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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Thank you, sorry to hear of
    your friends passing.


    * waves*, hope your mother will feel better
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    It's been a busy and stressful couple of weeks between life and work. Hubby's birthday was coming up (9/11 is not 911 for me, that was his birthday first, so it is a sad day of remembrance for me in several ways.) Then Saturday afternoon my puter I play games on decided to go out. I thought it was a graphic card issue as the graphics were off when trying to reboot. I managed to get it started in safe mode, but I couldn't figure out what was wrong. The graphics were still funky. I fiddled with it a little on Sunday and gave up. Monday morning I turned it on to take a picture of the weirdness to show the guys at the puter shop and it loaded just fine??? WHAT!! I don't have a clue, cause y'all know I'm not a techy! Anywoo...I'm not playing Sims 3 right now as I know that is stressful on puters. Trying to find someone who can come check it here at home. The tower weighs a ton. (this was hubby's computer) I'm sure it needs cleaning and checking to be sure nothing on the inside is starting to go.
    I did get some pictures Saturday before the issue in Mary's save, so once I have some time to write I will be able to do a Mary update based on those pictures.

    @Karritz Hope I can catch up on some of the video's while not playing Sims. :smiley: Although, I have started a few projects around the house to stay busy, plus they need to get done! :neutral:

    @Emily4331 Jake sounds like a winner if two of your girls like him!
    Chrissy's modeling pictures look fantastic! :heart:

    @emorrill Thanks for commenting on Gina and Shane's picture.
    I always love a man in a uniform. :heart:
    I won't be testing the cloud mod. I prefer few to no clouds and loads of sunshine in my games.
    I'm so sorry about your friend! :cry:
    Both tops are beautiful. I guess it depends on what the event is.
    Beautiful pictures of the scenery with the lighting mod.
    Good that your game is loading and running better. I will eventually get to the point of merging. I'm still testing cc, but that is on hold for now until I get my puter checked out.
    I knew you would love the unicorn on that dress set. :smiley:
    :love: Great pictures of Hank!

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for commenting on my pictures and build. Much appreciated. :heart:
    Oliver got the family good looks.
    Everyone received nice gifts for snowflake day.
    Belinda looks lovely! :smiley:
    Congrats on the rapid engagement and wedding!
    Looking forward to seeing them in Moonlight Falls.
    Great picture of Christa!
    Congrats on Brandon making it to space blocks!
    Yep, Oliver definitely has the family good looks. Handsome teen! :love:

    @Sprottenham Hi! Good to see you back. :smiley: Congrats on your venture into building things. I wish I had some brain cells left to learn that.
    Look forward to more story.
    Ah, here it is. Love the opening shot of the house in that lighting. Gorgeous!
    Glad to see the other part of the family and they are coming for a visit.
    I'm very much looking forward to more reveal about the mystery!

    @texansky Hi! Good to see you. :heart: You have been very busy with your folders!
    Bekkasan has tossed aside another guy. I hope she is still looking for her soulmate.
    It's fun seeing all the happenings with the simselves.
    I really need to learn how to do a blog.
    I'll try to look at yours since I'm not playing my Sims game on my desktop right now. Not until I get someone to check it out for me. I've bookmarked your site.

    @Nikkei_Simmer I love the pipe organ build! I had not seen it before you posted previously in your story.

    @venusdemilosims Glad your mother is improving enough to be transferred. It is a long process to treat osteomyelitits.
    That is odd they didn't get that woohoo want. Mine also seem to get the have a boy/girl with their spouse as well as woohoo.
    I guess trick or treating in spring is better than letting the frogs out at the school. :grin:
    Adorable pics of the kids.
    Poor Andrew. He does not look happy to be tested. :grin:
    Congrats on Sonata's birthday. I love your theme for naming Sebastian's kids.
    lol at the newlyweds. As long as they are both in accord no problem. At least one is not rejecting another.

    @lisasc360 Sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he is improving.
    Love your sims find!

    @ButterWafflesAR Bummer about the save. There are instructions on the nraas web site about cleaning saves. I use the S3pe way to do it rather than the save cleaner.
    Your horses are beautiful. Hard to say which is which since even pets are 'barbie/ken dolls'. :lol:

    @GraceyManor Sorry you've been sick and hope you are getting better. I'm glad you found something to do. Miss ya!

    I tested a few new pieces of cc Saturday morning before whatever happened to the puter. This is the only one I took a picture of. Bekka tried on the lace top that @emorrill posted above. It's pretty with shorts as well as dressy skirts. I recolored it to this ice blue color.
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    sorry to hear about the computer, hope you can fix it,
    I have had my problems so I know how it is.
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    @emorrill Thanks. ;) Well, that snakeskin bedspread isn't my design, it was like that already. I guess that's Sofias style. :P But now that you mention, it does look kinda cool, though. :P

    Thanks for your comment, too. The map isn't a new one, but it has been flicked on a bit to look slightly better and to add more things as I became aware of where more of the towns are located. ;)

    Sunset Valley looks nice with the new lightning, such a blue sky! And Pauline walking through the tulips is also nice. ;)

    @texansky I might check out the Forsythe blog. I have been thinking about putting my updates in a blog too (for better sorting/organizing) and possibly rewriting some things, but so far it has only been a thought. :P

    @bekkasan Thanks for the comment! Well, for the next update I kind of left the mystery behind a little, so you might get disappointed there. :P I'm not really sure how the mystery is going to go yet myself from hereon and out..

    Oh, I wouldn't call myself a computer expert either as they sometimes do things I can't explain, but hmm, that sounds weird about your computer there. I hope you can figure it out so you can play again.

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    This update is a little big with lots of pictures.

    Chapter 17.6 – December 2022: Part VII - Perpetual Motion Machine


    Once Leya has been properly updated on her fathers health and progress, Leya and Laranyas conversation quickly turns into more mundane things. It is very important for Leya to tell everyone about her favorite colour, which is purple... ... well, being a bit of a painter too, she would naturally be interested in colours and how to use them..


    Laranya continues to talk about a recent song that she composed, and how she, prior to Deepak going to the hospital, joyfully watched as the local orchestra practiced her piece... She made no mention of anyone there uttering any forbidden words, though, so maybe that part was all just in Leyas mind..


    Bodil was still playing the Queen, and Gaute showed his party animal side by dancing to the latino music from the stereo. The atmosphere in the house was as relaxed as it could be in this situation. Orinder was left unsupervised for a while, and decided to do some exploring around this new house he hadn't been to before, and quickly located the upstairs toilet to play around in...


