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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    One Month, One World, One Year Challenge: The Adventures of Dash Joseph Faireborn
    Table of Contents
    July 15: Mua Pel'am!

    Special Appearance By: Robin Keyes & Emmett Keyes ( @permanentrose )
    D.J receives a call from Emmett Keyes. He has found someone to escort D.J. through the Sulani jungles to the volcano on Mua Pel'am. Emmett says he will tag along as he's been there once before. It's been sometime, but he might remember some details about where the kelp is.


    Robin arrives with her dad at D.J. and Paige's. She says she'll make frequent visits to help Paige take care of little Hero since the trek will take a few days to the volcano and a few days back. Hugs were shared before D.J. and Emmett depart.


    At the edge of the island in Mua Pel'am where there was lush jungle, a female Sim was waiting for D.J. and Emmett.

    "Hello. My name is Diamond." The guide says. "I'll be taking you through the jungled area and to the other side where the volcano is. I plan on having us move a lot throughout each day with minimal stops. We'll rest overnight for a good 8 or so hours for sleep. I went ahead and packed up supplies we will need."


    After the rest of the introductions, the journey through the jungle begins for D.J., Emmett, and Diamond.


    Later on in the evening while D.J. was away, Paige starts to feel sick again. The same sickness days before Hero was born.


    Side Note:
    As I am not planning to do the Jungle Adventures Aspiration for this go around, I decided to use that jungle as if it's part of Sulani for story purposes.
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    Today's update will be posted later, but here's comments/replies for now. :)

    Yes, very true, Sims life and in real life must go on... Yay! Can't wait to find out what happens when DJ finds out he has another Son. o.O

    Thanks, I'm trying! Yes, you are psychic about L. hehe No other explanation for how you just knew she had to come see Cale. :)

    Oh yeah, not much ruffles L.'s feathers, she took it all as Cale just joking around, which actually made her happy. I picked that screenshot in particular for the faces they were both making while stargazing. I'm sure he was thinking about what she'd said. Hopefully took it his unbeating heart. :)

    It's great when our Sims get to a point where they can just sit back and reap the rewards of their hard work. Cale doesn't have to do anything for funds now. He's got over 400K and that just keeps increasing without him doing a thing because of the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration reward. He gets an interest check around 20-21K every week! Bazinga! hehe

    I've only had a couple mermaids, but both didn't have full autonomy so didn't run off to go swimming on their own. However, I've watched some LPs with mermaids and knew they would do that, go swimming whenever possible. I think they'd stay in the water 24/7 if they could! Glad DJ is friends with the dolphin at least. I figured he would be. :)

    I agree about the thought his friends and family should visit him more, flood him with visitors to show they want and need him in their lives. :)

    We shall see soon if it did him any good. Cross your fingers! 🤞

    Oh good, the adventure to find the cure for Merfolk is on! I love how you've used the JA pack to portray the jungles in Sulani around the volcano, very clever idea! And, well, well, looks like another little Faireborn is on the way! Congratulations! The question is, will DJ return before the baby is born, and will he/she/they be mermaids? I guess it's possible even though Paige isn't one. I'm guessing Spellcaster though since they are both originally Spellcasters. Would be a fun surprise though eh? 👶
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    June 24 - Werewolf Lore

    The next morning, Morgan told Dylan about her day with the Moonwood Collective and about her scavenging find.

    Dylan looked at the tablet that Morgan had set on the table, "So, have you tried to decipher it yet?"


    Morgan: "No, not yet, but I'll be meeting Wolfgang Wilder, the Librarian, this morning to get some more reading material on the town. I'm pretty excited about this opportunity, Dylan, and I get a chance to find out more about the history of Moonwood Mill."

    Dylan smiled, "I'm glad to see you so happy Morgan and this project that you'll be working on sounds like quite an undertaking. And you know, I can help you scavenge if you like and bring you anything interesting that I might find..."


    Morgan: "Oh, Dylan, that would be wonderful. Thanks..."

    Dylan eyed her: "Oh...and I meant to tell you how cute you look in that outfit you're wearing. Was that one of the donations?"

    Morgan: "Yes, and actually, there are some items for you, too. Unfortunately a lot of the items are still ripped, but I'm just thankful that I have a change of clothes."

    Dylan: "Yeah, my other top was too ripped to wear anymore, so Lou gave me one of his shirts. Talking about clothes, do you still want to head to the gas station today to see if your car is alright?"


    Morgan: "Yes, I would. Maybe we can go after my meeting with the Librarian. We can head there this afternoon."

    Dylan: "Oh that will be fine. It will give me a chance to hang with the WildFangs and help Lou with some weight training."

    Morgan: "You and Lou seem to have really bonded. Are he and Rory the only other members of the WildFangs?"

    Dylan: "As far as I know, there is just one other member, Lux DeMarco, but I didn't see her there yesterday. But, yeah, Lou and I are friends, and he is going to help me with stuff, and I'm helping him, too. He gets a bit distracted, so I'm going to help him focus more..."

    Morgan: "Oh? And what is Lou helping you with?"

    Dylan: "Oh just stuff...um...like peeing around town and how to be the best werewolf I can be..."


    Morgan raised an eyebrow: "Peeing around town? Oh gee...that is something that Kristopher would probably frown on. We're not even supposed to howl in public. But I guess it's different for the WildFangs..."


    Dylan: "Oh yeah, it's probably a lot different from your pack. So, how was the rest of your day?"

    Morgan: "Well, not so good. I'm supposed to be an Ambassador for the pack and talk to non-werewolf sims about trying to accept werewolves, but it's really hard to do. A lot of sims have pre-conceived notions of werewolves and it's difficult to dispel those myths. Other than Celene, I can understand why only werewolves live here. Sims only dwell on the negative aspect of werewolves, not what Kristopher and the Moonwood Collective are trying to do."


    Dylan: "Yeah, I get that. To be honest, I had some biases myself about werewolves and I think that is why I didn't want to transform. But I see things differently now. In fact, I found a book entitled Beyond Big & Bad: Rethinking Harmful Werewolf Stereotypes by B.E. Kind on Mom's bookshelf that I've been reading, and it's been rather enlightening."

    Morgan nodded: "I have to admit, that I, too, had some images of werewolves in my head and that is why I was so scared when I found out I was going to become one."


    Dylan: "You most definitely had it harder than me, Morgan...all that time just waiting and knowing that you would transform. I lucked out. I just swam in that lake and it happened. I didn't have to deal with everything you did..."


    Morgan: "I think the hardest part was that hunger I had...you have no idea how I felt...I just couldn't get enough food to eat...and, of course, after the cure didn't work, knowing that I would transform. I was pretty depressed..."


    Dylan: "Yeah, I know...I saw it in your eyes...and how are you feeling now?"

    Morgan: "I feel better. I mean I wish there was a cure for lycantrophy. But there's not...and being here with you makes being a werewolf more tolerable..."

    Dylan smiled at her: "Yeah, and being here with you is probably why I've accepted all this a bit better. But, my real question is...how are you REALLY feeling? Any more sickness?"


    Morgan looked at him lovingly, "I know what you're asking, Dylan...and no, I don't have anymore sickness. And for the bigger question...no, I don't know if I'm expecting. I mean, if there was a pregnancy kit around, I could use one, but there isn't, so I guess we will just have to wait..."

    Dylan came over and caressed her cheek, "No problem, I can wait to find out, too. It's just...well...if you are, I just didn't think it would all happen like this. I mean, I was really hoping to ask you to marry me first..."


    Morgan: "You wanted to marry me?"

    Dylan: "Yes. I mean...I was thinking of asking you after the Kiss Curse was broken...and now, well, I don't see any jewellery stores in Moonwood Mill to buy a ring...plus, I'm not sure what I would get for $2 simoleons..."


    Morgan laughed, "$2 simoleons, huh? I always knew you were a big spender!"

    Dylan: "You know it! And I would spend it all on you, Morgan...I would do anything for you..." he said as he held her in his arms and kissed her.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After breakfast, Dylan changed into some new clothes and once again headed over to the WildFangs trailer. Rory and Lou were already there.


    Lou: "Hey Dylan...how are you feeling dude? You were in pretty rough shape when you left here yesterday..."

    Dylan: "Yeah, my body was feeling it. I haven't felt that bruised since my soccer days at university. But Morgan found the first aid kit, and...er...patched me up real good..."


    Lou: "She must be a natural nurse, you look as good as new this morning..."

    Dylan just smiled remembering the night before, "Um yeah...she has secret restorative powers for sure..."


    Rory: "You know, Dylan, werewolf blood is different from human sim blood. You will find that as you become stronger in your werewolf powers, that you will also gain something called natural healing. The strength of the werewolf blood in your body can be harnessed to recover from various fights, injuries, and all physical maladies much more quickly."


    Dylan nodded, "Yeah, I did notice that my arm was all healed after I transformed...and...well, my mother had already told me that my blood was rather unique because I am the offspring of a human sim and a werewolf. I just didn't know that werewolf blood in general had natural healing properties."

    Lou interrupted, "Your Dad is a human sim? Wow, that's pretty cool. So, how come he's not here? Where is he?"


    Dylan took a deep breath, "He actually died when I was a teen, and I've been pretty much on my own since then. I didn't know about my Mom until I accidentally arrived here..."


    Lou: "Hey, bro, I'm so sorry about your Dad...it must have been hard..."

    Dylan: "It's alright Lou, you didn't know, and it's not something I openly talk about. Yeah, it was hard...but he gave me this necklace the day before he...um...yeah...so I feel like he's still with me somehow..."

    Rory looked at Dylan closely. He certainly had a lot of secrets, and it must have been hard for him to share this very personal part of himself with them.


    Rory: "Sorry to hear that, Dylan. Yeah, we've all been through things in our past...which just means that as a WildFang we need to form a bond so that we're always there for each other. And this morning, we are doing just that. Forming a stronger bond with our packmates."


    Lou rolled his eyes, "Oh gosh, here we go again, more sparring..."

    Rory: "No, actually, we're going on a pack hunt."

    Dylan: "A hunt? What exactly does that involve?"


    Rory: "Well, since Lou ate the last of the fresh meat, we need to get some more. So we'll be heading into the wilderness for some tasty treats..."


    Dylan: "Um...I've never really done any hunting before...I mean, can't we just go to a grocery store and buy some meat?"


    Rory: "Dylan, that's not the werewolf way...." she said as she led them off into the woods.

    Dylan thinking, "Oh gosh! Why do I suddenly want to be a vegetarian?"


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Meanwhile, Morgan went to meet Wolfgang Wilder at the Moonwood Mill Library.


