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Horse Hearts

Hey everyone! :smiley:

This is not a new Sims 3 story from me's from my 11 year old daughter. :blush: She wanted me to share it on here with y'all and hear your thoughts on it. :) We both hope you'll enjoy it. She's turned into quite the budding author and of course this momma is very proud. <3
I've transcribed it over exactly as she had it written, fonts and all. But I did fix some typos and made some additional paragraphs along the way, with her permission. ;)

🐴Horse Hearts🐴

Chapter One

Warm water washed onto Jane's shoulders as she turned the bath on. She loved taking nice warm baths on cold late nights like this one.


Her heart leaped at the sound of the door opening, and she quickly ducked down into the water.

"Hey Jane! You won't believe what-- oh! I'm sorry!" Jessie came walking into the bathroom and immediately covered his eyes with his hands.
"Jessie? What are you doing here?" Jane gasped. She put her hands over her mouth in surprise.
"Right... about that..." Jessie murmured. "Our house kind of got lit on fire so we decided to move in with you guys for now."
Jane felt a bolt of shock go through her. They couldn't live here! They barely had enough room for Jane and her family.
"You're serious?" Jane asked him in a serious tone.
Jessie nodded. "Mmm hm. We're roommates now."
"Well get out so I can get my clothes on!"

Stepping out of the bath, Jane immediately reached for the towel that was laying on the floor. She drained the bath as she got out of it and wrapped the towel around her.
The room felt steamy and humid, and Jane had to hurry to put her clothes back on.
Once she had announced that she was dressed, Jessie came back in with an excited expression as he grasped Jane's hands.
"You know what this means? We can ride horses together whenever we want! And maybe our parents will hook up." He said with joy beaming in his eyes.


Jane sighed and looked down at her feet. "Do you really think they're meant to be together?" She muttered.
Jessie's eyes grew wide. "What are you saying?"
There was a long moment of silence before Jane shook her head and waved his question away. "We'll make this work."

The two jumped as the door kicked open yet again, and Daniel-- Jane's little redheaded brother-- came in.
"What are you two weirdos' doing in here? Kissing?" he asked while making a disgusted face and squinting.
"No!" Jane and Jessie exclaimed at the same time.
Laughing, Daniel turned around to run into the other room.
Jane rolled her eyes and followed after him into the bedroom with Jessie following behind her. "I swear that little maniac is on my last nerve." She murmured to him.

Daniel was bouncing around on his bed beside Jane's.
Apparently, Jane's mother had moved another bed into the bedroom for Jessie to sleep on. The blanket was white and fluffy, with many green leaf patterns on it.
"This isn't too bad!" Jessie commented while leaping onto his bed and digging his face into the pillow. He kicked his shoes off onto the floor and rolled onto his back.
Jane smiled and came to lay down on her bed as well.

Her brother was sitting crisscross applesauce on his bed and staring at the floor. Jane assumed he was daydreaming.
Well as long as he's got something to do and isn't pestering me, I'm fine with it. She thought to herself with a sigh.
"So Jane, think we could go visit crazy cat lady's house again tomorrow morning?" Jessie suddenly asked from across the room. He sat up and gazed over at Jane with a smirk.
"What? No! She is not to be messed with. Remember that time when she tried to throw a stapler at me?" Jane replied with narrowed brows. "a stapler!"
Jessie grasped his stomach and chuckled. "Yeah, she's called crazy cat lady for a reason. That old woman is out of her mind and surely has more cats with her than how many Tribbles are on the Star Trek ship." He joked.
But Jane wasn't amused. This old woman wasn't just a crazy cat lover- she was downright terrifying.
Whenever she would hang out in her yard she would always stare at the people who walked by with her wide, non-blinking eyes. She would even threaten anyone who set foot on her property. But why?
"I guess we could... but I don't think my mom would like it." Jane replied nervously while eyeing Daniel, who was squinting his eyes at her suspiciously.
"Who said we would have to tell your mom where we were going? She doesn't get out of bed until about 9:00, and my dad doesn't really care where we go." Jessie pointed out.
He wasn't wrong, Jane just wasn't sure if his evil genius plan would actually work. They could get in trouble.
"You mean Victoria? No, no, no, you can't visit her! She really is insane like Jessie said!" Daniel cried while grabbing his sister's arm and anxiously shaking it.
Pushing him away, Jane folded her arms and glared at him.
"And how do you know about that?" she questioned.
"No reason," Daniel muttered. He slid under the covers of his bed and turned to lay on his side facing the wall. "Goodnight," he said in a muffled voice while reaching his hand out to turn the lamp off that was on his end table.
The room went dark.

