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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Hey everyone. <3

    I've been busy playing the FF7 Remake and really loving it. :mrgreen:

    I've also been busy discovering all the COOL custom skintones out there for TS3! :smiley: I've been using default (Mainly Eskin Fresh or KB Primer HD) this entire time and I didn't realize what I was missing! Discovering new skintones has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for gameplay (and for story writing :smirk: ) for me and it's been super fun! I'm getting excited about the game all over again! :smiley: One of many reasons why I love cc. 💜 I've been testing them out in game and I'll share some pictures of my random gameplay later.

    For now I wanted to share a few little comments here. :)

    I was happy I was able to help you with your decision in that part of the story. You did an awesome job with that entire story and loved reading it.
    ^I was very thankful for your help and insight. <3 Thank you again. :kissing_heart:
    Another shout out to your latest Mary update! :star:<3:star:
    Lol! That Katy Perry hair is perfect on the Greenhouse lady. :lol: 👍 And yes, I agree that sometimes the game does a good job. :)

    Hmm the site is being weird, when I come back to the thread the text box has like a "draft" of what I previously posted saved.

    @GraceyManor ^I've been having that problem too. :confused: Been meaning to contact one of the Guru's about it...
    Anyway, I've really been enjoying your Oregon Trail story. :grin: You've set it up so well! :star: That world is very pretty!

    So, that cc bonnet on Charity, is it not hat slider compatible? (That way you could tweak it to where her hair wouldn't be poking out of it. Forgive my perfectionism here. :p ) If not, you could probably ask @Emily4331 (in her cc editing expertise :star: ) if she could make that possible for you. :blush: 👍

    @Silverofdreams30 LOVE the latest post you did on your new mermaid story! :smiley:<3 I want more soon!!!

    @Brandontaylor and @ZhakiraP It's great to see you two back and posting. :)

    Have fun simming everyone! Keep the posts coming! :star:
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    I have more ready for posting
    tomorrow, thank you.
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    @emorrill the poking out doesn’t bother me not sure about the hat but I don’t edit cc) it was the only bonnet I could find.Converted from sims 4.

    Thank you glad you like it so’s a variety of different worlds I downloaded :)

    It’s a really challenging story lol that’s for sure my poor sims keep starving and catching colds and are short on food LOL
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    @bekkasan Oh, there was a time when I could be something close to a hopeless romantic too, but I don't think I can say I am anymore.. I suppose we all want happy endings, but, hmm, that won't always be guarantueed. <_< >_> Well, about fairy tales, yeah, they're probably not always for kids, yet, that is the period when I mostly read (or listened) to them. I had several cassettes when I was kid with various spoken Scandinavian fairy tales on them. They probably dealt with all kinds of more or less adult topics, that all went whoosh over my head. ;)

    The girl with the Katy Perry hair looks cute and the hair fits good. I'm not sure about Katy Perry, though. I think she's much to sweet for me. ;)
    Sometimes the game makes some weird choices for clothings etc. I'm not a big fan of that magic hat that seems to pop up everywhere..

    @Luna10 Thanks, well, it's not only always work. I'm also being a little lazy or occupied with other projects. :P

    @Nikkei_Simmer Well, it depends on the band. For some bands there is more of a connection then others, I suppose, and for some probably not at all. Heavy metal is a very vast genre with many different styles of music.. and it's probably not that easy to find? Aside from the bands using synths to imitate classical instruments, I can't really point to excactly where any classical music influence could be.. :P

    Though I think the origins of heavy metal music can be traced back more to blues music (I have this from an interview with Tony Iommi where he explicitly stated that it's where it all started for them (Black Sabbath)). And of course, Black Sabbath is a major band in the history of heavy metal...

    The Bach song sounds cool. I can't say I know excactly what a counterpoint is (apart from a few singing lessons, I'm not at all musically trained...), but I think I sort of get the idea..

    However, I think this guy does... :P

    It's a 15 minute long video, he's trying to sell you stuff in it and he's got a weird sense of humour, but I think he knows what he's talking about.. :P

    @Astro Ohhh no, bad Calvin, bad... ;)

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    Here is another random mermaid update

    Under a cut cause, there are a few images.