    Wolfgang W: "Morgan, how nice to see you again. Welcome to the Moonwood Mill Library. I understand from Kristopher that you're a bit of a budding archaeologist then?"


    Morgan: "Well, I have always been interested in history and ancient civilizations, so this project that Kristopher suggested really interests me..."

    Wolfgang W: "I think it's a marvelous idea! And I have even been thinking of setting up a display for your finds. We can catalogue and label them, and then have a grand opening for the community. What do you think?"


    Morgan: "Well, I've only found one artifact so far and I haven't even deciphered the symbols. I was hoping that you would have some books that could help..."

    Wolfgang: "Oh, of course. Well..." he said walking over to a bookshelf, "...you should probably start off with The History of Moonwood Mill by Maria Volkov, Kristopher's mother. There are some other books upstairs. Come with me and I'll give you a quick tour of the library..."


    Wolfgang showed Morgan the computer room first and she noticed that the computers were very old.

    In an adjacent room, there was a gym. Wolfgang told Morgan that Rory had built it for the residents.


    They then headed up the stairs to a small reading area. Wolfgang took another book from the bookshelf.


    They then went up a ladder to the roof area of the library where a small telescope was sitting. Wolfgang also told her that a larger telescope was on the main level outside.


    They returned to the main floor and Wolfgang handed her some other books.

    Wolfgang: "You will be rather surprised that werewolves were originally Spellcasters..." he told her excitedly.


    Morgan: "Spellcasters? I know some sims who are Spellcasters..."

    Wolfgang: "Oh you do? Then you already know that they live in The Realm, and have familiars..."


    Morgan: "Um...well, I don't know too much about them other than they have special powers. And what exactly is a familiar?"

    Wolfgang: "Ah, yes, a familiar is a magical creature that a Spellcaster can own. Each familiar has a unique personality. A Spellcaster can even turn an animal, like a dog or cat, into a familiar. The familiar helps the Spellcaster gain their skills faster and can even protect a Spellcaster from death."

    Morgan: "I see..."


    Wolfgang: "The artifact that you found is probably from ancient Myshupotamia. That is the civilization where Moonwood Mill was built on. The Myshuopotamian's revered the moon and believed that the greatest minds of their society were reborn as wolves that howled to store their wisdom in the moon. When the moon was full, they donned wolf-masks and ceremoniously drew upon all of the moon’s stored wisdom.

    A group of Spellcasters discovered the secrets of this society, and sought to use the moon’s powers as a means of enhancing their own magic. They took on wolf familiars and used the moon’s energy to draw upon their wolf’s nature and characteristics. These Spellcasters became the first Mooncasters."

    Morgan: "So...how did these Mooncasters become werewolves then?"


    Wolgang W: "Ah, Morgan, now therein is a bit of sadness, as unfortunately, Spellcasters are responsible for both the creation of werewolves and vampires..."


    Morgan: "Va...vampires? They exist, too?" Morgan swallowed hard, but then she shouldn't be surprised as she knew ghosts were real, too.


    Wolfgang W: "Oh yes...both were originally Spellcasters, but unfortunately, some spells gone wrong created them both."

    Morgan: "Oh my gosh! So, what happened to turn Spellcasters into werewolves?"

    Wolfgang motioned to a couch and they both sat down and he continued the tale.


    Wolfgang W: "Well, it was actually these Mooncasters who performed a highly unstable spell from the Untamed School of Magic atop Moonwood Mill’s Howling Point cliff to imbue themselves with the qualities of their wolf familiars. The spell was more powerful than they anticipated and caused an overload which transformed them into the first werewolves."


    Morgan looked at Wolfgang W: "Oh my gosh...so it was a spell that transformed them..."


    Wolfgang W: "Yes, and it might take a spell to transform werewolves back to human sims, but no-one has found a cure."

    Morgan: "Has anyone tried...I mean Celene seems to know a cure for werebies..."


    Wolfgang W shook his head: "The only sim who has ever tried to find a cure was actually Chiara, Dylan's mother. She is a scientist and tried valiantly for years, but a key ingredient eluded her and she finally decided to stop her experiments and concentrate instead on making Moonwood Mill a more sustainable community..."

    Morgan: "Chiara was working on a cure? Wasn't she born a werewolf?"

    Wolfgang W: "Yes, she was, but she missed her husband so much and wanted to return to Strangerville to be with him. I guess she wanted to live her life with him as a human sim. I used to hear stories that sometimes the fury was too great for Chiara and she had to retreat to their basement to a "rage room". Even though we all try to "regain control" from our fury, sometimes it doesn't work, and knowing Chiara, she would not want to harm her family."


    Morgan looked at Wolfgang Wilder, "So, Wolfgang, are you saying that if such a "rage room" was built in a house, that werewolves could live somewhere else outside of Moonwood Mill?"


    Wolfgang W: "Well, technically, yes, but it carries a great deal of risk. And the werewolf would have to retreat to the "rage room" in time and actually want to be there. To be honest, Chiara is the only werewolf who has ever left Moonwood Mill. She attended university, and then she moved to Strangerville with her husband. But I heard she had many challenges along the way..."

    Morgan smiled and realized that they could leave Moonwood Mill afterall. They just needed one of these "rage rooms." And then...oh gosh...she suddenly put her hand to her mouth. Oh plumbobs, she felt sick.


    Wolfgang W: "Morgan, are you alright? You look rather pale suddenly..."



    Morgan looked at Wolfgang in shock...and then ran to the restroom as quickly as she could...and made it just in time...


    As Morgan washed her hands, she looked at herself in the mirror. She knew what this meant. She was pregnant. Morgan was in a bit of shock, and wasn't quite sure if she felt happy or sad about the revelation. Under different circumstances, she would be thrilled, but now that she was a werewolf, she wasn't sure. But one thing she was sure of...she had to tell Dylan that he was going to be a father.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Yes, Morgan is preggers! No official notice, just the moodlet. I wonder how Dylan will take the news.


    Werewolf Lore is from this article. Morgan, of course, was not told who the original Mooncasters were, nor does she know that some werewolves are immortal. She will discover this in her research.
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    Hi All! Sorry I didn't have a chance for comments this weekend, but will try to catch up now. Hope everyone has a great day/night! :)

    @RememberJoy -
    Well, first, congrats to Kaori and Adam for a nooboo. That was fast! Yep, all the excitement of dying, being resurrected, getting married again...yep...time to celebrate and that's what Kaori and Adam did! lol And they also brought back Knox Greenburg. And welcome baby Pax! Ahhh...sweet! And Adam is having some sensual feeding with Kaori...lol Nice that Carol came by so that they could go on a date together and...my, my, my...it certainly was a hot date with bush woohoo. And Adam could taste the food! Oh...will be be cured soon?

    @LegacySims2017 -
    Everyone loves a kava party and it looked like a great one. Oh, now DJ is a secret mermaid. How the heck did that happen? He must have grabbed some "special" fruit at Robin's house. Oh, and the reason Robin was able to leave Sulani was because she had a special necklace on? Like that idea...lol Aha! I knew it was that fruit on the counter...yep...mermadic kelp. And a trip to the volcano is needed...very cool. Oh poor DJ was afraid to show his merman self to Paige...but she thinks he is HOT as a merman, so he finally shows her how he looks like. Oh good idea to have Selvadorada as part of the Sulani jungle. Nice touch. And....oh gosh....here we go again...Paige is preggers. Yep, she really did like DJ's merman form. lol

    @Karababy52 -
    First off, I was really hoping that Sandy would somehow be found or return to your story, but I guess, since you confirmed it, she is really gone. So very sad. But it must be for story purposes that you have done away with her, or have decided that it was easier to just control Cale for the aspirations. Anyway, RIP Sandy. You saved Cale, but he couldn't save you. *Sigh* Also, so sorry about all the plumbing problems that you've been having. We had to go through that last year, so, yes, I understand, not fun at all.

    Anyway, back to my comments. The talk with Greg was heart-wrenching. Cale was ready to give even his soul to resurrect Sandy. So, there is a secret knife that Lucifer used on Sandy and she is now gone forever. And so Cale absorbs this information and just can't fathom life without Sandy anymore. Alright...I am thinking that this knife will come into play later on to finally....finally...get rid of the never-dead Lance. And good riddance to Lance if it does happen...because this is not his real father...just a step-father who just keeps returning. He's annoying! lol That last photo of Cale standing there looking so sad, with what looks like a tear in his eye is really, really sad. Poor Cale *sob*

    Okay and now Cale has a new look...I like it and your profile pic too. And he transformed alone and was prepared to die...another death...when Veera shows up at his door with plasma packs. Oh she is a strong woman! lol And he finally tells his sons...that was hard. And then trains with the Connors family and reads more books. Oh and then he sees Marley...and spars with her...and wins! And congrats to Cale for becoming a Grand Master Vampire! Woot!

    I love how he runs into all his offspring now, some of whom are vampires, and spars with them. Very cool. And I knew L would show up to try to talk some sense into Cale. And then, of course, he has to reiterate his life to her...his horrible, horrible life. But L., bless her heart, just listens to him rant, and is there for him. Yes, Cale, she is. Know that she is, and get out of that dark hole that you are in.

    Congrats on Cale sleeping his way to a new aspiration! Congrats! Great story lines. :)

    I do hope that your plumbing issues are all fixed now. I also hope that you are doing alright yourself. Sorry I can't do this challenge everyday, and I know you work super hard on your chapters and storylines. Much appreciated.
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    September 12th: Celebrating Harvestfest as a family

    I was changing Pax when I felt a disturbance in the force.


    I exited the nursery looking for trouble, and came face to face with an old enemy.


    A gnome.


    I swore and jumped backwards; flashbacks of the great gnome war in Evergreen Harbor bringing a bead of sweat to my forehead.

    Did they know?

    Were they here to avenge their fallen brothers?

    Kaori walked out of the bathroom and laughed, "Gnomes!" she grinned. "Harvestfest must have officially begun!"

    Oh, yeah. Harvestfest... What a relief.

    Kaori grabbed a small wooden car from Pax's room and set it before the gnome, pumping her fist when the little devil accepted her offering.


    "Yes!" she cried. "I love Harvestfest!"

    Me and the gnome just glared at each other.

    Just then I heard Carol's voice at the door, and when I looked up and saw she'd brought someone, all thoughts of gnomes disappeared.


    "Mom, Dad," Carol said as we walked over, "this is my boyfriend Jonathan."


    "Boyfriend huh," I grinned taking his hand. "Nice to meet you Jonathan, we've heard nothing but good things about you."


    "Thanks sir," Jonathan blushed. "I kind of fell in love with your daughter the moment we first met. She speaks highly of you both."

