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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Alrighty. So, here is a short run down on what has happened in my game for the past week. For a while, Lindsey was dating a guy named Gino Ferrari. Everything was going pretty well. They both had the same lifetime wish, zodiacs were compatible, shared a common trait. All was good. Had him propose to her, moved them to a bigger house, because I had plans for them to have babies someday when they were ready or whenever I got too impatient to wait. Whichever came first.
    BUUUUUT during his bachelor party, Gino cheats on her with his ex who he became romantically interested in again. That was my fault. While he was at his party, I let him have free roam to do what he pleased, so I could turn my focus on Lindsey and crops. Once the party was over, I made him confess to cheating on her. She yelled at him, so he retaliated by calling her mother a llama. Then they broke up. I made him move out, but Lindsey got to keep the large house and their dog, Lakia. Camillo was there when it all went down, so he decided to stay for a bit to comfort Lindsey. I asked him to move in, because I didn't want to deal with tending to the crops, cow and bees all by myself in exchange that I would help him live out his lifetime with as a singer. He agreed.
    He really liked Lindsey and wanted to flirt with her, but I made him wait till she got over her breakup with Gino. Lakia really likes Camillo too. But then again, that dog loves anyone.

    Camillo tried cheering Lindsey with a sing-a-gram, but it failed, and he got caught on fire. Thank goodness Lindsey knows how to work a fire extinguisher.

    Camillo's very first big show. He asked Lindsey to be his girlfriend that same night.

    Camillo asking Lindsey to be his wife. I installed a pair of cc jeans to test out how it would run on my game. I stopped using cc for a long while, because I had issues with crashing my game whenever I was in build/buy mode. So, these jeans were to just test the waters and see if it was okay to use a little cc again. But I still love the in-game content. Always have. That will never change. Oh and some skins. I never used skins before, so I wanted to see if I would like it.

    Their wedding day. It was so beautiful. <3 Never had a more successful sims wedding. Something usually always went wrong.




    Lindsey cutting the cake for everyone. I really love Simona's dress, but I could do without her staring at Lindsey like that. She looks a little too excited watching Lindsey holding a knife. :D


    And finally, the first dance from the bride and groom. Camillo is pretty famous, so there was a paparazzi taking pictures of him. But it was so appropriate, I just pretended he was hired to taking the wedding photos.



    I'll get you, my pretty! And you're little dog too!!
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    Finally got everything set up for a new story and been playing around with it for a bit, this is gonna be a challenging gameplay..XD
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    I didn't get around to play my game yesterday, my mind was elsewhere. :P
    Yesterday morning I got out of bed as usual to go to work (yeah, I have to work on the weekends sometimes) and was about to my usual morning routine. So I stepped into the bathtub to turn the shower on, when it broke.. so I stepped out again, and said "Ah, flarn!" as water gushed out all over my bathroom floor.... well, not really, but something broke...
    ...or rather, is just worn out, because everything in the bathroom is probably the same age as the house, so it was bound to malfunction sooner or later.. so I've had a go at increasing my handiness skills, but it didn't really work, because the broken part isn't broken per se.. just worn out, and should be replaced.. problem is, the entire thing is to old, so spare parts of just the right type are no longer available.. soo... time for a new bathroom? Probably...

    @bekkasan Thanks, well, it was a given from the beginning of course, that Deepak would be alright and suffer no physical consequences atleast, but come to think of it, this experience must/will probably change something internally, but, hmm, I'll figure that out later. I suppose... :P

    Haha, I didn't think about the pigtails looking childish at first, but now that you do mention it.. :P It's a sim, so anything kind of goes, but, yeah.. hmm, but there's definately something strange about that doctor, though, maybe... dr. Strange...

    @Turjan Yeah, I kind of knew that, just sharing my thoughts about the futuristic. :P Ah, and about this tempestuous doctor, well, I uh.. ah, I don't want to answer that! ;)

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

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    @Astro Looks like Calvin is getting to be a big boy. They grow up way too fast. <3 Off topic, but I legit thought you edited your screenshots to look like twitter posts till I accidentally clicked on one.

    @GraceyManor That's real exciting! Are you going to share screenshots? I would really love to see. :smiley:
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    Haha, yes they sure do! And yeah, since I started a new job a little over a week ago I don't have as much time in the morning so it's easier to copy and paste my tweets here rather than to write a whole new post, lol.
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    Absolutely I’m gonna do a whole story here :)
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    My current sims game has a bizarre bug where sims are constantly peeing themselves and dramatically fainting out of fear as a result of "seeing a werewolf transformation", even when there is no werewolves around.

  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,253 Member
    @Astro , I like Calvin's face! Normally Sims 3 toddlers all look alike to me, but Calvin somehow has very individual features.