    It was a lovely day so all of them headed out to the nearby beach for some o
    utdoor activities.
    Emilio enjoyed windsurfing, the wind was perfect for that and it went really smooth.





    Stephen chatted up Ariel Walsh, they seemed to get along very


    He also windsurfed and enjoyed it a lot.


    kiki decided the hot weather was perfect for sunbathing,
    she wanted to relax when the weather was nice.


    she also fished


    And took a more relaxing swim.


    Townies also enjoyed the nice weather


    It went on until the sun started to set for the day.



    In the evening Salty rejoined the group, he had been busy during the day,
    this was also the last evening he and the others in his group would be by Isla Paradiso until the next time.

    " I'm going to miss you, Kiki said as they kissed, " You sure you cant stay a few days more"? she asked hopefully but already
    knew the answer.

    He shook her head

    " I wish I could, but no it's not up to us to decide as we need to follow the rules already
    . his voice sounded sad, kiki understood he could not talk more about why that was, so she decided to not
    ask more about it now". There might come a time when he can talk more freely about his life and why they are so secretful.



    They took a selfie and decided to watch the stars together
    instead of being sad, this was the last night for a while.





    The night was beautiful and they sat here for hours.

    To be continued

    ( I removed Saltys mean trait and added something else)
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    Chapter 17.6 - Bewickton December 2022: part V
    Audrey Horne – The Open Sea

    Hold your head under water
    As you reach across the sky
    Tell your friends not to worry
    No one's gonna die
    But it's all I have to give...

    Down below underneath us
    The endless & the cold
    Wrap your arms round your loved ones
    And pray that morning comes
    Cause it's all that you can give
    All out of time
    We pray this is finally over
    All out of time

    There's no grace in these waters
    No hope, no hand of God

    All out of time
    We pray this is finally over
    All out of time

    You're the only one for me
    Everything I need


    Hold your head under water
    As you reach across the sky
    Tell your friends not to worry
    Noone's gonna die

    All out of time
    We pray this is finally over

    Nityas notes:


    Just the last day have been pretty surreal. I mean, it's less than.. it was just yesterday evening when I braved the rain with dad to take part in the demonstration by the town hall, and now.. we're all at the hospital eating lunch, and he's in there, asleep and recovering from a stroke that could have.. ended pretty badly. I'm... I still don't know how I feel, but right now it's good to have mom nearby. And my brother too, of course. The doctors are good here, I think, and dad was his usual self, in a good mood and cracking jokes at this situation. Even my brothers wife came to see my father, and maybe she's not so bad. Well, my brother has always been different, so I guess it's not so strange that he would go against everyone else and choose a woman from the more bourgeoisie part of town...


    I guess you could say I'm a little surprised my parents didn't speak out against it, but at the same time they have always valued giving us all the freedom choose to live life on our own terms, so in a way it makes sense, too.... but yeah, imagine he would go there and choose a capitalist for a wife! But yeah, she seems friendly enough, so maybe she's not so bad...


    Cafeteria radio in the background: warning for Boatsval, Ashill and Yellin counties has been upgraded from yellow to orange level.. gusty winds and heavy rainfall... risk of flooding, difficult driving conditions and closed roads... local authorities have adviced people in coastal communities to stay indoors and restrict travel..


    Sofia: Uhmm... that doctor...
    Palash: Hm?
    Sofia: Don't you think there was something strange about her?
    Palash: No.. what do you mean?
    Sofia: Didn't you notice?
    Palash: Huh...?
    Sofia: The way she looked at you, and how nice she acted towards you?


    Palash: Sofia.. she's a doctor, she's probably just doing her job...
    Sofia: Yeah, but you must have noticed? How she greeted you at first down in the hallway? The dirty looks she gave me? Didn't you notice?
    Palash: Sofia... what..? What's this? What's going on?


    Sofia: And then right before she walked into the elevator!
    Palash: What?
    Sofia: She threatened me that something terrible would happen!
    Palash: I don't understand... are you sure that..? Did she do..?
    Sofia: Yeah, and she meant the stom... she meant the baby..