To be continued...


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    Chapter Two

    The strong stench of coffee filled Jane's nostrils as she quickly ate her pancakes. She needed to hurry and meet Jessie outside before one of the adults noticed she was going somewhere.
    Once she had finished her breakfast, she hurried out the door and checked the time. It was 7:56, so they should have enough time before her mom would wake up.
    She went into the backyard and saw Jessie, Rusty, and Speckles waiting for her.
    Rusty was Jessie's male horse with bright red and orange fur, while Speckles was Jane's female white and brown appaloosa horse. They were both very well trained horses.

    "There you are! Took long enough." Jessie called.
    Jane huffed. "Yeah well, I needed to eat breakfast."
    The two quickly climbed onto their horses and gave them gentle pats on the neck.


    "Ready girl?" Jane asked Speckles while giving her a kick.
    With a whinny, Speckles took off galloping towards the road with her mane swaying in the breeze.
    Rusty snorted and followed after, kicking dirt into the air with every step he took.

    Once they had gotten onto the road they slowed their pace.
    "Don't go too fast," Jessie warned. The horses obediently slowed to a smooth walk down the road with their hooves clattering against it as they continued for several miles, passing by old houses and meadows of trees and flowers.


    Eventually they arrived at crazy cat lady, Victoria's house. Not only was she scary- but her house was too.
    It had a bright red pointed roof with black walls. It looked something like a haunted house. No windows or anything.
    Isn't that illegal? Jane thought. Just looking at it sent shivers down her spine and gave her the chills. Something just didn't feel right about the place. "We should turn back...," she murmured to Jessie.


    He stopped at Jane's side, looking over at her. "Hey, it's okay to be scared. But we can't chicken out now," he told her while turning his head to look back at the house. "I'm going in," he said bravely.
    "Wait what?" Jane screeched as Jessie hopped off his horse and began walking over to the door. "You can't!"
    Jessie tugged at the door handle to see if it was unlocked.
    It was. "Oh yes I can, and I will right now."


    Jessie pulled the door open, peaked inside, and then quickly stepped inside while closing the door behind him.

    Oh crud! What an idiot! Jane thought while quickly hopping off of her horse. She turned around to rub Speckle's snout.
    "Stay here, okay girl?" she told her in a soft voice before sprinting over to the door and pulling it open.

    It was extremely dark inside, and she could just barely see Jessie moving around in the shadows. "Come on!" he said.
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    Chapter Three

    Anxiety pricked at Jane's thoughts as she slowly walked through the dark room - waving her arms in front of her like a blind person would. Blinking to adjust her eyes, she could just barely make out the shape of Jessie a few ways in front of her, waving his arms around too.
    "Jessie!" she whisper-shouted while running over to him.
    He gasped and swung around to face her with wide eyes.


    "You scared the heck out of me!" he exclaimed. He took a moment to catch his breath, then looked around. "Why is it so dark in here?" he muttered.
    Jane folded her arms. "Dunno, but if this old lady can see in this kind of darkness she might have evolved night vision from all her cats," she joked to lighten the mood.
    Jessie covered his mouth to keep from laughing.

