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What Happened In Your Game Today, The Non-Serial Story Version


  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 23,070 Member
    @HopeyStarr That was one heck of a dramatic climax to the wedding! I'm so glad to know one of the couple can call it off even at the arch! I feel badly for Nancy, though and Malcolm, too, as he dared to stand up for his mother. Awesome read.

    Where did you get that full-length veil?
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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 3,001 Member
    Awesome @HopeyStarr :)

    Tales of San Myshuno
    See What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Aliens Stole My Alien Parents
  • HopeyStarrHopeyStarr Posts: 1,139 Member
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    @GalacticGal thanks for your comment. :smile:

    The veil is from a joliebean x sentate x hfo collaboration. But I can't get to the website at the moment.
    I first discovered the veil and some others from this video. The creator of it provides links to the items in the description, if you are interested.
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  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 3,397 Member
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    My beloved sim Bobby Newbie with his 7th child - first daughter. He looks so happy!
    -probably just playing Phasmophobia :p
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 602 Member
    I played my PC version of the Sims. I haven't played for awhile, so I went through my saves, and spent some time with my families.
    One of my first families I loaded was my Smith family, they consist of parents Diamond and Adrien, and their children Pearl, Dylan, and John. Diamond is unemployed, while Adrien has a job. Adrien rolled a want to have another child with Diamond, which she agreed too, because she wanted another child as well. Sadly, Diamond took a test, and they won't be welcoming a child anytime soon.
    Another family was my Frozen/Arendale family. The family has Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff, along with their teen daughters Iduna II and Rose, and infant son Agnarr. I had Anna bake a cake, and then bring Agnarr to blow out the candles. Agnarr aged up to child, and became a social/confident kid.
    Another family was my K/DA family. Evelynn and Ahri are roommates. Ahri has a teen daughter I edited in for her as a child. Evelynn has three sons, and one daughter with Don Lothario. She also has another child on the way from him as well. They are not married, but are both in their children's lives. I plan for one of Evelynn's sons he first born teen son, to marry Ahri's daughter. They are slowly building up their romance. I aged Evelynn's daughter Lillith into child. She aged up to be a creative/self-assured child. She had purple and black hair as a toddler, she currently has her mother's purple eyes and her fathers black hair. I plan to give her purple hair as a teen.
    My final family I spent time on was my Heaven Official's Blessing family. I had Xie Lian and Hua Chan the ability to have kids. I gave them two teen daughters, and a teen son. They had a son in the game, and I aged him up from a toddler to a child. Out of his two fathers, he favors the looks of his father Hua Chan, but has Xia Lian's paler skin tone. The Welcome wagon arrived while Xie Lian was making the cake, so I had to put the cake slightly on hold, while he greeted them. They also thought he was polite when he baked the cake for them, and not his son.
    I played a bit of my other PC families, but nothing too eventful happened with them.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 23,070 Member
    @DoloresGrey So does she! What an adorable photo!
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  • mlnov39mlnov39 Posts: 2,247 Member
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    I'm back to playing my legacy family, it's been about a year in real time since I've played. The youngest daughter usually inherits the money (over $1,000,000) and continues the family line. Only problem is that the oldest child of 11 was a girl and there were 10 boys after her. So there's no female heir this time. I kept trying for another girl but in the end...anyway, the show must go on.
    Parents, Aleki and Rebeca Kalawai met in college
    First daughter and son, Aliyah and Bennett
    Second set of twins, Connor and Devon at the prom.
    Third set of twins, Elliot and Ferris.

    I shifted rooms around in the school. I, like so many, thought it was too big.
    the classrooms were shifted to the middle and the cafeteria to the right. Nothing else
    was changed. I'm happy with it. The extra space outside left room for a basketball court.
    Circulation works great!

    New look for the back of the school.

    Ferris noticed a pretty girl named Tomi.
    He would find opportunities to talk with her.
    Fun at the prom
    He finally made a move and had his first kiss with Tomi.
    On one of their dates he offended some lady for displaying public affection.
    She even went after his date
    Finally, the lady left and Ferris got down to business.
    Ferris and Tomi had their special day.

    Mom & Dad have retired from the baby making business and are renewing their vows.