    Palash: The baby, Sofia? But she can't possibly know...


    Laranya: The baby...? What are you talking about...? Are you...? Are you expecting...?
    Sofia: Yes, yes, but.. the doctor...


    Laranya: Oh, but that's great news! Congratulations!
    Sofia: Yes, yes, but the doctor said...
    Laranya: Imagine, I'm going to be a grandmother - again! How long... may I ask, when is your due date?
    Sofia: Uh, I don't know.. haven't gotten it yet.. but umm...
    Laranya: Oh, I'm sorry.. but how exciting! Did you think about a name?


    Continues in spoiler:
    Sofia: Yes, uh, no, we haven't umm...
    Laranya: I understand, but oh my, this is so exciting! You're more than welcome to come over for a cup of tea one day!
    Sofia: Oh, I would.. love to, but, umm, that doc..
    Laranya: Oh, I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about! I still remember when Palash was only the size of my hands! I still have his old rompers with the teddy bears on them!
    Palash: Mom...


    Laranya: We need to go out shopping for clothes! And you'll need a stroller? Do you have a changing table?
    Palash: Mom...
    Laranya: Sorry, I got a little carried away! It's not every day I get to hear that I'll be a grandma.. and it feels good to get some good news now when... but Sofia, please do stop by for a cup of tea..
    Sofia: I would.. I would love to, when is...?


    Laranya: Oh, just stop by any time! The door is always open at... at our place!

    Palashs notes:


    I was a little confused, I don't know what happened to Sofia today. I'm.. guessing its the pregnancy that makes her this anxious, but.. it's totally unlike her to get these.. paranoid thoughts? I don't know if this is normal? For a pregnant woman?


    I didn't really know how to deal with it, and we ended up in an argument after we got back home.. She wouldn't really.. I have never seen her like this before, she was really hard to reason with... she kept insisting that the doctor at the hospital had threatened to harm her baby.. then she locked herself inside the bathroom and refused to talk to me.. I don't know what to do...


    I schmoogled the web for answers and help.. are we gonna need couples therapy already? I don't think this is how it's supposed to be, and I'm honestly getting a little scared...


    The mornings heavy snowfall had turned to rain and I heard it slamming against our front door as if it was knocking and wanted in... for a moment there I felt really small myself, as if darkness itself had rose up from the sea to engulf our house and our tiny island community...


    Yumi was acting strange too, as she had crawled in under one of the chairs yelping loudly for each passing wind gust, and she wouldn't come out when I called for her..


    I went back to the bathroom door, told her I loved her and that I only wanted to help.. that I would talk to the other doctors at the hospital about her concerns.. she said she didn't want to go near that doctor again.. I couldn't make that promise, but I would be there with her all the time of course, so the doctor wouldn't get a chance to try anything..

    Eventually she came out of the bathroom and apologized for her behaviour, her head was hanging low and she looked really ashamed..


    I could feel her concern when we hugged, though I still thought that.. well, she didn't have any cause for worry.. I thought it best not to say that anymore, and instead just.. be there for her, and it would probably pass eventually, once she got to see that the doctors actually were all good..


    I listened to the wind and held around her until she fell asleep, while I thought about the possibility of her being right, and that the doctor actually was out to harm her in some way, but I just couldn't make it add up.. I couldn't make sense of what could possibly motivate a doctor at a hospital to say or do such a thing. In every scenario I could think of, I just ended up with the same conclusion..

    As much as I would want to support Sofia in anything (and I would), there was no doubt here, that she had to be wrong...


    It was a dark and stormy night.... ;)

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    I really hate when people nitpick at people's stories for not being accurate.
    Some dude on Facebook just got after my story for not having western saddles on the horses.
    Seriously, its a fictional story, doesn't have to be accurate.Lol

    This is the saddle he says I need to use, but the stars just don't fit in with the theme imo.-shrugs-
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    Caleb was feeling lost and conflicted. He knew joining Teddy wasn't
    the right thing to do, but He knew the others wouldn't take him back
    for abandoning them.