    Something fluffy brushed against Jane's boots and made her jump to Jessie's side with a gasp.
    Looking down, the two noticed a small cat with fluffy white fur that was very easy to see in the darkness.
    It stared at them with it's massive yellow eyes.
    "Even the cats here are creepy." Jessie shook his head while walking off. Jane noticed that he was walking towards a strange door off to his right.
    Jane didn't want to be left alone with the cat, so she hesitantly followed after him. But when she caught up to him, he froze. "What's wrong?" Jane asked him silently. But he didn't respond, his gaze was fixed on the door.
    "Run...," he mumbled.
    Confusion swept over Jane and she tried to follow his gaze. She didn't see anything, so she was unsure of what he saw.
    "Run!" Jessie screamed while shoving Jane. He swung around and took off sprinting towards the front door, whipping past the cat and blindly making his way through the darkness.
    Suddenly, Jane felt a cold hand grasp her arm. She froze with terror as she looked up and saw the old lady standing right in front of her. She stared into Jane's eyes.
    Jane screamed and jerked loose from her grip. She collapsed onto the floor and slowly scooted away.
    The old lady slowly began walking towards her, and Jane quickly leapt to her feet and began running to the front door where Jessie stood shouting her name. "Hurry!"


    Jane didn't hesitate for a second.

    Once she had made it out the front door, Jessie slammed it shut and they quickly ran into the front yard. But their horses were nowhere to be seen.
    "Where did Speckles and Rusty go?" Jane shouted fearfully while glancing behind her and noticing the old lady open the door and peek out at them with a horrifying grin.
    "That doesn't matter right now, run!" Jessie cried.
    The two took off running down the road.

    Though she was terrified, Jane couldn't help but shoot one last glance over her shoulder.
    That insane old woman was standing at the edge of her property, watching them run away.


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    Chapter Four

    "Dad! Dad!" Jessie shouted from down the road. He nearly tripped as he launched himself into the front yard and stopped to catch his breath at his dad's side.
    Jane wasn't far behind him, and quickly arrived as well while grasping her stomach and gasping for air.
    "Whoa! What's up with you kiddos?" Floyd asked with surprise. He was Jessie's dad, usually known for his silly personality and jokes.
    "That crazy cat lady chased us! And we can't find the horses!" Jessie shouted.


    "Victoria?" Floyd shook his head. "I always knew she was kind of silent and creepy and always locked away in her dark house, but I've always assumed it's just because she's getting older. It's not polite for you two to be trespassing on her property. Maybe she was just wondering what you were doing," he said briefly and quickly turned his head as he heard music playing behind him.
    The ice cream truck pulled up in front of their house.


    "Ooh!" Floyd quickly took off towards the truck.
    "Dad!" Jessie shouted angrily behind him. But his dad didn't turn back to acknowledge him.

    "Son of a gun! Now who are we supposed to tell?" Jessie sighed while turning to face Jane. "If my dad doesn't believe what happened between us and Victoria, do you think your mom would?"
    Jane paused for a moment. She knew her mom didn't know the old woman very well at all. "I guess not."
    Jessie put his hand on his face. He was just as stressed as Jane was. Where on earth had their horses gone? And why did his dad, of all people, not believe what had happened to them? It was like that creepy old Victoria lady had cast some sort of an evil spell on them with dark magic.
    "It's still worth a try though." Jane said uncertainly.
    The two hesitantly agreed, and walked inside the house.

    It was warm inside, and their shoes made thumping noises against the polished wooden floor as they made their way into the kitchen where Jane's mom was cleaning up.
    "Excuse me, Jennifer?" Jessie asked quickly.
    Jennifer set her mop down and turned around to face him. "Hello Jessie and Jane. What can I help you with?" she asked with kindness in her tone.
    Jessie gulped and carefully eyed Jane for a moment. "You might not believe this, but that old Victoria lady chased us off her property and now we can't find the horses," he said cautiously, preparing for Jennifer to get angry at them for trespassing on someone's lot.


    But instead, she just stood there with wide puzzled eyes. "Victoria? But the neighbors have been telling me she's real nice! She wouldn't do that to some teenagers like you."
    Jane felt slightly angry as her mom spoke. What had the neighbors been telling her? Victoria wasn't nice at all!

    "Yeah well she did!" Jane interrupted while stepping forwards into the kitchen at Jessie's side. "We're not lying."

