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One Month One World One Year Challenge 2022


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    August - Day 25: "Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight!..." Finale


    It's quite evident Jacob is within moments of transforming and going on a full rampage during the party. I don't think DJ has noticed him yet, but Joe sure has. For some reason, the three of them changed into their hot weather outfits even though there is a thermostat in the house set to cool. Why now? Do werewolves give off a lot of heat or something?

    I have not changed DJ, Aaron or Hunter's outfits fully, just their everyday and party for now. So, not sure which month that outfit is from for DJ. I like it though. :)

    Joel and Hunter ran into the kitchen to cower in fear when Jacob's eyes went red with flames of rage.

    Jon and Josh ran into the office area to cower there where Dylan was still hanging out. Dylan has no idea what's going on yet. I unlocked the door to the office. There's nothing they can really do in the office anyway, the computers are locked.

    Essa chose to cower in the bathroom. Really Essa? You've been through so much in your life, you're going to let a werewolf freak you out? I'm a bit disappointed. However, she is a vampire and we all know they don't mesh well with werewolves.

    Even L. is freaked out and ran to cower in the same place Jon was before. Why are you so frightened L.? Huh, I guess werewolves scare just about everybody.

    Just as I suspected, Jacob transformed into his werewolf form in a full rampage. Cale is busy dancing. He'd tried to recruit the guys to dance together again, this time including Dylan. However, they were all too scared to join him.

    hehe Have you ever seen a rampaging werewolf dance? Well now you have! I couldn't believe it when he walked over to watch Cale and dance along with him. Although the guys wouldn't dance again, they are cheering for Cale anyway. CJ is coming back inside from going out front to kick the trash can over. Why so angry CJ? Once he got a look at Jacob, he freaked out too and went running to the walkway where Aaron was cowering. You used to be a werewolf CJ! You live with him, I'm sure it happens all the time. Why would he be scared? So weird...

    Cale finally realized nobody was going to join him and stopped to stand with an annoyed look on his face as Fox ran by on his way to the walkway to cower too. Interesting how his aura isn't purple for fear, but looks either blue for inspired or maybe confident? He doesn't look too confident or inspired though. Sheesh!

    "Ugh, what a mess. I know it's not his fault, but I wish Jacob would've at least tried to regain control or something right away and not scare anyone."
    "Maybe he doesn't know how? Is that something you could teach him?"
    "No, but if I were still a werewolf I could've tried to empathize with him and talk him into not losing control."
    "You almost sound like you wish you were still a werewolf."
    "No, I don't, not really. It's just frustrating not being able to help him when he can't help himself."

    Oh but Cale, he CAN help himself! Your Watcher is just a bit slow. I moved Cale & Sandy into this household for the party and left my tester Sim to hold their lot for them. I didn't think until this moment to look to see if Jacob had the ability to try to regain control. Thankfully, he does.
    "Good job Son."
    "What's he doing?"
    "Regaining control over the beast fighting to reveal itself and hold the rage at bay so it can't control him."
    "Oh, okay. Being a werewolf seems a bit complicated. It's fascinating."
    "Would you like to be one yourself Son? I can make that happen if you like?"

    Wait a second, what's going with CJ? o.O

    What are those colors swirling around him? What's happening to him? He's starting to have a red aura too, as if he was a werewolf building rage. He's NOT a werewolf anymore though, he took the cure. He's a Spellcaster now. OMG! I just had a thought, did Jacob bite him when I wasn't looking? Is CJ becoming...a hybrid? Or WHOA! Maybe a Mooncaster? That's not possible though, right? If anybody has seen this animation and knows what's going on, I'd love to know.

    "AHHH! No, no, NO! Don't bite me, please! I don't want to be a werewolf!"
    "I wouldn't bite you without your permission DJ. I'm not that kind of werewolf. I just thought I'd offer since you seemed so curious about us."

    CJ is now just standing there with a red aura while Dylan looks on in curiosity at Jacob transforming back into his normal form. Aaron is headed into Joe's room to admire an autographed photo of Judith Ward hanging on the wall in there. I guess once he saw Jacob dancing he realized he was being silly and stopped cowering in fear. He just nonchalantly walked right by Jacob.

    CJ is now walking around as if he's filled with rage like a werewolf. I just don't understand what's going on! It's probably just a glitch or something.

    Cale hasn't had much of a chance to chat with Dylan and sought him out to apologize for not including him in the group dance.
    "I'm sorry Dude, I couldn't find you, I thought you'd left. I tried to have another dance once I did find you, but everybody was freaking out over Jacob. What were you doing in there anyway?"
    "It's okay, not your fault. I was just...thinking, about...stuff and needed to be alone for a few minutes. There's a lot going on in my life right now. Thanks for inviting me though and Congratulations to you and Sandy."
    "Hey you're welcome, couldn't have a party without my Buddy. Are you okay? Anything I can do to help?"

    "Yeah, no, but I'll be alright, don't worry about me. Hey, can I ask you something though?"
    "Sure, anything, go for it!"

    "You were a werewolf right and your Son?"
    "That's right."
    "What...was it like? I'm just...curious. From what I saw Jacob going through, it looks painful to transform."

    "Well, it's hard to explain really. Unless you go through it yourself, you won't really know what it's like. I could tell you a lot of things about being a werewolf though. I'll tell you one thing, it is painful transforming. Every time I did I got one doozy of a headache. It didn't last very long though."

    "The absolute worst part was when I turned. I didn't really understand what was happening to me. I mean, I knew I was going to turn into a werewolf, just not how. And also...well, I guess I can understand why everyone was so scared of Jacob. When a werewolf is rampaging, they have no control over what they do. I learned that the hard way."
    "The hard way? What happened?"
    "CJ was kidnaped and turned by my horrible Step-Father. We found him and took him home, but then he went into a rampage. I thought since he was my Son, he wouldn't hurt me, or anyone else he loved. I was wrong. CJ is the one that turned me, my own Son, because he had no control at the time. Werewolves can learn to regain control though, as you saw Jacob doing tonight, but it takes a lot of strength of will and practice to accomplish."
    "Wow, sounds horrible being a werewolf."
    "Oh, it's not all bad, there are perks, if you're really that interested, let's get together soon and have a chat about it. I should go check on the others though. Call me!"

    "Okay...thanks Cale, I...will."
    "No problem Buddy, good to see you!"
    Dylan doesn't look too happy does he?

    Dylan went inside Joe's bedroom and grabbed the soccer ball on top of his dresser. Maybe kicking the ball around helps him relax and get his mind off of other...things?

    "There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you. What are you doing in here all by yourself? Are you okay?" Joel asked Sandy when he walked inside CJ & Jacob's bedroom to find her just standing there in a daze.
    "I just wanted to be alone for a little while to think. I have a lot on my mind right now. I'm fine."
    "What were you thinking about? I mean, if you want to say. It's okay if you don't."
    "I was thinking about..."

    "Me? What about me?"
    "About how much we meant to each other when Cale...was gone. How close we were, how you were always there when I needed you. You stood by my side without fail for years, longer than Cale and I were together. You were my best friend, my confidant, the one I could turn to and cry on your shoulder. You helped me take care of the boys when they were little and took them places, went fishing together, helped them with their school work. All those things that a Father would do, what Cale would've done...if he had been there. I...miss that Joel. The closeness. I didn't realize how much until you started coming around again in San Myshuno. Seeing you every day in the apartment, it reminded me of all that and what we meant to each other. It...made me realize something."
    Joel whispered not daring to hope she would actually admit what he knew in his heart to be true.
    "That I love you Joel, not just as a friend, my best friend. I love you and I can see it in your eyes you love me too..."

    "Sandy! What are you doing? You can't just kiss me like that. What if someone saw us? What about Cale? You're married to him now. He's my best friend! I can't...I can't do this. You know I love you, there I said it too. But I never tried to hide that I do until now. You had to know."
    "I guess I did, I guess I've always known. I love Cale, I do, but, I...I don't know if I love him like I do you. I thought I did, thought I could, I tried very hard. That's kind of telling though isn't it? You shouldn't have to try hard to love someone, you should just...love them and no one else. I don't know. I'm just so confused right now Joel. I don't know what to do with all these feelings I have for you."

