resort to the normal ways one could find someone, research and lots of leg work.

    Now that she had him in her sights, L. would put her plan in motion so he could never hurt Cale or anyone else ever again.

    But first, she intended to toy with him a little. She was the mighty Sage of Mischief Magic after all.
    "Burnious, garbaggio, HUZZA!"


    Before anyone could answer Lance's pleas, L. cast another spell.

    "Morpheus, bunbunio, HUZZA!"


    L. walked over to retrieve Lance in his current transformed state of a rabbit statue.

    (It's time to take out the trash.)

    L. picked up the unassuming bunny statue and transportalated to a magical location, the whereabouts of which was known only by herself.

    Inside an enchanted room deep beneath the ground under Magic HQ, L. placed Lance in bunny form on the floor in front of an ancient wooden coffin.

    She then cast a reversal spell to transform Lance back to his corporeal being.

    "Oinubnub, suehprom, HUZZA!"

    Followed immediately by a spell that would make it so he could not move but a few inches from his current spot or use his vampire powers to escape.

    *GASP* "Who are you? Where am I? What's going on?"

    "I am L. Faba, Sage of Mischief Magic you worthless piece of *BEEP* and your worst nightmare!"

    "You're finished! Your evil ways end tonight Honey."

    "Nobody messes with my family and friends without suffering the consequences. I won't stand for it. I should've taken care of you a long time ago. You won't be able to hurt Cale or ANYONE ever again."

    "Oh, I see, Nancy put you up to this huh? I should've known he wouldn't have the balls to do it himself. He went crying to his new Mommy instead. Typical. Nancy always was a coward and Mama's little girl. What are you gonna do *beep*? Kill me? got news for ya, I'm already dead and my best friend is Lucifer. He'll just resurrect me again. You don't scare me, I'm INVINCIBLE!"

    "Uglania monsterio, HUZZA!"

    "Big whoop, you turned me green. So what? Is that all you got *Beep*?"
    "I'm not finished with you yet. I just thought it appropriate an evil ugly monster like you on the inside, should look like an ugly monster on the outside as well. Even if no one will ever see you again when I'm finished with you."

    "Your fate was suffered by only one other, but she didn't deserve it and was rescued. You deserve it and will not escape. See these walls? Pretty aren't they? They're enchanted, magic. No one can hear you, no one can sense where you are, no one can save you. You'll spend all eternity, for the rest of time alone, ugly and wide awake, magically locked in that coffin behind you."


    "You can scream, you can cry and beg for relief, but no one will hear you. You won't die either. You can't escape that way. Dying is too good for you. You'll keep existing, undead and trapped, forever! Enjoy lying in your own filth like the animal that you are. Good riddance Lance, this is the end for you!"

    "Hibernatious Eternio, HUZZA!"

    Perhaps it was cruel to make it so Lance would be awake, all his bodily functions intact instead of hibernating in a state of stasis. But to L.'s mind, he deserved no mercy for his crimes. He would suffer a fate worse than death.


    Hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3
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    June 28 - Meanwhile in Strangerville...

    When Wolfgang had arrived in Strangerville, he had secured a rental house and had gone out "in disguise" to explore the town. So far, no-one had recognized him.


    From his observations and research of the town, he realized that something was definitely not right. Sims would pass his rental walking by like zombies in a trance, and there were a lot of strange plants growing everywhere.



    Word on the street was that some explosion had recently rocked a secret lab that was located in a crater outside of town.


    Wolfgang tried to discretely ask around town about any "mob" connections, but no-one seemed to be saying much, and were quite paranoid speaking with him. Maybe it was because the town was overrun with military. And scientists...lots of scientists. Wolfgang had certainly chosen a good disguise, because he was rarely questioned or given a second glance.


    It had been a week since he had arrived, and Morgan was supposed to have been there already. He was worried about her. He didn't know why she wasn't here, and he couldn't get through to her on her cell. It just kept going to her voicemail. He had placed calls to several of her friends and they hadn't heard from her either. Something wasn't right. She must have had some car trouble on her way there.


    Morgan hadn't known it, but before Wolfgang left for Strangerville, he had placed a tracker on her cell phone, but he needed a part for the computer in his rental in order to find out where she was. And, as luck would have it, Wolfgang had become quite close to a sim named Erwin, who was a conspiracy theorist, and had a booth near the rental house. Erwin was a wealth of information, and could get hard-to-source parts. The part Wolfgang needed was going to be ready today and with the aid of the device, Wolfgang would find out where Morgan was and go and search for her.

    As far as where Dylan was, he had no idea where the mob was holding him, or if Dylan was even in Strangerville. He hated to abandon the search, but he needed to find Morgan. When he found her, they could come back to Strangerville and look for Dylan more thoroughly. He just hoped that Dylan was alright, and they wouldn't be too late.