    Leya quickly noticed his little detour, though, and wasn't necessarily to happy about it...
    "Come here little man, mommy doesn't like you doing that.. toilet is icky icky..."


    Laranya was feeling energized by the visitors and decided to play a small jam on her guitar whilst they were waiting for the the appointment later to visit Deepak again at the hospital..


    For Deepak his the physiotherapy session had just begun and the first step would be to get out of the wheelchair.. Deepak was feeling a little down this morning, so the physiotherapist had tried to cheer him by having a conversation with him about his main interests; music and painting... Maybe some interesting songs or art would come out of this experience..


    Before getting up Deepak was nervous about falling again, but the physiotherapist and the nurse was there to calm him down and assure him that they would support him if necessary.


    For Deepak this felt a bit like a moon landing... it was only small steps, but still a giant leap from his near death experience, being immobilized and unable to speak.


    As nice as the nurses and doctors were, Deepak didn't want to stay at the hospital any longer then necessary, so he gave it all he got as he pushed himself to an upright position.


    The nurse and the physiotherapist was happy and impressed as he was even able to go for a small walk around the hallway already on his first try. They gave him praise for already being ahead of schedual as their plan for today was only to get him out of the wheelchair and standing.

    Continues in spoiler:

    He wanted to go home to his wife and daughter and continue a normal life as soon as possible, and spending christmas eve at the hospital was not an option, so he summoned every bit of grit and stubbornness he could find.


    Leya needed to unwind a little more after receiving the unpleasant news just this morning, and went out into the backyard to play some darts and taste the rain for a while, when another familiar voice was heard calling her name from behind.


    It was her youngest sister Nitya that just came home from spending time at the second hand store browsing through cook books. Nitya as a child was more fascinated by cooking than anything else, and would spend her time "experimenting" in the kitchen as she called it, often leaving quite the mess to be cleaned up.. she continued her experimenting throughout her teenage years eventually becoming quite the natural cook, while simultaneously following in the footsteps of her father and developing a love for colors and painting.


    Inside Laranya had sat down in the couch to watch the romance channel, and Bodil had found a science fiction book to read while waiting for the appointment later to visit Deepak again at the hospital..


    However, with visiting time just around the corner, she had to put the book down without finishing it.


    "Come here mommys little boy.. we're going to the hospital to meet grandpa.."

    There were plenty of new experiences for Orinder. Just this morning he went on his first plane ride, which was definately scary for such a young boy with all the noises from the plane, even though the trip itself went smooth with near perfect flying conditions. He had just met his grandma for the first time as well, and now he would go to a hospital for the, well, second time in his life to meet his grandpa (or first time since he was born). He had just turned 1, so he probably wouldn't remember to much of this as he got older, except for maybe a few glimpses here and there


    Bodil that had just turned 8, also last month, definately understood a lot more of what was going on. She wasn't completely sure what having a stroke actually meant, but she had understood enough to know that it was a little more than a mere accident, and that it could potentially impact a persons functioning and even lead to death. Very serious thoughts for an 8 year old. Serious thoughts was not a new concept for Bodil, she's had some of those on occasion, wondering what life would have been like if mom hadn't split with her father when she was just a baby herself..


    When they came outside and Bodil saw grandmas car, she knew which one she wanted to ride in. Grandma had such a cool and fast car, compared to mom's old pile of junk! And grandma drove really fast! Much faster than mom, and even faster than Gaute!


    "Woow! Grandma, your car is sooo cool!"


    Of course, since Laranyas car was so fast compared to Leyas, they had to wait a while for Gaute, Leya and Orinder to arrive, which made Bodil a little impatient, so she ran ahead everyone else to the elevator that would bring them upstairs.


    Bodil is to young to have a life time wish, but this experience certainly made her think about the importance of being surrounded by family...




    "Oh, oh, Bodil my girl, careful with the old man, haha!"


    "Grandpa, you know when I get old like you, I will be building rockets that can go high up into space!"


    Deepak: That sounds really cool! And maybe one day your rockets will discover a magnificent new planet to settle a new base on!

    Leya: Orinder, my boy, do you want to say hi to grandpa?

    Orinder: Mama...?


    Bodil: Yes! I will discover a planet, and I will name the planet after me of course! And I will be the queen of that planet!


    Deepak: Hello there little man! Nice to finally get to see you! I have heard so much about you! I'm Deepak, your grandpa!

    Orinder: Mama!

    Deepak: Hahaha, I'm your grandpa! Can you say grandpa?

    Orinder: Mama!


    Afterwards it was time for the family to head for the caféteria to have a meal together. The nurse offered to assist Deepak in getting there, but he wanted to get there by himself so she could only do one thing and keep her hands off the wheelchair! Bodil was thinking about driving around in grandmas car again. It was like a new car to her, even though it wasn't. ;)


    Deepak really ached to go home now, and to continue his painting, his livelihood and hobby!


    And this displays really well what the Chitrakaar family is all about. Art and music...


    In that area, both Deepak and Laranya has served as great sources of inspiration for each other throughout ther lives, working almost like a wheel where one is always pushing the other forward...


    Leya shared her parents interest in the arts, so the conversation revolved heavily around these creative aspects of life on their end of the table, until Bodil changed the topic by not so subtly mentioning the wishlist she had prepared for her christmas gifts! ;)



    "Oh, well we might just have a surprise for you! And this year it looks like we won't have to send it by mail! Saves us money on stamps and postcards!"

    ...said the ever frugal Deepak. ;) But well.. the family may be well off financially now.. thanks to their hard work, but it hasn't always been like that. Not everyone is so blessed to be able to live off of painting and composing music. The myth of the starving artist is a little more then just a myth, but with a little bit of penny pinching and jobs on the side, they eventually made it.. and successfully raised five children along with it, too!


    Bodil then wanted to try a guessing game.. "Hmm.. what could it be? Something for the garden?"


    Bodil: Mom has said you gave her garden tools for christmas one year!

    Leya: I never said that...


    Deepak: Garden tools!? No no no, we never gave our kids garden tools for christmas! We always encouraged their creative sides by giving them easels and musical instruments! Garden tools! Hmmph!!

    Bodil: I know what it is then! You'll get me a grand piano!

    Leya: Well, I kind of hope not.. how are we gonna get that back home?

    We'll just send it with the plane of course!


    Deepak: Grand piano or not, I'm not going to spoil the fun by saying what it is, but either way, I'm sure we'll find a way for you to take it back home...