    Caleb: One-sided love broke the see-saw down
    I got to get rough when I hear the grudge
    And you went your way and I went wild
    And girl, you'd understand if your heart was mine
    If we had an exchange of hearts
    Then you'd know why I fell apart
    You'd feel the pain when the memories start
    If we had an exchange of hearts

    Caleb: I'd never wished a lonely heart on you
    It's not your fault, I chose to play the fool
    One day may come when you'll be in my shoes
    Then your heart will break and you'll feel just like I do
    If we had an exchange of hearts
    Then you'd know why I fell apart
    You'd feel the pain when the memories start
    If we had an exchange of hearts

    Caleb: Time turns the tables and soon I'll be able
    To find a new romance
    And then you'll remember my love warm and tender
    Too late for a second chance
    If we had an exchange of hearts
    Then you'd know why I fell apart
    You'd feel the pain when the memories start
    If we had an exchange of hearts
    If we had an exchange of hearts

    Teddy: Stage coach should be comin any time now.
    Caleb: I ain't doing this, this isn't right.
    Teddy: backing out now..Kinda figure ya would.
    Caleb: I won't turn you in, but I ain't helping you.

    Harper: I'm so lost. I just want to go home.
    Harper began to fan herself as dizziness set in, everything began
    to spin rapidly, and she soon found herself on the ground.Passing
    out from heat exhaustion.

    Joseph: Harper!
    Mary: Maker! Is she okay? Check on her.
    Charity: Is she dead.
    Joseph: No, I think she's just overheated..
    Mary Hands joseph and cloth. He pours a bit of water
    from his canister and begins to damping Harper's forehead.
    She slowly regained awareness.

    Mary: Thank the maker! You had us worried, child! Haven't we told
    you not to run off.
    Harper: I wanted to go home.
    Joseph: I suppose we all do, but we can't just abandon each other.
    You lucky we arrived when we did.
    Harper: Thank you...Where's the horses?
    Mary: We don't know, we woke up to find them and Caleb missing.
    Harper: Caleb's gone?
    Joseph: Probably off searching for you, since you took off
    without saying anything.
    Harper: He and I talked, I told him I was leaving. So he knew.
    Mary: He didn't say a word to us.
    Charity: This ice is hurting, can we find shelter.
    Joseph: I think there's an Inn right over yonder.
    Mary: Do we even have coin for an inn? I think it's 8.00
    Harper: I think I have 6, if everyone else can come up with
    the rest.
    Charity: I have 1.00 I found in a dirt pile.
    Mary: Maker child! No wonder you smell like you
    rolled in a barnyard.
    Charity: -sniffs self- I do?
    Mary: Bath time for you.
    Charity: No bath!

    Joseph: Caleb! Maker where have you been?
    Caleb: Joseph? What are you doing here?
    Joseph: Taking refugee from the storm.Again, where have you been?
    Caleb: Teddy invited me to join him...
    Joseph: In some not so righteous acts?
    Caleb: I haven't done anything yet, I told him I couldn't do it.
    Joseph: Good.That life isn't for you Caleb.

    Joseph: Shall I take a guess as to why you left? Its because of Harper
    am I correct?
    Caleb: No...that's not it at all!
    Caleb looked away awkwardly avoiding eye contact.
    Joseph: Of course it isn't...then I guess it doesn't matter
    that we found the young lady and she's here with Mary.
    Caleb: Harper's here?
    Joseph: Yes, but that shouldn't matter right?
    Caleb: -_-

    Caleb: Harper..
    Harper: Hello, Caleb.
    Caleb: I'm so glad you're okay.
    Harper: Thank you, I'm glad you're okay to.

    Caleb went to caress Harper's cheek, but she flinched before he
    could make contact. He backed off slowly, apologizing to her.
    Caleb: I'm sorry.......Are you okay?
    Harper: I'm fine.I heard you are helping Teddy, why would
    you do such a thing?
    Caleb: I was...but I can't, its just not right.
    Harper: So you are going back to your group then?
    Caleb: It depends.
    Harper: Depends on what?