    He walked up to Erwin's booth and bid him good day. After exchanging pleasantries, Erwin gave him the part.

    Erwin: "So, you tracking someone?"

    Wolfgang: "Er, yeah...a friend of mine. She was supposed to meet me here a few days ago. I...um...I sort of put a tracker on her phone before I left, and she doesn't know it..."


    Erwin: "Well, that might have been a wise move, especially since she's missing now. You know, you don't have to go all the way back to your house. You can use my laptop and track her from here..."

    Wolfgang: "You sure?"

    Erwin handed him the laptop, "Sure...you did a favor for me the other day re-configuring my satellite dish, so I owe you one..."

    Wolfgang thanked Erwin and put the device in the slot, punched a few keys and a password and suddenly the screen showed him a map with a large red dot on it.


    Erwin glanced at the screen, "Looks like she's in some town..."

    Wolfgang: "Yeah, her car probably broke down and I bet she's staying at a nearby motel. Not sure why she didn't call me, though..."


    Erwin: "Um....maybe because there's no cell service there. Lots of small towns don't have any cell towers close by or have really bad reception..."


    Wolfgang: "Yeah, okay, that makes sense. But still, why didn't she call me from a land line?"

    Erwin shrugged his shoulders and looked at the screen again, "Oh geez...does that say Moonwood Mill?"


    Wolfgang: "Yeah, looks like it. Why? Do you know the town?"

    Erwin: "Know it? Geez...you ain't gonna like what I am about to say...but that town is an abandoned lumber town...no-one lives there...well, no-one that is except..." he looked around and whispered quietly, "...werewolves..."

    Wolfgang looked at Erwin in shock, "Did you just say werewolves? Like Wolverine from the Avengers?"


    Erwin: "Yep...and if your friend is there...she most likely was bitten, and let's just put it this way....your friend might not be that somebody that you used to know..."

    Wolfgang: "Are you saying that Morgan could be a werewolf?"

    Erwin just nodded his head.

    Wolfgang: "Holy Plumbobs!"


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Wolfgang was still shaking his head as he wandered back to the rental house. Unbeknownst to Wolfgang, two sims had been watching him.

    Antonio: "There," he said and pointed, "That kid...I recognize him. It's that cocky kid from Windenburg...and the one who was at the house in Britechester..."


    Odd Job: "What's he doing here?"

    Antonio: "I don't know...maybe he thinks that Healy kid is here and is looking for him..."

    Odd Job: "But the kid never made it here...he jumped off the truck somewhere on the way..."


    Antonio: "Yeah, don't remind me. The Boss wasn't too happy with us about that piece of bad luck..."


    Odd Job: "Hey look, he just got a call. He seems rather happy about it...and did I hear him say Dylan? Is he talking to that Healy kid?"


    They watched Wolfgang a bit more as Wolfgang took a suitcase from the back seat of his truck and went into the house.

    Antonio watched Wolfgang through the windows and there seemed to be a flurry of activity inside.

    Antonio: "The kid's leaving. I bet he got a call from that Healy kid and he's going to head to where he is..."

    Odd Job: "We need to call the Boss..."

    Antonio quickly pulled out his cell and punched in a number: "Boss...we've just located a friend of Dylan's...yeah...he's here in town...but he's fixing to leave...he just got a call and Odd Job thought he heard him say Dylan...he might have located the kid and is meeting up with him..."


    Nick Alto: "That's the best news I've heard all day. Stay on him...."

    Antonio: "Well, I think he might make a run for it tonight..."

    Nick Alto: "Are you positive that this kid is a friend of Healy's?"

    Antonio: "Yeah Boss, same kid we saw in Britechester when we nabbed Healy..."


    Nick Alto: "Fine...but I think I have a better idea. Healy's friend is here now and within our grasp. We're going to do a bit of a switch. Since you im-biciles can't seem to bring Healy in...we're going to have his friend do it for us..."

    Antonio: "So you want us to nab him, Boss?"

    Nick Alto: "Yes, nab that kid and we'll see how much of a friend these two really are. And if Healy doesn't cooperate, his friend is a dead man..."

    Antonio: "We've got this..."

    Nick Alto, "You better...because if you and Odd Job botch this job...you'll be replaced...permanently..."

    Antonio swallowed hard and hung up the phone.


    Antonio nodded to Odd Job, "The Boss wants us to nab the kid. You still got those tranquilizers?"

    Odd Job gave an evil smile, "Don't I always come prepared?"

    Antonio: "Well then, let's welcome this kid to the neighborhood, shall we? And have we got a welcome gift for him!" he said laughing.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Photo of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Avengers.

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