    Nitya: Well I think it's going to be a very good christmas this year! With so many from the family gathered, I want to treat you all by preparing the christmas food!


    Deepak: That sounds wonderful! I can't wait to get out of here and celebrate with all of you! This might just be the best christmas we've had yet!


    It would certainly be good for Deepak and everyone to have him back home once he was able to move around freely without the wheelchair and celebrate with his family, and everyone there was certainly looking forward to christmas this year.


    They continued their conversation around the table about anything from fishing trips and outdoor living (Gautes favorite topic...) to more talk about music, arts and the theatre until finally hospital visiting time was over and the nurse came back to take Deepak to his room for the night.


    Deepak kissed his wife goodnight before they had to leave, while thinking about the money he saved by eating the free hospital food.. no I'm just kidding. ;) He may be frugal, but I can't believe he is that cheap... besides, the food they ate at the cafeteria wasn't free, they paid for that, including him, so no money saved there. :P I may call myself the Narrator, but sometimes I am merely a Watcher without full access to what goes on in their minds, so I'll admit to not being 100 % sure why he's thinking about money here..


    Well, regardless, they all had a nice time meeting Deepak at the hospital and I'm sure even Orinder appreciated meeting his grandpa for the first time, but now it was time for them to leave and call it a night.


    Still this was good news for Bodil, because this meant she would get another ride in grandmas awesome shiny fast car. ;)


    Fast cars are always entertaining, so what could be better? Good night. ;)


    Credits/poses used:

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    Hey everyone. :)

    Those of you who are reading my daughter's story "Horse Hearts," she has two new, little chapters ready. :blush:

    This link takes you to the most recent chapter, but if you're new to the story, you can always scroll up and read from there. 👍

    Many thanks to those of you who have read and complimented her on the story. <3
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    bekkasan wrote: »

    @ButterWafflesAR Bummer about the save. There are instructions on the nraas web site about cleaning saves. I use the S3pe way to do it rather than the save cleaner.
    Your horses are beautiful. Hard to say which is which since even pets are 'barbie/ken dolls'. :lol:

    @bekkasan what is the S3pe way, if you don't mind me asking? And it's alright. If I can save my save, then awesome, if not then, it was wonderful while it lasted. I suppose I can see it in a better light. If I do have to start over, then at least I know which man is suitable for my Lindsey.

    @GraceyManor I hope you feel better soon!

    Has anyone had this happen before? I finally sent Emily to the future for the very first time and though I refuse to meet the descendants, I still like to look through the almanac and see what they look like. Anyway, Emily isn't married, nor is she romantically involved with anyone in anyway, so I was wondering how all of them ended up with the last name, New. Only one of them has her last name, which I've never had happen to be before. Anyone else have this? Its so weird. o. o

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    Looks like I MAY NOT be going stark raving mad over the Christmas holidays after all. Will tell y’all tomorrow.
    River’s happy too. 😁
    Claria may not look like it, but she’s a Jedi Consular…. Evidently they’re serious all the time. 😁

    I’ll get to see them again in two days.

    This is a stop-gap solution until I get my gaming system.
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    Since I plan to continue this story… I’m reposting this so that returning Sims 3 players can get familiar with the story. Those of you who remember this story; bear with me. 😁
    So…. Here we go.



    June 12, 1970; Sacred Spleen Hospital, Sunset Valley, British Columbia, Canada

    Fiona McIrish had never been in so much pain in her life. As a matter of fact, she believed she’d never felt this degree of pain before even when menstruating. This was sheer agony, like having one’s bottom lip pulled out ten feet then yanked over one’s head and stapled to the back of one’s neck; it was that excruciating. In fact, she felt that she could probably tolerate stepping on a stone-fish more than she could endure the birthing process that she was undergoing at this very moment. And she was alone.

    Caeden had removed himself from the picture nine months earlier when she’d informed him of her pregnancy. In fact, he’d vanished so quickly, he’d left skid marks on the pavement and a smell of smoke in the air. His loss. The pain and devastation from the fact that he’d abandoned her had given way to pain unimaginable as Fiona had never been pregnant before.

    And it was a long sixteen hours of labour having been brought by ambulance to the Sacred Spleen Hospital at four o’clock in the morning after rupture of the amniotic sac in the middle of the night. It was now eight o‘clock at night.

    Doctor Ellis, a female obstetrician, smiled at her, “You’re ten centimeters dilated and the baby has moved into the birth canal. Your contractions should be coming between 2-3 minutes apart. We’ll get you to push as soon as I determine where your baby is situated.” She said snapping on a set of shoulder length medical examination gloves.

    Fiona’s eyes widened.

    “Now. I’m going to need you to relax...because I’m going to have to feel around in here.” Oh...god...Fiona winced as the doctor slipped her hand in to feel around for the baby’s head. “She’s in a good position...” The doctor looked up at her, her smiling face between Fiona’s own thighs and knees.

    “I...hope...aaaaahhhh..” The last word was bitten off as another contraction hit replaced by a pained groan. Dimly in the back of her mind, she could hear the scream of yet another mother in another birthing room and the cry of a newborn.

    The rest of the memory of childbirth was washed away in a sea of pain as the doctor exhorted her to “”

    June 13, 1970. Nursery, Sacred Spleen, Sunset Valley, BC

    Fiona McIrish looked down at the perfect little human being that was laying in the crib labelled River Annette McIrish, River, because Fiona had always liked that name, Annette for Fiona’s mother. Beside her on the left hand side was another baby from an Asian family; her landlord’s family with whom she was sharing a room. The father, Yasunobu, was at the cribside looking down at that child with a smile playing about his lips. Fiona felt a pang of pain. At least that father had the guts to stay with the mother and support his offspring. I wish Caeden wasn’t so gutless as to have abandoned River and me. Fiona thought to herself, a flash of anger aimed at the absent Caeden. The baby was a cute little one and Fiona watched Yasunobu interact with his child.
    Was it chance that the man’s baby, a son, was placed by her daughter’s natal crib? As Yasunobu placed his son back in his crib beside River’s crib, River started to fuss. As if by predetermined signal, Yasunobu’s baby rolled to one side to face her daughter...his newborn eyes still closed. The baby waved his hands in the if reaching for her crying newborn infant...and gradually, River’s fussing subsided to a sniffle. Fiona was amazed as she looked over at her landlord whose eyebrows had nearly receded into his hairline which was a miracle in itself as the man kept his hair short.
    “My your baby...” was all Yasunobu said.
    Fiona was dumbstruck. When she could speak, she nodded, “I guess so...” was her reply. They both quietly looked down upon their mutual children as the two babies laid in their crib.
    Fiona had a feeling that she was going to see a lot of the little male baby over the following years and both she and Yasunobu stood together in silence contemplating a future that they had yet to take a single step down.