    @Onverser , that's a bizzare and very funny bug!
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    Alrighty, I got my new story all set in place, I been playing a phone game called "The Oregon Trail" and I love History and time travel stories.
    I've done medieval stories, now I'm trying something different.

    June 10th, 1848
    Its been a month since the wagon train left their home in Independence.
    Things seemed to have been running smoothly for the time being, supplies
    were full and their spirits high. They were bound for Oregon City.
    Their first destination would be the log house, a well known stop for travelers braving
    the trail, there they would be able to refill on supplies and take care of their needs.

    Mary: Oh? Look over yonder! I think someone might be on the ground.
    Mary, the elder of the group was a plump little lady with a pudgy face. Everyone
    loved her and she was a motherly figure to everyone. Naturally, her giving nature
    wanted to go and see if someone was in trouble.
    Joseph: I think Mary might be right, might want to take a gander and see if we can help.

    Joseph was a priest from the local church, he was leaving independence in hopes to spread
    the word of god to other good folk. He was rather gruff looking with his long beard, and rounded
    belly, but anyone who knew Joseph, knew he was a gentle giant.

    Celeb: I'll go check on them, and report back.
    Celeb, the youngest was the leader of the wagon train. Despite his age,
    he had experience in leadership and his group looked upon him for guidance.
    Celeb had recently lost his father, and was heading west to claim his rights to his home
    and fortune.

    Harper: A nap sounds just right...good maker its hot.
    Harper shot up quickly from her sound sleep, rubbing the dirt from her eyes.
    The prairie sun was beating down on her face, causing her cheeks to turn bright

    Harper: Where am I? Where's camp.
    Harper quickly viewed her surroundings, no longer was she at her summer camp, where she was camp conselor
    to a bunch of grade school kids, but in the midst of a mountain forest.She looked far and wide and not a house nor
    car could be seen. She looked down at her clothes.
    Harper: Who put me in this tacky prairie dress? She moaned as she grabbed the bottom of her dress.
    She searched frantically for her phone, realizing it was no where to be found.

    Caleb: Excuse me Ma'am, but are you in need of assistance?
    Harper heard a gently voice call from behind her, she turned to find a young man staring at her.
    She eyed him for a moment, noticing his features.
    Caleb: Are you okay?
    Harper: Oh.I think so. I'm sorry, I'm just a little lost is all.
    Caleb: I can see that. Where is your group?
    Harper: My group? I don't have a group.
    Caleb: You're traveling alone?
    Harper: I'm not traveling...

    Mary: Oh dear, you shouldn't be wandering out in the wilderness
    alone, you might get robbed or eaten by a bear.
    Caleb: Mary! Don't say that, you'll scare the poor girl.
    Harper: I'm not sure what's going on, or who you all are.
    Mary: How rude of us, I'm Mary. I'll be happy to help you dear.
    This is Caleb, He's our group leader. And behind me Joseph.
    Harper: Are you some sort of roleplaying group?
    Mary: "Roleplaying?" Never heard of it.
    Harper: Did I hit my head or something?
    Mary: The poor dear is confused, we can't leave her out here.
    Harper: I'll be fine, if you just point me to the nearest town.
    Caleb: I'm afraid you're miles from the nearest village, and its no
    trouble. You can ride with us.
    Joseph: It would be a pleasure to have you on with us.
    Mary: What's your name dear?
    Harper: My name is Harper.
    Mary: Well Harper, why don't we get you something to eat and drink.
    Caleb: We'll make camp here then.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,912 Member
    Had to break this down in 2 parts.

    Mary decided it was time to drawer water for tomorrow's bath.
    She gave the bucket a quick smell, there was no peculiar smell
    coming from the bucket, she deemed the water safe to use.

    The group gathered around the firepit to spend some time sharing
    stories and getting to know each other. Caleb noticed Harper was
    keeping her distance from everyone and thought that he should go
    and check in on her.

    Caleb: Mind if I join you?
    Harper: Oh...of course.
    Harper scooted over making room for Caleb to sit down next
    to her. He smiled waiting for her to say something, when she didn't,
    He initiated conversation.

    Caleb: So, Harper. Where were you heading?
    Harper: I wasn't heading anywhere...
    Caleb: I don't know many people who wander around the trail
    unless they were heading somewhere.
    Harper: I guess I'm the first then..
    Caleb: I suppose so. Where you from?
    Harper: New York.
    Caleb: You're a long way from home...if you weren't going anywhere.
    Harper: If I knew the answer, I wouldn't be here.I'm just as confused
    as everyone else here.
    Harper didn't mean to snap, but she was a bit irritated, not knowing what
    was going on, and being drilled on top of it.
    Caleb: Sorry, I didn't mean to pry, just trying to get to know you.
    Harper: I know, I'm sorry...I'm just moody, I guess.
    Caleb studied Harper for a bit, her light hair gently blowing in the wind.
    Caleb You ever been on horseback?
    Harper: No.
    Caleb: Come with me, I think its time you learn.