    After a bit more chitchat, we headed back outside where I lit a Harvestfest bonfire for us to enjoy. We each cozied up with our partners and enjoyed the warmth of the flames.


    Eventually our conversation started back up and I learned that Jonathan was the first in his family to become a spellcaster.


    In fact it was mere chance that he'd even discovered magic was real. While playing out in the woods as a child, he'd secretly witnessed a spellcaster jump on a broom and fly off. The site had filled with so much wonder and longing that he'd spent the rest of him life searching for the source of such feats. Eventually his searching paid off when he finally met a spellcaster who was willing to bring him to the Realm to learn magic.

    I then told him the story of how I'd become a spellcaster, and an abridged version of all the adventures I'd been on since then.


    By now it was nearing noon, so I asked him if he'd like to help me catch our dinner.


    It took an hour or so, but we both managed to catch a fish.


    I took our catches, cleaned them, and placed them into the roasting pit to cook.


    Now to wait.


    I noticed the girls had taken this opportunity to grab a tan, so I sat down with Jonathan to continue our conversation.


    As we chatted, I learned that Jonathan was also interested in yoga and meditation but hadn't had much of a chance to develop the skill growing up on a farm. I suggested we get together one morning and I'd show him the ropes, having mastered the skill at this point. He seemed genuinely excited and said he'd take me up on my offer one of these days.


    The girls had finished their tanning at this point and rejoined us around the roasting pit. Carol came over and gave Jonathan a quick peck on the cheek, and I was suddenly overcome with emotion. My little girl was a young woman in love. How had time slipped by so quickly?


    I checked on the food and declared it ready, so we climbed the steps and gathered around the table to eat.


    As we dug in, we went around naming things we were thankful for.

    Kaori said she was overcome with gratitude to be sharing a Harvestfest meal with her whole family again, and I repeated the sentiment. My last Harvestfest hadn't been nearly this nice.


    Carol of course said she was thankful for Jonathan and little Pax, and Jonathan just leaned over and gave Carol a kiss when it was his turn. They're almost as bad as Kaori and I!

    Unfortunately they couldn't stay too long after we finished our meal, as Jonathan was bringing Carol home to meet his family and they were expected for dinner.

    We thanked them for coming and hugs were given all around before they waved goodbye and teleported off to their next destination.


    As the sun began to set, I went to go check on my plasma trees and found a particular sight.

    Three gnomes had gathered around one of the trees, and even though I'd planted both trees at the same time, the tree they circled was now fully grown!


    Whoa, freaky!

    Maybe it was a peace offering?

    To show my appreciation, I set a couple future cubes before the gnomes, which seemed to please them.


    "If you guys don't mind," I grinned, pointing to the plasma tree sapling, "could you do the same for that one?"


    As soon as the words left my mouth, I watched in awe as the other tree sprang to full growth before my very eyes.


    These guys were good!

    Maybe gnomes weren't all bad after all.

    I called Kaori over to show her the fully grown trees and she was as impressed as I was.


    "See Adam," she grinned, "these guys can be nice when you treat them kindly. Let bygones be bygones and make peace with gnome kind."

    Well, I don't know if I'd be willing to go that far. I seem to remember being struck my lightning and attacked by gnomes in the past after all, and one tends to not forget such things.

    Still, it was nice they'd grown my trees for me. Perhaps I'd have some plasma fruit to enjoy in the morning.
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    September - Day 12: "Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever..." Interlude with Something Special!



    I have a bit more set-up for the time jump, so here's a one day only interlude that I hope y'all will like. I think at least one challenger will enjoy it anyway. Be back soon to update, comment/reply! :)

    Surprise @LegacySims2017! Here's DJ & Paige's daughter, Janelle. I didn't pick that name, it's what the game gave her since she was born when Cale was hibernating. I like it though, so kept it. I was in household management and noticed DJ holding her so of course I had to go age her up! She's adorable!

    DJ teaching his little darling how to walk.
    "You can do it honey, walk to Daddy!"

    "Yay! Good girl, Daddy's so proud of you Janelle!"
    "Da Da!"

    Aww, I was thinking perhaps Nell would be a good nickname, what do you think?

    While DJ bakes a birthday cake for Janelle, Paige teaches her how to talk. Yep, she's not staying a toddler for long. They grow up so fast eh? *sniff* I'm curious if she's a Spellcaster and the only way to find out is in CAS. If she uses magic in there and gets a shocked at herself animation, Bingo!

    Daddy DJ takes her to the cake and secretly helps blow out the candles while Paige sings Happy Birthday in the background.

    Ta Da! Here she is as a child before I gave her a makeover. DJ looks so happy. I think she's a good combo of both parents. I gave her the Creative Aspiration since she randomly rolled the Music Lover trait.

    Before taking Janelle into CAS, I had DJ 'call to meal' on the cake so they could have a slice together. For some odd reason, they decided it was best to eat it outside on a picnic table despite the fact it's Winter and bitter cold outside.

    At least I got a sneak peek of her game generated cold weather wear. Uh, yeah, those sunglasses are super cute, but sorry, not happening. Perhaps I'll let her have those for her hot weather outfit. If they come in green.

    A loving hug for her adoring Daddy.

    Here she is in CAS post makeover! I was scrolling through hairstyles and noticed the green ribbon in this one. I know you love the color green Legacy, so I used that color to create her entire wardrobe. This is her cold weather outfit.

    Janelle has new eyebrows and CC lipstick to give them a bit of definition otherwise I didn't touch her physical characteristics at all. I wish I had a Mod for child eyelashes, ah well... I think she's super cute without them already! Unfortunately, she is not a Spellcaster. Dangit! Oh well, maybe next time. ;)

    Lastly, a couple family screenshots in their everyday outfits. I don't know why I've never seen that outfit Janelle is wearing before now. I love it!

    "Do you think the Watcher's done taking our picture yet Mommy? I want more cake!"
    "I don't know sweetie, just smile, she controls your life!"
    "Oh...uh, take as many as you want Watcher! I can wait."

    I'm done Janelle. I'll show her again when I've decided it's time to age her up to teen, but probably won't post as many screenshots.
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    *Updated my September 12th post above! Tomorrow's update will be back to Cale with a time jump. Comments/replies coming up next! Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    "Oh just stuff...um, like peeing around town..." HAHA! Morgan seems a bit anxious about that revelation, but Dylan wisely and quickly changes the subject. ;)

    Yup Morgan, the old adage that you can't judge a man unless you've walked a mile in his shoes seems very apropos here. Things change once your misconceptions are dispelled by stepping into those shoes yourself.

    Aww so, so sweet how he tells her he wanted to marry her before. Perhaps they CAN get married before any baby(ies) arrive. IF she's pregnant.

    Secret restorative powers, uh huh, yep, we know what those powers are and they have nothing to do with werewolf natural healing abilities. ;)

    Lou! Okay, I'll forgive him, he's so sweet and innocent. He had no way of knowing Dylan's Dad was gone. The expression on Lou's face is priceless over the thought of more sparring! hehe Lucky for him, he gets a break from it to go hunting instead.

    HAHA! I love that screenshot of Dylan wishing he was a vegetarian! hehe

    Cool Wolfgang gave Morgan a tour of the library and information on the lore for Werewolves, Spellcasters and Vampires. Ah, she finds out about rage rooms and the possibility of leaving Moonwood Mill by having one in their home.

    Wahooooo! I suspected as much, but nice to see confirmation. Congrats to Morgan and Dylan on their little nooboo(ies) on the way!

    I am sorry to disappoint you about Sandy. I have my reasons for her demise, yes. Thanks about the plumbing. We're still dealing with it, but we're getting by for now. Can't do much until his SS check arrives. :/

    These last few updates with Cale finding out Sandy won't return, turning alone, L.'s visit etc., have been tough to write, it is sad. He'll be okay eventually. He'll always have a special place in his heart and soul for his memories of Sandy's love and their life together. Not sure yet what will happen with Lance, but I have some ideas fermenting. ;)

    I love that so many of his kids are showing up too, it's fun having him spar with them. :) L. has always been there for him, even when he didn't treat her so well at first, always being Motherly and trying to help him through his troubles.

    Thanks about his Grand Master Vampire status and finishing the aspiration. :) No worries about not being able to write every day. I'm just glad you're still in the challenge! Thank you for the compliment, you know I love your writing and story lines too. *Hugs*
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    September 13th: Celebrating Pax's birthday

    At the first light of morning I went out to see if my plasma trees had produced any fruit.


    When I saw that they had, I excitedly harvested and ate one, but it didn't seem to work any better than the fish. I guess it didn't really matter at this point anyways. Tomorrow was the end of the two weeks Morgyn said I'd need to weaken the dark magic, and Kaori's plasma seemed to have expedited the process. Perhaps tomorrow I'd call up Morgyn and ask what the next step was in curing me.

    I went back inside and shared my findings and thoughts with Kaori, but she seemed a little disappointed.

    "Are you sure you want to become human again?" she flirted. "I'm really enjoying our intimate feedings."


    "Yes," I laughed, "so am I. But I don't like having this darkness in me, even if it is kept at bay with your plasma. I'm ready to move on. Besides, I can guarantee I'll still nibble on you once I'm a spellcaster again, that you can count on."


    She winked and changed the conversation over to Pax's birthday, which just happened to be today.

    "Do you think we should have a big get together and invite over our friends," Kaori asked, "or should we keep it to just family and only invite Carol?"


    "I'm thinking we should keep it small," I said. "Let's just invite Carol this time and plan on having a bigger party at his next birthday."


    Kaori agreed and I pulled out my phone to call Carol.


    When she arrived, we'd already brought Pax's crib out into the living room, as his room was a little too small for all of us to crowd into. Carol cooed at Pax and told him she had a cute gift for him after he'd aged up.


    We then gathered around his crib and Kaori did the honors.


    In a shower of sparkles our baby boy sprang into toddlerhood and took his first steps.


    Hmmm... he has my hair and eyes. I wonder if he inherited my vampirism? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


    (Spoiler alert: He did!)

    Carol bent down and introduced herself with a hug, and he seems to be a cuddler because he didn't seem to want to let her go.


    Such a cutie!


    I wanted a chance with the little guy, so Carol handed him over and I we had a good time bonding.


    When we'd finished, Kaori magic'd up some garlic noddles for him to eat.


    Maybe she was testing for vampirism? Well, he gobbled them down without a single hiss, so maybe he's not a vampire. Or perhaps he just inherited my developed garlic immunity, who's to say?


    We gathered together as he ate and I soaked in this amazing moment, just Kaori and I with our two children laughing and having a good time together.