    June 14, 1970, Nursery, Sacred Spleen, Sunset Valley, BC

    Fiona nodded to the doctor as the doctor gave her last minute care instructions on how to care for the remnants of the severed umbilical cord which would eventually shrivel up and fall off to form a belly button.
    “Make sure that you’re gentle when you apply the vaseline to the site of the cord.” the doctor informed her as she wrapped the baby in a blanket placing a hood on the baby’s head to keep the baby who was still trying to regulate her own boby temperature out of the sun. Gus and Dorie Hart had offered to help her get River home. The baby fussed slightly as the blanket was wrapped around her.
    Dorie mentioned to Fiona, “We still have the carseat from when Bebe came home, hitched to the back seat of the at least we can help you get her home safely.” Child safety restraint in the seventies were the realm of choice of the parent. The parent could choose to place the child in a safety-restraint, or they could choose to hold the child, provided that they weren’t driving. Bebe was a year old already and was learning how to crawl and Dorie had her hands full. This, being 1970, meant that a lot of people believed in the goodness of the community and everyone pitched in to help. It was why Fiona and Dorie got along so well. They helped each other, Dorie would need Fiona to run and fetch groceries when Bebe was being particularly trying and Dorie would help Fiona with River and babysitting when Fiona returned to work from maternity leave.
    Less so community oriented were the Altos who lived up in the posh neighbourhood with the large houses. The Altos aspired to West Vancouver eliteness with the mega-mansions, however they were small potatoes compared to the likes of the Landgraabs who were old Vancouver money but chose to live a less prestigious life in Sunset Valley. It was oft suspected that Nick Alto was somehow connected and few dared to cross him. Those who did often were taught a lesson at the hands of some of his friends.

    Anyhow, what the Altos did was none of Fiona's business and she set to making sure that River was taken care of, fed, pampered, and kept clean. Yasunobu and her had had a discussion that she would do what she could to get some money together and eventually, she would purchase the home from the Chikamoris and that would be her place to live and where River would be able to grow up.
    It was a possibility that she could never have thought was possible. And she was grateful for any help that she could possibly receive.
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    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks. Yeah, you have had a few issues too. I guess we all have.

    @Sprottenham hehe, you sound a bit like me. A few of the turns that have happened in Mary's story were definitely not planned originally. :grin: And then I had to figure out how do I get them out of this mess.
    Had to giggle at Orinder playing in the toilet! :lol:
    Awesome pics of Deepak's session. That walker is awesome.
    Awww, great reunion with Bodil and her grandpa.
    Love the picture of Orinder and Deepak. :heart:
    What a wonderful visit they had.

    @emorrill Commented on L's story on the other thread.

    @ButterWafflesAR S3pe is a program that allows editing of sims 3 packs. I've barely scratched the surface of what it can do. I've used it for cleaning my saves and changing several accessory items to use with all outfits instead of just everyday for example. I've also used it to identify unknowns in my sims library so I can change the names from all those numbers to 'Gothic library' etc. Lots of info on google about what it does and explains it better than I can.
    I'm in the process of backing up all my folders of my current games on an external drive so I don't lose them if my silly puter crashes again with that weird glitch.
    I messed around with ITF when it first came out and going back and forth messed that particular save up so bad it became corrupted. I've never gone back since. I still have it loaded and use stuff from it. I just don't send sims to that world. Others say they have no problems. I'm just not willing to try again. :flushed:

    @Nikkei_Simmer Fingers crossed for you.

    I took this picture Aug 6th. It was before I put the rainbow falls in so the water is normal. I don't think this picture will make Mary's story, so I decided to share it since it is such a pretty picture. I only allow 2 wild horses with the nraas settings so nice seeing them enjoying the pretty spots I built out in the mountains of Hidden Springs. I sent Layla to harvest some life fruit and death flowers for the potential fight coming up.
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    Thanks😁 @bekkasan, I have a bus ride this morning, that’s what my wife told me. 🤣. So… I’m getting the feeling, I’m going to have a bit of a… “download” session upcoming. 😁

    On to Chapter One of the retelling of my legacy of River and Haruo. 😁
    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley (Part One)
    A Long History

    It had been a good eighteen years since Fiona had been a single pregnant young woman on the verge of giving birth wondering if she could make it on her own. And now her daughter was on the cusp of young womanhood.

    River was strong-willed, a perfectionist which meant that she was diligent in her schoolwork and not prone to doing anything but her very best at academics. Getting good grades would stand her in good stead if she wanted to pursue her life goals. And she had studied intensively when she wasn't hanging out with her best friend. Her aim was to stay on honour roll all the way to graduation - that would give her a fighting chance at obtaining a scholarship to UBC.

    Looking back at her life Fiona thought to herself that it had been a long tough slog for her. Having to go to night-school to get enough education to pursue a career as a journalist was hard especially when her daughter was an infant and needed taking care of. But she had wanted a better life for River and thus she scrimped, saved, went hungry so that she could get food for River and have enough left over for tuition. Luckily she was able to have a few friends who would help her along the way.

    Considering that she was a beautiful woman, she had no shortage of suitors. But asides from a few dalliances to; indelicately put; scratch an itch, she abstained from getting into a relationship.


    There had been another young baby at the natal care centre that River was at when she was born and their bassinets had been side by side. And it had turned out that the young infant beside her daughter's bassinet; during her stay in the natal centre, always seemed to reflexively move towards her daughter's side of the crib when she cried as if to comfort her. The nurses said that it was an involuntary startle reflex with nothing more behind it, but Fiona liked to think that there was something more to that. But all too soon she and River discharged from the birthing centre ward and headed home to start their new life together as mother and daughter. And all was forgotten about the curious interactions as they were too busy trying to raise their two respective children to wonder about the curious interaction between the two infants.
    Other than one conversation that they had regarding what the state of the house finances was, she didn’t recall much interaction other than “Thank you for month’s rent.” when she paid the monthly rent. Except for one conversation that was in regards to the dissolution of the rental situation...and a formal talk about what was going to happen to the house. Yasunobu had offered up a solution that he thought would be equitable for both sides.
    “You need place to live...” Yasunobu had said. “But you also need own house for River sake, ne...” Ne pronounced neh was the Japanese way of saying, y’know. “Maybe you own this house?”
    “I’d love to, Yasunobu, but the price of this house is completely out of my price range.”
    “Hmmmm...maybe we solve problem...” Yasunobu said “You pay month rent...not much higher maybe one hundred more month...we put half rent; half payment; you pay over ten year...then you own house.”