    "Are you sure this isn't just the 'juice' talking Sandy? Juice has a way of muddling the mind and making you feel things you wouldn't normally if your mind was clear."
    "Have I slurred even one word since you came in here?"
    "No, you seem sober. I guess I'm just in a bit of shock myself. I never thought you actually felt that strongly about me. I always figured I would be a stand-in for Cale, you know? That was always my original intension anyway...until I fell in love with you. I really wish you would've figured this out before you married him though. I feel like a horrible friend for being so incredibly happy right now. But Sandy, the fact is you are married. I want to be with you more than anything else in the world, but Cale is my best friend, my...brother. I love him. I won't hurt him by taking you away from him. He'd be devastated. He loves you so much."
    "Somehow I knew you'd say that, but it just makes me love you more. You're such a good man Joel. No wonder I love you. Gawd, I don't know what to do. I don't want to hurt him, I love him, we have a son together, but..."
    "Don't do anything or say anything. Just stay with him Sandy. He's been through so much, he deserves to be with you."
    "But...what about you, what about your happiness? How can I be with him when I love you?"
    "I don't know...but that's the way it has to be. I'll be fine. I'll just love you from afar as I always have done."
    "Are you sure that's enough? I don't know if it will be for me."
    "I don't know, but we have to try...for Cale."

    Sandy and Joel realized they'd been alone talking longer than they should and parted ways to go back and mingle with the others. Not long after that, the party ended as guests began to leave one by one. Everyone helped to clean up and then Cale and Sandy went home.

    After they left, I went in search of CJ and found him in the bathroom sniffing the air like a werewolf, still with a red aura around him. I think I need to do some research and see if this is something normal or just a glitch. I think I got the whiz bang of a party that I was hoping I'd get, but the question is, what's going to happen now considering recent, uh, developments? I just don't know...

    I'll get started on comments/replies next! I hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    Almost 90K? Yeah, I'd say he's been doing very well, Congrats to DJ! He'll be able to build a very nice home somewhere, wherever they go after their honeymoon in Sulani anyway. I wondered about that ATM machine, if it was CC. I figured it had to be since the one from the criminal career has a cord wrapped around it. :)

    I'll be very curious how the hybrid Mod works for you since I think CJ might be one now. o.O However, he'd be a natural hybrid. IF that's possible. Oh yeah, of course they need to match. :) I bet you're right, the game has a way of doing that with unplayed Sims. Yes, at least she showed up! :)

    That cake is gorgeous! I love it! I think it's the best one of all. :) You're welcome! Glad I could figure it out, it was driving me crazy. Ruined my set-up for the cake table, but oh well. Cale was feeling just a wee bit too confident with that knife. hehe Yup, I'm sure DJ was having a good time talking to Cale's sons about their club and other antics. ;) I'm guessing L. feels like a proud Mama. He went from an angry homeless teen to a Hero, Global Superstar and very, very well educated. Not to mention a loving husband and father. :)

    Yep, I thought you might like that. :) I would love to have Paige, thank you! hehe Yeah, Sandy loves to party! ;)

    Yeah, I think she may have enjoyed trading barbs with Sandy. I had to think of something for why L. yelled at her. Hmm, you might be right about CJ, or it could be something else. o.O Yeah, I had fun having them do that together. Dylan was being very sly eh? hehe

    Sometimes the game gives us gifts that turn out better than what we'd planned in the first place, I love that!

    Oh man, I just loved DJ's Friendship toast! Very well said DJ! Tsk, well that's a shame restaurants aren't included for the Rehearsal Dinner, I wonder why? It just makes sense they would be to me. Ah well... Excited so much for the wedding! <3

    You're welcome and thank you too! Yep, she does have a Hubby. The question now is, for how long? o.O He does eh? I bet he'll have fun exploring the underground tunnels. hehe

    Whoa! Oona has a Dragonfruit now! Yay! \o/ Oh Wow, yeah, they do look like a couple hiking together. Almost looks like he has his arm around her back. I have to say, they make a very cute couple. Just saying'... ;) Aww, Jon! I think he has a crush on Oona, so sweet he took her picture. :) Oh, they both look so sad, dang. Love the new selfie animations though.

    Yay! Okay, NOW she's finished the aspiration. Sorry, I got a little ahead of myself before. And of course there's Sean again. He loves his sister so much, it's very touching! :)

    WOW! I love Oona's new home in Windenburg, that garden is so beautiful. You're so good at making those! Can't wait to see her actually living there now. Soon! <3
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    July 6
    To call his first experience of the full moon as a werewolf "harrowing" would be an understatement.

    The day had started out like any other; Ricky was carving away at his woodworking bench, Aaron was in his happy place and painting, and Conan returned home from work as a fisherman only to instantly transform.
    (Conan's wolf form is pretty rough lol since he's the first werewolf I ever made in CAS. Because of that, I hadn't quite grasped how to manipulate the wolf face to make it really look like him, but hey at least he's purple ;) )

    He let out his many frustrations on the computer desk while Aaron was napping.

    The pup had simply stared at the desk in sadness and shame after he regained control of his own body.

    He left the warehouse to take some time to just breathe and reevaluate things, and the beast took over Aaron again, watched closely by Luna.

    Her mere presence left him aching for Yoshi, and he crumpled at the thought that he may never see him, see Hunter... No. He had to hold on to the hope that Hunter could find him. That was all he had. He knew he couldn't make a life here, not even with how welcoming Ricky and Conan and Kristopher had been. His life was with Hunter, with Phoebe, with Atticus. Not here, where he was completely at the moon's mercy. And the mercy of his own rage as it tipped over and he howled, seeing red.
    (Once again, these screenshots were taken before I edited his wolf form to give it his facial scar. Yes I did play this update over a month ago...)

    He had enough sense to make his way to the howling point immediately, followed soon by Ricky, and once the beast within had let them both return to normal they made their way to the Collective's tree, sharing a meal with the other werewolves and deciding to spar again. Ricky won easily, but Aaron could tell he was getting stronger, if only by the few more seconds he'd been able to continue fighting, compared to their last sparring session.

    It hadn't escaped his notice that Ricky had seemed incredibly tense all day (although he'd tried to hide it under his cool, reserved demeanor), and Aaron only realised why when night fell and the moon rose in all its silvery glory, calling to him in a language that only the wolf within him could understand. Come to me, he heard it say. Let yourself be freed.
    (I was SO confused when both Ricky and Conan were getting tense from the impending full moon and Aaron wasn't, but then I realised that Aaron has the Carefree trait from the rewards store and so never gets tense :joy: Oops)

    While Ricky tried to distract himself from the moon by taking notes on Aaron's bonsai shrubs, Aaron heeded the call and headed into the forest, bathing in its light. The pain was greater than any transformation he'd experienced before, and it all happened so fast. It burned. Oh Watcher, it freaking burned. The moon seemed to laugh as he succumbed to its alluring pull, and, with Conan and Ricky who had also transformed, ran to the Howling Point and let his wolf do whatever it wanted.

    He even went for a swim.

    Trying to regain control ended up being entirely futile as the moon's pull was far too strong.

    The moon finally released its hold on him as the sun rose to take its place at 6am and he breathed an immense sigh of relief.

    (His next aspiration is Emissary of the Collective)

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    Sooooooo.... I don't even know where to start with catching up and starting to do comments again :joy:
    But I'll try LOL. Sorry these are so scattered! And I'm not going to be commenting on each post that's been made since I left, but just some things that catch my eye as I'm reading through :3
    and honestly I'm sorry I can't be bothered distinguishing my comments by days like I usually do lol

    Fun fact: that beard that Cale has now is one that I was trying out on Aaron a couple weeks ago for this month but unfortunately don't have a screenshot of :D
    Cale looks incredible with it but it's Cale so what do you expect ;) And Cale and Sandy's apartment as well as the boys' factory house both look excellent as per usual <3

    Man Sandy's confession (from August 8) is making me tear up, I cannot imagine what she was going through while Cale was gone and honestly I don't blame her at all for turning to Joel. And no surprises at all that Cale would forgive her, he loves her entirely and it wasn't his fault that the aliens did that crap to him.

