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What Does It Mean, When The Prescott's Move Out of Copperdale?

I enjoy checking on what's going on around the neighborhoods. But I was startled when first my Sim got a notice from Mei Prescott, the Principal at his school, that her family was moving out of Copperdale. She sounded as if she wanted to keep in touch with her Star Student, who in reality is a Global Superstar. This after she gave him a highly public dressing-down over his being two minutes late for this first class. :open_mouth:
This was confirmed when I went through the 'news' via the mailbox.

So, it begs the question, what does it mean? Will she no longer be the Principal of Copperdale High? Or that she's just going to commute to work?
If anyone has had this happen in their game, do share what you know.

Please, and thank you, in advance. It's Saturday in my game, so I have a couple of days before I can find out for myself. And, yes, I'm the epitome of impatience. :open_mouth: I just don't want my poor Sim to be broadsided again!
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