    Jennifer looked from Jessie to Jane and back again. "Okay... well, maybe we could have a talk with her some time. Right now though we need to find your horses." She decided. "We'll ask the taxi driver to take us on a drive around town and see if we can find them."

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    Chapter Five

    Jane sighed heavily and slumped into the seat of the car.
    Once the taxi started moving, everything outside turned into one big moving blur. She, Jessie, and her mom were all looking around out the windows for their horses, but they were nowhere to be found. They were just gone.

    Later that afternoon, Jane scrambled up the stairs and desperately tried to keep herself from crying. She leapt onto her bed and crawled over onto her side.


    "Come on Jane, I'm sure they're fine," Jessie tried to convince her as he sat down on Daniel's bed beside hers. "They get nervous sometimes and run off. They know their way back here." He pointed out. But Jane didn't respond.

    Jessie sighed and laid down on his back, staring up at the ceiling. Jane wasn't sure how he was staying so calm.
    That creepy old lady must have taken them! She thought to herself angrily. What does she want from us?
    The country had always been Jane's home. It was where she felt safe, loved, protected, never afraid. But that all changed when Victoria moved in nearby.

    Jane turned around to face Jessie and grunted. "I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight." Her expression went dull.
    Jessie grinned at her and she could tell he was going to try to tell some sort of a joke to lighten the mood. "Which do you think is worse? Insomnia, or Victoria?"
    Jane covered her mouth as she started to laugh. "Definitely Victoria on so many levels," she giggled but suddenly froze as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

    With a swoosh, the door flew open and slammed against the wall- making Jane's ears hurt.
    Daniel came in with an evil grin. He was wearing one of his old Halloween costumes- he was dressed as a knight with a long wooden sword at his side. "Behold! I am knight Daniel!" he cried in a dramatic voice while running over to his bed and thumping Jessie's head with his sword.
    "Ouch! What am I, the dragon or something?" Jessie laughed.
    Daniel didn't answer his question. "Get off my bed!"
    Jessie's eyes widened and he turned to look at Jane.
    "No!" Jane yelled at Daniel. "Go sleep in Jessie's bed tonight."

    Daniel dropped his sword on the floor and gave her a disappointed look. "I'm telling mom!" he shouted while hopping off the bed and taking off out the door.
    Jane could hear his loud thumping footsteps slowly disappearing downstairs along with a door slam.

    With a scoff, Jane sat up. "Sorry about him," she muttered. "Same old Daniel. It's fine." Jessie chuckled in response.
    He turned off the lamp and the two laid down on their beds, slowly closing their eyes until they drifted off to sleep.

    The sky faded into a dark pink and purple color as the sun began to set below the horizon, turning the land dark.
    Jane was so scared.

    Speckle... Rusty... where did they go?


    To be continued...

    Well that's all my daughter has written so far. :grin: What do y'all think?

    Hopefully she'll play the game and write up some more soon. Thanks for reading! <3
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    @emorrill/LNM I enjoyed reading the chapters. I hope you write more and let your Mom post it.
    Poor Jane, I would have been embarrassed and a lot upset. :grin: I guess she knows Jessie and his ways so she wasn't too upset.

    I love your descriptions. Very vivid and makes the story very interesting to read. I can feel what is going on without pictures.
    The horses are beautiful. I love the names for both of them.

    That is a strange looking house with no windows!
    Wow! I'm amazed he went in but he didn't mind busting in the bathroom on Jane either. :grin:
    She followed him! Dag girl!
    You wrote that chapter so well I was terrified for Jane and Jessie.

    hmmm, where are the horses?
    I sure hope they find the horses. At least Jennifer thought of something to do to find them.
    Well bummer that they didn't find them. I hope they turn up safe and sound soon.
    I'm looking forward to more.
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    @bekkasan Thank you for all those fun and sweet comments. :kissing_heart: L really appreciated them and they filled her heart with joy. <3 I do believe they helped motivate her to write more because she's got two more little chapters ready. :smiley:

    I'll post them as soon as I can. :)
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    Chapter Six

    Stretching out her arms towards the ceiling, Jane yawned and sat up off the bed.
    "Morning sleepyhead, come downstairs- your mom wants to tell you something," Jessie said as he peaked into the room and ducked back out to go back downstairs.