    And now for a wedding!!!! I swear I'm not crying ;) Also... had a big dumb grin on my face while reading it :joy: So happy for Cale and Sandy <3<3<3 Who needs a big wedding anyway? Having it at the Romance Festival is so perfect!

    HAHAHA Agnes on August 10 :joy: Absolutely love her lol
    Turned her into a fish :D:D And then the Vlad bit at the end had me laughing out loud :joy:

    Absolutely loving the fact that my simself decided she needed to show up everywhere in San Myshuno after I left the forums HAHA. I don't know why she loves San Myshuno so much though :joy: I hate big cities IRL :D I also doubt I would ever protest in public LOL

    Oh, that woohoo partners thing (from August 15): the entire point of that interaction is to be able to woohoo without having a romance bar. If you had a sim who was interested in woohoo but not romance (i.e. aromantic but not asexual) then they'd need to be able to woohoo without a romance bar. Or maybe a sim interested in romance with male sims but woohoo with female sims (don't ask me why though haha)
    It's essentially friends with benefits making sure they don't catch feelings. Before the orientation update came out, the ability to woohoo was entirely tied to romance but now is not. So having that interation show up on my simself was not a mistake, and the 'exploring' option relates to gender only* so it wouldn't have mattered in this context since Sandy and my simself are both female. You just make sure you don't click that option and all is well lol. Although I did die of laughter at the fact that it was on my simself :joy::joy: Oh also her being good friends with him is a nice step up from when she was just an obsessed fan in DSV LOL

    *so like if you had a sim who was figuring out their sexuality, they'd be set to 'exploring = yes' and their gender preferences would shift over time, based on who they flirt with (AKA what's been in the game forever). They'd start out with a preference of 0 for each gender, and flirting with a male sim will increase their preference for males, same for females. With exploring = no, preferences remain static.
    I have two female sims in my current (not OMOWOY) save set as explicitly bisexual and not exploring (romance with both male/female, AND woohoo with both male/female) and their gender preferences have remained at 100 for both male and female even though the only sim they've been with is each other (so if they were set to exploring, they'd both be 100 for female and 0 for male). The third sim I'm playing in that save is explicitly lesbian and not exploring (so romance with women and woohoo with women ONLY). If she was set to exploring, she could flirt with male sims but since she isn't set to exploring she can only flirt with other women (I THINK - I haven't actually had her flirt with a male sim to see what happens but it would feel wrong if I did have her do that lol). And on the 'woohoo partners' thing - if she was interested in romance with solely women but woohoo with male and female, she'd need to ask a male sim to be her woohoo partner since she won't romance them. Does that make sense? I'm of the mindset that woohoo should be tied to romance as it always has been but for people who want friends with benefits and stuff in their games then that's what it's for.

    That bartender at the end of the August 16 post looks familiar... ;)

    And August 18, wow of course, there's me again :D
    Hmm, I wonder if this version of her does have skills, I can't remember if she's a fresh upload or not. But anyway her keyboard playing was probably awful :joy:
    Also it was lovely to see Robin again!

    Poor Audax reduced to being a vendor LOL. You know I THOUGHT I saw him manning stands in the background of some of your pics from other posts. And turns out I was right!
    like here on day 7 haha

    Aug 23: Oh good grief Cale, don't be so stupid! Why would you throw a giant knife up in the air like that? :joy:
    Hi Aaron ;) He looks fantastic!
    I can't help but wonder if Hunter disliked being so close to those werewolves in this shot...:
    I notice from the party pics that Aaron doesn't have his bat tattoo, do you want the link again so you can give it to him?

    Aug 24: I have to say something about all those boys wearing that vest from Paranormal :D It would have been so perfect if Aaron was wearing it in this shot (and all the other group dance shots):
    HAHAHA oh wow the drunken (I mean, juiced) conversation between Sandy and Joel :joy::joy: "Shuck-sexual" LOL
    Aww, so good seeing the group dance again <3 The boys all look amazing of course, but bummer about Dylan disappearing. Also very glad to see Hunter didn't fail this time :D

    Aug 25: Oh man, Jacob!
    I see your rampaging werewolf dancing and raise you rampaging werewolves playing on their phones...
    Worse update ever I freaking swear...
    (these are my werewolf versions of Morgan Fyres and Wolfgang Munch by the way lol)
    Hmm, that thing with CJ is certainly odd. I've never cured a werewolf in-game but maybe its glitchy? I would honestly expect something like that from TS4... And overcharging doesn't look like that so that can't be it.

    HOLD UP. :fearful: I- WHAT is going on with Sandy and Joel???? :flushed:
    Soooo... that happened... huh. I don't know how to feel about this but.... uhhh... wow. :grimace::no_mouth:

    Whew Dylan having the dormant werewolf gene is such a great twist and incredible way to tie in this pack to your story!

    HAHA just reading through all the posts and won't comment on each one specifically but I have to say I laughed out loud at Dylan saying Greg has a nice house and the "Oh gosh, that was lame" :joy::joy:

    I saw the Middle of the Night title for June 15 and instantly started humming the song :joy:
    Loveless' cover of Middle of the Night is one of my favourite songs (I kinda prefer it to the original... blasphemy I know LOL) and I absolutely LOVE how you've integrated the lyrics into your story!!! And yessss, Dylan being able to smell Morgan's perfume thanks to his awakening werewolf senses is fantastic!

    And they're finally reunited <3 All those kisses to make up for lost time ;)
    First woohoo, finally! Wow!

    Oh dang, there's that glow under her sleeve, this doesn't look good... :cold_sweat:

    By the way teen Morgan is a werewolf in one of my saves (she was bitten by my evil werewolf at a Renegades club meeting) and I was just playing with her and werewolf Wolfgang (who was bitten by that same evil werewolf at the same club meeting) a week ago so want to share her werewolf form with you now :joy:
    (Also surprise surprise, said evil werewolf is Nemesis Straud :joy: I mean I wouldn't put it past her to bite teenagers, she is evil after all LOL)

    There's Wolfgang too, I gave both of them makeovers in their human forms lol

    Typical teenager HAHAHA

    Tug of war with Jacob

    This is all getting very intense for Dylan and Morgan, can't wait to read what goes down during the night of the full moon!
    Also excited to see what Morgan's werewolf form might look like in your game because as you know Morgan is my favourite premade :D

    I am absolutely loving Adam's vampire look, those bright yellow eyes are absolutely incredible! He looks especially amazing in your August 3 daily pic :love:

    Oh, cool that you're integrating San Myshuno in with this month too. Looking forward to seeing Adam defeat his father with his new army! And I'm glad that Adam's got someone who also wishes to defeat Darius with him.

    Bummer that your game keeps crashing though!

    Very fun seeing all of DJ's gigs! I adore your little synopses for the gigs too.

    Also really love the colourful bachelor party from your June 10, I never thought Aaron would actually look good in the clothes from that kit :joy:

    Congrats to DJ for his Starlight Accolades, and for getting Global Superstar status!

    June 21:
    ... that's so weird that DJ had to switch agencies to get a movie role, Aaron stuck with the same agency (Everyday Extras) the whole way through. Unless that's a new feature... Or a bug haha

    Congrats to Oona, Sean and Jon for conquering Mt Komorebi!

    Day 12: That sad selfie pose in the daily pic makes me laugh every time :D
    Ooh, dragonfruit! Aaron still doesn't have one of those :joy:
    And yay for finishing the aspirations!
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    Hi All! Working overtime this week, so will do comments this weekend, just wanted to do one today. Have a great day/night!

    @afai1261 - Welcome back! Comment on your comment to me.
    So happy someone knew that song. I did listen to the Loveless version...so love the drums and guitar solo at one point...and love it. It's a different feel from the original for sure...more frantic is the feel I get...losing control. The whole song seemed perfect for that chapter, heightened sense of smell as it "calls" to Dylan, and, of course, the "tame" part. Love the spoilers you showed of how Morgan looked as a werewolf and Wolfgang! lol

    Congrats on making it through the full moon, and now Aaron is joining the Moonwood Collective. Great shots of Aaron, and the sparring shot is great with Aaron being tossed in the air. Love the shot of the three of them as werewolves with the red rage around them, and running (rampaging) through town. Had to laugh at the shot of them standing around with food in their hands sniffing the food, like, hey your food smells good, but hey, this one smells even better. lol
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    So happy to see you here posting again! Yay! <3 LOVE your daily post pic!