    And that was that, She paid §1000 a month in rent and half of that money went towards ownership of the house. And Yasunobu had been as good as his word. Every month that went by, he’d deposit half the rent money in a separate bank account to accumulate interest and each rent that Fiona had paid him he split in two and put one half in the bank account and the other half was for him and Mayumi. He’d show Fiona every month how much had accumulated towards her equity in the house.
    The Chikamoris and Fiona McIrish got up early on Monday morning since Fiona and Mayumi had work. Mayumi was a high-school teacher subjugating her students to mental torture. She truly had no interest in teaching other than the power-trip that it gave her to be in control of a classroom of thirty students every hour and being able to subject their very educational whims to her wanton mercies. Jocks quailed at the thought of having to subject themselves to a class with Mrs. Chikamori. She, on the other hand, enjoyed humiliating those "big, dumb apes..." as she was wont to call them, exhorting them to exert their educational efforts or be left behind stuck driving a 70 Pinto delivering pizza for the rest of their lives as pathetic failures of the British Columbia Educational system.
    Fiona on the other hand, enjoyed her employment, being a freelance writer. Which meant submitting articles written to the paper as well as books, writing reviews on places where she'd been and simply writing about anything of note within the community. Her place of employment was Doo Peas Business Tower where anyone who was either in business or journalism had a desk or office in the building. It was interesting to note that the Vancouver Province had accepted a few of her submissions and she was thus able to establish her credentials as a freelance writer. It would help bring in some income.
    Yasunobu had, on a whim, since he was stuck at home minding the two toddlers, that he would go take the two to Central Park. There he would meet up with Fiona after her shift at work as a Freelance Reporter. And it would make for a nice day out for the two young toddlers; a nice sunny morning, warm temperatures and hardly anyone at the park. He noticed some trees out there in the park that had fruit ripe for the picking, so he was going to use the time that Haruo and River sat and played with each other to harvest some of the trees. He'd noticed that there were lemons and he was quite willing to learn how to make key lime pie which was absolutely a delicacy. There were a lot of plants out in the park that would work for bringing in extra income. So before they ventured to the park, he told both River and Haruo to play with the block table while he went out and worked on the garden. Needless to say both toddlers behaved themselves and they were able to make their way to the park.
    Haruo and River's time at the park was quite interesting and they would probably need baths as well since they were busy pawing around in the grass as well as in the dirt. Toddlers get into all sorts of things so that was par for the course for bringing them to the park. When they started getting fussy, Yasunobu started packing them up and headed for home. After bath-time, the two toddlers ended up playing at the block-table. Tomorrow, Yasunobu would work on their talking and walking.
    After all, having played in the sand-box at the park, Haruo and River had both managed to get themselves covered in sand, both in their clothes, as well as in their hair when they each tried to toss several handfuls straight up in the air and it showered down all over them. What a mess. When he'd finished bathing the two little toddlers who had gotten themselves into a quite a mess after he told them, "I make dinner, you play block table, don't get into anything..." Both River and Haruo nodded mutely...and crawled over to the block table, each picking up a block.
    At this age, there was nothing untoward about River's glances towards Haruo, it was just innocent play. It was more an "I like you as a friend, will you play blocks with me?" sort of glance. Haruo was too busy gnawing on the blue block he had in his hand. River had a red triangle shape grasped within her hand and to Yasunobu, it was clear that the two of them were fast friends who would spend plenty of time with each other over the coming years. Yasunobu went outside to put the dogs on the grill and watch over them as the two youngsters were consumed with play-time.
    ...and then it was just a matter of watching over the children until River's mother came home to take care of River.

    (end Part 1; Chapter One)
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 835 Member

    Yeah, that's the challenging part of coming up with stories. Oh, well, though I don't know excactly how things will go in the story.. I do know some things, but.. have to keep my mouth shut, because I don't want to leave spoilers...

    Thanks about the nice comments. ;)

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    edited September 2022
    Meet Tiny our newest member of our digital family. And she is TINY
    She’s a Dell Optiplex 3050 i5 6500T 2.5 GHz -3.1 GHz with turboboost. So she’ll be able to play Sims 3 and SWTOR. She is a stop-gap system till I make my gaming system. But it’s impossible not to fall in love with how cutely tiny she is. It’s a desktop computer you can move easily.🤣
    To give you an idea of just how tiny she is…. Well here’s my hand and that’s her, right under it. 🤣 Adorbs right?

    Well she’s got 16 GBs of DDR4 RAM and a 1TB SSD under the hood. 😁 so for that little frame, she’s got a lot of punching power. 😁

    Now, I’ll be setting her up tonight and downloading SWTOR then Sims 3. I’ll also be setting up Photoshop and Premiere Elements. Then linking up my USB external drive. Gotta pick up a powerbar tonight too.
  • texanskytexansky Posts: 803 Member


    Wow, that really is a tiny computer. I worked for Dell when the Optiplex was a full-size desktop (not tower) computer built with businesses in mind. Glad to see that you have something to work with for now. I hope you are able to do what your muse wants when you get it all set up.
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  • texanskytexansky Posts: 803 Member

    I am making great strides on my Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge! I have all of Week 53 mapped out to the point where I can make blog posts about the story from that game week.

    I published a new blog today for Week 53: Monday. Click the link in my signature for My Blog and read away. If you want to read the entire story, select Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge on the left side of the screen (at the top if you are on your phone), and go to the last page to start reading from the beginning.

    I'm taking a break from my story creation to get caught up on the forums. After that, I will work on the rest of Week 53. Then I will need to compile all of the happenings for Week 54. I already have the story ready to go for Friday and Saturday of that week, so I only have to fill in the gap for five more days. Those game days should go faster because I don't think there are any alternate realities in the rest of the screenshots.

    I will keep you informed of my blog posts as I publish them.

    Happy Simming, everyone!
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    @bekkasan I'm sorry to see you're having computer problems. My son is taking his computer in to get fixed today. My new computer is getting on a bit too and I'm hoping it keeps on going for a few more years.

    I hope your projects around the house are things you are happily looking forward to doing. Hopefully, you'll enjoy the videos when you are able to find time to watch them.