    Caleb watched Harper struggle to get on the horse. He chuckled
    and offered to help. In which she refused.She wanted to accomplish
    this herself.

    Harper: ...This isn't my forte...I don't like heights.
    Caleb: Don't worry, I'll catch you if you fall off.
    Harper: What a gentleman.
    She rolled her eyes and held the reigns as if she was dying.

    Caleb: Harper, be careful! If you need help, I can help you.
    Harper: no thanks, I'll get off myself.

    Harper gently grabbed the saddle all the while praying the horse
    wouldn't throw her, she didn't need any head injury.
    Caleb: Oh, veggies. These would be good for supplies. Mind helping me?
    Harper: Of course! This is my forte here, I love plants.

    Harper managed to harvest twice as many potatoes as Caleb did.
    She stuffed them into her bag and loaded it on to the house, the
    two set back to the camp.

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    I have been working on the next episode of Oscars Teen Tears video. I needed to replay some of it to record video I needed. This was OK at first but I needed to send them to Moonlight Falls and I hadn’t to take them to a version of the game that I played a few months ago. It was before I moved lots of sims out of the world. With this version I wasn’t able to save due to Error 12 and I wasted a few days trying to get it to save. In the end I had to forget my original idea for the ending and do something else that I could do. So tomorrow I’ll finish off the narration for the final 5 minutes. Then I’ll be able to load it to YouTube tomorrow or the next day.
  • bekkasanbekkasan Posts: 10,171 Member

    @GraceyManor Your sneak peek looks interesting.
    I enjoyed the introduction to the new story characters.
    Time traveling heroine and handsome trail boss! :heart:

    @Turjan Thanks for the comment on the pictures. :smiley:
    Jose is definitely a cutie!
    Elvis! He is a cutie too!
    lol at Norma/Marilyn. She definitely is not a cutie in that picture.

    @ButterWafflesAR Sorry things didn't work out for Lindsey and Gino. Perhaps it was for the best. It does sound like Camillo has a crush on her.
    I don't think I've ever had a sim catch on fire with a failed sing o gram. :open_mouth: Poor dude, good she was there and handy with the extinguisher.
    Congrats to the happy couple!
    oh my! The look on Simona's face. :lol:

    @Sprottenham Bummer about the broken shower. Those sim handiness skills don't translate well into real life. I have a broken toilet and plunging it and hitting it with the hammer didn't fix it! :lol: It needs new innards in the tank.
    Look forward to seeing what happens with Deepak and the strange doc.
    There are some hairs I do not use at all and if I see them on a homeless or resident I take them into CAS and fix them.

    @Astro Lovely seeing such a fun update with Calvin learning all his skills.

    @Onverser That is indeed a weird bug. Kinda feel sorry for your sims.

    @Karritz Bummer about the error 12's. Hope all goes well with finishing and loading it.

    I was testing my new build for the Disney world and had cc free Shane and Gina testing it. Of course they had to test the photo booth. No...not the romantic way! They are not a couple yet in the build version, 'cause I don't save, so they always start out as acquaintances when added. Bless them, they always get hearts and do things together though. lol, they are the only ones in the world other than the paparazzi. I use the empty version of the world for building because it loads uber fast.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,912 Member
    @bekkasan aww glad you think he’s handsome! I spent the most time on Caleb.🥰
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,253 Member
    @GraceyManor, I too think Caleb is handsome! :smiley:
  • PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,253 Member
    Audrey invited Roderick over to invite him to join her household. (Roderick is the father of her teen daughter Janella, but not of her baby Mark. Mark's father Nathanial married another sim a day or two after Mark was conceived.)


    I was trying to decide which interaction to do to make their friendship bar high enough for her to invite him to join the household. But the two of them made that decision for me, and started to dance to music from the gramophone.



    Everything went easily from there, so Roderick is now a member of the household.

    Janella's first teenage day was a Sunday, so she was able to spend it however she wanted. She learned the charisma skill from a tabcast, and then went to the gym. She has the athletic and disciplined traits, so she enjoyed learning the athletic and Sim Fu skills. She also introduced herself to a couple of sims and completed the celebrity skill challenge (thanks to large birthday parties in her home, she already knew a lot of sims as a child).



    Baby Mark being happy after a nappy change.


    I'm planning for Audrey and Roderick to get married, but I'm waiting for Mark to become a toddler and learn to walk first, because I want to have a toddler standing in a cute little suit in the wedding screenshots!
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    Haruo’s listening to Baroque music again 😝
    Christmas baking commenced with much laughter and imbibed spirits by the girls.