    As soon as Pax was done eating, Carol took Kaori aside and gave her her gift to Pax which was a bundle of cute toddler clothes.


    Kaori immediately picked up and changed Pax into one of the new outfits, and I gotta say, the overalls do seem to suit him.


    Carol then had to say goodbye as she had an afternoon class she had to get to, so we thanked her for her gift and told her she was invited back the next day, as I was hoping Morgyn would be over with my possible cure.


    After she left I tucked Pax into bed as he was looking a little overtired. I kissed his little head and he was out.


    When he'd finished his nap, I took the opportunity to start him on potty training; in my opinion, the sooner he's out of diapers the better!


    He ended up missing the potty, but it was a valiant first effort on his part, and I quickly cleaned up the mess.


    By now the sun was beginning to set, so I tucked him back into bed for the night.


    Kaori and I retired outside on the balcony with a quiet game of cards.


    There was some flirting involved, and we ended the night with an intimate feeding.


    Perhaps even our last.
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    September - Day 13: "Game on..."


    Since L.'s end of Summer visit, a few weeks had passed. In those weeks, Cale had begun to climb out the darkness with the help of his friends and family. The boys visited often to spend time with him and called almost every day otherwise. He and Joe finally finished building the rocket and took their first flight together.

    He frequently spent time with Damon and his family and became friends with everyone in the entire neighborhood, except Vlad. The guy seemed to be a recluse. Some of his old friends from Windenburg came for a visit too. He'd been so busy, he barely had time to ever sit and think enough to be angry about anything.

    Of course, L. and the Hunter boys plus Essa were over quite often as well. In fact, L. had taken to transportalating little joke gifts for him to find around the house and had pulled a few pranks on him as well. He loved it all!

    His evening 'hunts' were still a thing, but Cale didn't drink from the ladies anymore. His garden was doing great, including the plasma fruit tree. He was more prone to have the fruit and drink his homemade plasma packs instead of biting anyone.

    Fox called him one day with news he was close to discovering a way to deactivate all his children in the Mind Control Project. In fact, he might also be able to make it so Cale would be able to recognize them. Fox had made no promises, but would let him know if he was successful.

    If he didn't have 'company' for the night, you would find him here. He loved to sit and just think about Sandy. It was their time together. He promised himself, no matter what happened next, he would take some time each day to think about her and keep her memory alive in his heart. Somehow, it was helping him to heal.

    An evil presence manifested from a dark mist behind him. Cale didn't know who or what was near him, but he sensed something. The feeling filled him with dread.

    Lance had a sinister mission for Cale. The kid was powerless to refuse his commands now as his maker and he intended to benefit from that fact.

    (As your Maker, I command you to stay seated and look straight ahead.)
    "LANCE! You son-of-BEEP! Go crawl back under your rock! Haven't you done enough?"

    (Oh no, we're just beginning Nancy! Now shut up so I can concentrate.)
    "You can't make me stop tal-"
    (As your Maker I command you to stop talking! You will not speak or move from your position until you can no longer sense my presence.)
    (As your Maker I command you to...to...I....command you....)

    (What the heck is going on? HADES!)

    (It's not working! I need more power.)
    (Very well... such a buffoon.)
    (I heard that.)
    (Nothing, nothing. Thank you Great Lord of Darkness.)

    (Let's try this again, shall we Nancy?)
    (NOOOOOO! Leave me alone!)
    (As your Maker I command you to bite as many people as you can.)
    (Okaaay, big deal I bite people already. LAME!)

    (...and turn them into vampires!)

    (As your Maker I command you to not remember biting any of these people...)
    (Oh My GOD! Not again! My memories are being stolen again. PLEASE, don't take Sandy away from me again, don't take ALL my memories, you *BEEEEEEEEP*.)

    (...for 72 hours from the time they were bitten.)
    (Oh thank God...wait...or not. Do I get to choose who I bite?)

    (As your Maker I command you to begin this task the moment you can no longer sense my presence. Go forth and BITE anyone you can, immediately!) *Muwahahahaha*

    "I'm out of here!"

    Cale was able to stand up the moment Lance began to leave as a black mist. He still couldn't turn fully around, but he knew Lance was physically here behind him when he spoke aloud instead of in Cale's mind.

    "Have fun Nancy!"

    Cale saw a dark black cloud out of the corner of his eye and was suddenly released from Lance's power preventing him from moving or talking.

    He swung around shouting Lance's name and lunged forward, but it was too late. Lance was gone just as quick as he'd appeared.

    (If he thinks I'll do what he 'commanded' he's cra-)

    "I hear and I obey."

    Cale walked like a man with a purpose, a dark, sinister purpose, to the middle of the Forgotten Hollow community area. He stood like the statue of Vlad behind him, scoping the area for prey.

    His first victim was the lovely Lilah Lockhart who was there looking for him. Cale and Lilah had been 'woohoo partners' several times since the first and she was back for more to her detriment.

    Victim number two was his celebrity friend, Adam Lambert, who was there to visit Cale and talk about a possible song collaboration.

    He never stood a chance.

    "Hey little Bro, are you ready for game night?"
    "Ohhh Yeahhh, game on!"

    Comments/replies coming up next, hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    September 14th: Taking a break


    No story today. I had a long day at work, had company over afterwards, and am suffering from some bad allergies, so I'm beat. I'll continue Adam's story tomorrow.
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    September - Day 14: "Even if it's not your fault, it's your responsibility..."


    "What's with the weird look Dude? Are you okay?"

    "Cale? ...... Cale? Why won't you answer me?"
    (RUN! Oh God, RUN JOEL! NOW!)

    Try as he might to not bite his best friend, one of the last people he had in all the worlds that loved him, someone he would never willingly hurt, Cale heeded to Lance's command. He had no other choice.

    "Forgive me..." Cale whispered before he sunk his fangs into Joel's neck.

    In the monotone voice of someone in a trance, Cale recited what he was taught he must say to anyone he turned into a vampire.

    "I am your Master now as your sire. You and I share an unbreakable bond. Whenever you feel fear, I will know. Whenever you are in danger, I will know. Whenever you are sad, I will know, I will feel it and come to you. As your Maker, I am responsible for you now. We are bound together for all eternity until you die, I die or you are not a vampire anymore. As your Maker, you must obey anything I may command of you."

    "Huh? What? I don't understand. What just happened? Gawd my neck hurts...I...I don't feel so well. I think I'll take a raincheck on game night."

    Joel turned and walked away. Cale stood for a moment watching him walk away and then turned and went back to the community area as if nothing happened.

    He sat studying chess pieces on a public chess table until he saw movement out of the corner of an eye.

    Leanne Summers is my Super Collector Sim and Cale's 4th victim. She picked the wrong neighborhood to go for a jog.

    He had a very disapproving audience watching his antics.
    "Unhand her young man! What a disgusting display of depravity, kissing her neck like that in public. You should both be ashamed of yourselves. I demand that you cease and desist IMMEDIATELY!"

    She was ignored.

    "I am your Master now as your sire. You and I share an unbreakable bond. Whenever you feel fear, I will know. Whenever you are in danger, I will know. Whenever you are sad, I will know, I will feel it and come to you. As your Maker, I am responsible for you now. We are bound together for all eternity until you die, I die or you are not a vampire anymore. As your Maker, you must obey anything I may command of you."

    "Vampire? Oh my, I've suddenly remembered, I was to have tea with my cousin. I must leave, I'm late. One last thing, don't look like you enjoyed it so much dear, have some pride and decorum. I would NOT let a man command you either, vampire or not!"

    Agnes turned and quickly marched away as fast as her old-fashioned, very slippery shoes would allow. Even if she'd been wearing sneakers, she wouldn't be fast enough to get away from a Grand Master Vampire with the power of Super Speed like Cale.

    Victim number five was none other than the very prim, proper and prudish Mrs. Agnes Crumplebottom.

    Cale recited the same Maker spiel again and then began a dark meditation as Aggie wiped her mouth. She frowned, seriously annoyed she'd soiled her pristine white gloves.
    (It's all HIS fault!)

    "Hmmphf, so you're just going to ignore me now, like nothing happened? No Sir! I will not stand for such behavior. You need to be disciplined!"

    "How DARE you assault me and that innocent young girl. I don't care if you are an unsavory vampire, it's proper to ask permission first instead of just taking what you want young man. Someone needs to teach you some manners!"

    "TAKE THAT! YOU, YOU, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, UNCOUTH VAMPIRE!" Agnes screeched and then hit Cale with her purse as hard as she could manage in her weakened state.

    "What the *beep* are you talking about Ma'am? I didn't bite you!"
    "Oh so you are a liar as well. How did I get these holes in my neck then? Answer me that!"

    "I don't know. Another vampire?"
    "You won't take responsibility? Do you know what you have done? Do you care?"

    "Despite your protests, you did bite me and told me I would become a vampire. How am I supposed to be one and run my shop? Answer me that?"
    "I don't remember biting you, but I will still teach you how to survive as the undead."

    "Undead...oh dear... I thought I would see my beloved husbands in the afterlife soon, but now you've taken that away from me. I shall never see Robert or Erik again. I have to go, I have a shop to run. You can find me in Henford-on-Bagley."

    With those words Mrs. Crumplebottom turned and slowly walked away, dragging her famous black purse on the ground behind her, totally dejected and depressed.

    Despite Lance's proclamation Cale would not remember biting anyone for 72 hours after they were bitten, something Agnes had said, snapped him out of Lance's hold. Just as before when he'd whined to Lucifer after failing to command Cale, it seems Lance didn't have the power to keep his commanding hold on him either.

    (Oh No! No! No! No! No! NOOO! What have I done?)

    (I turned her! I did! I turned a sweet, old lady!)
    (She's not sweet.)
    (So what, I still turned her against her will!)
    (Oh man, Lilah, Adam and...Oh my Gawd! Joel! I turned Joel, my brother. How could I do that? Wait...I turned a young girl with blue hair too. I don't even know who she is!)

    (Will this nightmare never end?)
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    *Updated my September 14th post above! I hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    September 15th: Releasing the darkness

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Good Vampire - Complete
    - Harvest plasma fruits 3 times
    - Don't drink without permission for 14 days

    We were all up early this morning, so we sat down with Pax and worked with him on his speech.


    He was already starting to say a few words by the time the sun was coming up, so as a reward, I brought him down to the ocean for his first swim.


    Kaori and I sat on the beach watching him splash around and play with seashells, quietly chatting about what we were going to do after I was cured.


    "We'll need to find ourselves a home soon," Kaori said. "We've never really owned our own place before, and it would be nice to put roots down somewhere now that we're all back together."