    @texansky good luck with your project sorting out your families for your blog. I thought I'd get mine done in a few days and it took closer to 3 months, maybe a bit more. I think that's why I ended up having to stop working on Oscar's story for a while as I was totally over it. So I moved on to Perfect Genetics and ended up starting a whole new spreadsheet for that game as it is beginning to grow. Hopefully it won't get to the epic my Big Game has grown to.

    Happy Simming
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    I published another Forsythe Legacy post on my blog (9.5). Click the link in my signature!
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    While, I’m setting up “Tiny” so I can get on with my Legacy, I’m going to post up my chapters again so I can refresh everyone’s memory on how Haruo and River grew up together. 😁. So….on with Chapter 1 Part 2. 🤣
    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley
    A Long History

    Chapter One (Part 2)

    "Nice weather, isn't it?" Fiona ventured as she came in the front door from work
    "Hmmm, yes. Nice day. Maybe weather hold today, maybe tomorrow too..." Yasunobu said in halting English searching carefully for the proper words. An immigrant to the country, sixteen years of living in Canada hadn’t removed an accent; nor would it as he’d come over as a young adult.

    "I hope it stays this way. I wouldn’t like having to go to work in the rain" she stated, pausing for a moment before asking..."How is Har-u-oh doing?" I’m not sure if that’s the proper pronunciation...but...oh, close enough. Yasunobu hadn't named his son an easy name for a Westerner to pronounce, did he? But Fiona made her best attempt at it. She smiled at Haruo and he gave her a wide grin.

    "Oh, say he grow good." He looked startled but nodded, "And your baby...uh...River?" he offered and they shook hands.

    Fiona thought to herself, that Yasunobu was a rather handsome man and he had nice dark brown eyes that were deep and expressive. And his toddler was absolutely adorable with his cute little button nose, she observed. " daughter..." she said with a sweep of her hand towards River sitting on the hardwood floor eyeing Yasunobu's son who was holding a blue wooden blocking. "Dr. Ellis says that she’s doing fine." She inquired taking a look at the young toddler after grabbing some autumn salad from the fridge to hush her ravenous cravings for food since she had missed lunch.
    "That’s good. Eat well, grow up strong." Yasunobu grinned at her and Fiona felt a stirring within her. How the poor man had ended up with a snotty witch of a wife, she would never know.
    Fiona and Yasunobu were so engrossed in their conversation that neither noticed that River and Haruo were staring at each other intently, each holding their own blocks eyeing each other trying to figure out if the other one was friendly. After all, they would be living in the same house and being friends was the best way to have an amicable relationship under the same roof.
    There were many things that the parents had to do once everyone was back home. This was all a part of parenting. One of them was giving the children basic skills that they would have to in order to grow up. Potty training, learning to walk, learning to talk, playing with blocks; and the xylophone; all of which were necessary to advance into a well-rounded individual.
    Haruo was taught by his father to walk. “Haruo-kun. Ī ne... (that’s good)” He smiled as Haruo tottered towards him with outstretched arms and held him as Haruo lost his balance and fell into his father’s arms. Haruo looked up with wide eyes and Fiona felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation for a man that she knew was not available. What a pity, she thought. He takes care of his son in a way that Caeden never would have done for River.
    Fiona did the same for her own daughter by sitting down with her on the hardwood floor and teaching her to talk. It was painstaking and repetitive work as her beloved daughter had a mind of her own and was easily distracted by other things going around her. Several hours would pass before River managed to be able to repeat back a few words and still more time would elapse until she was able to converse at a basic level appropriate for her age.

    Mayumi on the other hand, got the stinky job of teaching Haruo how to go potty. Needless to say it was not a very pleasant experience as she had to clean out the potty as well after each time that Haruo had to go. Between that and having to fumigate the washroom every time that a training session happened did not make Mayumi a very happy camper or any less indisposed towards being mean to her son. Nothing made her happier than to heckle him or steal a lollipop from him.
    Whatever she wasn't allowed to do to her school students she brought home and dished it out on Haruo. When she wasn't teaching him how to talk and letting him know how disappointed she was in the fact that he wasn't a genius...
    ...she made sure to let him know that he was smaller than her and that she could do anything that she wished to make his life absolutely miserable.
    River, on the other hand, was absolutely furious, even though she didn't know what was going on between her best friend and his mother. Due to her age, she didn't yet understand family dynamics, but all she knew was that her best friend was miserable and that made her angry.
    ...and of course, it wasn't any better when Mayumi picked up Haruo and took him off to the bedroom, just so that she wouldn't have to hear him cry, shoving him in the crib and leaving him to scream and tantrum because he was being ignored. After all, Mayumi needed quiet and she was going to get way or another.
    Meanwhile Yasunobu made dinner which was spaghetti with veggie sauce owing to the fact that Fiona was a strict vegetarian and meat dishes made her feel ill. So Yasunobu did what he could to alleviate her discomfort by cooking vegetarian dishes on the side for her. And Fiona was working on her first book, a science fiction mystery which had her glued mostly to her laptop (author's note: yes, I know...back in those days, we didn't have laptops per se. We had big huge things that weren't easily portable from one place to another - just work with me here).
    Unfortunately; though Yasunobu had hoped that the weather would hold out, in the morning it was clearly apparent that the sky had opened up and it was a downpour. On top of that the fog had moved in and the rain fell to wash over the town.
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    Forsythe: Generation 9.6 has been published. Enjoy!
    My Blog: Forsythe Legacy Family
    All new! Forsythe Family Tree
    Simselves Challenge - now up to date. You can also view the cast and babies' information.
  • texanskytexansky Posts: 803 Member
    I am so far behind on my comments. Just know that I have been reading and enjoying all of your posts, both here and in other areas of the forums.

    Going back to page 4390:

    AJ looks so self-assured relaxing in the hot tub.

    Terry is a trim, handsome man.

    Amazing how those drums can be carried around in their pockets! :lol:

    I'm glad he's not swayed by Skylar's confession of love. He handled it well.

    I almost feel sorry for Skylar.

    Some of Terry's thoughts about always chasing after Kaydence worry me a bit. Could this cause some friction in their relationship?

    I love Kaydence's wedding dress and that necklace is to die for. You could buy a mansion with what it cost to buy that!

    It's sad that Madison doesn't make an effort to keep in touch with her daughter. And can't she just be happy for her daughter for once in her life? She's always got to find fault with everything.