    Excitement bubbled up inside of Jane and she nearly fell over as she raced after him. Did her mom find the horses?

    Jane felt a cold blast of air as she entered into the kitchen, where Jessie and Jennifer were cooking eggs.
    "Jane! There you are!" her mom cried while rushing over to Jane and hugging her.
    Oh my gosh... did she find the horses?!
    Her mom smiled. "Since we can't find the horses... Jessie, Floyd and I decided to get a kitten for you two!"
    And just like that, Jane felt her heart sink. No, they still hadn't found the horses. And their replacement was a cat?

    "What? But we can't just forget about the horses! They could be out there somewhere- starving, hurt, scared!" Jane shouted as her emotions started to break loose.
    Jennifer went silent, slowly eyeing Jessie. She put her hand on her forehead and sighed. "I know," she murmured. "Jessie isn't happy about this either. But we can't find the horses anywhere. They've just... disappeared."
    Jane wrapped her hand over her mouth as tears flooded her eyes. "No. I won't accept it..."

    The room grew silent, nothing could be heard except the faint swishing noises coming from the ceiling fan.

    Jane had gotten Speckle the same time Jessie did, they were both ten years old at the time. And now my mom just wants me to... forget them? Jane thought uneasily as she backed up towards the wall and slid down onto the floor with sadness.

    "It's okay, I'll go ahead and order the kitten--" Jennifer began, phone in hand, but she suddenly went silent in the middle of her sentence which made Jessie and Jane curiously look up at her.


    "What... that can't be right!" she exclaimed while holding out her phone in front of Jessie and Jane.
    On the screen was the pet adoption website, where it showed pictures of all the available pets for adoption. Two of the pictures were pictures of Speckle and Rusty, with their exact names and date of birth.
    "What the hey?" Jane shouted while leaping to her feet and snatching the phone from her mother's hands.
    It really was Rusty and Speckle! They were up for adoption! But how?
    "Who would do such a thing?" Jennifer mumbled.
    As Jane looked to her side, she noticed Jessie looking at her with wide eyes. "Do you think... it was Victoria?"

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    Chapter Seven

    "Quick, get in the car!"

    Jane and Jessie hauled themselves into the car and quickly buckled up. Jane could feel her heart pounding in her chest.
    Jennifer checked to make sure they were ready and immediately started the car, the engines roaring ferociously
    as it sped forwards.
    Once we get our horses back, we'll make Victoria pay! Jane thought.


    After they had arrived at the pet adoption place, a kind woman in white and blue clothing came walking outside to greet Jane, Jessie, and Jennifer. Behind her was Rusty and Speckle, their pelts shimmering in the sunlight and their beady eyes going wide as they saw their owners.
    "Rusty! Speckle!" Jane laughed with glee as she and Jessie came running over to their horses, who whinnied in delight.
    Jessie rubbed Rusty's snout. "We're so glad you're safe!"
    Speckle pushed her snout into Jane's face, sniffing. Jane wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel now...

    She was happy and relived that the horses were okay, but deep down she felt angry. Had Victoria stole the horses and put them up for adoption on purpose? Or had some random person found them and put them up for adoption?
    No, if someone random found them- why wouldn't they just send the horses to an animal shelter for the owners to pick up? They probably wouldn't set them up for adoption, right? Jane had so many questions and so little answers.

    But did all of that really matter now? They got their horses back. Now they could just go home and forget it ever happened. There was still a possibility that Victoria had nothing to do with this. How was an old woman like her supposed to catch two horses on her own anyway?
    The question still pricked Jane like a needle as she dug her face into Speckle's fur, drying her tears away.
    That was the question to this unsolved puzzle. Maybe Victoria was getting help from someone, someone capture horses.


    "I won't let this happen ever again, I promise." Jane whispered to Speckle.
    Jane whished she had been with the horses to see just what had happened, and who had sent them here to begin with.
    But she wasn't.