    "I've been collecting names of worlds I'd like to visit since I was a teen," I said. "Maybe I'll look through them and find a nice quiet world we can settle in."


    Pax came waddling up to us and ended our conversation, but my promise to Vlad about dismantling my father's empire sat heavily on my heart. I wanted nothing more then to be done with all things vampire and return to a simpler life with just me and my family. But Pearce was still out there, and he might prove just as deadly a foe as Darius ever did. Sigh.

    To distract myself, I asked Pax if he'd like to build a sand sculpture, and pulled out some shovels and buckets.


    We set to work, Pax piling up sand with me haphazardly patting it into a shape of some sort.


    As we worked, Kaori received a phone call from Carol and I couldn't help but overhear that Carol had found an engagement ring in one of Jonathan's bags and was wondering what she should do.


    "Do you love him?" Kaori asked, winking at me.

    "Yes!" Carol cried, "More than anything!"

    "Than say yes!" Kaori laughed.

    Pax was starting to get a little cranky, so I scooped him up and whisked him away before I heard the rest of the conversation, but I got the feeling Carol would be wearing a ring next time we saw her!


    I tucked Pax into bed for a much needed nap, and soon Kaori joined me inside smiling brightly.
    "She's going to say yes!" she laughed. "Our baby girl's going to be engaged!"

    That afternoon both Carol and Morgyn arrived for my cleansing ceremony, and we sat down to discuss what needed to be done.

    "So have you abstained from drinking plasma successfully?" Morgyn asked, jumping right into it.


    "Yes and no," I said, and explained how I'd been drinking a little but from Kaori and how it actually seemed to push back the darkness and not feed it.

    "Fascinating," Morgyn murmured after I'd finished. "I'll have to make note of this. Plasma given in love and not taken by force weakens instead of strengthens the dark magic. Fascinating indeed."

    Morgyn then explained he'd brought the ingredients to create the cure, but that he was short a few plasma fruits. I told him to wait a second, and quickly ran out and harvested some from my trees to add to his.


    Then it was time.

    Morgyn handed me the ingredients and told me I should do the honors, so I took everything out to the bar and mixed them together, pouring the concoction into a glass.


    The drink filled me with revulsion and I quickly set it down, staring at it in disgust.

    Kaori came over and wrapped me in a hug.


    "I know this is hard," she whispered in my ear, "but whatever choice you make, I'll be here to support and love you."

    I hugged her back feeling more confident in my decision, and picked up the glass and gulped down the bitter goop.


    Immediately I felt all the dark magic scream as it tried to escape my body in any way it could.


    I rose up into the air, strands of light and dark streaming into and from of my body, and with a flash of light, I could feel the last of the dark magic leave me.


    I settled back down to the ground feeling all the aches and pains of being human return.


    Yeah, I hadn't missed that. I rubbed my back and smiled up at Kaori.

    "So," I asked with a grimace, "how do I look?"


    "Old!" Carol giggled. "You've got a lot more wrinkles now."

    Thanks Sweetie.

    Kaori took my hands and examined my face. "You look like the man I fell in love with," she finally said wrapping me into another hug.


    "And the wrinkles actually make you look even hotter," she said, whispering into my ear.


    We all walked down to the yard to get a little more space, and Morgyn asked if I'd like him to return my spellcaster magic now.


    I nodded and, for the second time that day, magically rose up into the air, twirled about, and returned to the ground; a spellcaster once again.


    After giving him a hug in thanks, Morgyn teleported back to Magic HQ as he had a class to teach.


    "So," I said, turning back to Carol with a smile, "you're engaged now?"


    "Yes!" Carol grinned. "He asked me this morning! We haven't discussed when or how, but he wants to marry me! I'm so excited!"


    I gave her a celebratory hug and congratulated her, saying we'd have to get together once they'd figured out what they wanted to do.

    After she left, I was feeling pretty good, so I challenged Kaori to a duel for old times sake.


    "Ooh, you're going down," she grinned, getting into position. "I've had lot's of time to practice while you've been skulking around as a living corpse!"


    "Bring it!" I laughed, and our battle began!


    With a final surge of power I was able to pick her up and flip her to the ground!


    Yes! Victory!


    With a sparkle of mischief in her eyes, Kaori sprang up from the ground and caught me by surprise with a spell of her own.


    In a flash of light I felt myself shrink down into a gnome shaped mass.


    Ooh, she was cruel.

    To rub it even more, she sat down next to me and began to build a sand sculpture.


    "Let me capture you're new likeness in sand," she giggled, carefully carving her pile of sand into a hideous looking gnome.


    "Ta-da!" she said, putting on the finishing touches. "I'll leave you to admire my work. Pax needs tending to."


    With that she got up and left.

    How could one so beautiful, be so cold-hearted?


    A minute later I was back to normal and all I could do was grin as I got up off the ground.


    That, and monster stomp her sculpture.


    Yeah, she'd gotten me good.


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    September - Day 15: "We're all mad here..."



    I apologize for it, but our internet is extremely slow tonight for some reason. I think because of that, Imgur is having a problem with my uploads. I've lost count how many times I tried to upload just this daily post pic before it finally worked. Extremely frustrating when that happens. I suppose it could just be a coincidence and it's in reality an Imgur problem alone. Seems to be happening more than usual lately. Anyway, I'll keep trying for a little while, but if it continues to fail, I think I'll just take a break and post only the daily post pic for today's update. Hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    (Trigger Warning - Disturbing Events - Violence)

    June 25 - The Dark Path

    Morgan arrived home at almost the same time Dylan did. She wasn't sure if she should just blurt out that she was pregnant, or perhaps, do something special and tell him then. Like maybe a special dinner, or...go somewhere together...right...go somewhere together...that was a laugh...where would they go?


    Dylan must have seen Morgan's puzzled expression, "You look like you're having some deep thoughts. Wanna share?"


    Morgan bit her lip, "Well, I...I wanted to talk to you about something...but I...um...wanted to go somewhere...um...where we could be alone..."

    Dylan: "Oh? Sounds serious. Well, you know, it's been awhile since we've been on an actual date and Lou told me about this place...so...I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to go there. We might be late getting back from the gas station tonight, so would tomorrow work for you, or is that too late? I mean we could always go to the gas station tomorrow..."


    Morgan smiled: "No...it's fine. We should still head to the gas station today...and yes...tomorrow would be good. In fact, a date is a great idea. I would like that...and then I can prepare for it..."

    Dylan: "Alrighty then, it's a date! Now...we should get going to the gas station if we're going to make it back before dark. Are you ready to go?"

    Morgan gave him a flirtatious look: "Well, not quite," she said as she put her arms around Dylan, "I just need a kiss first..."


    Dylan winked at her: "Well, you know me, I'm happy to oblige any kisses you might want. But it better be just one kiss or we might not make it to that gas station at all..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    After leaving the house, Morgan led Dylan past the porta potties to another pathway that led to the highway. They continued walking for about 1/2 mile and then rounded a bend and saw the gas station.

    Dylan: "Wow! I never knew this pathway was even here. I took another pathway from the highway which led to my Mom's house."

    They quickly walked to the gas station, and Morgan saw her car. It was still where she had parked it.

    Morgan: "It's still here! I can't believe it! It's exactly where I left it!"


    Dylan: "And I see it still has a flat...and most definitely the rim needs fixed. There's a garage here, but no-one seems to be working right now. I'll go inside and see when the mechanic will be here, so we can get this fixed. It looks like they're closing up, so I better go inside now, " he said giving her a kiss on the cheek.


    Morgan: "Alright, and I'll get the luggage out of the car."

    As Dylan headed into the variety store, three sims wandered onto the lot and stood chatting in front of the garage.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Morgan busied herself with the luggage and was unaware of her surroundings. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how she would spring the news of her pregnancy on Dylan tomorrow.


    Blade seeing Morgan: "Well...well...well...will you look at what we have here..." he said licking his lips.

    Slayter turned around to where Blade was looking: "Oh yeah...she's a hottie...."


    Rocki: "She looks all alone. Let's go and see if she needs anything..."

    They all smirked and walked towards Morgan.

    Blade walked up to Morgan and gave her an appreciative look, "Hey Miss...having a bit of car trouble?"


    Morgan was surprised to see anyone there, "Oh, um...yeah...I have a flat tire..."

    Slayter: "That's too bad...and you're out of luck 'cause the garage is closed..."


    Rocki: "So, it looks like you might have to spend the night..."


    Morgan looked at the three of them and started to feel uncomfortable and backed up a step, "No...I don't live far from here...I'll be fine..."

    Blade: "Not far, huh? Well, we could give you a ride to your house. You know, a good looking sim like yourself can't be too careful around these parts..."

    Rocki: "Or maybe you don't want to go home just yet...we know a bar down the way where we can go and have some...fun..."

    Morgan swallowed looking from one to the other, "No thanks...I'm fine...I'm here with someone..."

    Blade: "Really? I don't see anyone around, Miss....and you look like you could use some fun..."


    Slayter smiled lasciviously at her, "Come on sweet thing, you don't have to be afraid of us..."

    Morgan looked around for something to defend herself with, but the two guys grabbed her by either arm and started to drag her away...


    Morgan: "Let go of me you creeps...Help! Help!" she shouted as she tried to wrench her arm away.


    Blade: "Nobody's gonna hear you, sweetheart..."


    Morgan was suddenly filled with dread, "Dylan, help me...and our baby..." she thought.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Dylan and the store clerk had exited the variety store through a back door. The clerk told Dylan that the tire would probably arrive within a week, and Dylan told him he would be back then. The clerk fiddled with some keys and locked the door. He then bid Dylan goodnight and headed to where his truck was parked. Dylan waved as the clerk drove off.


    Dylan walked to the front of the building and was about to walk towards Morgan when he surveyed the scene before him. Three sims had surrounded Morgan and two had her by the arms. Dylan felt an anger rise up inside of him.


    Dylan shouted at them, "Hey, you! Get your hands off of her!"


    Blade whispered something to Slayter who proceeded to walk towards Dylan.

    Slayter: "If you know what's good for you, you'll just walk away. This ain't no concern of yours..."


    Dylan: "Is that so? Well, I'm warning you and those other clowns to get your hands off of her or there will be trouble."

    Slayter laughed, "Trouble? I don't think you know who you're dealing with...plus we're only going to show the girl a bit of fun, that's all...now I'll say it again...just walk away..."


    Dylan narrowed his eyes: "Oh, so you're looking for some fun? Why didn't you say so. I can give you plenty..." he spat out.