    That's a lovely purple pattern on the skirt that @emorrill found. The top gives the outfit a different vibe. Very nice.

    I'm not surprised that Claire Ursine and Beau Andrews are going on trial for stealing.

    The courtroom looked great.

    So many familiar faces from Sunset Valley. Gobias Koffi in loafers without socks! :lol:

    I'm following your daughter's story, Horse Hearts. She's very talented. I can't wait for more.

    Love the blue with the lacey shoulders!

    Your version of Hank is so dreamy!

    I thought about trying a lighting mod, but I wouldn't even know where to begin. I have no idea what I want the world to look like. :lol:

    The tiger-striped cat is gorgeous!

    I commented on her thread but wanted to say that L is an awesome writer with a great imagination.

    I'm liking your story with Calvin and Cassie. Quite a bit of drama and intrigue are woven in there.

    Sorry to see that Calvin lost §10,000 at the Lucky Simoleon Casino.

    His mom is dying? Oh, no! I wonder what she had to tell him?

    Sorry to hear that your game crashed during the funeral service. Why in the world would Sims want to jump into the water at the cemetery? Sims are so plumb!

    I didn't realize that Myra was your legacy founder. That's the hardest one to lose in a legacy game.

    It seems like Calvin's life has come crashing down around him.

    His mother told him about the time portal to the future? I wonder what secret the future holds for him?

    That's a great cliffhanger to leave us with for weeks and weeks! :grimace: (not that I am any better :lol: )

    I'm enjoying your story with Caleb and Harper. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    I have celebrities turned off in my game and the household opted out. I don't want the annoyance of the paparazzi in any of my games. I don't play the club circuit, and none of my Sims are in a band, actors, or performers, so no need for it, really.

    Glad to see that Christa and Belinda are working on their relationship.

    Oliver looks like he is glad that his mom brought his bottle.

    :love: the kitty sundress!

    I like that plantsim skin. It's so delicate.

    Those flip-flops with the painted toenails! :love:

    It's good to see that Terry is concerned about his grandmother-in-law's physical fitness and is willing to help.

    Sorry to hear that you have been having problems loading your saved games. I'm glad that replacing the and *.ndh files has restored some of your games. @Karritz is truly a blessing with all of her knowledge of The Sims 3.

    You probably found out where it came from, but to that sink looks like something that might have come with the canning station? Just a wild guess that makes logical sense. I didn't look for it in-game.

    That sounds like a good start to your legacy.

    You've got so many irons in the fire, I don't even know how you keep track of all those stories!

    My laptop has the GTX 1650 and I love it. It really handles Sims well with all graphics set to high. This was before I did the thing to get the game to recognize my graphics card.

    I haven't checked out your Perfect Genetics videos yet. I'll have to check out generation one.

    I fully understand about wanting to rotate games so you don't get burnout.
    My Blog: Forsythe Legacy Family
    All new! Forsythe Family Tree
    Simselves Challenge - now up to date. You can also view the cast and babies' information.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,059 Member

    Yay, glad you are able to play again,
    have fun!
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,029 Member
    edited September 2022
    I don’t know what it is, but sleeping in is generally not possible with me any more. Went to bed at 2:30AM. Was conscious by 7 in the morning. My wife has work again today (TGIF) so I get to work on setting up Tiny today for all the stuff she’s gonna have to do.

    I figure I have twins choices down the road.
    1) I can add an external graphics card with a case to run games.
    2) get a tower and transfer Tiny’s internals into a EATX motherboard taking a 1151 Socket for her i5-6500T CPU and either replace her CPU with an i7-6700K and GTX1060. 😁

    Of course her performance will bottleneck because of the CPU. But that’s probably to be expected. But as long as I can play the Sims 3. 😁👍

    Anyhow: onto Chapter One Part 3:
    The Chikamori Selfacy Generation One
    Chapter One: Life in Sunset Valley
    A Long History

    Chapter One (Part 3)

    Five Years Later

    "River, are you going to see Star Wars?" Haruo looked over at his friend as they stood in the rain at Central Park. It was a cloudy day and the downpour had totally drenched the both of them. 1977 had had an interesting passel of movies being released by Hollywood; George Lucas’s grand space adventure being one of them. Haruo was itching to go see it since all his friends at school were talking about it.
    "I don't know..." River replied; she understood Haruo’s desire to go see the movie and she knew that Mayumi would gleefully prevent her son from going to see it since that was how Mayumi was. "It looks totally rad. You?"

    "My mom says she's not letting me go." Haruo said looking frustrated. "She says I'll get scared of the bad guys."

    "Man, your mom's a square!" River exclaimed, "Look, if my mom lets me go, I'll tell you all about it."

    "i got the Scholastic book catalog the school gave out." Haruo gesticulated excitedly as he got a mischievous look on his face, "I gotta see if my dad will let me get one book from the Catalog."

    "That would so cool..." River exclaimed, "you could get that Star Wars Picture Book." Haruo's face lit up in response to River's exclamation.
    "Don't let her get to you..." River continued, with wisdom beyond her seven years of age, "I know she's a square and she gets on your nerves but y'know, we got eleven years and then we're adults and we can go see any movie we want then."

    Haruo nodded as he knew she was right. They would be able to do a lot more when they were adults but it just seemed so long of a time between being seven years old and eighteen.
    River impulsively pulled him into a hug. "Cheer up. Haruo...I'm your friend and I'm gonna be right beside you...all the time. So..if you have cmplaints about your mom, talk to me about it. OK?"
    "Yeah." The two friends grinned at each other. It was summer holidays and River and Haruo spent as much time as they could playing together on the swings in the park and on the playground at the school before they would walk tired back to their respective houses to, in River's case to help with chores that a seven-year old could do and Haruo to a bout ten sheets of math problems. His mother was a real drag.

    "Hey..." River suggested, "You wanna kick the soccer ball around or something?" Haruo nodded in response and they decided to go over to the soccer net.

    "You be Graham Mosely, I'll be Bobby Lenarduzzi." Haruo suggested, "...and then we'll switch positions."
    "I betcha, I'll make the stop..." River smirked at him.

    "Yeah...sure..." Haruo said. "I betcha I can get the ball past you..."
    No...he wasn't able to. By the time that the game was over...River had managed to score on him once and he hadn't been able to get one single ball past her into the net.
    " did good." Haruo exclaimed as he picked himself off the ground after barely managing to block yet another one of River's goal attempts. His fingers stung and man, she didn't kick that ball like a girl.