    The only ones who knew, and actually saw what happened, were the horses.

    To be continued...
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    @emorrill/LNM I read the two new chapters this morning while drinking coffee and waiting for my grandson to come. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

    I was sure hoping like Jane that her Mom found the horses.
    oh dear! No! A kitten is not a replacement for a loved horse!
    I love kittens though and what a joyful distraction it would be. :grin:

    Speckle and Rusty are on the adoption site!
    I'm glad Mom rushed them over and it really was their horses.
    I love the picture of Jane hugging her Speckles.

    I kinda agree with Jane. I would love to solve the puzzle of what happened too. Several years ago one of my cats managed to get outside (all the cats were strictly indoor cats, we had three) and run off. We searched the entire neighborhood but he was gone. I even looked when I would get home from work calling his name as I walked the neighborhood. A week later he showed up scratching at the door to be let in. He was skinny and grimy and I wished he could talk to tell us where he had been. I was sooooo happy to have him back home!

    I know you are back at school so you will be busy with fun activities and boring homework. :grin: I hope you find a little time to play your game and write your stories.
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    @emorrill yikes, Victoria sounds frightening! Why live in a spooky dark house? Very mysterious…

    That’s awesome they got the horses back. Now I wanna know what happened!
    My Stories: Parker Saga (on temporary hiatus), Magical Mastersons
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    @bekkasan and @Lucy_Henley Thank you for your sweet comments and interest in the story. <3 I showed them to my daughter and she very much appreciated them. :blush:

    I'm not sure when she will have more of the story ready to post, but I've been kindly bugging her about it. :p I told her, "Now that you have some readers, you can't keep them waiting for too long." ;) So we'll see.
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    I enjoyed reading the story. :)

    I'm back to playing Sims 3, so I might do a TS3 story. At the moment I'm playing with a big family in my game. They're in Neverglade, a custom world.
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    Thank you @Sims4MagicalTales <3 My daughter is very happy to gain another reader. :blush:

    2 Short Chapters are ready! :grin: I'm going to work on posting them right after this. ;)
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    Chapter Eight

    A frigid blast of air blew leaves into the night sky and made every blade of grass dance under the moonlight.
    Everyone had already went inside, except for Jane and Daniel.

    "No way! I can't believe you actually got the horses back," Daniel exclaimed. "I bet Victoria totally did this!"
    Yeah, no crap, Jane thought to herself.
    Who would have thought an old lady such as Victoria herself would do this to them? Was this all just because she and Jessie had set foot on her property?
    Daniel stretched his arms and yawned. "Anyway, I'm heading to bed," he mumbled while walking off and disappearing inside the house.
    Jane sighed and turned to look at Speckle, who was standing a few feet away from her and looking into Jane's eyes. "What?" Jane laughed.
    Speckle's ears twitched and she opened her mouth.

    "Behind you," Speckle spoke.

    A sudden sharp bolt of shock went through Jane as her mouth dropped. "D-did you just--" Before she could continue her sentence, she felt a cold hand tightly grip her shoulder and pull her back.
    Jane gasped as she noticed Victoria behind her.

    "Get away!" Jane yelled in horror while lunging towards Speckle and jumping onto her back as quick as she could.
    Without bothering to think about just running into her house, Jane demanded Speckle to take her away.

    Letting out a loud whinny, Speckle kicked up dust behind her as she burst into a sprint and took off down the road.
    Speckle's mane lashed at the air and blew in the wind as she quickened her pace.
    Jane gripped onto Speckle as tightly as she could before turning to look behind her, another wave of horror and shock washing over her as she saw Victoria completely disappear in a bright flash of glimmering light that sent little sparks falling to the ground, and what appeared in her place was a young woman with long red hair and icy blue eyes that stared into Jane's soul. Was that Victoria?


    This is a dream... this is a dream... there's no possible way this is real! Jane's mind started to whirl as the cold night air swept over her and nearly made her fall off of Speckle.
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    Chapter Nine

    It wasn't the wind slamming against the roof that alarmed Jessie, it was the terrified shouts of Jane coming from outside that made him leap out of his seat and bolt back outside with a panicked expression.