    Caleb: It depends on you.
    Harper: On me?
    Caleb: Yes you. Are you coming with us?
    Harper: Caleb...I can't...I have to go home.
    Caleb: Stay with us until Oregon City...If you still want
    to try to go home, I will help you in anyway I can.
    Harper: You promise?
    Caleb: Harper, you have my word.I don't break a promise.
    Harper: Alright, I suppose that's fair.

    This song isn't one you would hear back then, but I just had to use
    it after hearing it on the radio! Its such a beautiful song.
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    @GraceyManor First, just want to say I'm really enjoying the story, Gracey. I haven't been on the simsforums as much, but I try to catch up on what uploads I missed when I do get on. I've been busy...then again I tend to go days without getting on even when I'm not busy. XD And don't listen to that guy. It's YOUR sims game and its YOUR story. The only time I care about english and western style is when it comes to my game. I actually didn't even notice you using english saddles, I was too busy focusing on your story. it just me or does anyone else get irrationally angry that their sims can learn to do this in a span of a few hours? lol
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    It's summer in this part of the world, so the board traditionally get a little quiet around now.

    I don't post often, because my game is not that interesting to other people! LOL Every so often I'll share something funny. For example, my current household has 7 kids. One has moved out as she was the oldest and not who I chose to be an heir. 6 are teens right now and they'll all be sent to college shortly. 1 was just born the other day when I was playing. I have an heir and "a spare" if something happens. The house is coming along. Dad (the Founder) has gotten his LTW (guess why they have so many kids?? LOL) "raise 5 kids from toddler to teen. Nailed it! Mom is mom. She's younger than Dad so that's why they had another. Dad (family trait) wanted another. At least there are older kids to help out.

    Want to play for most of the day, but there are chores to be done, jobs to prep for before tomorrow and all that fun "adult" stuff. Plus, I should probably go outside for a while today. I've been indoors too much lately.
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    @emorrill Thanks. Going to try to keep posting, although I'm going to be busy again after this week so may not be posting as much then.

    @Silverofdreams30 Great update!

    @Sprottenham Great update!

    @GraceyManor Yeah, I'd just ignore him. Like you said, it doesn't have to be 100% accurate. You can only do so much with the game anyway, so there will be inaccuracies. It's not like it takes away from your story or anything, they just want to nitpick.
    Great update! Yeah, I couldn't blame you on the song. There wouldn't be a lot of good ones in the time period. I don't even know if I know any songs from the 1800's.

    @Astro Great updates!

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    Goth Family, Day 316 and Day 317
    Birth of Generation 8

    The following day, Jacob and Christa ate pancakes together. Christa also chatted with Jacob about the fact she wants to be a famous composer. However, Jacob wants her to wait until the baby is old enough to go to school.

    Once everyone that needed to eat had finished, Lily whisked everyone away to the theater to perform out front again. They did not make much in tips and I'm starting to think maybe I'll just send Lily out to make her tips more than I do the whole band.

    When the band got really into it, Christa went into labor and everyone started to freak out, as they always do. Jacob ended up taking her to the hospital.

    Introducing generation 8, this is Oliver Goth. He is a fairy like his father, but inherited his mother's skin tone and also her hair color, so it looks like green skin and hair will leave the family soon.

    When Christa got Oliver home, then she joined the rest of the family to jam most of the night away.

    The following morning, Christa took care of Oliver.

    Shortly after, Jacob came in to take care of him.

    For a while, Brandon and Lily had a non-romantic chat.

    When the family all were getting hungry, I pulled out some leftovers that hadn't been in the fridge but a day. However, as soon as everyone sat down, the food went bad and they wouldn't eat. I eventually got mad and just cheated everyone's hunger meter up except for Christa. I let her eat a few life fruits.

    Lily was getting close to maxing out the piano skill, so I had her do that for several hours.

    Then Brandon chatted with Christa. I saw that they had a lower relationship so I wanted to bring that up.

    Christa had a wish to jog, I'm guessing to lose her nonexistent baby weight.

    Right after, I sent her to the spa. I meant to do this when she was still pregnant, but I forgot to do it.