    I like Conan's purple werewolf form! I think you did great for your first try at it. :) Aww, Conan, it's okay Honey, you're not a monster! The screenshots in this of everything they did after transforming and regaining control are just amazing! I love this update so much and it makes me want to play with werewolves again! I'm doing a casual gameplay with a gal who is now dating Kristopher, so perhaps I'll have her move in with him in Moonwood Mill. I was debating whether or not I should, but this seals my decision. She still needs to reach a couple goals first though. She lives in Evergreen Harbor. Congratulations to Aaron and you for completing the initial aspiration! Excited to see how it goes for the Emissary aspiration now for Aaron. :) One last thing, I'm still in love with Ricky! <3 Did you put him on the Gallery? I don't remember. I'll have to go look. Perhaps you didn't and would rather keep him for yourself, in that case I totally understand. :)

    Very cool you tried Cale's beard on Aaron, it's a good one. I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's grown on me. Thanks about the apartment and factory renovations. :)

    Of course he forgave her, what else could he do? Like you said, he's utterly and completely in love with her. I think it helps too that they really didn't do anything other than kiss. :)

    Glad you enjoyed their simple, impromptu wedding. I was going to have a big Tartosa wedding for them, but the thought of it just made me drag my feet. hehe It was time for them to get married and yes, at the Romance Festival was perfect. For them and for me. :)

    I had so much fun with Aggie! She cracks me up! hehe

    It was such a fun surprise your Simself kept showing up everywhere. It gave me a chance to make them friends! Incidentally, I don't like big cities either, country girl born and bred. :)

    Thanks for the explanation on how the sexual preferences work, I appreciate it! I'm in the same mindset as you. I can't imagine having woohoo with anyone myself or my Sims that I wasn't romantically involved with in a relationship. But to each his own I guess, variety is the spice of life as the saying goes.

    Yup, I have your Sims showing up everywhere now, I love it! <3 Your Simself is always the bartender now at festivals, and Audax is always a vendor along with, uh...gawd, why can't I remember that hunky guy's name right now. o.O Well, you know who I mean. ;)

    I know! I couldn't believe it when I saw that happen. And why did Sandy just look annoyed instead of concerned about it? Silly guy! Sheesh!

    So glad you like the look I went with for Aaron. He's got everything but the glasses and turns out the tattoo. Opps! Sorry about that. I'd love a link for it, yes, no hurry though. Whenever you get a chance. :)

    I think you're right about Hunter, he was giving the werewolves the evil eye the entire time he was near them, yep!

    Gah! You're so right about the vest outfit. I love that outfit, which I'm sure you can tell since so many ended up with it as their party outfit. Opps! hehe But yes, the symmetry would've been perfect if Aaron had been wearing the same green one Cale & Hunter wore. Ah well...

    The dance floor inspired me, plus the fact all his old club members were there, except Adam. But he wasn't 'really' a member, just for the one dance. Nope, he didn't fall, but Josh messed up and so did Joel and Jon, but I didn't show those screenshots.

    The werewolves rampaging on their phones is hilarious, but sad at the same time. I have a mod that stops idle phone animations, so that doesn't happen in mine, thankfully! All my Sims only use their phones when I tell them to now. Including unplayed townies/NPCs.

    Nope, it's a glitch. I did a little searching and found a thread on Answers HQ about it. I guess the cure doesn't always stick and they can randomly become a werewolf again. I think that's what's happening to CJ. However, he's a Spellcaster now, so I'm curious to see if he actually does transform again or what. I guess when they do, the graphics are all messed up and they don't have a rage bar or anything. Some just keep acting like a werewolf and keep the red glow without ever transforming. I hope that doesn't happen to Cale now too. o.O And I hope they fix it soon. They are aware and can produce it on their end according to a couple Devs on that thread.

    Well, in relation to Sandy and Joel, nothing and something is happening with them. Whether anything else happens, or not, remains to be seen. But I will say, there is some big time drama coming up for all of them. Some might be shocked, probably most will be. We shall see...
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    edited August 2022

    @Karababy52 ,
    thank you for the comments :) hehe , so funny pic where Josh and Jon were dancing and Dylan watching like "what in he***? " :D Joel! I dont think so higly of Sandy, but dont make yourself an idiot pig! He is your best buddy! At least think , very seriously.

    @LegacySims2017 .
    thank you for the comments :) Too bad restaurants cannot be used , mine are working fine, but in gereral those are buggy, so I can imagine the halo what would come if something not working right :P

    @afai1261 ,
    Thank you for the comments :) I did read your great update, just same as with some others before, my knowlegde of werewolves are obly what seen in this forum, mostly really in this thread :) so its hard to comment, but makes me curious to see all, of course. Hehe , im slow, took me a year and bit longer to have my first spellcaster after ROM was released :P

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    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Oona Medicci, day 13
    After sneak peak of her house ( i really needed to see how much it was, 23k) , I let her proceed in fishing aspiration, by unlocking the first step...
    fish spot 2

    and fishspot 3 (as we know komorebi has only one spot)

    and I also let her start this painting

    then we went back home.. to lounge.. eh.. hi Jon

    no bartender there, so AfterSki Nightclub then...
    After fast look, no dj or bartender.
    oh right, that I was doing at February, adding more sims as I dont have enough personl to bars , restaurants or lounges...
    Nelly Masters also invited Oona to pre prom party.. bummer had to say no...

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    August 24th - 26th: Training Montage!

    So the last few days flew by in a blur, so I'll just recap the highlights.

    First of all, I found out Callie and Omari had elevated their relationship from friends to lovers when I stumbled upon them making out at the skill center.


    Well at least something positive might come out of this whole messy situation.

    We continued our training and yoga in the mornings of course.


    Apparently Londyn and Andy were looking for a little more action though, because Wednesday morning I found them out on the basketball court sparring in front of a large group of startled sims.



    How was I suppose clean this mess up?

    I entered the crowd and projected a wave of forgetfulness, hoping it would be enough, and the crowd quickly dispersed.


    Phew, that was close.

    For their reckless actions, I sent the two guilty culprits into one of the rooms to study Vampire Lore for the rest of the morning. That'll teach them.


    That evening, Eric lead us to a basketball court in the city park. It was completely surrounded by a fence and tall bushes that would conceal our nightly training from prying eyes.


    We continued with sparring, and Dayna quickly overtook Callie's lead and won every match she sparred in.


    In a moment of overconfidence she challenged me, but our fight lasted mere moments before I had her by the throat. It was a good effort, but they all still have a ways to go before they can take on the top vampires.


    I decided my recruits needed more training in using their growing powers, so we finished the night practicing on each other.


    Dayna seemed to be struggling in this area.


    Callie on the other hand had the art of mind control down pat, and quickly influenced Omari to strip down in front of everybody.


    I think he actually enjoyed it.


    The next day found us back at our apartment doing some more one-on-one training and just chilling.


    As I was chatting with Eric, he told me about how he was turned, and relayed the story very dramatically.


    Apparently he'd been jumped in the street and dragged into an alley were the attacking vampire proceeded to drain him of most of his plasma. As Eric was about to loose consciousness, the vampire asked if he wanted to live, and of course Eric had said yes, so the vampire fed him his own plasma and turned him. For a time Eric had served this vampire until he finally grew strong enough to overcome him and run away. Once he'd established himself in San Myshuno, my father had approached him trying to recruit him into his army.


    "I knew that if I said no," Eric concluded, "I'd be dead by morning, so I agreed to join his forces with the hope that I'd be able to sabotage his campaign from the inside, and up until your arrival, I've had mild success in doing so I might say."


    It was an impressive story, and explained why Eric hated vampires who lorded power over others so much.

    That evening we found ourselves back at the gym again to hone our bodies for the coming conflict.


    We found another basketball court on the roof, and decided to continue our training there.


    When we finished, we flew down to the pool to take a couple celebratory laps.


    And perhaps grab a bite to eat.


    When we arrived back home, I was surprised to find an unexpected visitor waiting there for me.