    Haruo went off to the bedroom to go listen to baroque music: namely Johann Sebastian Bach’s Organ Concerto in G major. BWV 592 with its lovely ascending running melody along with Bach’s sublime counterpoint - it sounded like a lark singing with intervalic leaps. It was said that particular concerto was transcribed from the violin concerto 8 of Prince Johann Ernst von Sachsen-Weimar. No matter its genesis, there was no doubt that Bach’s organ work was indeed a masterpiece of transcription and improved upon greatly. Settling in with headphones so that he didn’t disturb the rest of the house, he basked in the glory of Bach and the aromas of Christmas baking.
    Oh, effing great, I now have to find earphones for my sim when I actually do the screenshots for this part of the story. 😝. See what I do to myself in terms of finding new CC to play with?
    Organ Concerto in G major. BWV 592 ERNST/Bach 1st movement.

    Of course MY absolute favorite of Bach’s Organ Works is the Fugue to the Fantasia-Fugue in G minor. BWV542
    It’s generally known as the Great Fugue in G Minor.

    And as far as headphone CC, no, Dr Dre Beats stinks as far as listening to baroque music. The dynamic range and tweeters in the headphones just can’t handle the rapid change of notes that happen in baroque music.

    My RL wife has Beats which she listens to rock music. I’m probably looking ay Sennheisers HDs.
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    @Astro That's understandable. I like it, though. It's almost feels like one of your sims owns a twitter account and they're sharing their memories with everyone. :)

    @GraceyManor I'm loving it, so far. I'm excited to see more future updates. Harper has my level of stubbornness. Literally one of mine and my husband's conversation when I was trying to put something together.
    Husband: Why don't you just let me do it?

    @bekkasan It's alright. As cute Gino and Lindsey were together, Camillo and Lindsey do make an even cuter couple. I was surprised how calm she was about it. Usually, my sims would panic when there is a fire, but she didn't even panic. Just out came the extinguisher and she went to work on putting him out. I have no idea what was going through Simona's mind that moment, but I'm curious to know. :smiley:
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    Now I am back home again from my vacation, I won't be going back
    47 updates, but will comment on the most recent stuff tomorrow.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,534 Member
    Going to play the wedding finally tonight. Will post in the morning.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 19,912 Member
    @PalmArrow Thanks a bunch!

    LOL sounds like something I'd do.
    Anyways you can ask @bekkasan or @emorrill
    most of my leading ladies are always stubborn in
    someway or another.XD
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    As Harper was wandering about, she tripped over a small object on
    the ground.She soon realized it was her cellphone.
    Harper: Yes! Its here...but no service. Its like a total dead zone out here.
    She waved her phone around and tried to pick up a signal, to no avail.
    Actually, I probably shouldn't wave this about, might be tried for witchraft or something

    Caleb: Evening Miss Harper, can't sleep?
    Harper: No, I got a lot on my mind.
    Caleb: I bet you do, care to talk a walk?
    Caleb beckoned Harper over to the fence offering
    to stay up and chat. She gladly accepted his company joining
    him over on the fence.

    Caleb: You have any family back home? Not that I mean to pry..
    Harper: I am sorry for snapping yesterday, I really didn't mean to.
    Caleb: Think nothing of it, Harper.
    Harper: Just my mother... my father passed recently.
    Caleb: So did mine...
    Harper: I'm sorry...I guess you know the feeling then.

    Caleb: I sure do.
    The two spent the rest of the evening talking and getting better acquainted, before
    eventually turning in for the evening.

    Caleb: Good morning, Harper.How are you holding up?
    Harper: Just fine, though I am a bit tired.
    Caleb: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to keep you up so late.
    Harper: Not your fault at all.

    The day started just as any other day., hot and humid.
    What little shade the trees gave, provided no relief from the humid
    sun. Harper tried to fan herself cool as she hustled along, lagging behind
    the rest of the group.

    Harper: Maker! Its so hot! I can't take this anymore.I want out of this
    tacky dress.
    Mary: Harper, Dear, what's troubling you?
    Harper: What's troubling me is this heat! You could just die from it.
    Joseph: I think you might be embellishing it a bit, dear.
    Harper: I come from an area of cooler weather. This is pure torture.

    The party was halfway to their check point for the night, but spotted
    a traveler's shop. They decided to give Harper a break and let her cool
    off in the building

    Harper: I'm sorry for bickering earlier, thank you for letting me
    voice my grievances.
    Mary: It's no trouble dear, we all need to speak our minds every
    now and then.Are you feeling better?
    Harper: Much better, thank you.

    Another day done and over with. Harper wondered how much longer
    she could take this traveling, and wondered how she would ever get back home.
    She soon found herself drifting off to sleep.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,059 Member
    Lovely updates!
    going to comment better soon :)
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