    For a little bit, Brandon went to Joesph Langerak's for a little chat. I was trying to find someone he didn't know for an opportunity, but forgot these two do know each other.

    Back at home, he decided to dance to Lily's music. Lily finally reached level 10 of the piano, making her at the halfway point to maxing all instruments.

    Before going to bed at the end of the 317th day of this save, Lily got started on learning the drums. She already had a level 3, either from playing with the xylophone as a toddler, or she might have played them as a young adult a while back. I just can't remember after this many days.

    ***At this point, Brandon is around 20 or so days from becoming an adult. Lily has eaten many life fruits so she can live as long as Brandon. They are both around the same days away from being adults. Meanwhile, Jacob has over 100 days until he becomes a adult, and Christa has roughly 16 days. However, she probably will eat some life fruit too, just so she can stick around with Jacob. As for Oliver, he will age to a toddler the next time I play. I am waiting until he grows up, has generation 9, and generation 9 grows up to have generation 10 before I move the family to Moonlight Falls. I am curious about which of the current members will still be around when I do the move. I'm guessing Oliver definitely will be, as he will have a fairy lifespan. Jacob and Christa have probably a 50-50 chance, while Brandon and Lily have a very small chance of making it there.
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    love your elvis avatar!
  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 774 Member
    Will play the game today after a break
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks!
    Glad it worked and he showed up. Oh...soulmates! They are drawn to each other. Love it!
    I enjoyed seeing more of your IP story. The photos of the windsurfing and enjoying time in the sun make me want to hurry and get my sims out of trouble so they can have some fun! :heart:
    A little mystery about Salty and his group not staying. I think they were smart to just enjoy the time together.

    @Luna10 Thank you! :smiley: I hope you feel better and get to play soon.

    @GraceyManor I have a feeling that is not a good thing. hehe, I was right.
    Glad Caleb followed. I dunno, sounds like Teddy needs a few rounds put in him. No, means no.
    Ah man, he's in jail. Cool kiss through the bars. :love:
    Lots of fun drama going on with Caleb and Harper.
    She's leaving again. Hmm.
    Caleb is joining Teddy? So much for being honorable. :cry:
    Ouch! That sounds painful.
    You post your story on Facebook? And no, it does not need to be accurate. The sims world is fictional and they can even have cell phones hundreds of years ago if ya want. It is your story not his.
    I saw someone blast a scifi writer because something she wrote wasn't 'theoretically plausible'. In her sci fi world it was as far as I was concerned.
    I'm glad Caleb decided not to help Teddy. :heart:
    Yeah, Harper was found and Caleb rejoined the group.

    @Astro Good to see Calvin making friends and breaking rules. :grin:
    awww, I was so excited for Calvin getting the girl of his dreams. So busted! Poor kid.
    Sweet that he and Cassie are still chatting and growing closer. Love his new look.
    Happy to see they are official boy/girlfriends.

    @ZhakiraP Awesome updated pictures of the families.

    @Brandontaylor Congrats on the pregnancy!
    Looked like a fun get together.
    That's good news about your aunt's second spot.
    Thanks for the comments on my update! :smiley:
    Congrats on gen 8. You've still got a ways to go before the move.

    @Sprottenham Eerie music to start with and of course the words are not comforting at all except no one is gonna die. :grin: I hope not!
    I love how she finds out she is gonna be a grandma and her reaction is awesome.
    Poor Sofia though, her concerns about the doctor are scary.
    Poor Palash having to deal with this as well as his fathers illness.
    I'm glad he is at least thinking and trying to help rather than just patting her on the back and saying 'there, there'.

    @MamaSimTee I'm always interested in other peoples gameplay or stories. I think it's fun seeing how everyone plays. I'm really sad you don't consider yours interesting enough to post a few pics once in a while. I understand if you don't have time 'cause that happens to all of us.