    Dylan felt the fury raise inside of him, and for the first time, he welcomed it. He let the fury take him over, and maybe it would be enough to just scare them away. And suddenly, before their eyes, Dylan transformed into a werewolf.



    Slayter was in shock at the sight of Dylan, "Holy plumbobs...he's a frickin' werewolf...get the heck out of here! Run!"


    But before Slayter could run, Dylan grabbed him by the arms, and sunk his teeth into his shoulder.


    The guy let out a cry of pain and looked scared. He had been bitten by a werewolf! Oh my gosh! What did this mean?


    Slayter scrambled to get away and ran towards the garage. But it was too late. The hunger hit him almost immediately and he didn't have a chance as he collapsed on the ground.



    Suddenly, a mysterious black-robed figure floated onto the lot and hovered over the prone figure of Slayter. Dylan just stood there and watched quietly. He had seen this figure before. It was the Grim Reaper.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Rocki was in shock seeing what had just happened. Slayter was dead!

    Rocki: "Blade, she's not worth it! Leave her be and let's get out of here before that thing comes after us..."


    Blade: "No way! She's too fine to leave. Hold off the beast and I'll bring the girl to the car..." he motioned and grabbed Morgan by the wrist yanking her towards him.


    Dylan let out a howl and bounded towards Rocki.


    Morgan: "Let go of me!" she shouted and tried valiantly to wrestle her arm free.


    Blade: "It's no use trying to get away sweet stuff. You and I are going to have a little party together..."


    She felt his grip loosen and she kicked him in the shins.


    Blade: "Oh you're a feisty one, aren't you? I like 'em that way..." he said running his hand possessively down her arm.


    Morgan recoiled from his touch, and spat in his face.


    Blade: "Argh! You little B****! I'll have to teach you some manners..." he said and slapped Morgan hard in the face.



    Blade gave a devious laugh "It'll be fun taming you my little fireball...I can hardly wait..." he sneered as he saw her flinch from the slap.


    The force of the blow left Morgan disoriented and she suddenly felt dizzy and fell unconscious to the ground.



    Dylan turned to where Blade and Morgan were. He saw Morgan laying prone on the ground and let out a ferocious howl. A howl so powerful that it rattled the windows of the variety store. He changed direction and lumbered towards Blade.


    Blade looked at Morgan laying unconscious on the ground and this beast charging towards him and ran for cover behind the gas pumps.


    At the same time, Rocki tried to run in the same direction. But that wasn't happening.



    Dylan saw Rocki trying to escape and yanked Rocki towards him and "chomp" bit him on the shoulder.


    Rocki suddenly was pointing to his mouth like he wanted food. Was this the end of Rocki, too?


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Dylan looked around and grunted and went towards Morgan's prone figure. He sniffed the air and then he saw Blade hiding behind the gas pumps.

    Dylan approached Blade and they glared at each other.


    In what seemed like a second, Dylan was on the guy and grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him on the ground with such force, that the earth trembled beneath them. Blade wasn't giving up that easily, and soon a fight ensued between them.






    But Dylan was too powerful and soon defeated Blade. Don't mess with a werewolf!


    Dylan snarled at him and Blade had a look of sheer horror on his face. He was terrified.


    Dylan took Blade by the shoulders and "chomp", bit him hard on the shoulder.



    All three had now been bitten, and Dylan let out a ferocious howl again.



    It wasn't long before Blade clutched at his stomach and made frantic pleas for food. But it was too late, and he died of starvation.


    Almost at the same time, Rocki fell to the ground. The insatiable hunger had taken its toll on him, too.



    They were all dead now, and their fate lay in the Grim Reaper's hands.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    At that moment, sensing that the danger had passed, Dylan changed back into a human sim.


    He went up to Morgan: "Are you all right? Did they hurt you?" he asked and then noticed the red mark on her cheek and her face covered in dirt.


    Morgan put her hand to her cheek and bit her lip, "I'm alright...I just feel sick to my stomach..."

    Dylan: "Well after what happened, that's understandable..."

    Morgan looked at him and just shook her head. She didn't want to tell him she was expecting. Not here. Not now. Not like this.

    Dylan turned towards the three grave markers and watched as the Grim Reaper took the last of the souls. The Grim Reaper looked at Dylan briefly and then he was gone in a cloud of black smoke.


    Dylan breathed hard and headed over to the car where a backpack was lying on the ground. He scooped up the backpack and then proceeded to put the grave markers inside. He looked around and there was no-one in sight. Everything else seemed to be in order. They had better leave before anyone else showed up, or worst, someone had seen what had happened and called the police.

    Dylan: "Morgan...I...I killed those sims...I let the fury take control of me, and it happened. Just like in Mt. Komorebi when the anger consumed me. I've killed 4 sims now, Morgan..."


    Morgan: "Dylan...you didn't kill them. You gave them a werewolf bite. They didn't eat and they died of starvation. The same could have happened to me when I was bitten and was transforming. This wasn't your fault."

    Dylan shook his head as if trying to rid himself of the memory.

    Morgan: "Dylan...I know you were trying to protect me...", Morgan's eyes filled with tears, "...and if you hadn't been here...those sims would have...they would have..."


    Dylan held her in his arms, "Shhh....shhhh...It's alright, Morgan, it's over now. They won't ever bother you again. You're safe now..."


    Morgan clung to Dylan and whispered, "I love you Dylan...no matter what..."


    Dylan: "I love you, too, Morgan...and I won't let anyone ever hurt you..."

    They parted and then went towards the car and picked up the other backpack and locked the car again. Together they headed towards the pathway home.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    As part of the WildFang Renegade Aspiration, Dylan had to turn three sims into werewolves. But, as we all know, Dylan had resisted becoming a werewolf himself and had also witnessed Morgan's traumatic werewolf transition. Therefore, Dylan would not willingly turn any sim into a werewolf. However, if someone he loved was threatened, that was a different story and he would protect them at all costs. And so, going back to the gas station to check on the car was a perfect setting for some "bad guys" to show up who wanted to harm Morgan, and also a way for Dylan to fulfill this part of the WildFang Aspiration.

    What I wasn't expecting was that the "hunger" would get to these sims and that they would all die of starvation. Crazy sims could have just gone into the variety store and bought something to eat. But they didn't, and I just went with it. So, yep, Dylan has done away with three more sims. He has the three grave markers in his personal inventory. He should actually have 4, but for some reason, one wasn't produced for the first death in Mt. Komorebi.

    And who knew that you cannot do the 'slap 'em silly' interaction on a sim who is pregnant. So I had to improvise that part.

    Morgan and Dylan get this sentiment from witnessing the deaths.


    And because of Dylan and Morgan's unruly behavior at the gas station, they got these notices from the Moonwood Collective. Ah geez! Spycams everywhere!


    ~ ~ ~

    Many thanks to these simmers for creating these sims.


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    Remember to get your free kit!!! (Desert Deluxe free until 17th, tomorow last day!!)

    I spent most part of the last week at cabin, no game :P This week went mostly in hospital with all sorts of check ups, Not going to comment now,as so behind again, but did catch up with all updates :)

    Also all of yours, who still on challenge , sims are in my game , i think now :) they will be popping up later, and there are 3 very interesting matches happened in game :P One still single.

    Oona Medicci, day 16
    Up we go! New day ahead!
    "Do I have to???"

    and I had Caps on,,, hubs...

    yes, eat it! its not a tomato! Strawberries, big.. you only have a mushroom and onion ready for harvest.


    call to scool as sick is cool!

    is Sakura watching how her son handles the job?

    these two get along well. Too bad the age difference! Jon got a makeover too.

    lets go, we have a reason to be here, and LOL, thats not let the pricipal behind you to se you xd

    Yes, chesstables are there , more and in the middle, we can start club after schoolhours.

    Joey and my Evie were there, fine, enought tables still :)

    Lovely view, paint while waiting...
    Eh.. okay, I thought you paint the scenery here, but nice one, sure.

    After listing that in Plopsy, why not another one :)

    this is very long day, so i split it to 2 parts

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    September 16th: Drinking kava to celebrate

    Today's Accomplishments:
    Beach Life
    - Get a suntan
    - Host a kava party

    When we woke up we got Pax some food and sat down to chat. The little guy was quickly picking up some speech, and enthralled us with what I'm sure were some very exciting stories.


    We then brought him outside to a little play area I'd set up for him.


    Pax immediately headed for the doll treehouse and I sat down with him with Kaori sitting just behind us asking questions and making suggestions for our story.


    When Pax got tired of that, I brought him over to the slide and helped him climb up.


    He seemed a little unsure about sliding down, so I went to the bottom of the slide and beckoned for him to slide down to me. He slowly scootched forward and giggled as he slid down into my arms.


    Kaori then took him from me to change him into his swimming trunks to go swimming in the little kiddie pool, and I took the opportunity to do something I hadn't been able to do since I'd become a vampire; suntan!


    Yeah that felt good.


    Pax had a good time splashing around, and by the time he wanted out, I'd gotten a nice tan.

    I then asked him if he'd like to play in the sand while Kaori snuck away to get her own tan.


    Once again he helped pile up the sand, but this time we sculpted it into a baby turtle.


    Not bad!


    By now it was Pax's nap time, so I brought him inside and tucked him in.

    Carol called and asked if she and Jonathan could come over, so I whipped up a batch of kava juice to serve them when they arrived.


    Kaori came up and I let her know Carol and her fiance were going to be dropping by, so she went and put something nice on and made me get changed too.

    When our guests arrived, we hugged and congratulated them both on their engagement, and Jonathan asked if I was happy to no longer be a vampire.


    We sat down and I explained that while there had been some perks, I was so much happier being a spellcaster again.


    I then changed the subject and asked them if they'd made any plans yet, but they said they were still deliberating on whether they should have a big or small wedding, and whether they should have it in Henford or Sulani. I told them we were open to hosting, but that the wedding would have to take place sooner rather than later, as we were planning on finding our own place soon.

    Kaori magic'd up a platter of spaghetti and we continued our conversation as we ate.


    When we'd finished, I suggested going down and ending the evening with a bonfire, and soon we were gathered around a roaring fire laughing and telling stories.


    We were all feeling a little tipsy from the kava juice, and before we knew it, we found ourselves on the swings having a couples contest to see who could push their partner higher.


    I think it ended in a tie.

    As midnight approached, Carol and Jonathan thanked us for having them and wandered off down the beach holding hands. I think they may have been heading towards the waterfall.

    Kaori and I headed inside to check on Pax and then trudged up to bed.

    I guess I do kind of miss not having to sleep.
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    September - Day 16: "I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I'm changing the things I cannot accept..."