    Next time, the other 5 boys will go to school. Who will be the heir?
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  • DoloresGreyDoloresGrey Posts: 3,397 Member
    My sims were on the worst picnic ever. When I finally managed to seat them all down a stray dog came and ate some of their food. Then the toddler fell asleep and it started to rain and storm. Sweet.
    -probably just playing Phasmophobia :p
  • kostasmpikostasmpi Posts: 573 Member
    edited August 7
    My werewolf Sim is having the time of his life. First kiss with Grace on the Plumbite Pier.
    The next morning, bonding with his teammate over football practice.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 23,070 Member
    @minov39 Loved your story! And that wasn't just some old lady, that was the Infamous Agnes Crumplebottom! I was so very happy when she was returned to the Sims. She was in Sims2 (where I started this Odyssey). She's quite the Pip, I must say. Looking forward to your next installment. Well done!
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  • MoonCrossWarrior22MoonCrossWarrior22 Posts: 682 Member
    I reincarnated into a family that lives in Stranger Danger Vill (Oh Dear GOD HELP ME!), the next day the mother got infected by some disease thus spazing out like she caught the Zombie Deer disease, then died (I count that in game disease as lethal so I used death proc), so yea, no sim mum, rip for her! only got the paps and the older sis around. lol...
    If you are interested in challenges; check out the Reincarnation challenge right here!

    If you want to make your active sims fully autonomous, go to this link. (for sims 3)
  • DuckyQueenDuckyQueen Posts: 331 Member
    @mlnov39 welcome back! I used to occasionally read from the start of this forum and I enjoyed reading your story
  • mlnov39mlnov39 Posts: 2,247 Member
    @minov39 Loved your story! And that wasn't just some old lady, that was the Infamous Agnes Crumplebottom! I was so very happy when she was returned to the Sims. She was in Sims2 (where I started this Odyssey). She's quite the Pip, I must say. Looking forward to your next installment. Well done!

    :D Thankyou GalacticGal, I know her well and it's the first time I've had this happen since they added her to the Sims 4. She's been such a joy all these years. :D

  • mlnov39mlnov39 Posts: 2,247 Member
    DuckyQueen wrote: »
    @mlnov39 welcome back! I used to occasionally read from the start of this forum and I enjoyed reading your story

    Thank you so much DuckyQueen! It's nice to be back.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 23,070 Member
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    Okay, I was so worn out yesterday, I totally forgot to write up what happened in my game. Justice was almost served, in that while Erik jogged (again in the basement working out) to reach his first class on time, I was busy watching him. Joey wasn't in class which was odd for him. I did find him in Ms. Prescott's office sitting in a chair, basically being ignored by her. He finally took out the notebook and started studying for Friday's exam. Then Ms. Prescott really laid into him. She apparently caught him sneaking about the halls. He was up to no good, trying to find just the right locker in which to place the stink bomb he'd put together. This time it was Joey who was sent to detention. Erik stayed awhile in that classroom which was used for detention, knowing how awful sitting there with basically nothing to do was. So, since Joey wasn't really letting his older brother know what he was doing that warranted detention, he tried to convince his brother to use his clout to get him off. When Erik rebuked him saying he couldn't even get himself out, or he would. Joey accused him of not sitting detention. This Erik also refuted.

    When Erik left the room, Joey was hoping other kids would file in. He was lonely with just the teacher on duty. When the door swung open, however, he found Ms. Prescott entering the room. Joey moved up one seat so that he was sitting next to the principal. He was none too pleased and suggested she just put an ankle bracelet on him instead of stalking him the way she appeared to be doing. Suffice it to say, he was more that a little peeved. Joey was the lone student that entire session.

    Erik took Kayleigh to the Prom and he won Prom Royalty again. The two looked stunning in their outfits.
    Erik doesn't look too happy, but I think it's because Ms. Prescott showed some disdain in his winning again. He doesn't like being on a Sim's bad side.

    Erik went to the Starlight Accolades on Sunday evening. He won Best Song, for the third time in a row!
    Unfortunately, as he got up to accept his award, a fight broke out between one of his Obsessed Fans and another fan, disgusted by the now naked Sim!"

