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Fear of the Dark won't go away, even during the day.

zombii3zombii3 Posts: 388 Member
Hey all,
I know we're all SUPER big fans of the Wants & Fears system. /sarcasm
But I'm having an issue in my new legacy family.. My two teenagers had fear of the dark when they were kids, and now they're teens and still have it.
Issue is, I removed it with MCCC on the boy teen. And it still keeps adding itself back in - when they're literally outside in the sunshine, like midday.
And the girl teen still has fear of the dark but it's not listed under her traits so I can't even remove it, so I have to manually remove the moodlet every time it pops up, and again still shows up even if she's outside in the sunshine, midday.
This even happens inside their well-lit house, etc.
I'm at my wits end. Because I want to keep the Wants & Fears on in Game Options but if I have to remove fear of the dark one more time in the middle of the day I might just lose my mind.
ALSO THE DEAD END JOB ONE? It shows up after every single work day, even if they literally just got promoted... (this is my parent sims.)

I almost wish I could turn off fears and only have wants. Because the wants don't seem to be as broken...
The only "bug" I've seen with wants is that my sim still considers her ex-girlfriend to be her crush even though she has a new crush on her new boyfriend..

I don't know, does anyone have any advice how I can remove fear of the dark permanently? Because the fact that it's appearing even during the daylight is just frustrating..

Thanks for any advice!
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    zombii3zombii3 Posts: 388 Member
    edited August 2022
    An update: I turned off Wants & Fears and the fear of the dark moodlet is still appearing...
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    pieka33pieka33 Posts: 4 New Member
    It’s a bug: I have the same issue and agree that it’s very frustrating to have a sim that’s always scared.
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    CatzillaCatzilla Posts: 1,184 Member
    My sims were stricken with both of those fears and they definitely interfere with my game too much. They keep coming back for me too even after I turned it all off.
    I don't know how to get rid of it currently but hopefully there will be a hot fix soon.
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    zombii3zombii3 Posts: 388 Member
    pieka33 wrote: »
    It’s a bug: I have the same issue and agree that it’s very frustrating to have a sim that’s always scared.

    Ah! I knew I should have tried to remove it before I aged them up...
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    EA_CadeEA_Cade Posts: 7,559 EA Community Manager
    Hey all,

    Please utilize Answers HQ for bugs and technical issues. You can find the link for this specific issue above.
    Found a Bug? Let us know here. Having a technical issue with your game? Reach out to us here. 9alz5vu73pb0.png
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