    I downloaded the skirt that @PalmArrow gave me the link for. @PalmArrow Thank you again for the link. I tried it in game with a fringed vest I've had for several years and not sure I ever used it. It looks cute with the skirt, giving that 1970's hippie vibe. hehe, yes, that was my high school era. I paired it with a midi lace top. If you use a top that is too long the top pokes through the vest and that is not a good look. :grin:

    oh, oops, I was also testing a new alien skin that @emorrill linked me to, which is why my tester Linda is green. :lol:
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,059 Member

    Thank you, this story is a bit loosely taken from a phone story app, I just liked their idea about
    the group of mermaids not staying for longer than a few days.
    I'm trying to work on my other story but got an Error 12 yd so will have to re-edit the wedding attire sigh.

    might ave to see about moving it all together to my newer gaming laptop, I'm just ore used to playing on a desktop haha.
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    Managed to get a play session done, and Ajax and Daphne have got their Lifetime Wishes. That just leaves Achilles as the only Molyneux sibling left to roll a Lifetime Wish
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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    @GraceyManor Thanks! It’s Elvis Week so thought I’d put one up.

    @bekkasan Thanks!
    Yeah, it was pretty fun for them all. They seemed to enjoy it.
    I know, I’m glad it’s just the one that needs removed. She has surgery next week.
    You’re welcome.
    Thanks! Yeah, I’m getting there slowly but surely.

    ***Still going to do the move when it comes time, but if the current save is still playable in Sunset Valley, I’ll continue there as my personal save while the family I share here will continue in Moonlight Falls.
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    Yeah I post it on facebook in a group that I joined
    for sims 3 storytelling.
    Your Alien sim is gorgeous!!! <3 I love her hair and skirt.
    Yeah I sat for quite a while deciding if I wanted Caleb helping Teddy or not, I had actually taken screenshots for both routes lol
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    Writing is going nice n’ SLOW, the latter more than the former.
    The kitchen was a constant bustle during the holiday season since cooking, baking and other assorted drinks to imbibe were on the menu. After all, what would Christmas be without food and beverage? And in any case that meant that males, who had no idea of how to function within a culinary environment, were persona non grata in the kitchen…period.

    River had baked a delicious looking pumpkin pie that was intended to be devoured that night so as to let the menfolk in the household to keep their dirty mitts off the sugar cookies.

    Bebe was busy working on the almond shortcake now that the almond cookies were in the oven then would sit on the table top to cool. Then they would be iced with almond paste then sprinkled with red and green sprinkles to create a festive look to them. With the turkeys to go into the oven first thing Christmas Eve morning, they would cool for anywhere from four to six hours straight. Luckily the landlord, Mr. Kulwinder Singh Brar, had provided them with a sizable kitchen that had a good-sized stove able to take two twenty pound turkeys at one time. That allowed the girls to not get underfoot with each other while each trying to get to the oven. The turkeys were basted with butter and a large amount of broth was set up to provide moisture while broiling as one did not want the bird to dry out.

    The smell of sweets baking in the oven permeated the entire household, winding its way through the hallways and heat vents and even extending into the street from whatever exterior access vents the odor managed to escape from. For the first time in Haruo’s life it truly felt like Christmas.

    And whatever children, River and he would have together, he hoped that both he and River could make their memories of a childhood Christmas something that they could cherish.

    Mmmm…that smells delicious…Haruo thought to himself as he managed to catch a whiff of cinnamon buns baking in the oven or at least that’s what he figured they were. He wasn’t entirely sure, but he was too tired to wander down and check for certain.

    River smiled softly as she finished up the last of the cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies in list of baking. Christmas Eve was tomorrow and the birds were going in the oven from four to six hours after the preps for Christmas dinner. It was tradition in the Chikamori household to have their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and well, River was just carrying on a long-standing tradition.
    Yep, River and the rest of the ladies are amping up their cooking skills in prep for this Christmas dinner. And man, the amount of work to get a screenshot of the four in the kitchen baking is going to be headache inducing…

    …I’m looking forward to it.
    Borrowing a pic from my “werewolf” story…to illustrate for now. 😝
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    Decided to finish off a chapter of a fanfic I'm writing, and on my AO3 account, the chapter I just posted have pushed the story beyond the 10,000 words milestone. It's the longest fanfiction I wrote to date, and it still isn't finished. It has 68 more chapters left to go.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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    edited August 2022
    Hello everyone!