    Cale felt like crawling into his coffin and never coming out. But what would that accomplish? Nothing. He'd asked for none of this and neither had anyone else involved. But, it is what it is and he needed to step up and do everything in his power to help the ones he'd hurt. Starting with Joel. Cale switched out of dark mode and sped his way to Mt. Komorebi.

    When he arrived, everyone was out and about living their lives, except Joel. He asked if he could come inside and talk with him. Joel nodded and walked over to sit on a living room chair with Cale close on his heels.

    "Why Cale? Why would you do this to me without asking if it's what I want or not? I don't understand." Joel asked getting right to the point.

    "It wasn't my idea Joel, I was commanded to do it, by my Step-Father, Lance."
    "Oh no..."

    "He's my Maker and by vampire law, I am bound to him, required to do whatever he commands me to do, I don't have a choice, I can't refuse whether I want to do it or not. I'm just a puppet and he has the strings."

    "He's an evil, horrible monster that enjoys making my life miserable. You're not the only one I turned tonight, there's several others. You have to know I'd never, ever do anything like that to you, or anyone, without your permission."
    "I know, that's why I've been so confused."
    "You're my best friend, my brother, I didn't want to hurt you, I never want to hurt you, but now I have."

    "Can you ever forgive me Joel? I'm so, so, sorry, more than you could ever imagine. I love you Dude, please don't let this come between us. Don't let him win."

    "I've thought about what it would be like to be a vampire many times. It's not surprising since I've been living with Josh and Essa for years now. Every year, I get older and they stay just as young, beautiful, healthy and fit as they were before. I try not to think about it most of the time, but sometimes I do. They, and you, can live forever, I'll be dead and gone and you will continue to be here. It's not easy losing those you love. It's like a piece of your heart, your soul dies with them. I wondered, do I want to go through that, again, over and over ...forever? I just didn't know."

    "But now, hey, you've made that choice for me and I'm fine with it."
    "What!? Seriously? You want to be a vampire? Are you sure? I mean you don't have a choice now, but..."

    "Yes, I'm sure, now that it's happened. I think it's what I've always wanted, but just hadn't taken that step to have someone, Josh or maybe Essa, turn me. Though I wish it was under different circumstances, you did me a favor. Thanks!"

    "Uh, you're welcome? I guess...what about when you change? Do you know what to expect? Will you need training? I'm obligated, responsible for you now. Even if I weren't, I'd do all I could to help you get through this Joel. You know that."

    "I do, but, Cale, I probably know more about vampires than you do. Remember who I live with?"
    "Oh, yeah, right."
    "I wouldn't say no to some training though, perhaps having a spar or two between us now and then. But I'll be fine little Bro, I promise."

    "I love you Joel."
    "I love you too Cale, always and forever, now."

    Now that he was sure Joel was going to be alright, they said their goodbyes and Cale left promising to be back as soon as he could. He texted Lilah on the way home and asked if she could come over.

    She'd agreed and was standing in front of his house when he arrived. He couldn't read her face after he'd told her what had happened. Was she upset? Was she okay with it, or...what?

    "I hope you know Lilah I would never knowingly hurt you or force anything on you. I care for you. I had no control over my actions, but I am still incredibly sorry it happened to you and want to help you get through it however I can."

    "Can you find it in your heart to forgive me? I don't want to lose you."

    "Oh Cale, I know, it's fine, don't worry, you won't lose me. I was going to ask you to turn me anyway. I...care about you too. We're so good together, you make me happy. I want to keep that feeling going as long as possible. There's nothing longer than, forever."

    "You're incredible Lilah. So sweet and understanding, it's no wonder I care about you so much."

    "Move in with me. I know this seems sudden, but I'd feel better if you were by my side so I can help you get through this. Okay?"
    (She's going to think you love her now.)
    (Maybe, but maybe we both just need someone to hang on to right now. I'm tired of being alone.)
    "Alright, but I can't stay long. I have a daughter at home that needs me, a job and...well, look at who I'm talking to, you already know all that."
    "I do and I understand."
    (See? She knows.)

    However, whether she loved him, but he didn't love her, or he did and just didn't know it yet, neither one would ever deny they were extremely compatible when it came to at least one area of their relationship.

    Cale lay with Lilah close in his arms, watching until she fell asleep. He slipped out of bed and started toward the balcony, but stopped when the photo on his dresser of he and Sandy caught an eye.

    He hadn't thought about her all day. But now he took a moment to do just that. He had a promise to keep. He was still in shock at Joel's reaction too and couldn't help thinking about that as well. And of course, there was Lilah.

    Lance stealthily snuck his way into his thoughts, instantly snapping Cale back to reality. What was he going to do about him? What could he do?

    It seemed the only way to get rid of him for good was to somehow get Lucifer's knife. But how do you steal from the Devil?
    (Maybe Greg could help? Or L.?)
    (I'll think about it tomorrow. I'm tired.)

    It had been a very long, energetic, exhausting day, and night. Not so much physically, but mentally, his emotions wrenched this way and that. He wished more than anything at this moment to be in his bed curled up to Lilah, but was sentenced to an eternity of rest in a coffin instead.

    The vampire sleeps...

    Comments/replies coming up soon. I hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3
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    edited September 2022
    *comes out of cave for my monthly forums appearance*
    Whoops. I didn't mean to come back after weeks just to make one challenge post and instantly leave again, but that's the way it goes I guess :sweat_smile:
    I really don't want to abandon this challenge (she says, as she's abandoned every single sims challenge she's ever started *cough cough 100 baby challenge cough cough*), and I've had these screenshots sitting in a folder for over two months so I figured I should just post them... BUT I think if I'm going to have any chance of actually finishing this thing (which I do want to do, don't get me wrong) I'm going to perhaps abandon the overarching story thing (really, writing any "story" at all). Or maybe not. I don't know. Whatever (it really depends on a lot of factors). There's no proper "narrative" prose in this one, and truthfully I don't see the need for it until Hunter finds him (which actually hasn't happened in game yet. I know, shocking). Also this update is going to be boring, I'm sorry in advance LOL

    July 7
    And wow, we're finally getting into gameplay shots that show off Aaron's final wolf form (after I changed it... twice)... I kid you not I took these screenshots way back on July 13 o.O

    Some tug of war with Ricky to show off his new beast form again (I'm very happy with it so I took way too many pics :joy: )

    He lost and the face he made was just so funny :D:D

    Oh and he finally became a Friend of the Moonwood Collective

    So I sent him to hang out at the tree. One of my favourite animations in this pack :smiley:

    Now for a tug of war with Kristopher:

    Just some random shots (I need something to pad out this update, okay :D )

    Meeting Lily!

    Exploring and scavenging!

    And finally, he ranked up :smiley:

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    Okay so... I'm not doing full comments tonight because as much as I'd like to, it'd just be a lot to get through and I'm exhausted (once again I hate myself for deciding to post past midnight :joy: ) but there are a few things I want to say (because I did read all of those incredible updates):

    Absolutely loving Cale's new look, and especially his dark form! :love:

    Also I want to say something about your Day 7 post, in particular the opening. Your depiction of Cale's depression (well not explicitly depression but you know what I mean) is so raw and it hit me incredibly hard. Like, I've been there. I mean, not as a vampire using sex to feel something like Cale was at the start of his journey in this new world, but how hopeless he feels and the funk he feels trapped in? Gosh I got emotional reading that (getting emotional just typing this out right now lol). Feeling numb... yeah. He's surviving, not thriving. me when I was in university
    I used to say that I felt like my soul had been ripped out back then and I didn't feel like myself (still don't honestly, it messed me up), and genuinely this is how Cale right now reads in my opinion - apologies if I've interpreted him completely wrong.
    It's so sad seeing Cale's total regression to how he behaved as a teen (like seducing all those ladies), he'd grown as a character so much (not that I blame him because 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸) and it's just been totally ripped away from him thanks to Lance and Hades' little shenanigans with Sandy who did not deserve what she got (erased out of existence... good Lord). Lance needs to die again, I freaking swear... I will march into your game and kill him myself LOL

    Enjoyed Clarissa's cameo on Day 9 haha. Also was fun to see Cale sparring with two sons that he doesn't know he has ;)
    (Who is this man? He looks kind of familiar.)
    Is this Clarissa's thought about Cale? If so... she sees Cale's face every time she looks at one of her twin sons ;) There's your answer Clarissa hehe (since the other one looks much more like her. I can't remember which is which though lol)
    I hope Chris and Colton do show up at some point! :smiley:

    I am glad L. came over to talk some sense into him later though, he really needed that.

    Aww, welcome to the world, Pax! I absolutely adore his name, it's perfect! And I love that Carol calls him a little chunk :joy:

    Ooh, he's a vampire! I love his glowing eyes! And he's a very cute toddler, of course ;) Really very cool that Adam can properly experience fatherhood now when he couldn't with Carol when she was little. I mean it was to be expected with how much he and Kaori were woohooing LOL

    And meeting Carol's boyfriend... now, fiance! Congratulations to them! <3

    Special mention goes to this line from Sep 9, omg it's so good:
    "You're mother's right though," I said, breaking in. "Just look at her. She met one good looking guy and ended up pregnant."


    Kaori gave me a good wack.
    :joy::joy: HAHAHA

    Congrats on baby Hero! Oh, and they're having another one I see ;)

    Lol DJ is so deep in denial about occults existing :joy: Well now you're TWO occults DJ, how does that feel? Oh boy I can't wait until he learns that Hunter is a vampire...
    Very fun how you're incorporating Selvadorada into the storyline here! And lovely to see Emmett and Robin making appearances too :smiley:

    Werewolf baby incoming! (Well, not yet lol but soon ;) )

    Gosh this most recent update was... a lot...
    Oh hell nah those dudes better get the F away from Morgan or Dylan is going to royally mess them up...
    And he did, as he should! Go Dylan! Protect your lady!

    Oona's Windenburg makeover is very nice, love the mint :love:
    I like that makeover for Jon too :smiley:

    HAHA love that the principal shows up while Oona's skipping school :joy:
    |origin id: afai1261| she/her |
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,939 Member
    Whoa! What an intense update! Three thugs dead from starvation? You realize that is most likely a glitch and shouldn't happen that fast, right? I'm assuming you do and just went with it for the story. Great way to integrate the need for Dylan to bite three Sims though! Love the Sims you found for the thugs, handsome, yet sinister. o.O Glad Dylan came to Morgan's rescue, I figured he would. I'm a little confused as to why Morgan didn't change into a werewolf though? She probably could've just scared them away herself. hehe Ah well, makes it more dramatic this way and Dylan is the Hero for rescuing his damsel in distress! Great update! :)

    One thing and I hesitate to mention it, because I LOVE reading about Dylan and Morgan, but it's about the number of screenshots posted. It's fine when you go a few over 20 or so, and I know you post sporadically, but I feel this update was a bit too long. I wouldn't say anything, but there are Simmers that don't have great connections or very powerful computers and when they try to view such a large number of screenshots, it bogs down their computer. It takes forever for them to load, and sometimes up to half if not more won't even load.