    "Damian!" Daniella cried, rushing up to me. "Our house is filled with vampires from all over and I overheard Father say they're coming here to destroy you and your recruits in a show of force! What have you done to stir up his anger Damian? Perhaps there is still time to make amends!"


    I was taken aback by her outburst and felt a cold fear settling in my gut as I became aware of the gravity of her revelation.

    "When!?" I growled, before regaining control. "Did they say when they were coming?"


    "In a week's time!" she cried. "You have to run Damian! You don't stand a chance against all of them! I just got you into my life, and don't want to lose you."

    I wrapped her into a hug and held her close for a moment.


    When I pulled back, I looked her in the eyes.

    "You're not going to lose me," I said smiling softly, "and my name's Adam."


    Thank you everyone for your patience and kind words. I downloaded Better Exceptions and found a mod that needed another update and another I ended up just removing, and now my game is running smoothly again!
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    August - Day 26:"Thunder on a hot Summer night, reminds me that change happens when we least expect it..."


    Cale and Sandy spent the next day together talking about the party, discussing possible places to go on their honeymoon and just the normal things they would do on any other day. Cale had just finished having a bite to eat when Sandy walked over to sit next to him.
    "I think I'll go to the gym tonight. I'm getting a little tired of yoga. I need something different to do, something more strenuous I guess."
    "You could use the punching bag if you want. I know you liked that in the past."
    "Yeah, that's an idea. I heard they have some new tread mills at the gym though and I might go for a swim. You could come with me?"

    "I would but I'm waiting on a call about that job in Evergreen Harbor, remember?"
    "Oh, that's right. Well, I'll just go by myself then."

    "But...it's storming outside. Can't it wait?"
    "Cale, I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself. I'm waterproof too, remember?"
    "Yeah, okay...I guess. I just worry about you flying around on your broom in a storm. You could get hit by lightening."

    "You are so sweet, don't worry, I'll be fine. If it makes you feel better I won't use my broom, I'll transportalate."
    "Good, that makes more sense. I just want you to be safe."
    "I know, and I love that about you."
    "I love you too."

    "I'll be back in a couple hours. See ya!"
    "Bye Babe."


    When Sandy arrived at the gym, all the machines were in use. She went downstairs to use the pool, but it was closed for maintenance. Back upstairs she asked someone how long they would be using a treadmill and was told to come back in 30 minutes. Sandy thought about just going back home, but remembered there was a food stall on an upper floor of the complex so transportalated up there to see if they had any of her favorite dish tonight.

    She loved Nigiri and would have it whenever it was available. Thankfully tonight there was still a few orders of the the delicious dish left. She grabbed the plate of piping hot fish with a tantalizing aroma that made her mouth water, and took it to a nearby picnic table.

    She sat for a moment letting it cool and thought about Cale. He'd been very sweet and attentive to her today. More than usual. She smiled remembering how it had been for them before he had disappeared and everything they had shared since. She loved him, she always had and realized she'd been foolish to think she could just throw all that way. She would always love Joel, but he was right, she would stay with Cale and give him all the love he deserved.

    Sandy picked up the chopsticks the food stall worker had provided and wished she'd asked for a fork. She'd never been able to master using these things. She frowned poking at the fish and trying to pick it up between the two sticks. Somehow she managed to get a rather large piece in their grasp and held her breath hoping it wouldn't fall before she could get it in her mouth.

    (Wait a minute. This tastes funny. It's Nigiri, yeah, but...)

    (Oh My Watcher! It's Pufferfish Nigiri! NO NO NO! I'm allergic to that! I told the girl Nigiri, just NIGIRI! She got it WRONG!)

    Sandy struggled to spit out the fish that was quickly causing her throat to swell and cut off her air. She pounded on her chest, stuck her finger down her throat, anything she could think to do in the short window of time she had to save herself. But it was no use, she'd already swallowed it. She struggled to scream, gasp, anything to let someone know she was in trouble, but nothing but silence was heard. It was too late...

    "Alessandra French Conrad, your soul is mine now to guide toward your final destination."

    Greg stood for a moment staring at the vessel that held what was left of Sandy's corporeal being. This was a tough job, but he'd learned to keep his emotions in check. Mostly.

    However, some days, it would still get to him. Especially when he was tasked to take the souls of babies, children and those still with so much life yet to live. But, it was his duty to do as he was asked without any questions. Someone had to do it.

    (You will bring Alessandra French Conrad's soul to me and the vessel that holds the last vestiges of her being as well.)

    (She is yours Hades? But my tablet said-)
    (Do not question my authority. You will do as I ask or suffer the consequences. Is that understood?)
    (Yes, but, the vessel-)
    (You are testing my patience Greg. Do as I say, NOW!)

    (I have heard and I will obey.)


    (Where is she? She's been gone way longer than 2 hours.)
    (At least the storm stopped.)
    (Why hasn't she called? Stubborn woman!)

    (If she's not here in 15 minutes I'm going to go look for her.)
    (You don't think she- NO! I won't think that.)
    (Call her.)
    (I will if she's not here soon.)
    (Come on Sandy, don't leave me hanging here.)
    (I have a bad feeling about this. A very bad feeling...)
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    *Updated my August 26th post above! I hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,940 Member
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    o.O Sheesh, I'm so sorry Ellu, I thought I'd already wrote comments and posted them. So sorry again for the delay, here they are!

    You're welcome! Oh, do you mean when they were cowering in the office? If so, in that case, yeah, he looks very confused eh? hehe No, Joel isn't an idiot or a pig, you're right, he would never do that to Cale. He told Sandy exactly that too and encouraged her to be there, for Cale!

    Your daily post pic is absolutely gorgeous! Fantastic angle! Love it! <3 So glad you let Oona go fishing for the aspiration and do a painting to earn money for her gorgeous new Windenburg house. Love how she and Jon are the only ones at the lounge. Just compounds my feelings that Jon has a HUGE crush on her. So, so sweet!

    Oh, opps, that's why nobody else was there, glad you got if figured out. :) Aww, well maybe next month she'll get to go to prom and any pre-Prom parties she might be invited to attend then. *crosses fingers* :)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 5,940 Member
    *Everyone - Small change of plans, or big change depending on how you look at it, but Cale will be going to Forgotten Hollow for September instead of Evergreen Harbor. I've moved Evergreen Harbor to October and pushed Henford-on-Bagley to November. I might possibly switch out November for Sulani and have him retire in Henford-on-Bagley instead. We shall see how it goes... :)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,187 Member
    @Karababy52 ,
    thank you for your comments, and no biggie if you would not remembered :) Heh Jon sure at least likes Oona, we will see what happens when she grows up :P

    ......... wow. bufferfish? oh wow, well, im sorry , and please dont think im rude oranything, but im not gonna miss Sandy so much , hehe I remember when i was at clinic and I asked with who Cale ended up with, Sandy.. oh meh... I rooted someone else , heh. but yes, sad for poor Cale , that she died, of course :( Plus whhhaaaat was that thingy with Joel???? One more reason im not so sorry to see Sandy go...

    And I have a feeling its not all, as Greg took urn, so to say, and you switching worlds :P

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    August 27th: Forming a last minute plan

    I sat everyone down and relayed the news Daniella had just given me, which everyone seemed to take in their own way.


    Londyn and Dayna looked excited at the prospect of some action in the near future, while Omari seemed a bit nervous and uncertain.


    "We don't have much time to whip you into shape," I concluded, "but I'm already proud and amazed at how far you've come already, and I have faith you can reach the highest level of vampire rank within the next couple days at the pace you've been going."


    I cleared my throat and exchanged a quick look with Daniella.

    "Now if we're going to catch them by surprise," I continued, "we'll have to be the ones to make the first move, which means we have to come up with a solid plan before next Thursday." I looked around at the other's faces, "Anyone ideas?"


    We split up into smaller groups to brainstorm and Daniella pulled me aside to speak privately.


    "Dam... I mean Adam," she said, correcting herself, "what exactly is going on here? Are you leading a resistance group or something? Is that why Father is coming after you?"

    "Daniella," I began, rubbing the back of my head nervously, "see, I haven't been completely honest with you. I've actually been plotting against our Father from the moment he killed my wife's grandparents."