    And, now you're up-to-date. Thanks for reading!
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  • kostasmpikostasmpi Posts: 573 Member
    First snow in Copperdale!
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,293 Member
    Not much happened in my game today per se
    I’ve nearly finished furnishing a nice desert farmhouse on slipshod mesquite though.
  • HandelHandel Posts: 341 Member
    Ah, finally the randomizer decided it was time for me to visit the Hand household. Charity and Russell Hand were townies that moved in way way back and they were one of the first households I played when doing this whole rotation out! And after getting Charity through teendom, working her way through college, marrying Candy Behr, Russell also marrying his fellow co-worker in Floral Arrangement, Brandon, the game decided that I should not visit them! I should not visit them until they are right at the bottom of my list of household and would have been the first cut from the Played Households list when the time would have come to cycle out households. SAVED BY THE BENELOVENT HAND OF RNG!

    So first things first, after a day of acclimating the the household again, Charity's new aspiration was exploring Selvadorada, of which, I really haven't done that much with. In my backstory for Charity and Russell, the two are former Selvadoradians who moved up to Willow Creek. So, Charity has really been doing the work of trying to connect with her culture. That being said, I knew the jungle was dangerous so I traveled with Candy. Charity blazed ahead while Candy took pictures of the scenery. Eventually, once we got to the temple, I had her join in on local excavations in want of things to do while I had Charity take on examine traps. In my findings, I found out that, while sleep replacments and food weren't necessary too much, since I brought a tent and fire pit with me, the showering bottles of water totally were though, for the two days I was out. Anyway! After two days of exploration and delving, I managed to get both the treasure and Charity and Candy closer together again...

    ...enough that one of Candy's wants was to have a kid with Charity. And while that wasn't possible per say, I had planned for this!

    I established a romantic relationship with Joaquin Le Chein specifically because I wanted the two to be able to have kids. I would have made it more plantonic than that but at the time, you had to have a romantic relationship to whoohoo with someone. But now, with the latest sexuality update, you can ask people to be whoohoo buddies as a friendly social! Neat! Sorted that out after having the kid!

    So, I held off on any Selvadoradian adventuerers for the childbirth and baby time. Instead, my time was spent looking at Russell and Brandon's shared careers. While Russell is extremely skilled at a level appropriate for his job, Brandon is not and so it was kinda no surprise he got the Dead-End Job Fear. I just quietly continued planting flowers and making arrangements as best I could.

    Lily Behr-Hand is a toddler now and got rolled the Silly trait. I immedately know what kid trait she'll get. Goofball, from her father. She did have Candy's bleached hair so I went back to Candy, looked at what her eyebrow hair color was, and got it too the same black hair color. I did also think to have a look in CAS of what she'll look like as a teen onwards and...yeah she takes after her father a lot. -scribbles notes- Things to keep in mind.
    Townie/NPC lore nerd!
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 23,070 Member
    NRowe wrote: »
    Not much happened in my game today per se
    I’ve nearly finished furnishing a nice desert farmhouse on slipshod mesquite though.

    I'm seriously wanting to get back to some building, myself. I always find it relaxing.
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  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 748 Member
    edited August 8
    Opened my game for the first time in a month - I think?, mostly to test out new CC I had downloaded, but I did get some gameplay done.
    I went back to an earlier savepoint, so no pseudo-incest or unwanted babies this time.
    Bella was forced to get a second job at graveyard to finance her studies, since low-level secret agents earn barely enough to pay the bills, and she needs her savings to buy a house once her divorce is finalized. She had a long chat with Mortimer and they restored their friendship, but she refused to get back together with him, as she feels that she is not to blame. After all, it was he who got her addicted to youth potions in the first place, so what was she supposed to do after he lost his job and access to them? Becoming a vampire ended the problem permanently, now she would never have to worry about growing old and losing her beauty.
    More under the cut
    Bella was forced to ask the key back from Alexander, because as much as she loves her baby boy, her "baby" is 50 years old, a habitual stalker, and keeps showing up at night to play at her computer, making it impossible to have a company over. It's already nearly impossible to find a man, who is
    A. okay with dating a vampire
    B. single
    C. older than her grandchildren
    D. both attractive and attracted to her
    E. a decent person without a mean streak or murder habit,
    so she can't afford to risk with a potential suitor being scared off by her overly needy son, who has way too many free time in his hands. Perhaps she should suggest Alexander to get a dog?
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  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 7,293 Member
    Definitely needs to get a dog. :D@AngeliqueAdelaide
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 2,217 Member
    edited August 8
    I started yet another save in my game, because I can't play my old saves and I needed a change. :smirk:
    I decided to start some sort of a legacy play with a short lifespan. I've never played with aging on short lifespan and I decided to go through it with playing all the pack related things (in chronological order) with one generation after another, starting with base game and the next one will concentrate on Outdoor Living etc.