    I'm not going to make any promises and say that I'm back permanently, but I have been reading and awesome-ing your wonderful posts here. I can't believe this thread is still active.

    I was an active poster here several years ago. I've had a lot of... stuff ... happen since then. Health issues, hurricane hit, etc, you name it. I don't think I'm going to go into great detail in this thread, but a lot of stuff happened and I haven't been active.

    I got 2 new computers since I last posted - a new gaming desktop last year and a gaming laptop this year.

    I wanted to say I have been enjoying @GraceyManor's pioneer story and @Sprottenham's Bewickton story. Also @Brandontaylor Gen 8? Are you doing the Traveler mod from Nraas or are you moving your family around regularly? @Nikkei_Simmer and @Sleepstar good luck with your fanfics! @bekkasan Linda is lovely and I like the skirt that @PalmArrow told you to download. @Astro I like that you post your pics on Twitter. They're interesting nonetheless and Myra looks like a fun sim. How are you @Silverofdreams30?

    So, a few years back I posted about a 'legacy' family that has existed in some form since the base game, the Jolina-Plumbs. They are named such because the founders, Sunset Valley's Jamie Jolina and my sim, Nigel Plumb, had a one-night stand that resulted in their son, Nathan Jolina-Plumb. I posted extensively about Kaydence, one of the descendants of this family, and her same-age cousin Skylar, who had a bit of a rivalry going on. Kaydence and Skylar are great-granddaughters of Jamie Jolina and Nigel Plumb.

    Now both Kaydence and Skylar are young adults, and their rivalry has taken a rather dramatic and rather unexpected turn. I told @emorrill about these developments privately, but now I'm ready to go public.

    These events take place about five years later.


    Fresh off her theater degree from Sims University, Kaydence Jolina-Plumb moved out of her father Sebastian's house, with her high school sweetheart, Terry Ho. Theirs was a comfortable existence, both being writers. Terry started his new job at Doo Peas Corporate Towers in the journalism career track.

    You know a couple is compatible when they wake up in the morning at the same time and, in Sims, when a couple begins rolling a lot of the SAME wants.


    Seriously, ever seen a sim excited to go to work? That's Kaydence, on her way to work as a storyboardist in the film career track. (Level 6, Director branch). The former teen star of 'As the Sims Turn' had chosen a life behind the camera rather than in front of it, to the surprise of most of her family members.


    A few days later, the couple high-tailed it to Starlight Shores, where Kaydence was to meet with producers to pitch her screenplay.


    Right after dinner, Terry surprised Kaydence with an engagement ring. (completely spontaneous, not planned by me) While she was at work, he'd been at the jewelers, ordering a custom pink diamond bauble. He knew his fiancée's favorite color was pink, so that's what color the ring would be.

    They hastily arranged a red-eye flight back to Sunset Valley to tell their families the happy news. Unfortunately, that's where the drama began.


    Kaydence briefly spoke to her future father-in-law, Jeffrey, over his fried candy bars.


    Unfortunately, they were so tired from traveling that they fell asleep in the upstairs bedroom.


    Meanwhile, downstairs the fireworks was just beginning. In a corner, Kaydence's stepmother Cherise and her cousin, Skylar, were sharing an illicit embrace! And apparently, their affair had been going on for some time.


    Skylar's mother, Savannah, was apoplectic. "What the hell is wrong with you? Your uncle's wife? Are you kidding me?"
    Skylar shrugged her shoulders. "It just kind of happened."
    "How long has this been going on?"
    Skylar's silence spoke volumes to her mother.
    "Skylar, I think you'd sleep with anyone, but my Watcher, your uncle's wife? How can you even face him, after all he's done for you, you turn around and sleep with his wife!! And what of your cousin, who just got engaged, you're doing this to her and her dad!" Savannah told Skylar to leave and not come back.

    I ended up trashing the save after this, because I failed in the purpose of making it in the first place - it had been years since I moved a family from world to world and it's complicated, even with mods.

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