    She looked a little shocked but quickly recovered, "Adam," she said seriously, "I'm sorry about your wife's grandparents. I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'm not. I've always known that our Father was cold-hearted and willing to do whatever it takes to win. I can't say I agree with his methods."


    "So will you help us then?" I asked, not daring to hope she'd say yes.

    "Yes," she said matter-of-factly, and I breathed a sigh of relief. "In fact I have other news you might find interesting."

    She went on to reveal that she'd seen a ghost flickering throughout the house most nights since I'd left. When she'd finally had a chance to approach and speak to it, she'd discovered it was Vlad.
    "He seemed to be looking for something," she explained, "but when I asked what he was up to, he only hissed and demanded to speak with you."


    I nodded. "He was helping me look for a bit of important information that may tip the scales in our favor. I wonder if he found it. Maybe I should try to sneak back to the manor to speak with him."

    Daniella shook her head. "You would be discovered for sure. The place is crawling with high-ranking vampires. Let me speak with him. I'll tell him your location and ask him to visit you here."


    "I don't know if you should go back," I said. "What if you were seen coming here?"

    "I flew the whole way in bat-form," Daniella assured me. "I'm sure nobody saw me. And if I don't return, Father may get suspicious and begin his attack earlier than planned. I've got to go."

    She was right, but I didn't like it.

    We hugged good-bye and she promised to return if she found out anything important. With a puff of smoke she transformed into a bat and was gone.


    The rest of the day was spent in training to get our recruits strong enough for the coming fight. At this point they were all already Master Vampires, but they'd need to be Grand Masters if they were going to be able to hold their own against Darius' goons.


    We sparred and practiced our mind control powers in the art center. They were getting pretty good and failures were getting less and less common.


    To finish the day, I sat them down with their own copy of the Ultimate Vampire Compendium and had them read for the remainder of the night.


    One or two more days and they'd be ready...

    But would I?
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    @Karababy52 -
    Aug 26 - I am going to comment on this one first and then will have to back-track to the party! Okay! Whoa! Sandy died! However, I did see some (possible?) foreshadowing of this when someone stole her ngiri the first time. Death by pufferfish. Oh gosh...and Cale wasn't there to even save her. Now the curious thing is that Greg was instructed by an unknown entity to reap Sandy's soul and take her urn with him. So, no chance of a resurrection. I had read this before I left for the day, and my immediate thought was that somehow Eros was getting revenge on Fox via Cale...since Fox cared for Cale, and Eros wanted to hurt Fox that way.

    Then when I came back from doing my errands, I saw that you were heading to Forgotten Hollow for September...so...I am thinking that some very powerful vampire who has power over Greg told Greg to take Sandy. Maybe this is the Spellcasters vs Vampires thing from the Werewolf pack. I tried to watch Plumbella's Youtube video on the lore, but I was totally lost, so maybe that is what this is. Anyway, when Cale finds out that Sandy has gone...somewhere?, he is going to be heartbroken.

    So, the previous chapter, ahhh...Dylan...yes, he has many things on his mind at the moment. And it figures that he would find a way around the barricade. Must be all those times when he was living on the street hiding from the mob, and went in and out of places. Great dance crew dance. And then Joel and Sandy...um...oh gee. Sandy just got married to Cale and she confesses that she loves Joel? What? And he loves her, too. Okay, well, this is kind of understandable since they spent so much time together and both developed feelings for each other. But Sandy does redeem herself in the next chapter, and says she is going to stay with Cale because she does really love him. Yeah, I think Sandy is in love with both of them, but she will stay true to Cale. I am sure of that.

    And so, we are left with a cliffhanger. I don't even want to think that somehow Cale's stepfather was resurrected and turned into a vampire, and he is still looking for revenge. So, maybe this is some other "mystery" sim who wants to exact revenge on Cale. Anyway, great chapter. And the party and all the work you did there was so good.
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 4,187 Member
    Oona Medicci, day 14

    only 2 pics, as this was all she did.

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    August - Day 27: "Interlude/Placeholder..."



    I apologize for making y'all hang a bit longer off the cliff, but we are headed out soon to grill some steaks and hang around the firepit. We want to take advantage of the nice weather while it lasts. ;) I will get started on comments/replies at least and hopefully have them finished before we go outside. I am not sure what time we will return inside, so I'm posting this now. It may be just a placeholder or I might post more screenshots for story mode. However, I do have some set-up to do for next month and a particular post coming up soon, so perhaps I'll just leave today's update as the daily post pic alone. Either way, I hope y'all have a wonderful day/night! <3
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    Be cool if they do end up together. I've never had Jon with anyone in my game. At least not yet and I've had him a long time.

    I am curious, who were you rooting for instead of Sandy?

    Well see, Sandy was without Cale for years and Joel was there to help her when she needed someone. They didn't plan to fall in love, it just happened. The two of them were actually together much longer and got to know each other much more than she and Cale. So, I'm not surprised it happened. Poor Cale has some sad, dramatic times ahead of him. As for why Greg took Sandy's urn as ordered by Hades? We shall see... ;)

    Oona has such a lovely big garden now! And always fun (at least for me) to see Sims fishing. Go Oona get those simoleans! :)

    Ah, you caught that huh? Well, see that was just plain old Nigiri though at the Festival, not Pufferfish. ;) That was just setting up that she enjoyed it is all. Good catch though!

    Oh, well it wasn't an unknown entity, Greg did ask the voice only he could hear, "She belongs to you Hades?"

    Eros? No, this has nothing to do with Eros. But that's all I'll say. Good idea though. :)

    Wow, you have such a good imagination! Sandy isn't just 'somewhere' though, as I said, it was Hades that ordered Greg to take Sandy's urn along with her soul. So, putting two and two together, knowing who Hades is, you know where perhaps she has been taken. But yes, of course, Cale will be devastated. Especially once he realizes the truth. Annnnd *zips lips*

    Yep Dylan was smart enough to realize the Watcher wasn't as diligent as she thought in blocking all the ways to get in the office. He's a clever one, that's for sure. hehe

    Yes, you have everything exactly right about Sandy, Joel and Cale. :) She loved them both.

    Speculations are fun eh? We shall see what happens with all this very soon! ;)

    Thank you so much for the compliments on the party and preparations for it. I had fun doing this party. I should do more of them. hehe

    We just came back inside a few minutes ago. The daily post pic will be it for the 27th's update. I'll have an update with story mode sometime tomorrow (well, later today) though. :)
  • LegacySims2017LegacySims2017 Posts: 5,218 Member
    August 25th Comments:

    Sean is looking good. All that exercising and yogaing is paying off. Hopefully Oona can make some simoleons off them fish and move. I bet she's excited.
    Looks like Oona likes that house in Windenburg. I wonder if that's going to be her new home.

    Aww, all them cowering away from Jacob. So sad. He wouldn't try and hurt them...on purpose. I'm guessing you're having Dylan as if he has the werewolf dormant trait in your multiverse. He should have just told Cale what was going on. Daaang! What a twist with Sandy and Joel. Joel is right, though. I fear Cale will turn into his father in some sort of way if Sandy left him for Joel. Was that an autonomous thing going on with them when the kissing happened? Poor C.J. He's probably all confused himself. :lol: Wonder what his profile stats say.
    Oh, curious now. I wonder if I force D.J. to eat the mermadic kelp while being a spellcaster, if he'd become a hybrid without cheats.

    August 26th Comments:

    I must say I like Aaron's werewolfness. Just hope he can control it all before he finds Hunter or vice versa. Don't need those two angry with each other. I miss Yoshi, too!
    I think all the Sims looked good in that outfit for the bachelor party. :lol: Television shows and commercials are the main focus for Everyday Extras. The movies (or silverscreen as the game calls it) are the top tiered agencies. I don't think you should've been able to get a movie role in that one. I wasn't. And I needed D.J. to do a gold status for a movie role. So, I was forced to switch.

    Oh, so it is going to be Oona's new home. Lots of fishing she is doing. Pretty drab with no DJ or bartenders at bars and nightclubs. :joy:

    Glad you figured out your issues.
    Aww, a blossoming vampire romance. And then a not-paying-attention sparring moment. I saw one of the clones! Adam should have turned him! Ha, ha, ha. Was good to see Adam use his powers on the crowd to make them forget, however. Even if that also meant the clone. Uh oh! How did Darius find out about Adam and (vampire) friends? Looks like he has to speed things up.