    He saw Jane riding away from the house on Speckle, and he wasn't quite sure why.
    Maybe she's just really happy to have Speckle back? Maybe I should come with her... Jessie thought while making his way to the backyard and saddling up onto Rusty, who nickered happily when he saw Jessie.


    Heart racing, Jane kicked at Speckle's side to get her to run faster. "Hurry!" she cried.
    Jane gasped as she heard the shouting of Jessie behind her.
    As she turned her head, she saw Jessie riding after her on Rusty's back. He eventually caught up to her until Rusty and Speckle were going the same pace.
    "There's a weird lady chasing after us," Jessie remarked while turning to see the young red-haired girl running quickly behind them. Somehow, she was almost as fast as the horses and wasn't running out of stamina.
    "I know!" Jane gasped for air. "Is she super human or something? How is she keeping up with us?"
    Jessie's only response was a confused shake of his head.

    The lady's bright blue eyes were fixed on them as she continued to run faster and faster until she was almost in close enough range to grab the horses' tails.


    Jessie turned to look back over his shoulder again to glare down at the lady. "What do you want?" he asked through gritted teeth.
    There was no response coming from the lady, instead, she stopped chasing them and froze in the middle of the road and watched them ride away.

    Just as Jessie and Jane gave sighs of relief, there was another sudden flash of light that blinded them.

    Light drifted all around them until their vision went dark.
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    Glad to see a couple more chapters in the story. :smiley:
    Whoa! The horse talked! Awesome twist. :star:
    I hope Jane gets away from Victoria.
    Hmm, old lady changed into a young women. Fascinating.
    Glad to see Jessie woke up and heard the commotion and followed Jane and Speckle.
    Interesting that the lady can run as fast as horses!
    Oh man! You are as good as your Mom at leaving your readers in suspense. :grin:
    I am definitely looking forward to more.
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    @emorrill I've only started reading, so I still got some more to catch up on. I just wanted to take a break to say I am loving this story so far and that I hope she keeps up the great work. Also, the bond you and your daughter have is absolutely beautiful. I teared up a little when I read this. v
    emorrill wrote: »
    Hey everyone! :smiley:

    This is not a new Sims 3 story from me's from my 11 year old daughter. :blush: She wanted me to share it on here with y'all and hear your thoughts on it. :) We both hope you'll enjoy it. She's turned into quite the budding author and of course this momma is very proud. <3

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    This is great! L does a wonderful job on this story
    Great work!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,975 Member
    Hey everyone. :) Thank you for reading and I'll be showing your sweet comments to my daughter when she comes home from school this afternoon. :blush:

    @bekkasan When I was reading through the story before posting it, I thought you would be excited that L might be going the occult route with Victoria. :smirk: (I mean, that's what it seems like to me. I haven't asked her for hints yet. :p )
    And I was surprised by her little cliffhanger there as well! :grin:
    Oh man! You are as good as your Mom at leaving your readers in suspense. :grin:
    ^ 🥰

    @ButterWafflesAR Awww, thank you. :blush: I've always tried to have a strong bond with my daughter, like I had with my mother. <3

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you. <3 L is indeed very talented. She wrote another story that she asked me to read and I am in awe at her writing abilities, (seriously, I'm learning things from her!) especially at such a young age! :smiley: She's a much better writer than I was at 11! :p
  • texanskytexansky Posts: 803 Member


    Your daughter L had my heart pounding at the end of the last chapter! Great writing!
    My Blog: Forsythe Legacy Family
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  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,957 Member
    I'm enjoying the story so far!
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,389 Member
    Great story and interesting the horse talked! Yay
    :) Smile!

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,975 Member
    edited February 11
    Hey there everyone! This is emorrill's daughter, the author of Horse Hearts. I'm so glad that all of you amazing people have read and liked my Horse Hearts story! I was afraid it wouldn't turn out good because I usually write in the point of view of animals instead of humans, so it was a bit of a challenge!