    By the time they got home to their house, they were sweaty and tired. But River had homework that she had to do so she set about doing it.
    There was nothing more boring than multiplication and addition tables, but well, that was how one learned back in 1977. Mimeographed sheets with blue ink that could potentially smear if it wasn't fully dry. And one could smell the ink used. It was a pungent odour that permeated the nostrils and that was the scent that told you that you have homework. But River being a diligent student sat at the table and no matter how boring it was, she put her effort into learning her addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tables. And the worksheet gradually filled up with carbon scoring as her pencil made lines and squiggles denoting numbers filling up the answers to the equations asked.

    Haruo, on the other hand, having done his homework already lay on the bench and slept after a hard day of school and then playing soccer at the park.
    ...and that was where Mayumi found him stretched out on the bench in the backyard asleep. "Just what do you think you're doing?!" Mayumi screeched. "Don't you have ay homework to do? Why are you being lazy and not doing your homework like..."
    "I DID MY HOMEWORK!" Haruo snapped back.
    "Don't you talk back like that at me...young man! I'm sure you're just lying to me. If your teacher didn't give you homework, I'll give you twenty sheets of equations that you can do."
    ...and you'll get that every night for a week until you learn to not talk back to your betters." Mayumi looked smug as she looked at him with her beady eyes. "No son of mine is going to lie to me." Haruo looked frustrated and angry as he had done his homework and the fact that he was being called a liar even when he was telling the truth made him angry beyond belief. "You can start your twenty pages of equations tomorrow but for now, you can sit on that chair on the porch and think about what you said and about your lying to me."
    Haruo could only fume impotently as he stalked off to sit down in the chair and wish that his mother could disappear. When River got finished her homework, he defiantly got up out of his seat and walked over to the bench to sit with River. River could tell something was wrong with Haruo. "Your mom?" was all she asked.
    "She thinks I've lied about doing my homework...and now I get to do twenty sheets of questions for a week...because she says that I talked back to her." Haruo aired his grievances about his mother to River who nodded patiently. River thought to herself that she was really starting to not like Haruo's mother.
    "River, I don't know how I'm going to put up with this for another twelve years..." Haruo frustratedly waved his hands and looked up to the sky. "It's like she hates me or something."
    "It's not the twenty pages of questions...I have to do...but she's doing this so that I can't spend time with you." he looked over at her, anger on his face. "And she knows that I like to go to the park with you and everything. So she's trying to stop me from doing that."
    "It's so unfair..." he said. "I don't think she even likes me."

    River nodded as she stared at the grass and contemplated Haruo's words. "I know you did your homework at school because I saw you in the school library before we headed to the park, but the unfair part of it is that even if I tell her she won't believe me." And that simple fact made River hate Mayumi too. She was always picking on her son, if not heckling him; out right denigrating him for even breathing the same air as she had to stand in.
    Trying to deal with this kind of harassment from his own mother would set anyone at the end of their rope and Haruo looked frustrated to the point where he was about to curl up in a ball and cry out of frustration. As a child of seven, he shouldn't have had to deal with this kind of behavior, especially out of his own mother. Mayumi wasn't fair and she had a chip on her shoulder and a focus for her negative behavior and River was sick of it. Even if she couldn't place a word on how she felt about Haruo as a friend, she was protective of him and only wanted him to be happy. It was a pity that his own mother couldn't feel the same way.
    "I don't know what to do..." Haruo said...sounding half as if he was about ready to break-down and half like he was about to go nuclear. And River understood completely.
    "I'm your friend, Haruo...When you feel like to me." River said. "That way you don't get so ticked off." She said, "I can't do anything about the extra homework, but I can be someone you can talk to."
    "We can sit here together and dream about what it would be like to travel the world and see different things. If we were able to do that. Where would you want to go?"
    "...anywhere..." Haruo said, a hint of vehemence evident in his tone. "Anywhere away from here and away from my mother." River figured as much and Mayumi wasn't going to like the fact that she would be losing her meal-ticket. She sort of got the impression that Mayumi was just grooming Haruo in order to leech from him. She could see the distinct difference between how her mother treated her and Haruo's mother treated him. The difference was like night and day. Her mother treated her like the most precious thing in the world and Haruo's mother treated him like the dirt under her shoes.
    But to get her friend's mind off that she said dreamily, "I'd want to go visit France and the Eiffel Tower." she paused, "That would be like a dream vacation, y'know. Being able to see everything that France has to offer."

    Haruo nodded, even though he was more of a homebody, he thought about going sightseeing around the world. However he was more cautious about things. The only people he trusted in his life were his father, River and Fiona who behaved more like a mother should to him as well as to her own daughter.

    It was hard to know what would happen in the future...let alone a few years from now, so they knew that they had to work hard to learn the basics of what would enable them to become functional, upstanding citizens in the future.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,029 Member
    Downloading Sims 3 2 hrs n 26 minutes. 1 TB SSD.
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 835 Member
    @texansky I checked out your blog for the Forsythe story, of course, I am way behind on updates there since I just started reading it. ;)

    @Nikkei_Simmer That is a tiny computer. ;) We got new computers at work too of just that size, and I was thinking "Wow.. wait, are those desktop computers?" :P Of course I don't know what's on the inside of the work computers, but I don't think they're optimized for gaming... :P :P

    It's cool to see that you have something to play on. I like the thought of having just a small computer like that. Currently I have a big desktop tower. It's not old, but it's still big.

    It's nice to see your story from the beginning. River and Haruo looks very cute as toddlers. I remember reading it when I was new to the forum, because then it was right at a scene where Mayumi causing a fight in the kitchen and there was certainly drama... Of course, the story had progressed so far everyone was adults then.


    Yeah, I also made my first attempt at a blog. :P Here.. I'm gonna have to repost a lot of old stuff, and hopefully it will look organized and not messy. :P
    I was still new to sims story telling when I wrote that first part, and I already commited the cardinal sin of starting a piece of fiction with a dream sequence.... (Writing advice: Don't start with a dream.)

    ..but in my defence, I needed a way to introduce my game/"storyline" that had already gone on untold for a while, so... that's why I invented the character "Aaron" as a tool to explain the background of my then active sim (Ranveig). He was also only meant to be a one time occurence and never to be seen again (which was probably also a bad idea...) , and well, so far, that's what he has been... hmm. ;)

    I also skipped the prologue that's in my forum thread, because I also read that prologues are boring and people don't care, and I don't want to bore readers right from the start! ;) And well, my prologue is kind of disconnected from the main story anyway.

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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