    :open_mouth: Did Sandy just die from the food? OMG!

    August 27th Comments:

    Nice to see Daniella is on Adam's side...I hope. Still wondering how Darius found out. Is there a mole in Adam's group?

    Fishing and gardening is time consuming. Looking for to Oona wealthy enough to buy that house. :smile:

    Beautiful scenery for the daily image. The suspense is killing me, though. :joy:
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    I think all the Sims looked good in that outfit for the bachelor party. :lol: Television shows and commercials are the main focus for Everyday Extras. The movies (or silverscreen as the game calls it) are the top tiered agencies. I don't think you should've been able to get a movie role in that one. I wasn't. And I needed D.J. to do a gold status for a movie role. So, I was forced to switch.
    Yeah I'm aware that the agency description mentions more opportunities for smaller gigs, but that doesn't mean those movie gigs are completely blocked for sims with that agency. 'Of Tea and Treachery' is one of the highest paying gigs in the game, and as you can see my level 10 actress sim here has access to it and is still with the Everyday Extras agency:
    The only barrier to getting movie gigs is job level. Also had her switch agencies to Well Suited after I took the screenshot, and there were no differences at all in available gigs or pay.
    No mods that would matter in this save by the way apart from MCCC but you use that too and I'm pretty sure that doesn't have any settings related to it.

    Aaron got his gold in a movie role with Everyday Extras and did not need to switch. I believe Tournament of Honour was that role for him. Even if DJ had already gotten a gold in a movie gig, it wouldn't have counted for that part of the aspiration because it doesn't count roles already done prior to reaching it. Like I'm pretty sure that Last Town in the West is a movie gig, as well as ZBB: Apocalypse Rising.

    I don't have time to write a full reply to your comments or full comments on your Aug 26 and 27 posts, but I will say that yes Ricky is on the gallery, right here ;) (Unless you already found him by now lol)

    Link to Aaron's bat tattoo


    August 26
    OMG!!!! HOW DARE YOU? AAAAHHHHHHHH I did not see this one coming at all, holy crap! And what does Hades have to do with all of this??? o.O
    I'm speechless, I actually read this one yesterday and just sat staring at my laptop for ages looking absolutely dumbfounded :joy:
    Fun fact: at one point when I was drafting my initial idea to send Aaron to Moonwood Mill, I was contemplating killing Hunter, then thought better of it and now wow you've done that to Sandy :open_mouth:
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    @Karababy52 -
    I reread the chapter where Sandy died, and right there was the name Hades. Oh geez....well...I totally missed that...not sure how. Okay, well, maybe the eyesight is failing! lol But, yeah, okay, I know where she has gone now. Poor girl. But the Spellcasters vs. Vampires idea was a good one...because I know that L had explained something about this to Cale in another chapter. As I said, watching Plumbella's video with the lore was too confusing. Maybe if I watched it again and wrote it all out, I would get the lore then. Anyway, great way to head to Forgotten Hollow.
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    @Karababy52 ,
    thank you for your comments :) Its totally up to Jon, Oonas lovelife will go like Milla's this time, sims decide, not me :P

    I said I do not mean to be rude, I really do not mean to, but I still dont get Sandy and Joel.

    i mean I get them now from start, but their time was then, when she was without Cale an felt in love with Joel.. not eons later now. Not like now all the sudden they realise they were ment to be , after all this time?? Sweet and personally I get that, just its not gonna work. it works for fairytales, .. hehe...... or in sims, granted, next close to fairytale :P

    Yes now she has the money to buy the house, and she will. but not going to school yet, she will be at Copperdale after windenburg :P

    @LegacySims2017 ,
    thank you for your comments :) yes usually i do not have that bartender problem, i mean i know i dont have random townies at all , but I usually have enough premades to fill the roles :p Here I dont, hehe only carefully chosen sims as background mass. with jobs already. I downloaded 8 bartenders from gallery, haha, should be enough for now, but I know in Windenburg I will be needing more :P

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
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    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    June 19 - Waiting for the Antidote

    When Dylan and Morgan arrived back at the house, Dylan's mother was waiting for them.

    Chiara: "Ah...you're back! Did you go for a walk together...and have a chat?"


    Dylan: "We actually went to the Grimtooth Bar. I went to see Celene to get the werebies antidote for Morgan. But the thing is, Celene doesn't have any in stock, and it will take all day for her to make one..."

    Chiara looked at Morgan's glum face, "The werebies antidote? I'm not sure Morgan has werebies, Dylan. She is not exhibiting the normal signs of werebies...like foaming at the mouth..."


    Dylan: "But it might be, right? I mean, if there's an antidote for that and we don't at least try..."

    Chiara: "Of course, Dylan...it's worth a try. There is also some information on werebies on the bulletin board near the library on what else you can do. You should go there and jot down some notes..."

    Morgan excused herself for a moment and said she needed to use the bathroom.

    Dylan: "I'll do that Mom...but right now I need to make Morgan some food..."

    Chiara: "Yes...the hunger...I understand. Why don't I fix up some food and you go to the bulletin board, Dylan? Morgan will be fine here with me..."

    Dylan: "Well, the thing is, Mom, Celene needs help to make the antidote. And I kind of told her you would help her. Would you, Mom?"


    Chiara: "Dylan...of course...I may have to go and consult with Kristopher first, though..."

    Dylan: "Actually, Rory was going to talk to her adopted father to help, too. She was at the bar when we were there and so she knows what is going on..."

    Chiara looked surprised, "Rory is going to talk to Kristopher? Oh my! I'm not sure if you know this, Dylan, but Rory and Kristopher don't get along, and she hasn't spoken with him since she left home..."


    Dylan: "Yeah, I know, she told me. They have differing views on what it means to be a werewolf. I guess she wanted to help Morgan and I even though she doesn't agree with Morgan taking the antidote..."

    Chiara: "I see...I would never have thought this would happen...Rory and Kristopher speaking...

    Morgan came out of the bathroom then looking even more pale than she did before.


    Chiara: "Morgan, sit down dear...give me a few minutes and I'll make you something to eat. But in the meantime, eat these cheese crackers to keep your strength up."

    Chiara looked at Dylan, "Go, son, and get the information from the bulletin board. When you get back, I'll go and see Celene. We can't leave Morgan alone..."


    Dylan gave Morgan a loving embrace and told her he would be back soon.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Chiara started to prepare food for Morgan.


    Morgan: "I just wanted to thank you for all of this, Mrs. Healy. When Dylan was in Windenburg, he told me about his past...about his father...about you. Last night, he told me that you...um...didn't actually desert him...but he didn't really have a chance to explain that..."

    Chiara: "Yes, well that is a conversation for another time. He will tell you...but, yes, the truth is I didn't desert him, and it still pains me so much that he thought that. But we found each other, and now he knows the truth. That is what counts.


    You know, he has talked so much about you Morgan since he came here. He was very torn up about the whole situation and he was worried about you. He cares about you a lot, Morgan..."

    Morgan: "I know he does...and I...I really care about him, too. And I know...I know about the dormant wolf trait...and what could happen to him...and that it might be passed down to his children..."

    Chiara: "So, he told you that..."


    Morgan: "Well, kind of. His friend, Rory forced the issue, and then he told me. I didn't take it too well when I first heard it."

    Chiara: "I can imagine. Rory is rather forthright when it comes to telling someone something. So...is there anything you'd like to ask me about it?"

    Morgan looked down, "Well...um...when you and Dylan's Dad were thinking about having a baby...were you concerned that you might have a..um...werewolf baby?'


    Chiara looked closely at Morgan: "Well, actually we talked about it quite a lot. You know, Dylan's father is a human sim, and we knew the chances. But Dylan is not a werewolf baby. He never exhibited the signs...it was only by accident that we discovered he had this dormant wolf trait. He never knew about it until he came here. I am sure he didn't tell you, but he should have transformed when he was a teen. That is what normally happens...but with the trauma of his father's death, his escape from the mob, the cold temperatures in Mt. Komorebi, and that Kiss Curse...his transformation was delayed. I'm not sure if he exhibited any signs before he arrived here, but he has been exhibiting signs recently...and I fear that his transformation is eminent, although he keeps denying it..."