    I regret to inform you all that I'm no longer going to to continue Horse Hearts :( ... I've lost interest in the story and don't feel like I can continue writing it. I'm very sorry, and I hope you can understand!

    However, I am going to write a new story told from a point of view of dogs! (So all you dog lovers out there might want to check it out)! The story already sounds a lot better than Horse Hearts and has better description and characters. I can't wait to post it because it's pretty good so far! (I'm planning to post the chapters I have done already tomorrow. Please don't be disappointed if that doesn't happen!)

    My mom suggested I tell you guys how Horse Hearts was going to end so that you wouldn't all be left on a cliffhanger. I never thought of that, so I'm glad she suggested it.
    After Jessie and Jane's "world went dark", they would wake up in a strange world far from their own. They would find themselves in the bodies of their horses... Victoria had cast a strange spell on them that made it happen. So basically a curse.

    Jessie and Jane had to survive in the bodies of horses-- run from predators, find food and shelter, that sort of thing. They eventually found a strange portal that led to their own world again. The curse would be broken, and they could be humans again.
    Jessie was hesitant at first, though. He said he really liked being a horse and wasn't sure if he wanted to go back. Jane reminded him of his dad, their horses, and all the other things that he loved. That convinced Jessie to follow Jane into the portal.

    They returned to their own world as humans and were reunited with their family and their horses. They explained everything to their parents, and when they did Jane's mom didn't believe them and said that they had one active imagination. But Jessie's dad believed them... he said it was because he had seen Victoria cast weird spells before and never told anyone because he could hardly believe it. He convinces Jane's mom that what she and Jessie said was true.

    They went to Victoria's house in an attempt to find her and get information out of her. When she didn't answer the door, they found a way in through an open window and searched for her. They didn't find her at all, and were about to give up... until Jessie found a hidden staircase that led into a secret basement.

    Hesitantly, they go into the basement. It was big and dark, and full of horse stuff: saltlicks, hay, horse toys, all sorts of those kind of things. But that wasn't the weirdest part...
    They found living horses trapped in the basement, surprisingly well fed but tied up. Horrified, Jessie and Jane and their parents rescue the horses and call the police. The police arrive and search the entire house for Victoria, but she is nowhere to be seen. Jessie and Jane tell the police about how Victoria had chased them down a specific road while riding their horses. So the police searched that road as well. But still, they didn't find Victoria.

    Jessie and Jane go back to their normal lives and try to forget the insane memories of everything that had happened. But about a month later, they hear on the news that a strange woman with supernatural powers named Victoria was captured and taken to jail. Her last name was unknown.

    Jessie and Jane are both shocked and horrified when they see a picture of the woman. It was 100% Victoria. Except instead of being an old woman, she was a younger woman. The same younger woman that had chased Jessie and Jane and cast a spell on them that teleported them to a different world and made them become their horses. Victoria remained in jail for the rest of her life and never escaped, and Jessie, Jane, their parents, and their horses lived happily ever after. And that was what I planned to be the end of the story! I hope you all enoyed it ^^. It would have been nice to write that all out in the story of course, but I just don't feel like it.

    Now that that's been discussed... I am going to give you all a little hint about what might happen in the next story I'm writing!


    "For decades, the Meadow Watchers Pack has lived in peace. Their home used to be nothing but forest and meadows, but now... humans have turned it into something much different. Something the dogs never thought they'd see. Something that would change their lives forever.
    A young dog named Fox in the Meadow Watchers Pack finds himself fighting for survival against the dangers of the wild. Nowhere is peaceful. Nowhere is safe. Not anymore."

    If that sounds interesting, then be sure to check out my new story, The Dawn of Dogs! It should be released soon :). This story is actually based off of a story I wrote a long time ago when I was about five or six years old. So basically this is the improved verison of it.

  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 4,957 Member
    I'm going to check out that dog story.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,975 Member
    @Sims4MagicalTales Thank you for your interest! She's been working on it for a while now and she hopes to get it posted soon. :) It's been busy for us both lately... :p
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