    I started with two of my old Sims that I had in my gallery (but I haven't played them for a long time). They're a married couple, a mixologist Leon Hunt and his wife Alicia Hunt who doesn't have a job, she takes care of her garden, sells collectibles and breeds frogs.
    Hunt family moved into Willow Creek and they just had their first child.

    This is pregnant Alicia riding her bicycle around the neighborhood and looking for collectibles.

    Alicia and Leon went to the hospital when Alicia was about to give birth. Leon was so nervous that he started kicking his football when Alicia checked in.

    Alicia and her little baby girl called Riley Hunt.

    Few days after the baby was born they had a house party. After it ended and the guests went home alicia and Leon had a private party in their bedroom...
    ... a pillow fight. :D
    Don't mind the bar in the bedroom. It didn't fit anywhere else and I can't build, so I had to shove it in the bedroom. Leon needs it for his job, so it's necessary.
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 28,549 Member
    Meet the newest edition to my family. Asher. First male born in game.

    💚 TS4
    Things are as they are. Always hope. But never expect.
  • Umbreon12Umbreon12 Posts: 602 Member
    I just played a bit tonight.
    I downloaded some Helluva Boss Sims from the gallery. The creator made Moxxie and Blitzo siblings, and had Millie married to Moxxie. Moxxie and Millie are married, but Blitzo is not related in the actual show.
    Before I started the game, I gave Moxxie and Millie three teen children. They were Mikkie, Minnie, and Mollie. I originally had them in a small house, but used Motherlode to move them into a huge house.
    In huge house, Minnie and Mollie share a room, Mikkie has his own room, Moxxie and Millie share a room, and Blitzo got the kid's room. One of the first thing Blitzo did was play with the dollhouse in the room. Millie joined in, and the two played dolls together. Blitzo also took time to pester Moxxie, who hated it, but got over it fairly quickly when Millie flirted with him. Blitzo also set fire to the stove when he tried to cook, which upset the other members of the household.
    Mikkie, Minnie, and Mollie went to school, Moxxie and Millie had some alone time, and Blitzo searched for a job. He ended up with a criminal career, and pestered Moxxie and Millie to fulfill his job requirements. Millie thought it was funny, while Moxxie got angry with him. The Welcome Wagon arrived, and it was just Mortimer and Bella Goth. Blitzo pestered Mortimer, who thought it was actually pretty funny. After the Welcome Wagon, Mortimer left first, and Bella stayed a bit longer, before leaving as well.
    When the kids came home, Blitzo helped Minnie with her homework, Millie helped Mikkie with his homework, and Moxxie helped Mollie with her homework. Blitzo played with the dollhouse a bit, before heading to work. While he was gone, Millie and Moxxie left to the bar, where they had drinks and chips. They went home later, and went to bed. Mollie, Minnie, and Mikkie went to bed shortly after that.
    When Blitzo came home from work, he tried cooking again, and set the stove on fire. He woke everyone up, and Millie and Moxxie put out the fire. After replacing the burnt items, everyone went back to bed. Blitzo settled for leftovers, which Minnie made earlier that night, and was banned from cooking.
    After eating, the family went to bed, and I saved the game for the night.
  • Admiral8QAdmiral8Q Posts: 2,981 Member

    The new and improved "Calhouni House V2", (I'll try to think up a more interesting name some time. Suggestions are welcome.) is coming along well. Power was only shut off a couple times, so would be nice to install more power generators. Wind, solar, maybe even the 'dirty ones if needed.
    Terri is working on the "Weather Machine" to change the season to make outside building and landscaping less complicated. Teressa is painting like heck to make money to cover the costs. She can't do it alone. Terri goes off to work in space. Maressa is a professional entertainer now in the music industry and gaining fame. She's bringing in a share of money to help maintain and continue building on the little family home. Wrote a few songs already too. It all adds up in the long-term.

    Markus Flex is an athlete, but he keeps wanting to quit his job. If he does, he'll probably be kicked out and go back to Windenburg. Heh!

    Here's some screenies. :smiley:



    Bonus! Maressa getting home from work in her work outfit. :smiley:
    Reticulating Splines...

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