    Morgan bit her lip: "That's what Rory said, too...she said that Dylan's werewolf powers were becoming stronger..."

    Chiara put a plate of eggs and toast in front of Morgan and smiled at her.

    Morgan looked at the plate and put her hand over her mouth, "Oh gosh! I'm going to be sick" she said as she ran off to the bathroom again.


    Just then Dylan arrived back from the bulletin board, "Mom, where's Morgan? There's some things she can do before that antidote is ready. Mom? Where is she?"



    Chiara looked at Dylan, "She's in the bathroom throwing up..."


    Dylan looked at his mother, "Oh gawd...no...not now..."


    Chiara: "I'll fix her something else...eggs never agreed with me much either when I was..." Chiara stopped herself from continuing and went to the fridge.


    Dylan: "When you were what, Mom?"

    Chiara let out a sigh, "When I was pregnant with you, Dylan..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After Chiara prepared more food, she left for the Grimtooth Bar.

    Dylan sat down beside Morgan who was eating a grilled cheese sandwich.


    Dylan: "Are you feeling any better? My Mom told me to make bland food for you. It will help your stomach a bit..."

    Morgan looked at him, "Thanks...I'm feeling a bit better now..." she turned to look at him, "Dylan...you think I'm pregnant, don't you?"


    Dylan shook his head, "You know I would never have thought anything, if not for our conversation at the Grimtooth Bar. That, and my mother mentioning that she couldn't eat eggs while she was pregnant with me..."


    Morgan: "Oh! Your mother said that? You didn't tell her...um...about last night...did you?"

    Dylan shook his head, "No...I would never do that...that is private between us. But, I think she already knows that we were "together" and that's why she mentioned the "egg" comment..."


    Morgan smiled, "Well, at least your mother is subtle. If it was Rory, she'd probably slap you on the back and ask you outright if we had hooked-up last night..."

    Dylan laughed, "Yeah, that sounds like Rory. She tells it like it is..."


    They both laughed.

    Dylan: "Look, Morgan...let's just get through today...you throwing up...it could just be nerves, too. You've been through a lot. And, I know what you need. A nice hot bath to just soak...I read that washing the wound is supposed to help...and what better way than with a bath..."

    Morgan: "That sounds nice..."


    Dylan went outside for a moment and picked some flowers. He then went into the bathroom, ran the bath and sprinkled the rose petals into the water. He lit some candles, and then grabbed a bowl of strawberries from the fridge.

    Dylan looked at Morgan: "It's ready..."

    Morgan entered the bathroom, "Oh...this is so romantic...and strawberries, too?"


    Dylan: "I thought you'd like it...and...yeah...I have to keep feeding you..."

    Morgan shyly turned her back and got into the tub and sighed.


    Dylan raised an eyebrow: "Um...why are you turning away from me? I've already seen you without any clothes on..."

    Morgan: "Well, it was dark last night...so maybe not..."

    Dylan smirked and sat on a stool by the tub and gazed at her, "Well, I kind of like the view now. I almost want to join you in there..."


    Morgan swished some rose petals around and playfully splashed him with some water, "Behave, Dylan! I don't want your mother walking in on us."


    Dylan laughed, "Alright, I'll be good. And while you're soaking in the tub, I need to tell you some stuff. You know, Morgan, I have always wanted us to be together. I hope you know that. But we never really talked about the future. It was really my fault...I mean...I was just trying to get rid of that Kiss Curse so I could kiss you...and I didn't want to talk about the future, in case...well, I didn't want to get our hopes up about anything. And then everything happened, the Kiss Curse was lifted, and I ended up here and found my mother who told me about this dormant trait...and how it could be passed on to my kids. I mean you and I never even talked about kids. But I actually had a plan, you know, if you did want kids. I was going to talk to you about it, after I told you about the trait...I figured that if we adopted that would solve the problem. The trait wouldn't be passed on."

    Morgan: "You thought of all that?"


    Dylan: "Yeah...I've never stopped thinking about this trait since I found out about it...about you...about us. The thing is, I had this big plan worked out in my head...and...well...when I saw you again...any plans that I had were forgotten..."

    Morgan: "I get it, Dylan...I felt the same way. And to be honest, I had thought about...um...having kids with you, and that plan you had...it sounds good. But things may have changed...you know...if I'm expecting now..."


    Dylan: "Yeah...and Morgan...if you are...I'm fine with it. Thinking about it now, I'm actually excited about it. And just know, that whatever happens, I love you, Morgan..."

    They both smiled at each other and Dylan fed Morgan a strawberry.


    They continued to chat and Dylan told Morgan everything...about Strangerville...what his Mom had told him...why she had left...how he had unique blood...and what the necklace he wore held inside...he continued talking and feeding her strawberries...he told her everything...well everything except about his relationship with Kaori...Dylan didn't really feel that this was the time to tell her about that...

    Morgan was ready to get out of the tub and Dylan grabbed a fluffy towel and came towards her and wrapped the towel around her.


    Dylan: "Morgan, you know how I feel about you, but I realized this morning that we haven't made our relationship official yet..."

    Morgan looked at him, "What do you mean?"

    Dylan: "Well, I was kind of....I was hoping...that you would be my girlfriend..."


    Morgan: "Your girlfriend? Like we'd be a couple then..."


    Dylan: "Yeah, what do you think?"

    Morgan: "I think we need to seal that deal with a kiss. Don't you agree?"

    Dylan: "Oh yeah...you just read my mind..."



    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    After the bath, Morgan had a nap, and Dylan took a shower. A very cold shower to help him focus on something other than remembering Morgan in that rose-filled tub.


    In the afternoon, Morgan read a few books on werewolves and Dylan continued to cook for her. They decided to take a short walk, and of course Dylan packed some food.

    They headed past the Moonwood Mill Library, and across the bridge, and ended up near the Moonwood Collective Area. They stopped in front of Lake Lunvik.


    Morgan looked at it, "So, is this that famous lake that you're supposed to swim in?"

    Dylan looked at the lake and then back at Morgan. He had been thinking a lot about the full moon tonight, especially now with what was happening to Morgan.


    Dylan: "Yeah it is," he said quietly.

    They stood there looking out at the lake together, and then Dylan said they should go.


    Dylan: "We need to go to the Grimtooth Bar and see how they're doing on that antidote. The sun is almost setting. I just hope they have it ready in time..."


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    Some sporadic comments for your stories. Have a great day/night!

    @Ellupelluellu -
    Congrats on making it to the top of the mountain with Sean and Jon. That cabin looked really nice and warm. Imagine! Oona's first sleep on a real bed! Woot! She must have been in a blizzard when they were climbing. It looks so cold.

    Lots of fishing pics, and she was invited to a pre-party before the prom. Oh, you must have the new pack then! teehee

    Oh a couple with Jon? They look cute together. And he is an emotional mess. lol

    Is that Oona's new house in Windenburg? It is so nice and I love the pond.

    @LegacySims2017 -
    Ah...so it's off to Sulani for the honeymoon, so cool. Nice that Robin had some input there. Robin is also a Marine Biologist in my game. lol

    I love how DJ had to go to the bank machine to get some cash out before the rehearsal dinner. So, true. DJ's speech was really good. I like the part about friends being your extended family. Nice! Oh gosh! The wedding is coming soon....am so excited!

    @RememberJoy - So sorry you were having computer problems and glad you got them fixed because of some mods.

    Training montage - I had to laugh when I saw the couple (Callie and Omari) kissing with that picture of the guy with the cowplant and his shocked expression! lol That was well placed. That pose is so good...I would really like to have some more kissing poses in my game for sure. Laughed about Callie using mind control on Omari to strip down in public. hehehe She's a sneaky one. Went to the pool and grabbed a bite to eat - lol Oh gee, and now Daniella comes to warn Adam about an impending fight.

    Great info that Daniella brings about Vlad...and more training of the recruits. And yes, will Adam be ready to fight his father? Suspense awaits.

    @Karababy52 - Nice city shot at night.
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