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Question about Merged CC

cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
Hi sims forums, long time no see!

I recently got back into ts3 and as such took the opportunity to "go ham" downloading alpha CC because last time I played I only had store content and some very minimal maxis match-ish CC. I thought especially because I only play ts2 with mm still that it could be fun to have ts3 be alpha this time.

After numerous days of downloading I merged everything. Except I simply could not be bothered to find out what was what as by the time I was done it was 2000+ things so I just lumped it all together and merged things in smaller groups and called the files "FekKnowsWhat_AlphaMess_1" etc. Yes I was very lazy. But I also don't really mind not knowing or having things I don't particularly like/don't use. That's what the biennial delete everything and start again sessions are for :D

Today I found some sims I like on the Exchange (I didn't know people still shared there) but I'm not sure if I can get them. When I was re-learning how to merge I read a thing that said you shouldn't have a piece of CC in a merged package and loose in the folder at the same time. And because of my obsessive downloading and ultra-lazy-haphazard merging I can't honestly say that I know what any of the CC I have actually is (or what merged package it ended up in, except for that it's mildly alphabetical).
Basically I'm nervous that if I was to download sims that came with CC that it'd like break the merged packages if it was CC that I already have and forgot I downloaded and now don't even know what is called. Not to mention that it took more than half a day to do the merging once. My plan for any newly added CC is to paste them into my backup folder and if it says it already is in there to delete it so that I'm only merging new stuff. But idk what to do for sims that would have the CC on them.

I hope that makes sense. Any suggestions?


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    wendyyi1wendyyi1 Posts: 579 Member
    Before you do anything, make a copy of your whole Sims 3 folder and put it somewhere safe, such as your Desktop.

    Download and install the sims, but don't start your game.
    Use Delphy' Dashboard to look for any duplicates or conflicts. (Crinrict has a good tutorial about using it
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    cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
    Ah, can the dashboard look at stuff installed in the launcher? Or should I only be installing sims as package? I did find a tutorial on how to convert sims to package file but I haven't tried as I've not downloaded a sim in years.
    Or am I misunderstanding you?
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    wendyyi1wendyyi1 Posts: 579 Member
    edited September 2022
    It checks everything in whichever folder you select.
    If you select your Sims 3 folder, it'll check everything within it, including stuff installed through the Launcher as well as your mods folder.
    Once it's scanned the selected folder, you can Filter to only look at Duplicates, if there are any
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    cleo00cleo00 Posts: 1,088 Member
    Thank you!
    I bookmarked the couple of sims I want so I'll download them and give that a try tomorrow!
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