    Plus, since these Simmers' computers/connections are busy loading so many, it makes it tough to upload and view their own updates. How do I know? I have such a connection and I'm guessing I'm not the only one. I hope you understand and this doesn't upset you. Perhaps you could break up longer posts in two or three posts instead of one giant post? Just a thought! *Hugs*

    Got my free kit and I love it! Thanks for the reminder for those who might need it. I think the free kit is available though until October 17th, not September. I could be wrong but I think it expires the day before the livestream for when the base game goes free as well.

    Anyway, love the daily pic of Oona's pond, so pretty! <3 Strawberries are better to eat raw than tomatoes Oona! Just sayin' hehe Well, well, I love that she faked being sick to skip school and hangout with Jon. He looks fantastic by the way, love the makeover and so does Oona! :) Annnnd, she won't be a teen for much longer, hang in there Jon!

    Chess club in the park, great idea! So funny she painted a gloomy storm scene instead of the gorgeous day there. hehe Uh, nice, um, train Oona. hehe I bet it was worth a lot though knowing this game! ;) Can't wait for part two! <3

    Welcome back! So good to see you and Aaron! LOVE Aaron's werewolf form, you did a fantastic job. <3 Aww, that face with the droopy ears when he lost is so precious, but funny too, yes! hehe At least he beat Kristopher at tug of war later! Gah! That pose! I never did have Cale or CJ do that. I wonder if they still can since they were werewolves? Hmm...I'll have to try it. Aaron looks so hot posing there though. :)

    Good that he's finally a member of the Moonwood Collective and a Veteran wolf now. Come on Hunter, find your man! He's ready to go home!

    So glad you like Cale's look this month, including his dark form. Honestly so do I! I think he looks really, really good with black hair and light skin. But then I've always loved the combo of dark hair and light eyes on my Sims. Especially guys! ;)

    I'm so sorry Cale's misery hit a nerve for you, wasn't my intension. But yes, you're right about how he was using sex to feel anything at all and reverted back to his teenage mean, angry hot-headed ways. Not as much as I thought when I gave him back those traits, but enough that I noticed it. He still wants to insult everyone and pick fights with them left to his own devices, but I try to nix it whenever I can when it doesn't make sense for who he is insulting. Definitely wasn't thriving, just...existing. Bummer you had such a bad experience in Uni, I'm so glad you've graduated now and hopefully things will eventually get better for you. *Hugs*

    Don't worry, Cale has a plan for Lance. I just need to make it happen and I'm struggling a bit in the planning stage because I need one very important object and I can't find any CC even remotely similar, the knife. I have a Plan B if Plan A doesn't work out though, so we shall see...

    Yes, that was Clarissa's thought about Cale. I haven't seen Chris or Colton yet, but hoping they show up too at some point. It's been fun having him spar with his kids, even if he doesn't know it, yet. ;)

    L.'s visit helped immensely! She brought him somewhat out of his funk as evidenced by his thoughts when running down that trail to the bench before Lance showed up. I think it helped his friends and family kept their focus on him too, keep him active in their lives to show him how much they love him and need him. I hope he remembers that after what's happened now. I'm sure he will because he'll need them more than ever now.

    I want to say straight up that I don't think Lilah is going to be his new 'love' interest. She could be, but that's not the plan. He's still somewhat using sex to feel something and he's just tired of always being alone so needs 'someone' in his life for comfort, and so does she right now. He genuinely does care about her though, but I don't think he's IN love with her. If that makes sense?
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,187 Member
    @afai1261 ,
    thank you for your comments :) haha , I found it hilarious that the principal was coming to very same cafe :D
    Awwww... aarons face is heartbreakung but so cute after loosing the first fight of the update <3:D
    @Karababy52 ,
    Thank you for the comments :smiley: Just hoping Jon will not take any nice vampire ladies before Oona grows up. I could stop it, but I promised myself I let game... okay a mod in this case, decide :P Gladly Cale took one lady who was free :P ( D.J. did too, actually)

    I would of been very surprised if Joel would be so mad about being a vamp, Jon anymore and you have them like I do xd but then again, Im biased , love vampires <3 Okay , I was gonna ask about Lilah, but now read in 2 places she is maybe not the one for Cale , okay :P

    lol, wooops, my bad, of course youre right about the date in free kit :P so , no hurry xd

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @Karababy52 -
    Thanks for the comments on my last entry. Yes, sorry for it being so long, and no offense taken about the screenshots. I totally understand about that. As for the starvation deaths, they didn't really happen that fast. I took so long taking the screenshots that over the course of the night, they starved to death. It was kind of a shock to me, too, that it happened. As for why Morgan didn't transform...there is a bit of an explanation in the next chapter, which I am working on now, but basically she has the Wracked With Guilt temperament, and she feels guilty for being a werewolf and any werewolf actions. She does have the transform mastery, but I didn't have her transform, because it really was about Dylan biting 3 sims and turning them into werewolves to complete that part of his aspiration. I hope that makes sense. Thanks :)
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    September 17th: Welcoming in family

    Today's Accomplishments:
    City Native
    - Use a bubble blower
    - Shoot off fireworks at the Humor and Hijinks festival

    Kaori and I had just finished breakfast when, with a burst of light, Allyson appeared before us.


    I jumped up and ran to give her a hug, quickly introducing her to Kaori and vice versa.


    Allyson bowed in greeting.


    "I apologize on this intrusion," she said, "but my mission is most urgent."
    She made a motion and another beam of light lit up the room for a moment, leaving in it's wake an older girl and younger boy.


    "I have a couple of children that need looking after," she said, motioning to the pair. "They are our siblings."

    I just blinked. Siblings?


    "Irene created them in her lab," she explained. "I suppose she desired greater control of her offspring after you failed to be born a vampire. She combined occult DNA with her own eggs and grew them in a controlled environment. I grew increasingly angry watching how she callously treated them, so I went against protocol and rescued them. Unfortunately I cannot keep them on my ship long term, and was hoping you would watch them for me until I can find suitable housing."


    "Well, of course," I managed to stammer out. "I mean as long as it's alright with Kaori?"

    "You are most welcome," Kaori said, rising from her chair and bowing to the children. "May I ask your names?"

    "Allyson helped us pick out names," the girl said hesitantly. "I liked the name Mira, and the boy picked out Gael."


    "Welcome Mira and Gael," I said cheerfully, but shuddered internally at the memory of my Mother's insistence on calling me child or boy. I suppose she'd never bothered naming her lab grown children either.

    The boy, or Gael, just stood there listening to our conversation without expression.


    I asked if they'd like to come sit down, and we moved our conversation to more comfortable surroundings. Gael sat down next to me, and I leaned over and gave him a little side hug.


    Immediately he relaxed and I actually saw a smile for a brief second before it disappeared. Poor kid had probably never been hugged before.

    Kaori then magic'd up some food for them to eat while us adults sat down in the living room to speak privately.

    "May I ask what type of occult they are?" I asked.


    "The girl has the ability to transform her legs into an aquatic tail and breathe underwater," Allyson explained. "I believe on your planet she would be considered a mermaid."

    "I knew they existed!" Kaori beamed, looked fairly proud of herself. "Is the boy a vampire?"


    "No," Allyson said shaking her head. "The boy is what you would call a werewolf."

    "A werewolf?" Kaori repeated, suddenly looking a little concerned. "Have his powers manifested yet?"

    "In small ways, yes," Allyson said. "But he cannot yet change into a wolf. Once he ages up into a teen in a couple of weeks, he will become a true werewolf. But do not concern yourself on this matter. I hope to find him a suitable home by then, somewhere he can learn to master his powers and not be a danger to himself or anyone else."


    Allyson became quiet and seemed to be trying to find the right words to say.

    "The children's upbringing has left them with some quirks," she said sadly. "The girl is very shy and is easily frightened by strangers, and the boy likes to talk to himself and is a bit erratic in his behavior. I should have rescued them sooner, but I'm hoping that you might help them adjust Adam, since you understand a little of what they're going through."


    I nodded, watching Mira and Gael eating across the room.

    "I'll do my best," I said.

    As I spoke, Pax came waddling out of his room rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I noticed Mira sat up straighter when she saw him, and five seconds later she was on the floor giving him a hug.


    Apparently she didn't feel threatened by small children, and perhaps caring for a toddler would help give her more confidence. This could work.


    Allyson bid us farewell, explaining she needed to get back to her ship, and we hugged her goodbye.


    She bowed to Mira and Gael and told them she'd be back in a week or two, before disappearing in a beam of light.

    That afternoon Kaori gave Mira one of her extra swimsuits and brought her down to the ocean.


    Kaori latter told me about how excited Mira had gotten when she'd first dipped her toes into the water. She'd immediately run into the waves and transformed, swimming about gracefully and full of joy.


    While they were at that, I was left back at the house to keep an eye on Pax and Gael.

    Something had upset the little werewolf and he was stomping around the house looking like he was ready for a fight.


    I sat him down and tried to work out what was upsetting him, but he just got more angry and yelled and screamed at me.


    Fortunately I have some magic that helps me calm down sims who are riled up, and with a few deep breaths he started to feel better.


    I brought him into the spare bedroom and told him he could lie down if he was tired, and he was out cold a couple minutes later.

    I grabbed a cup of Kava and sat down next to Pax who was enjoying some lunch, and wondered what I'd gotten myself into.


    Since neither kid had any extra sets of clothing, we teleported to San Myshuno that evening to do some clothes shopping. When we finished, we stopped by the Humor and Hijinks festival which was in town, to let loose and have a little fun.


    I ran into Londyn who seemed to be surprised to see I was no longer a vampire, and I felt a pang of guilt for forgetting to get back to them with the cure.


    I took this opportunity to share the process and the ingredients needed to release the dark magic, and she assured me she'd share it with the others if they were interested.


    The rest of the evening was filled with mischief making, (which Gael seemed to really get into), fireworks, and finally trying out the bubble blower.


    It was late when we returned home, but everyone was hungry so we sat down to a quick dinner before tucking everyone in for the night.


    I fell into bed feeling a mix of excitement over having more siblings, and anxiety over how I might best help them adapt.

    Maybe I should give Morgyn a call in the morning.

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